Best Commercial Baby Changing Station Reviews 2017

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Being a parent is a satisfying experience, but there are those moments when extra help is appreciated. One such moment is when you have to change your baby’s diaper in a public place. We all know how tricky that can get and how much easier it is having a trusted baby changing station that makes that job bearable. We have taken it upon ourselves to search for the best brands with baby changing stations out there and we have brought them to you in this review. Five of the best brands have been reviewed here, and of their many products in this category we have featured one from each brand. We highly recommend your taking a look at their other products if the ones featured here do not appeal to you.
Our Top Choice
Koala Kare Horizontal Baby Changing Station
Koala Kare, a leading provider of safe childcare products, is also the world’s most recognized brand of baby changing stations and commercial childcare merchandise.
With two bag/purse hooks, it’s a space saver. This changing station is also easy to mount, use and clean; it comes with all necessary hardware for installation
Could use some wet wipes. Liners sold separately.
Horizontal wall mounted
23.5 x 35.2 x 22 inches
Safety straps
Available in 4 colors
Best Value
Rubbermaid Commercial Baby Changing Station
Rubbermaid Commercial Products develops innovative and high quality products that help consumers keep their homes, giving them room for what matters most to them.
It’s a very sturdy and spacious changing station for your child with gloves/wipes storing compartments which is also easy to clean and maintain. It’s sturdy too!
There’re a few reports of some of its installation hardware being inefficient, but a trip to the hardware store should fix this. It doesn’t contain information on mounting height.
Horizontal& Vertical wall mounted
35.8 x 35.8 x 31 inches
Safety straps, indented surface
Bobrick Recessed Baby Changing Station
Bobrick has been giving the world durable first-class products and services that provide long-term value for over a century.
It has a concave changing surface and safety straps for the child's security. Its exterior is corrosion resistant while its interior surface does not absorb moisture.
This baby changing station requires a professional installer.
Horizontal recessed mounted
Plastic and stainless steel
0.8 x 37 x 23 inches
Safety straps
Continental Commercial Diaper Changing Station
Continental Commercial Products is a leading supplier and maker of plastic and textile goods worldwide. It works under the Katy Industries umbrella.
It’s very balanced, sturdy, easy to install and use. Safety strap secures your baby.
This unit may need two more of the flip out anchors for the block and sample plastic liners are not included.
Horizontal wall mounted
33 x 2.6 x 16.5 inches
Safety straps
ECR4Kids Horizontal Changing Station
Committed to developing and distributing quality products, ECR4Kids brings value-added features, provides optimal service and has been doing so for 14 years.
It comes with a template that is the actual size of the table and the unit does not require assembly. It’s also affordable and folds nicely.
Expert installation is a must with this unit; no hardware is included to avoid unprofessional installation attempts.
Horizontal wall mounted
35.5 x 19 x 4 inches
Safety straps

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What is the Best Commercial Baby Changing Station?

Making sure you get the best baby changing station for you and your baby might be as simple as bearing in mind why you want one of these units, where you intend to use it and how versatile you need it to be. Please, have these questions at the back of your mind while you go through this review.
Our Top Choice
Koala Kare’s Horizontal Baby Changing Station is well-built and sturdy, supporting up to 200lbs. It’s also easy to mount and clean. It’s suitable for both home and commercial environments. The Koala Kare Vertical Wall Mounted Baby Changing Station with nylon strap is another efficient changing station by this brand; you can check it out if you’re looking for something different.
Koala Kare Horizontal Wall Mounted Baby Changing Station – Available in 4 Colors

Koala Kare Commercial Baby Changing Station KB200-00 - Cream

With a simple mission that says “We Care for Kids”, Koala Kare has been in the business of making life easy for parents with young children for more than twenty-five years. It has helped to enhance families’ experiences during their day-to-day activities with their kids. With over a million outlets offering Koala Baby changing stations, the days of changing your child in the car, on the table or floor are gone.

The Horizontal Baby Changing Station is constructed of polypropylene and a unibody steel chassis that supports 200 lbs. with minimal deflection. Its polypropylene body resists odors and is sterilizable. It has a gas spring mechanism that ensures the unit opens and closes smoothly. Its dual liner cavity with lock minimizes user refills and deters potential destruction; you may find the key taped to the outside edge of the box. It’s available in four colors: cream, gray, granite white and earth.
Here are some more features of this baby changing station:
  • Includes child protection straps
  • Bed surface contains Microban antimicrobial
  • Liner dispenser has 2 liner cavities of 25 liners each
  • Made with 16% recycled materials
  • ASTM, EN and ADA compliant
  • LEED certified
Its debonair design and color scheme will suit the interior design of the modern restroom.
Best Value
Rubbermaid’s Horizontal Baby Changing Station is built from high-density polypropylene and doesn’t absorb moisture. It has a built-in shelf and an integrated liner dispenser. The Sturdy Station 2 Baby Changing Table Liners includes 320 baby-changing-table liners that can be paired with this changing table for your baby’s safety; you can check it out too.
Rubbermaid Commercial Baby Changing Station in Platinum – Available as Vertical or Horizontal

Rubbermaid Commercial Commercial Baby Changing Station 7818-88 – Vertical

Rubbermaid Commercial Products has been a manufacturer of inventive, solution-based products for commercial and institutional markets worldwide since 1968. From its inception till date, it has been on a mission to “get your life organized so that you have the time and space for what matters most to you”, and its continued growth is proof that it has been delivering on this. It’s a widely recognized and trusted brand that creates and markets a full range of home organization, storage and cleaning products that are neat and functional, freeing their customers to enjoy life.

This Horizontal Baby Changing Station by Rubbermaid is constructed from sturdy materials for durability. It allows for convenient, one-handed opening and easy access to the changing platform, while the covered pneumatic cylinder and hinge structure proffers controlled, smooth opening and closing of the table. It also has an antimicrobial agent that inhibits the growth of odor- and stain-causing bacteria, thereby reducing the chances of cross-contamination.
Other features of this baby changing station include:
  • Depth of 4 feet
  • Comes with bag hook accessory
  • Built-in shelf
  • Made in USA
  • ASTM, ADA, FDA, and EN compliant
With this changing station, wipes/rubber gloves can be stored inside when it’s folded up, too.
The Horizontal Recessed Mounted Baby Changing Station is a diaper-changing station that installs into a recessed wall space. It allows for slow, controlled opening and closing of bed. The Vertical Wall Mounted Baby Changing Station is another equally good product from this brand. This cream-colored station can carry children up to 50 lbs.
Bobrick Koala Kare Horizontal Recessed Mounted Baby Changing Station in Stainless Steel Finish

Bobrick Commercial Baby Changing Station KB110-SSRE

Founded in 1906, Bobrick has innovation as its focus. It boasts of inventing the industry’s first soap dispenser, and as a matter of fact the creation of a new industry. As a privately-owned family business, it has shown a strong commitment to its members of staff and channel partners. This global washroom accessory and partition company has its headquarters in North Hollywood, CA and has six divisions for manufacturing across the United States and Canada with business operations that reach into 85 markets across the world. This company manufactures under the Bobrick, Gamco, and Koala Kare brands.

Its Horizontal, Recessed Mounted Baby Changing Station has a concealed, pneumatic cylinder that enables slow, controlled opening and closing of the bed. It also has a high-density polyethylene interior body that resists odors, stops bacterial growth, and does not absorb moisture. Its type 304 brushed stainless steel exterior is corrosion resistant.
Here’s a list of its other features:
  • Mounting hardware and instructions included
  • Requires a rough wall opening of 35 1⁄2" W x 20 1⁄2" H, 4" min. depth
  • ASTM, ANSI, and ADA compliant
  • Shipping weight of 47 pounds
Continental Commercial’s Horizontal Baby Changing Station is white-colored and complete with mounting hardware and detailed instructions. It includes an aluminum door placard. This bedliner for the Baby Changing Station is another offering by this company. It’s a pack of 500 disposable, white-colored liners that can be used along with this unit.
Continental Commercial White Horizontal Baby Changing Station

Continental Commercial Commercial Baby Changing Station 8252-H

Continental Commercial Products is a producer, importer and distributor of commercial cleaning products. Its business unit operates within a framework of policies and goals aligned under Katy Industries corporate group. It provides solutions to the industrial, healthcare, institutional, commercial, educational and governmental markets.

Continental Commercial’s Horizontal Baby Changing Station can be attached to standard 16” on-center studs, or to a hollow wall. It has a high-density polyethylene that doesn’t absorb moisture thus inhibiting bacterial growth. Other features of this baby changing unit include:
  • Comes with mounting hardware
  • Has a self-adhesive aluminum sign for the restroom door to identify the changing station’s location
  • ASTM, ASNI and ADA compliant
  • Derma-Tek certified
Continental horizontal diaper changing stations are generally used in a commercial environment.
This commercial baby changing station is a wall-mounted unit with a nylon safety strap, concave table for added protection and bag hook on each side that holds up to 25-pounds each. The Ultra-Soft Baby Changer by this company has sloping sides for extra support and is a lightweight furniture-quality, foam. You can check it out too.
ECR4Kids Horizontal Commercial Baby Changing Station in White Granite – Also Available with 500 Disposable Liners

ECR4Kids Commercial Baby Changing Station 56101812

Established in 2003, ECR4Kids is committed to developing high-quality, functional, durable and fun children’s products. With a wide array of offerings ranging from home and classroom furniture to educational toys and art supplies, this company is a parent’s go-to place for innovation childcare products.

ECR4Kids Horizontal Commercial Baby Changing Station has a pneumatic cylinder which provides a slow, safe controlled opening and closing of the station, and its door stays closed and open when it’s not in use and when it is, respectively. To ensure it’s properly installed, you must have a qualified professional install this ECR4Kids Changing Station in compliance with installation guidelines; as a result of the various installation options, ECR4Kids does not equip this with installation hardware.
Other features of this unit are:
  • Two built-in liner dispensers with hinged covers
  • It’s GREENGUARD [GOLD] Certified
  • When mounted properly, it’s both ADA and ANSI compliant
  • White-granite color
Bear in mind that, with this unit, a qualified professional is required to evaluate your requirements and provide appropriate installation hardware.

Get the Best Commercial Baby Changing Station of 2017!

Now that you have this information, we believe that you are better equipped to choose your baby changing station. Now continue in confidence and get yours.

Our Top Choice
Koala Kare Horizontal Baby Changing Station
Best Value
Rubbermaid Commercial Baby Changing Station
Bobrick Recessed Baby Changing Station
Continental Commercial Diaper Changing Station
ECR4Kids Horizontal Changing Station