Best Baby Blanket Reviews 2017

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While choosing a blanket may not seem like a very difficult job, there are a lot of markers to look out for when it comes to baby blankets. There are conveniences and other improvements designed into baby blankets that make them especially suited for babies, and that is why we have put in so much effort to study a number of baby blanket brands and have picked five different baby blankets from top different top brands. You should also know that these blankets featured here are part of the many made by these brands. You may want to check the others out too.
Our Top Choice
Roxie’s Baby Everything Blanket
Roxie’s House of Joy is a brand that brings you products that are a pleasure to use. The premium Baby Everything Blanket certainly fits that bill.
Beautiful patterns. Large size. Lightweight. High quality.
Fades after a couple of washes.
47 x 47 x 0.2 inches; 0.7 lbs.
Available in 5 colors
Machine washable
Best Value
American Baby Company Fleece Blanket
American Baby Company is the premier company for comfortable bedding for the next generation. From its stables comes the American Baby Company Fleece Blanket.
Very warm. Affordable. Ultra-soft. Large size.
Fleece is itchy. Quite thin.
Satin trimmed
40 x 30 x 1 inches; p.5 lbs.
Available in 7 colors
Machine wash with like colors
Bundlebee Baby Wrap/Swaddle
In line with keeping babies comfortable and secure, Bundlebee unveils this exciting baby wrap that is perfect for both summer and winter.
Very thick. Added support for the baby’s head. Cute.
May clump after one wash. Not durable. Easily outgrown.
Cotton and Polyester
40 x 40 x 1 inches; 1.1 lbs
Available in 9 colors
Gentle wash, tumble dry on low
Hudson Plush Hooded Blanket
With over 15 years in the baby products business, Hudson Baby offers diversified products to parents and caregivers around the world. The Plush Hooded Blanket is one of such.
Generously sized. Beautiful packaging. Immensely soft. Thick and plush.
Strong odor from packaging but you should lose this with time.
11 x 8.9 x 3.2 inches; 0.95 lbs.
Available in 8 colors
Machine washable
Luvable Friends 4-Pack Baby Blankets
Luvable Friends makes comfortable baby clothing and blankets that are really cute. The Flannel Receiving Blankets are cute and comfy for babies.
Incredibly soft. Great price. Cute designs. Brightly colored.
Quite small. Thin. Fades easily. Stains easily.
Cotton and Flannel
28 x 28 inches; 0.7 lbs.
Available in 16 colors
Machine washable

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What is the Best Baby Blanket?

All babies deserve the best. But the best can come in different colors, sizes, prices, materials and patterns. So you need to properly scrutinize the following baby blankets and decide which has the attributes that best suits your baby. Rest assured that whatever you pick offers great value for your money.
Our Top Choice
The premium Baby Everything Blanket is 100% cotton muslin and the perfect weight for all year round. Packaged in a cute, matching cotton drawstring bag, it is a perfect gift for expectant mothers. If one blanket is not enough for your needs, check out the 3 pack Roxie’s Baby Swaddle Blankets.
Roxie’s House of Joy Babies Everything Soft Cotton Muslin Blanket for Boys & Girls – Available in 5 Colors

Roxie’s House of Joy Baby Blanket BEB-006 – Turquoise

Roxie’s House of Joy is striving relentlessly to be the number one baby product company in the world. It has solidified its position as a global leader by offering quality items with unbeatable prices to its ever growing customer base.

The Roxie’s House of Joy Baby Everything Blanket is available in 5 different colors. It is a multi-purpose blanket that can serve as a stroller blanket, car seat cover and carrier cover. The presence of the double layers of swaddle blankets with sturdy edging ensures it won't peel or fray. Other reasons to love the Roxie’s Baby Everything Blanket include:
  • Engaging designs in high contrast colors for babies & toddlers
  • Instant baby gift for baby showers and registers
  • Personalization tag - 3-inch blanket label for writing or embroidery
  • Great color selection for both boys and girls
  • Premium quality -100% cotton muslin and breathable
  • Easy care, machine washable
  • One blanket that does it all - receiving, stroller, security, crib to toddler
Best Value
The American Baby Company makes baby-friendly blankets, and its fleece blanket is cozy enough to keep your little one warm and comfortable. Available in 7 colors, it can fit in nicely with any theme. The American Baby Company Sweater Knit Swaddle Blanket is another cozy alternative that is made from organic cotton.
American Baby Company Fleece Blanket with 2” Satin Trim 30” x 40” – Available in 7 Colors

American Baby Company Baby Blanket 3302-BL - Blue

American Baby Company was founded in 1997 and is a U.S. owned California corporation whose products are designed to provide care and comfort for the next generation. American Baby Company offers a full line of baby beddings that emphasizes high quality, comfort, safety and value.

The American Baby Fleece Blanket is soft and cuddly with a 2” silk-like satin trim that is ultra-soft. Measuring 30” x 40” inches in size, it is big enough for when the baby grows bigger.
Here are more reasons to get this blanket:
  • Can be used in a baby carrier, stroller or as a traveling blanket
  • Machine wash in cold water
  • Capable of drying on the lowest temperature setting
  • 8 ounces, light enough to keep the baby from sweating underneath
Bundlebee has consistently given moms great baby wares, and the Bundlebee Baby Swaddle is an innovative baby blanket that gives parents confidence while keeping their babies warm and safe. With built-in removable cushion for neck and back support, the Baby Wrap Swaddle Baby Blanket by Bundlebee is a great alternative.
Bundlebee Baby Swaddle Blanket/Wrap – Available in 9 Colors & 2 Sizes

Bundlebee Baby Blanket BBWRAPG001 - Pink Ruffle – 0-4 Months

Known for being a caring and reputable brand, Bundlebee continually provides top quality products that keep babies comfortable and secure while giving parents confidence that their bundle of joy is well catered to.

The Bundlebee Baby Swaddle Blanket/Wrap is available in 9 colors and 2 sizes is super easy to use, especially for new mums and dads. This down-like swaddling blanket hugs the baby, creating a mother's womb effect while allowing for natural leg and arm movement. There’s more to this baby blanket:
  • 100% cotton fabric and 100% polyester filling, making it ultra-soft
  • 100% coconut fiber support insert for head to toe protection
  • A simple and practical swaddle that is easy to use
  • Feather-light filling that keeps your baby cool in the summer and warm during winter
  • Hypoallergenic polyester filling that makes it easy to wash
The Hudson Baby Plush Hooded Blanket is a luxury baby blanket offered at an amazing price by Hudson Baby, a company committed to making babies comfortable. The plush fabric is super soft and comfortable on baby's skin. Also from Hudson Baby comes the Hudson Baby Striped Chenille Blanket, available in two colours.
Hudson Baby Plush Hooded Blanket – Available in 8 Colors

Hudson Baby Blanket 50815_Leopard

Hudson Baby is a premium baby clothing line offering fashion forward designs, high quality fabric and fun themes that keep babies engaged. With creative and cute artwork designs, it is committed to offering the best quality for the best value.

The Hudson Plush Hooded Blanket is made of super soft, cozy fleece material to keep baby snug. Its hooded blankets are generously sized at 28 x 40 inches to cover baby from head to toe and still leave space which the baby can grow into. Here are some other features that make this baby blanket worth having:
  • Each blanket comes with adorable animal ears
  • Ribbon packaging, making it a great baby shower gift
  • Can be used for toddlers as well
  • Polyester filling makes it machine washable
Consistent with Luvable Friends’ love of variety, the Luvable Friends 4-Pack Flannel Receiving Blankets is available in 17 colors and made of only the softest cotton flannel for the softest touch on your baby's gentle skin. If you need a larger but cheaper alternative, we recommend the Print Coral Fleece Blanket also by Luvable Friends.
Luvable Friends 4-Pack Flannel Receiving Blankets – Available in 17 Colors

Luvable Friends Baby Blanket 40047_blue

Luvable Friends is a brand that is a subdivision of BabyVision Inc., launched in 2005 with the mission to offer families with newborns the best soft infant care products at value prices. Luvable Friends offers a large variety of baby products at great prices.

The Luvable Friends Flannel Receiving Blanket is a premium luxury baby blanket. Each set comes with 4 distinctive blankets all wrapped in an attractive matching ribbon to make the perfect gift for any baby. Each blanket is unique and carries a unified theme. Here are more attributes that make this baby blanket purchase-worthy:
  • Can be used for play time, cuddling & even as a nursing cover
  • 100% cotton flannel
  • Cute colors and adorable designs
  • Machine washable
  • Available, designs for both genders

Get the Best Baby Blanket of 2017!

Did you see the brand that represents what you desire in a baby blanket? Now that you’ve read through our reviews for various baby blankets from top brands, it is our hope that we have provided you with enough information to make your purchase with confidence.

Our Top Choice
Roxie’s Baby Everything Blanket
Best Value
American Baby Company Fleece Blanket
Bundlebee Baby Wrap/Swaddle
Hudson Plush Hooded Blanket
Luvable Friends 4-Pack Baby Blankets