Best Bullet Blender Reviews 2017

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Your own personal bullet blender makes it ultra-convenient to whip up a morning smoothie or a post-workout protein shake. Why get out the heavy blender when you can have a delicious single-serving drink in no time? We have researched the market extensively and came up with 5 excellent bullet blenders in a mixture of price ranges. Take a look at our finalists and you might actually find the ideal single serving blender!
Our Top Choice
Ninja® Professional Blender w/ Single Serve Bullet Blender
For many people, the Ninja brand is almost synonymous with powerful blenders and we couldn’t agree more. The Ninja® Pro is a great all around blender with single serve attachments.
Heavy duty design. Easily crushes hard foods. 72 oz. pitcher. 16 oz. cups with attachable blade. BPA free
A bit loud, but the power makes up for it.
72oz. with 16oz. cups
1100 Watts
3 Speeds + Pulse
Total Crushing Blades
Best Value
Tribest Original Bullet Blender & Grinder
Tribest is dedicated to making healthy living easy. This low-cost bullet blender definitely gets that done. It comes with a set of cups and separate grinder blades for more options.
BPA free. Inexpensive. 3 regular lids and 1 to-go lid. 4 cups included. Grinder blade included.
Less powerful than higher-end models, but still able to blend through dense foods.
2 16 oz. cups and 2 8 oz. cups
200 Watts
1 Speed + Pulse
Blender and Grinder blades
Vitamix S30 Blender with Travel Cup
Vitamix has been making “use-mine-every-day, can’t-live-without-it” blenders since 1939. The Vitamix Bullet Blender is powerful and versatile high end personal blender.
Full pitcher and bullet blender cup. 10 variable speeds and pulse. Vented lid for hot mixtures. Included cookbook. BPA free.
On the expensive side, but the power and wide range of speeds make up for it. Heavy. Noisy at highest speeds.
40 oz. and 20 oz.
790 Watt
10 Speed Dial + Pulse
S-Series Blade Base
Magic Bullet Nutribullet RX Personal Blender
NutriBullet stands at the front of the line when it comes to maximum nutrient extraction. Their products are perfect for people who are health conscious, especially those in a hurry!
Blend any combo of fruits and veggies into a quick nutritious smoothie or soup (hot or cold). BPA free. Hands-free technology. Ultra-powerful 1700 watt motor. Included cookbook.
Loud. Some users needed to order a replacement gasket.
45 oz. and 30 oz.
1700 Watts
Extractor Blade
Oster My Blend Bullet Blender with Travel Sport Bottle
Oster is known for making high quality, affordable kitchen appliances. The My Blend Bullet is no exception. It features a sporty blender cup and is reliable, easy to use and quick.
Simple, one-touch operation. BPA free. Recipes included. Available in multiple colors.
No speed control. Weaker than higher-end models, but still excellent for most people.
20 oz.
1 speed

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What is the Best Bullet Blender?

Bullet blenders come in all shapes and sizes, not to mention that they can also have different features and options. To make sure you make a good decision, set your budget right from the start and note down your preferences. Is capacity important to you? How about power? When you find an answer to these questions, take a look at our 5 contenders and find out which bullet blenders fits your needs the best!
Our Top Choice
The Ninja Professional Blender with Single Serve has a large pitcher and smaller blender cups so you can make the perfect smoothie, milkshake or mixed drink every time. To make it even easier, the Nutri Ninja Auto-IQ features pre-programmed blending patterns for consistent results without the guesswork.
Ninja® Professional Blender 1100 Watts – 16 oz. Personal Blender Bullet Cups, Total Crushing Blades, 2 to-go Lids, Dishwasher Safe

Ninja® Bullet Blender BL660

Ninja is a well trusted brand when it comes to kitchen appliances – they make powerful food processors, professional grade juicers and blenders. The product we have chosen comes is actually a full sized blender that comes with to-go bullet blender cups – making it an versatile appliance that you will want to keep on your countertop. At the moment of this writing, it has a suggested price of $115.99. Ninja also sells a version without the smaller cups, so you can simply purchase a full sized blender for a lower price if you are on a tighter budget.

But if you are going for the option to have to-go cups, check out the following features:
  • An extra-large 72 oz. pitcher has the size and sturdiness for heavy blending jobs, even when you're preparing food for the whole family.
  • 2 16 oz. Nutri Ninja Cups are included so you can easily create single serving drinks any time.
  • 2 to-go lids eliminate the middle man by letting you drink straight out of the bullet blender cups. No need to transfer your drink into another cup before heading out to work.
  • 1100 Watts of power along with total crushing technology make it easy to blend through frozen foods and other hard-to-blend items.
  • The pitcher, lid and blades are dishwasher safe so you can easily clean up when you're done.
  • The blender features 3 speeds for different tasks: mixing, blending and ice crushing. There is also an option to use pulse mode.
  • The pitcher and cups are BPA free so you can stay safe while drinking.
Best Value
The Tribest Original Personal Blender & Grinder features a set of small and large cups with lids and is perfect for quick smoothies, shakes and more. No need for grinding blades? Get the Tribest Personal Blender which offers just basic blending functions.
Tribest Original PB-150-A Single Serving Blender and Grinder Set with 4 Polycarbonate CupsPB-150-A Single Serving Blender

Tribest Personal Blender PB-250-A - White

The Tribest Personal Blender is perfect for people who want to enjoy smoothies and fruit juices quickly and easily .Tribest sells a wide range of high quality wellness items from juicers to humidifiers and even natural foods. It's no wonder they were able to create a simple and effective little blender to make nutrition easy for anyone. We chose to feature the versatile PB-150-A bullet style blender because the 200 watt motor is powerful enough to not only make great smoothies, but it does a fantastic job crushing ice too.

When you go for the PB-250-A set, you get the powerful PB-150-A Single Serving Blender that makes it easy to create wonderfully delicious and nutritious drinks, along with these great features.
  • 2 small cups and 2 large cups make it easy to customize your drinks for the perfect portion.
  • 3 standard lids and 1 to-go lid make it easy to pack up your drinks or store them in the refrigerator for later.
  • The included grinder set makes it easy to grind up nuts, seeds, grains and other hard objects.
  • The blades are enclosed during operation to prevent any potential accidents.
  • The polycarbonate material used in the cups is extremely durable so you won't have to worry about premature breakdown.
If you don’t need all the extras, you can purchase the blender alone, of if you want something even nicer, we recommend the set that comes with mason jars instead of standard cups – which can be perfect for entertaining guests.
The Vitamix S30 Full-size and Personal Blender packs a powerful punch and offers a wide range of portion sizes and speeds. For even more control, check out the Vitamix S55 featuring 4 pre-programmed blend settings that take the guess work out of various recipes.
Vitamix S30 Personal Blender w/ Single Serve Cup – 10 Speed, 790Watts, Vented Lid, S-Series Blade Base

Vitamix Bullet Blender 1922 – Black

The Vitamix S30 Personal Blender is compact, lightweight, and easy to use. This manufacturer is passionate about nutrition and the technology that fuels it. Their careful engineering means that their products are more precise and tend to last far longer than the competition's. They sell a wide range of blenders with varying motor speeds and an assortment of pitchers. The S-series, which our chosen product is a part of, is the least expensive line and features a travel blender as well.

Let's take a closer look to the features of this product.
  • The included travel cup attaches to the blender base just like a standard bullet blender, so you can easily choose between a personal portion and a larger one.
  • 10 speed variable control lets you easily decide between a liquefying setting and a slower speed for chunkier mixtures like salsa. Pulse control is also included for stubborn items.
  • The powerful 790 watt motor is powerful enough to blend some of the toughest food items, so you'll have no trouble in the kitchen.
  • The impressive 5 year warranty and 30-day guarantee are proof that Vitamix knows how to put together a well-crafted blender.
  • An included cookbook from Nutrimix offers a ton of amazing nutritional recipes you can tackle.
The Nutribullet RX uses advanced technology to automatically blend and extract nutrients from fruits and veggies, creating the most nutritious smoothie every time. For a less expensive model that's built for an active lifestyle, check out the Nutribullet PRO 900 Series Bullet Blender.
Magic Bullet Nutribullet Blender – 1700Watts, Hands-Free SMART Technology, SouperBlast Pitcher with 2-Piece Lid

Magic Bullet Blender N17-1001 – Black

The Magic Bullet NutriBullet Rx is one of the most popular and efficient blenders on Amazon today! Magic Bullet is the creator of advanced technology in a compact package. Their nutrient extraction method makes it easier for your body to absorb the nutrients from fruits, seeds, vegetables, etc. so you can get more from each smoothie.

The product we've chosen – the Nutribullet RX – is the top-of-the-line machine, featuring hands-free, smart technology and an ultra-powerful 1700 watt motor in an elegant black design. You can use to automatically blend any combination of fruits and veggies into a quick nutritious smoothie or soup. Here are several important features that it offers:
  • Smart technology allows the Nutribullet to automatically blend your concoction to smooth perfection, breaking down fibers into an easily digestible form.
  • A 1700 watt motor makes it easy for this blender to make short work of tough ingredients.
  • Heating cycles allow you to heat up your soups and sauces.
  • A recipe book with over 150 pages is included so you can make the most of your blender!
The original Nutribullet models come in gray, blue and red. The Nutribullet PRO is built with more power than the original (but less than the RX) and comes in sleek copper. The PRO includes a flip-top to-go lid for those with an active lifestyle.
The Oster My Blend Personal Blender is an inexpensive way to get a quick smoothie before tackling the day. If you're looking for a full set of blenders from Oster, check out the Oster Versa Professional Performance Blender with Blend'N Go Cups.
Oster My Blend Personal Blender – Multiple Colors, 250W, BPA-Free, Dishwasher Safe, 20 Ounce Capacity

Oster Bullet Blender BLSTPB-WBL – Blue

Oster is dedicated to long-lasting food preparation products at great prices. You can find full sized blenders as well as a small blender that uses mason jars instead of 20 oz blender cups from the same manufacturer. The Oster My Blend Personal Blender comes in light blue, red, green, orange, pink and teal. It is more of a minimalist product compared to other blenders on our list, but its price and speed make up for that.

Let's take a closer look at its features:
  • Instead of a classic bullet blender cup, you'll blend inside of a tall sports-style bottle. This lets you immediately go for a run or anywhere else without skipping a beat.
  • A built-in resettable fuse lets you revive the motor if it happens to overheat.
  • The instruction manual includes a set of recipes to try out with your new blender.
  • The BPA free plastic sport bottle is dishwasher safe, so you can easily clean up after use.
The Oster My Blend 250-Watt Blender is a must-have in any modern kitchen!

Get the Best Bullet Blender Today!

Some designs are more convenient and some are more versatile, but all of our chosen bullet blenders can reliably get the job done in no time. Pick one today!

Our Top Choice
Ninja® Professional Blender w/ Single Serve Bullet Blender
Best Value
Tribest Original Bullet Blender & Grinder
Vitamix S30 Blender with Travel Cup
Magic Bullet Nutribullet RX Personal Blender
Oster My Blend Bullet Blender with Travel Sport Bottle