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Woodwork as well as metalwork are a means of livelihood for a lot people, and a serious hobby for some. Craftsmanship really is a great activity to get involved in, whether for work or for play. Regardless if you are an amateur or a seasoned professional, we know picking a brand from the long list available can be a daunting task. That is why we have put in a lot of effort to highlight five top brands that manufacture quality vises for you to choose from. However, these brands go beyond the featured vises. They have other models for you to choose from in case you don’t like the featured one.
Jaw type
Our Top Choice
Performance Multi-Purpose Bench Vise
Performance Tool is dedicated to meeting customers’ needs through superior service and quality products. Its MV10 5” Multipurpose Vise has serrated jaws for a secure grip.
It works very well with drill presses. It is very strong. The price is good.
This vise is not suitable for precision jobs.
Cast iron
Diamond serrated jaws
18.5 x 10 x 10 inches
Heavy duty
Best Value
Shop FoxBench Vise with Swivel Base
Shop Fox has shown commitment to building professional-grade equipment for durability and performance over the years. Its D 3250 Bench Vise has two locking levers for secure grip.
It is very sturdy. Good for its price. It is versatile.
Once the jaws are unscrewed too wide, it is a challenge screwing them back in.
Cast iron
Pipe jaws
15 x 9 x 8 inches
Heavy duty
Yost ToolsMulti-Purpose Reversible Combination Vise
For over a century, Yost has been manufacturing high quality vises. It has always created dependable products for its teeming customers. Its 865 DI Reversible sports a 6.5” jaw.
It is very strong. It is multipurpose. It is reversible.
Its operation can be a bit noisy. But regular greasing should solve that.
Ductile Iron
Diamond serrated machinist jaws
22 x 10 x 14 inches
Heavy duty
WiltonGeneral Purpose Jaw Bench Vise with Swivel Base
Since 1941, Wilton has been making sturdy, high performance vises that have met or exceeded its customer's expectations, just like this vise with a large anvil work surface.
It is strong, made of steel. Easy to install. Has a large anvil work surface.
Swivels only 90 degrees.
Grooved steel jaw
16.6 x 8 x 8.4 inches
Light duty
TEKTONSwivel Bench Vise
Tekton has, over a long period, been providing passionate craftsmen with tools that are consistent in quality and performance. The Tekton 54004 Bench Vise shows such consistency.
It has dual lock down. It has a comfortable grip. The base adjusts up to 120 degrees.
It does not come with mounting bolts.
Cast iron
Serrated steel jaws
10.8 x 5 x 5.6 inches
Medium duty

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What is the Best Bench Vise?

Do you like doing repairs yourself? Or you're an all-out, heavy-duty craftsman/woman? We know your requirements will be different. Take a look at the products we have featured; they should help you determine which serves your purpose the best. Once you spot “the one”, there—you've found yourself a brand/product that will fulfill that “handy” desire of yours!
Our Top Choice
Performance Tool is very concerned about providing high quality products for its customers. This ideal is what its MV10 5” Vise made with heavy-duty cast iron represents. If you’re looking for a vise that’s built right in to a work bench, we recommend checking out Performance Tool’s W54025 Portable Multipurpose Workbench and Vise.
Performance ToolHeavy-Duty Multi-Jaw Rotating Combination Pipe and Bench Vise with 360-Degree Swivel Base and Head -- Available in Variety of Sizes and Vise Styles

Performance Tool Bench Vise MV10 - 5"

Performance Tool provides innovative solutions through high quality professional tools, made for superior performance. Its top level service provision to its customers is another way it stands out from the rest. This is evident when you buy the MV10 5” Multipurpose Vise.

This vise is professional quality. It is designed with heavy-duty cast iron and comes with a built-in anvil and multiple jaws to provide clamping strength for heavy duty jobs. Its other features include:
  • 360-degree swivel base to adjust the direction of the jaws
  • Dual lock downs for easy positioning
  • Diamond serrated jaws for solid grip
  • Replaceable hardened steel jaws
  • Precision machined surface for flat shaping
  • The swivel base and head gives it versatility
Best Value
Shop Fox is a name that is committed to customer satisfaction by providing them with top quality, durable products at prices they can afford. The D 3250 Bench Vise is a very rugged device. If you’re looking for a vise with a taller grip, take a look at the heavy, cast iron Shop Fox D3125 Parrot Vise which also features a 360-degree swivel mechanism.
Shop FoxBench Vise with 360 Degree Swivel Base – Available in Three Sizes

Shop FoxBench ViseD3250 – 6-Inch

Shop Fox is a company that wants to put its name only on the highest quality, top-performing and reliable products in the market. It has stuck to this ideal for several years. Its products duly reflect the qualities it wants to be associated with. The Shop Fox D 3250 Bench Vise exemplifies performance.

This vise can be used for a range of wood and metalworking projects. This 6-inch vise features heavy castings, a perfectly flat anvil face and pipe jaws. Other features include:
  • 2 locking levers
  • 360-degree swivel base
  • 6-1/4" capacity
  • Milled square center slides to ensure jaws are aligned
With vast experience and consistent performance, Yost has proven itself serially to be dedicated to only the highest quality tools. The 865 DI with its 360-degree swivel base is a good example. Looking for a less expensive but just as good quality standard vice? Take a look at Yost’s Heavy-Duty Forged Steel Bench Vise with 360-Degree Swivel Base.
Yost Tools Heavy Duty Reversible Bench Vise - Made in USA, Available in Two Sizes

Yost ToolsBench Vise865-DI - 6.5"

Experience is one big way a brand can earn a customer’s trust. Consistent quality and top performance are some others. Yost has them all. It has, over many years, been manufacturing high-performing, durable, professional-grade vises for machinists and craftsmen. The Yost 865 DI Reversible Vise is an example of one of its high quality products.

It sells for a suggested retail price of $457, although our research shows that you can get it for a much lower price at Amazon if you act fast. It features heavy duty ductile iron construction, serrated pipe jaws for enhanced grip, large dual anvils, and a ball screw handle with safety rubber washers. There's more to this feature-rich product:
  • Machine 'T' bar for precision fit
  • The front jaw is reversible and expandable
  • Steel pipe jaws are extra fortified and serrated
  • The swivel base mounts sturdily to work bench
  • Continuous rolled main screw thread for smooth jaws movement
  • It has interlocking swivel base that rotates 360 degrees with 2 lock downs
When a brand is known for top quality and performance, its customers are always confident buying anything that bears its name. Such is the case with Wilton. Its 11106 Vise has serrated jaws and a large anvil work surface. If you need a vise with a smaller jaw opening, take a look at the Wilton 11104 Bench Vise which has a jaw width of 4 inches.
Wilton Bench Vise with Swivel Base – Available with Either 6-Inch or 4-Inch Jaw Opening

Wilton Bench Vise11106 – 6” Jaw Width

Wilton became a popular brand in the industry by consistently manufacturing high quality tools with performance-driven innovation. Its many customers already know they can be confident when purchasing tools that carry this well-known name.

The Wilton General Purpose Bench Vise is made of steel and built for heavy duty performance. It features an integrated large anvil work space, swivel base and is backed by Wilton’s life warranty. Other features of this vise include:
  • Choice of 4" or 6” jaw width
  • Double lock down for stability
  • Steel jaws are grooved for improved grip
  • The jaw inserts are interchangeable
Some companies aim at manufacturing high performance tools available at a pocket-friendly price. That is the Tekton way. Its 54004 Bench Vise is great value for its price. In case you need a vise for your drill press, TEKTON has those too. Check out the 53994 4-Inch Drill Press Vise which mounts right to your drill press to hold your work secure.
TEKTONBench Vise with Swivel Base– Cast Iron Construction, Available in 3 Sizes

TEKTONBench Vise54004 - 4-Inch

Teknon provides top solutions to craftsmen of all levels by manufacturing feature-rich, high performance tools at affordable prices. Its 54004 Bench Vise is high quality in its entire 30,000 psi cast iron frame.

This swivel vise has a base that can rotate 120 degrees. It is built for all-purpose, medium-duty projects and comes with an integrated polished steel anvil work surface. There’s more to this bench vise:
  • The vise can be secured to a work bench via three mounting holes
  • The steel jaw pads are serrated for a firm grip
  • The jaw pads are replaceable
  • The main screw is specially threaded for smooth movement of the jaws
  • It has a comfortable grip to prevent slips

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You have taken the time to read our reviews. We hope you’ve found a brand/product that meets your current needs. Now you can head over to Amazon and make a purchase confidently knowing that you have done your due diligence.

Our Top Choice
Performance Multi-Purpose Bench Vise
Best Value
Shop FoxBench Vise with Swivel Base
Yost ToolsMulti-Purpose Reversible Combination Vise
WiltonGeneral Purpose Jaw Bench Vise with Swivel Base
TEKTONSwivel Bench Vise