Best Baby Swing Reviews 2017

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Is your baby is often irritated and sulky? You're not alone. Rocking your baby back and forth in your arms is an effective way to soothe and send him or her to sleep, but it can be quite tiring on the arms. So what do you do? You get a baby swing! Now the real problem is, which one? There are so many brands, and so many different features available on the market, so it can get confusing as to which ones are actually good. But, don’t worry; we have done the research for you. We made a list of our top five baby swings so it will be easier for you to pick one. Also, while only five swings are featured, the brands have other great swings you can look at.
Age Range
Our Top Choice
Graco DuetConnect™ LX Swing
Graco is one of the best known baby products companies. Its DuetConnect LX Swing gives you the flexibility to do housework freely while keeping your baby comfortable and nearby.
Removable seat. Six different swing speeds. Works with both batteries and plug. Vibrations soothe you baby.
Vibration unit too loud. Too many straps.
Cradle, swing and bouncer
1–12 months
Metal, Plastic, Polyester
5-point safety belt
Plays 10 melodies; 5 nature sounds
Best Value
Honeybee Child SwingEase Baby Swing
Honeybee Child is a top-notch brand with a good taste in design. This baby swing is new and unique. It allows babies and toddlers to swing safely on a traditional playground swing.
Easy to use. Durable.
Doesn't fit all swing sets.
Outdoor swing
6–18 months
Latex-free fabric
Velcro strap
Attaches to outdoor swings
Comfort and Harmony Portable Swing
Comfort and Harmony is dedicated to making sure that no moment with your baby is wasted. This swing ensures that you can carry your baby conveniently wherever you go.
Sturdy. Portable. Easy to clean. Seat reclines to different angles for maximum comfort. Toy bar to entertain baby.Automatic shut-off timer.
Head rest is too high for newborns.
Cradle, swing
Infancy–8 months
Plastic and fabric
Safety belt
Plays melodies; has auto shut off
Creative Playthings Ltd Bucket Toddler Swing
Creative Playthings Ltd combines the finest materials and skilled craftsmanship to make swings like its Bucket Toddler Swing, which is of excellent quality and lasts for ages.
Long-lasting. Chains come pre-attached.
No straps to secure your child.
Outdoor swing
6 months–4 years
Commercial grade plastic & metal
Bucket design, envelops the child
Attaches to most swing sets
Fisher-Price Snugapuppy™ Swing
Fisher Price is a trusted brand that provides safe products for children. Its Snugapuppy Cradle 'n Swing is, as its name implies, snuggly and comfortable.
Easy to put together. No rough edges.
Short life span.
Cradle swing
Infancy–8 months
Metal and latex-free fabric
5-point safety belt
3 adjustable sitting positions

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What is the Best Baby Swing?

With so many swings boasting of so many features, you might get carried away and think you need more than you actually do. This can make you spend more money than you need to. To prevent this, we have listed the features of each swing and, in some cases, why each feature is important. This will help you see what you actually need.
Our Top Choice
All babies get grumpy at some point. And while rocking them in your arms can be effective, it gets tiring. Why not get a baby swing? Graco has many great ones you can choose from. Its DuetConnect Swing is cozy and also doubles as a bouncer; your baby will love it! If you don't really like this design, you can try the Graco Glider Lite Baby Swing.
Graco DuetConnect™ LX Swing and Bouncer – Available in 7 Colors

Graco Baby Swing 1893831 - Manor

When it was formed in 1942, Graco was a metal products company. It remained that way for 11 years, then a slight change in its administration led to its production of baby products. It has sold millions of its swings, portable play-yards and other innovative baby care items.

The Graco DuetConnect LX Swing is a solid swing that has a removable seat which serves as a bouncer. Its roomy seat reclines to keep your baby comfortable. The following features also contribute to its popularity among parents:
  • Chord and plug, giving you the options to use batteries when you’re away from a convenient power source or you can connect with a wall
  • Gentle vibration with two speeds to soothe and relax your child
  • 10 melodies and 5 nature sounds to amuse your baby
  • 6 different swing speeds to let you choose the right pace
  • Three soft toys to keep your baby occupied
Best Value
Honeybee Child was made by a mom in the same situation as you, so you can be sure of its products. Its SwingEase Baby Swing is soft and comfortable and will enable your child to have fun with older kids on the swings in the park. Need something for an older child? Check out the Honeybee Child SwingEase Portable Toddler Swing.
Honeybee Child SwingEase Portable Baby and Toddler Swing for 6-18 Months

Honeybee Child Baby Swing SwingEase

Honeybee Child is a mom-inspired brand designed for mothers who appreciate a blend of simplicity, functionality and great style. It was established by mothers whose needs were not being met by existing products. It designs stylish baby accessories that make the daily task of motherhood easier.

The Honeybee Child SwingEase Baby Swing is a newly patented baby swing that connects directly to a standard chain swing, converting it to a toddler swing. It can be carried in its built-in bag and is small enough to be carried in a purse, diaper bag or stroller. If it gets dirty, just pop it in the washing machine. It is recommended for babies 6-18 months and has a maximum weight of 25 pounds. Other features include;
  • Comfortable cloth seat that supports the child across the chest, back, and under arms
  • Adjustable strap that provides perfect fit for children of various sizes
  • Safety clips attach the unit to a standard chain swing
  • Fabric is 100 percent nylon and without BPA, phthalates, or lead to ensure your baby's safety
Comfort and Harmony understands that your time with your baby is precious and provides solutions to make sure that you get the most out of every moment spent together. Its Portable Swing is compact and really portable. Not sure about the design? You can check out the Comfort and Harmony Swing with Head and Body Support for a different design.
Comfort and Harmony Portable Baby Swing – Available in 4 Styles

Comfort and Harmony Baby Swing 60195 – Penelope Petals

Comfort and Harmony is not just a brand: it is a reflection of real day-by-day experiences of mothers all over the world. A lot of its products were invented by real moms who understand all that you and your baby need.

The Comfort and Harmony Portable Swing is a cute swing that folds easily for travel or storage. Wash the fabrics with cold water, gentle cycle. Seat pad can be placed in dryer on low heat. Its other features include…
  • TrueSpeed technology enables speed to remain consistent, even as baby grows
  • Seat reclines to different angles for maximum comfort
  • Toy bar to entertain and delight baby
  • Automatic shut-off timer to let your baby swing for a fixed time
  • Volume control to control the noise level
With the dangers of falling or breaking their delicate bones, how can children exercise safely? Creative Playthings Ltd has some of the best swing sets available. Its Bucket Toddler Swing is great for use at home on days you don't want to take your child to the park. A different design, perhaps? Try its Molded Infant Swing.
Creative Playthings Ltd Bucket Toddler Swing with Chain in Green

Creative Playthings Ltd Baby Swing Bucket Swing

Creative Playthings Ltd was founded in 1951, and has been building first-class swing sets and swing set accessories since then. Its swing sets develop imagination, self-confidence, balance and coordination in our kids. It is the largest full service seller of residential swing sets in the world.

The Creative Playthings Bucket Toddler Swing is a fantastic option for parents that are trying to create a fun and safe recreational space in their home for their kids. It has metal chain sides and a spring steel insert. It is suitable for babies between 6 to 12 months. Its other features include;
  • Safe 360-degree design that envelops child securely
  • Weatherproof, commercial grade plastic that lasts long
  • Short swing attachment makes pushing easier for parents
  • Durable vinyl construction that gives it a great tensile strength
Fisher Price has a wide variety of toys and baby accessories that keep your child entertained for hours. Its Snugapuppy Cradle 'n Swing features a motorized mobile with mirrored globe; animal friends dance over your baby's head. Can't fit it in your tight budget? Have a look at the Fisher Price Infant to Toddler Swing.
Fisher-Price My Little Snugapuppy™ Cradle 'n Swing

Fisher-Price Baby Swing X7345

Fisher Price was founded in 1930 with a vision of doing something new and surprising. To date, it continues to keep the vision of its original founders in mind. It provides baby products that add comfort and safe fun to the lives of new parents and babies.

The Fisher Price Snugapuppy Cradle 'n Swing is a soft baby swing with a take-along teether toy. It also has a two-position recline with three adjustable seat positions: center, right and left. More features include:
  • Two swinging motions to soothe baby
  • SmartSwing technology that senses baby's weight in order to always swing at the same speed
  • Six swing speeds for your convenience
  • 16 songs and soothing nature sounds to entertain your baby
  • Plug-in option saves on batteries

Get the Best Baby Swing of 2017!

Now that you have read these reviews, you should be ready to pick a swing for your baby. Made a choice already? Great! Place that order and say bye-bye to tired arms!

Our Top Choice
Graco DuetConnect™ LX Swing
Best Value
Honeybee Child SwingEase Baby Swing
Comfort and Harmony Portable Swing
Creative Playthings Ltd Bucket Toddler Swing
Fisher-Price Snugapuppy™ Swing