Best Barometer Reviews 2017

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With so many barometers out there it can be a chore to find the one that actually delivers and suits your need. That’s why we have taken time to scour numerous brands and their products to bring you our top five. Please bear in mind that apart from the products featured here, these brands have other great products and you would want to check them out. We also have a review for weather stations, be sure to check that out too for some more great options.
Our Top Choice
Swift Optical Three-In-One Altimeter/Barometer
Swift Optical is committed to enduring quality and technical excellence. Its 3-in-1 altimeter or barometer proves this. It can be used in your automobiles and carried when hiking.
Easy to use. Easy to read. Can be fastened to your dashboard. Sleek and modern appearance.
Finding a flat surface to properly fasten it on your dashboard may not be easy.
0.02 lbs
0 to 15000 feet range
Best Value
AcuRite Glass Galileo Thermometer with Globe Storm Glass
AcuRite’s desire to deliver a dependable weather product line is explicit in the Glass Galileo Thermometer with Globe Storm Glass set. It is colorful and mounted on a wooden base.
It is accurate. Easy to read. Has a beautiful design. Makes good home and office décor.
Needs careful handling as everything (except the wooden base) is made of glass. Barometer not easy to fill. Wooden base may need support to avoid toppling over.
Storm Glass
13.1 x 9.5 x 5.6 inches; 1.9lbs
Thermometer attached
Weems and Plath Endurance II 105 Chrome Open Dial Barometer
Weems & Plath’s dedication to creating the finest nautical products has led to the creation of the Endurance II 105 Open Dial Barometer with adjustable inch and milliard scales.
Durable. Accurate. Scratch and weather resistant. Has ultra-protective coating.
One has to download its manual to get certain information.
Open Dial
2.2 x 4.75 x 4.75 inches
Weather resistant
La Crosse Technology S88907 Wireless Color Weather Station
From the first company to introduce atomic clocks into the market, La Crosse Technology, comes this barometer or weather station with temperature alert and adjustable backlight.
Animated color forecasts. Indoor comfort indicator. Accurate. Easy to set up.
The humidity is low at -7%. Some controls are not easily accessed. Display quickly fades if the unit is below or above eye level.
6.1 x 1.1 x 9.6 inches; 1.7lbs
0 to 3500 feet range
Ambient Weather BA212 Wall Mounted Weather Station
Ambient Weather combines premium support and service. Its artistic BA212 Wall Mounted Weather Station measures barometric pressure.
Easy to use. Comes with syringe and cord for easy filling. Beautiful design.
Fragile glass. Cumbersome process of adding water.
6.5 x 6 x 18 inches; 2.5lbs
Comfort meter included

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What is the Best Barometer?

Your choice of barometers will depend to a large extent on your lifestyle, where you spend most of your time and some other factors. This review is aimed at helping you choose the best device for you no matter your taste, so that you can plan your days with confidence.
Our Top Choice
Swift Optical is a global leader in its field for over fifty years. Its 3-in-1 Altimeter/Barometer is one of its inventive products. For those who prefer a more classic look, check out the Swift Optical 476 Weather Instrument. Don’t let the antique appearance fool you—it’s a precision scientific instrument that will provide accurate readings.
Swift Optical Altimeter/Barometer Weather Instrument – Automobile and Hiking Altimeter with Aneroid Barometer, 0 to 15,000' Range

Swift Optical Barometer/Altimeter - 478

Swift Optical Instruments is a forward-thinking company with over five decades’ experience in the manufacturing of digital products to meet the ever-increasing and challenging needs of teachers and students. It is a company that readily partners with educators to this end. Swift Optical has collaborated with TERC, a well-known, not-for-profit mathematics and science company, and is actively engaged in the sharing of information between science educators and students through its social media handles and website.

The Swift Optical 478 Three-In-One Altimeter/Barometer is an adroit product with its multiple functions as an altimeter and a barometer. Its miniature size, adhesive backing and vinyl case make it easy to carry about and handle.
Here are some more reasons to love this product:
  • Has an adhesive backing with which to fasten it to your dashboard
  • Its vinyl case can be used to carry it on a belt strap while outdoors
  • Cleverly designed, miniature instrument
  • This product has a limited one-year warranty
Best Value
AcuRite. Accuracy. The Glass Galileo thermometer-barometer set is great. While we love the simple design of this “old-school” barometer, we also think that the more modern features of the AcuRite 02064MA1 Pro Weather Station are worth checking out too. It offers a 5-in-1 Weather Sensor, PC Connect and remote monitoring with the AcuRite App.
AcuRite Galileo Thermometer with Glass Globe Barometer - Thermometer & Barometer Set, Single Thermometer Sold Separately

AcuRite Barometer - 00795A2

The AcuRite brand has been firmly established as the #1 top-selling weather company in North America. It is known, among other things, for its knowledgeable support team. AcuRite is up-to-date in its performance as it augmented many of its leading weather products with internet-connectivity.

The AcuRite 00795A2 Galileo Thermometer with Glass Globe Barometer is a beautiful piece that includes a cylindrical glass thermometer with five glass bulbs inside it. Inspired by Galileo’s instruments, it interprets temperature and weather based on the principles of buoyancy and air pressure. Some other features of this awesome product are listed below:
  • A glass Goethe barometer with frosted world map decoration
  • Solid pine wooden base
  • There are five bulbs in the thermometer with the degrees of 64, 68, 72, 76 and 80
  • It comes with a syringe and a tube to fill the barometer
  • The wooden base is about 8” wide
  • It has a one-year limited warranty
  • Colorful, liquid-filled bulbs descend and ascend with change in temperature
Weems & Plath supplies the finest standard nautical products. Its beveled glass crystal Endurance II 105 Chrome Open Dial Barometer has a truly classical appearance. Not satisfied with this? Take a look at Weems & Plath Endurance Collection Brass Barometer.
Weems and Plath Endurance II 105 Open Dial Barometer - Beveled Glass Crystal, Weather Resistant

Weems and Plath Barometer 130733 - Chrome

Weems & Plath is located in the Chesapeake Bay town of Annapolis where it began many years ago. Its continued delivery of fine nautical products while maintaining the high standards of service has distinguished it from its inception.

The Endurance II Chrome Open Dial Barometer is an aneroid type which measures atmospheric pressures mechanically without the use of liquids. It can be used both at sea and on shore. There’s more to this barometer…
  • Maintenance free, ultra-protective coating
  • Guaranteed not to tarnish or scratch
  • Weather resistant
  • Mounting methods for boat or shore
  • Traditional porthole front opening bezel
  • Available in 3 sizes and 2 finishes
  • Lifetime warranty on finish and movement
  • Single wood base in black or Mahogany finish available separately
Backed by 30 years’ experience, La Crosse gives quality in the Vertical Wireless Color Forecast Station. If a color display is not important to you, we recommend taking a look at the La Crosse Technology Combo11-IT Atomic Weather Combo Pack that comes with a temperature station, a forecast station, and a remote sensor, all of which are wireless.
La Crosse Technology Vertical Wireless Color Forecast Station with Temperature Alerts and Barometric Pressure Readings

La Crosse Technology Barometer/ Weather Station - S88907

For over 30 years, the La Crosse technology family of brands has offered a wide variety of easy-to-use products that deliver unsurpassed weather data, atomic time, and an array of features that help make life easier.

The S88907 Vertical Wireless Color Forecast Station has color forecast icons with pressure tendency. It monitors indoor and wireless outdoor temperature (F/C) and humidity. Some of its other features include:
  • WWVB with self-setting time and date with automatic daylight saving time updates
  • Large, colorful display
  • Adjustable display
  • Power saving
  • Well-built remote sensor
  • Easy to read even from a distance
Named one of America’s 500 largest e-retailers, Ambient Weather is a brand you can trust. Its wall mounted weather station is worth its price. For a more nautical look, the Fischer 1436R-12 Open Face Wood and Brass Barometer features a mineral glass cover, a bezel made of diamond polished brass and a beautiful wood finish.
Ambient Weather Wall Mounted Weather Station with Thermometer, Hygrometer, and Barometer

Ambient Weather Barometer BA212 – Cherry Finish

Ambient weather has been serving customers on the internet since 1998. It is a market leader in weather stations and environmental reporting. Its goal is to offer the lowest prices in the industry while maintaining premium customer service and support.

BA212 Wall Mounted Weather Station displays an air of accuracy and quality one would expect from a great brand. This is a fine, hand-crafted weather instrument from Ambient Weather. Below is a list of some of its features…
  • 18-inch hand blown glass
  • Includes clear glass drip cup
  • Food coloring of your choice can be included
  • Rich wood with lacquer finish
  • Measures barometric pressure (liquid)
  • Includes a comfort zone indicator
  • Has a one-year Ambient Weather warranty
This product adds a nautical feel to a living space and it is a beautiful decoration.

Get the Best Barometer of 2017!

After reading through this review, we hope you’ve learned enough to help you make a more informed decision. Feel free to head on to Amazon to place that order.

Our Top Choice
Swift Optical Three-In-One Altimeter/Barometer
Best Value
AcuRite Glass Galileo Thermometer with Globe Storm Glass
Weems and Plath Endurance II 105 Chrome Open Dial Barometer
La Crosse Technology S88907 Wireless Color Weather Station
Ambient Weather BA212 Wall Mounted Weather Station