Best Carbon Monoxide Detector Reviews 2017

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Carbon monoxide detectors are an essential part of every home – they warn you and your family if carbon monoxide concentrations reach a dangerous or even fatal level. They can be combined with smoke detectors and may feature a digital display. We've looked at highly rated companies with reputations for high quality construction so that you can stay safe in your own home.
Our Top Choice
Nest Protect Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm
Nest goes beyond safety with these convenient features: the Protect Smoke+CO Alarm feature wifi sync and pre-alarm warnings.
Wifi Sync. Battery life indicator. App connectivity. Split-spectrum sensor for emergency information. Heads-up alerts.
A bit more expensive that basic models.
5.3" x 1.5" x 5.3", 1 lb.
Battery Powered
Displays through smartphone
2 year limited warranty
Wifi connectivity
Best Value
First Alert Digital Carbon Monoxide Detector
First Alert is one of America’s most trusted brands in home safety. Their Dual-powered CO Detector offers protection for your family or business as well as peace of mind.
Front-access batteries. Dual-power design. No mounting required. Simple test and silence button.
May not last as long as more expensive models.
8.4" x 6.9" x 3", 12 oz.
Plug-in with Battery Back-up
7-year Limited Warranty
Sensorcon Portable CO Inspector
Sensorcon creates durable USA-made inspection tools like this portable CO detector for reliable, long-lasting safety.
Durable, waterproof construction. 2-year battery life. Large, simple LCD display. Handheld.
Not meant for wall-mounting like the others on this list.
3.2" x 2.2" x 0.9", 4 oz.
1-Year Warranty
Kidde Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector
Kidde improves safety at home and at work with alarms like the Hardwired CO & Smoke Alarm with battery back-up power.
Connects with up to 24 other alarms. Battery back-up. Front-loading batteries. Hush feature. Detects fast-burning fires.
No display, but instead uses flashing lights and sound to indicate different situations.
2" x 6" x 6", 1.2 lbs.
AC Powered
No Display
10-Year Limited
Connects with other Alarms
Universal Security Instruments Carbon Monoxide Detector.
Universal Security Instruments uses smart technology and superior design to maximize security like in this CO Detector.
10-year sealed battery. Smart microprocessors to reduce nuisance alarms. Can be mounted or left standing on a tabletop.
A few users received defective units and had to get their alarms replaced.
2.2" x 5" x 5", 6.4 oz.
10-Year Limited Warranty
Smart Technology

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What is the Best Carbon Monoxide Detector?

We looked at home security and tech brands that are well-known for reliability and customer satisfaction. We examined models in different types and with different features to find a dependable option for any budget.
Our Top Choice
The Nest Protect Battery-Powered Smoke & CO Detector connects to your phone through wifi for advanced functionality, including pre-alarm warnings, battery updates and more. Nest also offers a non-battery alternative – check out the Nest Protect Wired Smoke + CO Alarm.
Nest Protect Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Detector – Wifi Battery Alerts, Connected App, Heads-up

Nest CO Alarm S3000BWES - Battery

Nest is dedicated to helping families secure their homes with advanced, convenient technology: they offer compatibility with smart phone applications to give you more control over your own home. The Nest Protect Smoke & CO Alarm is especially convenient, making it easy to secure your home.

Let's see how this product can protect your nest:
  • The Nest Protect Alarm goes above and beyond by connecting to your wifi. Easily receive updates on battery life to stay safe at all times.
  • The connected app allows you to easily silence the alarm after it goes up simply by walking over to the alarm and opening the app.
  • Friendly heads-up alerts let you know when the alarm is about to go off so you can prevent burning foods from becoming a real problem. You also won't have to worry about the alarm going off every time you leave popcorn in the microwave too long.
  • A split-spectrum sensor allows this advanced monitor to tell the difference between fast and slow burning fires, to give you more information in an emergency.
  • The Nest Protect lets you know when and, more impressively, where there's smoke and carbon monoxide.
The Nest Protect Smoke & CO Alarm is available in a battery-powered and wired version. Both types come in either white or black.
Best Value
The First Alert Dual Power CO Alarm puts safety first with back-up battery power, easy alarm testing and at-a-glance battery life indicator. Looking for something less expensive? The classic First Alert CO Alarm is just as safe but comes at a lower price.
First Alert Dual Power Carbon Monoxide Alarm – Plug-in, Battery Backup, Digital Display

First Alert CO Alarm CO615

First Alert is passionate about providing a first line of defense against household emergencies. Their alarms, cameras and fire extinguishers are built to be durable so you can rely on them in dire circumstances. The First Alert Plug-in Digital CO Alarm keeps you prepared at all times with advanced sensors and its convenient display.

Let's see what makes First Alert both safe and convenient.
  • The First Alert Carbon Monixide alarm conveniently plugs into standard outlets and features backup batteries for safety even when the electricity is out or other unforeseen problems occur.
  • The alarm alerts you when the batteries are low so you can plan ahead and always stay safe.
  • The front has a convenient test and silence button.
  • Easily replace the batteries before they die with the front-access panel, without having to remove or fiddle with the alarm itself.
  • You can remotely turn off the alarm with your standard household remote control.
  • This alarm comes with a 7-year limited warranty and meets all UL standards.
  • The digital display automatically lights up the hazard level when the alarm is going off and when any button is pushed.
The First Alert Dual Power Carbon Monoxide Detector is available in a single or three-pack.
The Sensorcon Portable Carbon Monoxide Detector features industrial-level accuracy and durability, making it ideal for new homeowners as well as construction and inspection professionals. For increased precision and convenience, check out the Sensorcon Inspector CO Kit, featuring the detector, storage case and special pump kit to draw air from hard-to-reach areas.
Sensorcon Carbon Monoxide Meter & Tester – Tough, Waterproof, Portable, LCD

Sensorcon Carbon Monoxide Detector INS-CO-01

Sensorcon prides itself on durable, USA-made products that always satisfy the customer. Their simple handheld meters are ideal for homeowners and professional inspectors alike. This Portable Carbon Monoxide Detector & Meter is waterproof, shock proof and built to last.

Let's take a closer look:
  • USA-made construction on top of great customer reviews means this CO meter is one you can trust.
  • The simple hand-held design and belt clip makes it easy to carry around this detector around your home or a jobsite.
  • The large LCD display and simple 2-button interface makes it easy to inspect any area for carbon monoxide.
  • This CO meter has a 2-year battery life for longer usage without the hassle.
  • The construction itself is waterproof and shock proof, making it ideal for worksites and heavy use.
  • Accurately gauge carbon monoxide concentrations from 0-2,000 ppm, so you know exactly what you're dealing with.
The Kidde Interconnected Smoke & CO Alarm features a range of emergency safety features and easily connects with up to 24 Kidde alarms for maximum safety. For an even easier alarm, check out the Kidde Voice-Activated Lithium Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm.
Kidde Combination Carbon Monoxide + Smoke Detector – Tamper Resistant, Alarm Silencing

Kidde CO & Smoke Alarm KN-COSM-IBA

Kidde specializes in safety alarms and accessories for the home and business. Their designs are simple but include a wide range of safety features that are especially useful in an emergency. The Kidde Hardwired Combination Smoke & CO Detector ensures your safety with easy syncing to other alarms and more.

Let's take a look at some of the extensive safety features on the Kidde Smoke & CO alarm:
  • This smart alarm easily connects with up to 24 Kidde devices so that they can work together to warn anyone in the home of a dangerous situation.
  • Battery back-up means you can stay safe even in a power outage.
  • Front-loading battery compartment is easy to open without taking the alarm off the wall or ceiling.
  • The battery lockout system makes sure you can never close the battery compartment unless the batteries are installed correctly – meaning there's always a backup supply.
  • Peak level memory remembers if CO was detected since it was last reset, and lets you know by saying "carbon monoxide previously detected".
  • The hush features lets you easily silence alarms when you have the situation under control.
  • Ionization sensor technology is ideal for detecting fast-burning fires as well as other types of fires.
  • This alarm lets you know when it's using back-up battery power by flashing every 60 seconds so you can fix the electricity problem.
Kidde also offers a range of alarms with varying levels of convenience features to suit any home and budget.
The Universal Security Instruments Smart CO Alarm uses smart detection technology and an impressive 10-year battery life to keep you safe for years to come. For more information and an easier experience, check out the Universal Security Instruments CO Detector with Display Screen.
Universal Security Instruments CO Detector – Smart Microprocessors, Mounted & Tabletop

Universal Security Instruments CO Alarm MC304SB

Universal Security Instruments creates heavy-duty, long-lasting safety equipment for homeowners. The Universal Security Instruments Smart Carbon Monoxide Alarm takes the stress away from home owners with set-and-forget design features.

Let's see what makes this alarm so easy to use.
  • The sealed 10-year battery improves safety by eliminating the possibility of running on dead batteries. Most alarms will use 20 batteries in 10 years, so you can save money while staying safe. Not to mention, you're also reducing battery waste and helping the environment!
  • Smart microprocessors help this alarm detect CO more precisely so you don't get seemingly random nuisance alarms. When the alarm does go off, you'll know it’s the real thing.
  • The alarm itself can be easily mounted to the wall or left standing on a tabletop or counter.
  • The 10-year limited warranty lasts as long as the batteries so you should be protected for the entire life of your alarm.

Get the Best Carbon Monoxide Detector of 2017!

Some carbon monoxide detectors have useful features like backup battery, which may come in handy if an electricity problem occurs. Consider both safety and convenience when browsing CO detectors. No matter what you choose and how many features you want, all of these expert brands are reliable in an emergency.

Our Top Choice
Nest Protect Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm
Best Value
First Alert Digital Carbon Monoxide Detector
Sensorcon Portable CO Inspector
Kidde Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector
Universal Security Instruments Carbon Monoxide Detector.