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Drinking a variety of liquids has always been a necessity for humans, but doing so out of a stylish, tough-lookin' object that was previously a part of an animal's head is a matter of style. If you're ready to unleash your inner viking or ancient slav, we would invite you NOT to pillage the nations south of your border, but get a drinking horn instead! It's practically the same thing. To find which model suits you the best, feel free to consult the top 5 list our keen team has assembled and see for yourself!
Our Top Choice
Valhalla Drinkware Wine/Mead Drinking Horn
Boasting an appearance of a medieval piece of kitchenware, this drinking horn looks as though it was freshly nicked out of the palace of the Mountain King himself!
This horn comes from a well-established Nordic-themed company. It's made from high-quality materials and features a leather waist holder. Each of the models is handcrafted and unique.
Its use is pretty much limited to wine and mead, which is appropriate for a drinking horn, in all fairness.
Best Value
Armory Replicas 3 of a Kind Drinking Horn
If you like a good ole drinking horn reminiscent of the good ole medieval times (after that plague stuff, of course), how about three of them? These horns from Armory Replicas are some of the best around.
The entire horn is completely handmade using only natural materials. The imperfections on the inner side are mended by beeswax. The horn itself is from a buffalo.
Can't be used for hot liquids.
Viva La Vivia Drinking Horn Set
Featuring a sturdy build, toughened by experienced craftsmanship, this set of six can be a perfect way for a sizeable family to unleash their inner Vikings at the dinner table!
These horns feature a sturdy build, made of natural materials. They are also versatile and can be used for beer or wine.
They are meant for wine and beer only. Or a mix of them.
Alehorn Natural Drinking Horn
Featuring an interestingly-designed build that reminds one of a well-shaped stone, this drinking horn is one of the best selling pieces of medieval-looking cutlery currently on the market!
The texture has just been polished so that the natural appearance of the horn can be seen in its full glory. It includes a convenient display stand and the rim was reinforced with a brass coating.
There is a bit of a 'bony' smell when you first start using it. As the time goes by, however, it will wear off.
MyGANN Black Buffalo Drinking Horn
Heavily-brimmed and with a fine natural-looking hue, this drinking horn from MyGann can take you back to the golden days of horned helmets, battle axes, and pillaging Denmark and Northern Germany!
It has quite a wide rim and a sizeable drinking volume. For those who hate doing the dishes, good news, it's completely dishwasher safe. It has the archaic appearance of an object from ten centuries ago.
It does not come with a stand.

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What is the Best Drinking Horn?

In the exciting world of vikings, swords, dragons and hidden treasures, people would tend to die young and carry a load of scare all over their bodies. Also, these ancient people would occasionally get thirsty! That's where drinking horns come in. They're weirdly-shaped and can scare away any potential predators who'd like to take a sip out of it, so you needn't worry about your safety. You'll get a tough new accessory that will command respect AND get you well-hydrated! What's not to love?
Our Top Choice
Coming from a relatively new company (ironically enough) called Valhalla Drinkware, this drinking horn is as Nordic as Odin, Thor, and IKEA! For roughly double the price, you can treat yourself to an Authentic Medieval Inspired Mug! Tough Viking stuff right there.
Valhalla Drinkware 4-5oz Medieval Viking Cup w/ Brown Leather Holder - Authentic Medieval Inspired Mug

Valhalla Drinkware Drinking Horn 4-5oz

When you have a company that's called 'Valhalla Drinkware', you can be sure there's only one thing that these folks are making - Viking-themed drinking horns of battling excellence and possibly medieval stylishness! Also, they have regular mugs that say 'Valhalla' on them. If you're intrigued by the intricacies of the inner works of this cheeky Nordic-themed company, feel free to check their website and learn more.

As for the wine-holdin', power-commandin' drinking horn we've decided to feature on this list, it comes fully-equipped with a leather holster you can wear to the side. It is our recommendation not to wear it on the same side as your sword is, but to the opposite. It may look a bit awkward if you decide to position this curiously and no less aggressively-shaped Viking drinking utensil in the middle of your belt, so it's either left or right.

One of the most notable things about this exquisite piece of medieval craftsmanship is that each and every model is completely handmade, polished thoroughly and sealed with beeswax to prevent leaks. So, every part of the process is completed in the same way the original artisans used to do it centuries ago!

The list of features for the Valhalla drinking horn:
  • Medium-sized
  • Best suited for drinking wine and mead
  • 100% handcrafted and unique
  • Sealed with organic beeswax
  • Hand-wash before and after use
All in all, a tough-looking piece of medieval kitchenware that you can use to not only drink wine, but possibly also to pin down an unstable tent, or stuff with presents on Christmas instead of a stocking to create a heavy-metal atmosphere in your home!
Best Value
Tough and rugged, this set will increase your chances of getting initiated to a secret Viking-appreciating society! All you need is an axe to complete a look of a northern menace. For a brass-brimmed model featuring a metal stand, check out this Brass Adorned Viking Drinking Horn with Metal Stand!
Armory Replicas Earth Essence Three of a Kind Drinking Horn Set

Armory Replicas Drinking Horn Three of a Kind

Sporting an attractive design that can beautifully complement your elaborate medieval apparel, (or if you haven't got any, a three days' beard will do or some tough leather boots for women), this drinking horn from the Armory Replicas company is a perfect way to treat yourself or somebody else! Having a nice little drink from one of these handy pieces of kitchenware surely beats most of the regular modern-day, non-medieval cups and mugs.

If you've been wondering, the material of choice for this high-end piece is tough buffalo horn. The stuff is hard enough to hit another buffalo repeatedly (if mounted on one of these magnificent animals) without breaking, and an average buffalo is as big as a mini-van, so you can imagine just how tough that is.

Since real buffalo horns are used to make these drinking utensils, each of the end products is unique, even though every piece in this series is decorated in roughly the same pattern. An interesting thing about horns in general is that they cannot be placed on a flat surface if they're not empty. This is not just a design flaw, but a purposeful thing, since leaving a drink unfinished was quite a bad sign in the past.

Here's a list of features for this Earth Essence Three of a Kind Combo:
  • 100% handmade from natural materials
  • Decorated with an Earth motif
  • The color and shape may vary slightly
  • Not meant for hot liquids
  • It may come with minor scratches due to polishing and natural imperfections
All things considered, this horn set from Armory Replicas is one of the most exciting kitchenware purchases you can possibly make. They're natural, feel medieval and can add a certain rugged feeling to your Viking-themed house party. A warm recommendation on our part!
If you need to equip your squad or family with medieval-looking drinking utensils, the Viva drinking horns may do the trick just fine. For a single richly-decorated wine and beer drinking horn, see the La Vivia Pattern Print Beer Wine Drinking Glass. It's for the clan leader, this one!
Viva La Vivia Tankard Beer/Wine Drinking Glass - Set of 6 with Stand - Natural Buffalo Horn

Viva Drinking Horn VH-HG-41

Coming from a small company specializing in tankards and drinking horns, this set of six can be a great gift option for an anniversary or maybe an official family slaughtering of an animal as offering to some of Nordic god. Whatever the occasion, this drinking utensil will add a certain air of mystique and tranquility to the atmosphere of the gathering, no matter how violent and passionate it gets!

As for their build, these drinking horns are made out of high-quality buffalo horns. Any other additional materials that were used are also strictly natural and organic. Typically, as a means of sealing these vessels for wine and beer, experienced artisans use high-quality beeswax, which is a naturally water-resistant alternative to plastic or other materials. The inclusion of the beeswax does, however, mean that you won't be able to pour hot liquids in it, because the supporting wax particles may melt.

These handy utensils are great for gatherings, medieval dress-ups, and casual evenings with only you, your Saxon axe, and a nice tankard made out of ox horn! If you like the idea of such an idyllic setting, waste no time and get yourself an axe, ehrm, we meant a drinking horn and drink away your problems! (Hopefully with the help of a couple of friends.)

Here's a list of features for this La Vivia Tankard:
  • Made from natural buffalo ox horn
  • Watertight thanks to the beeswax
  • Comes with an Iron Wired Stand
  • The set features six drinking horns

Whether it's for a traditional Viking family gathering or an expedition to conquer some southern lands, this handy set of tankards can be a great container for the precious liquids that quench your thirst! Make sure to find a person for each vessel, and then you're ready to do some conquering!
If you want to drink your ale the way your ancestors did, out of a finely-designed drinking horn of battle loots and leisure, the AleHorn Natural Drinking Horn is the way to go. For smaller shots of alcohol, this AleHorn Shotglass may be a better weapon of choice!
Alehorn Handcrafted Natural Viking Drinking Horn with Stand – Available in 2 Sizes & 2 Colors

Alehorn Drinking Horn Natural Horn – 12”

Having started out as a small company with a team of people head over heels in love with both ale and the medieval period, AleHorn nowadays supplies a wide audience of eager helmet-wearing, sword-wielding men and women of leisure who like to have their ale the right way—out of a horn of a dead animal!

The goal they've set for themselves quite early on into their business undertaking is a simple one: 1) make drunk people even happier than they already are, and 2) connect them to their heritage rich in drinking utensils made out of horns!

The Natural Viking Drinking Horn with Stand is a curiously-built piece of kitchenware that will have onlookers wonder, “how on earth did you obtain one of these in this day and age?” It looks incredibly archaic but still possesses some great quality features that will put a smile on the faces of people appreciating the usage of organic materials in craftsmanship. This horn features no plastic parts, and no potentially dangerous coatings.

The list of features of the AleHorn Drinking Horn:
  • Featuring a natural bony-looking finish
  • Comes with a stand you can use to display it on your fireplace or elsewhere
  • Includes a brass rim for good measure
  • The entire surface of the vessel is polished
  • Well-protected against leaks

As far as functionality and the amount of liquid it houses, this horn is not really any different than all the other horns out there. However, if you're after a natural look of the actual horn, and would like some brass on top of that for sheer royalty or cheek, then this AleHorn model might be perfect for you! It also comes with a stand so you can show it to your amazed friends!
Sporting a rugged war-torn look typical of buffalo horns, this exquisite drinking utensil from MyGann will put a smile on the face of anyone who likes Renaissance fairs and old inns! If you want a three-piece set, make sure to try out the Game of Thrones Medieval Viking Drinking Cup!
MyGANN Dark Honey Smooth Water Buffalo Horn Drinking Cup

MyGANN Drinking Horn Buffalo – Dark Honey

Coming from a newly-founded company called MyGann, the Dark Honey Smooth Buffalo drinking horn represents a delicately made piece of medieval kitchenware that both you and your dog are going to love (though in radically different ways)! The folks behind the MyGann company have also been responsible for a number of other related products, such as seashells, jewelry, arrowheads, bells and much more.

The horn itself is quite sizeable and it can house up to 7 - 10 oz of water, wine, or any other liquid for that matter. The only important thing you should pay attention to is not to pour particularly hot water into it, as it may damage some of the more sensitive inner surfaces.

Another important thing that will make your life easier is the fact that it is completely dishwasher safe, so you can just insert it in it and wash it together with the other dishes. More often than not, drinking horns are very sensitive because of the beeswax many manufacturers use to fill in the tiny imperfections from the inside. This one, however, is completely safe to pitch into the dishwasher.

Here's a couple of features of this MyGann Drinking Horn:
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Can hold up to 10 oz of water
  • Made out of high-quality horn
  • Featuring a brimmed edge
All in all, an interesting solution for anyone appreciating some of the finer sides of the great Viking culture. The large size combined with an easy maintenance make it the best possible solution for a person who likes to drink out of historically relevant replicas, but hates doing dishes.

Get the Best Drinking Horn of 2017!

If you've acquainted yourself with the sheer magnificence of the products we've provided for you here, there's only a couple of things you need to know before you get yourself one of them: 1) don't wear one if you commute in Tokyo or any other busy city for that matter - people will look at you funny and possibly let out noises of pain every now, and then 2) don't use it as a weapon too often. For everything else you might want to do with it, knock yourself out!

Our Top Choice
Valhalla Drinkware Wine/Mead Drinking Horn
Best Value
Armory Replicas 3 of a Kind Drinking Horn
Viva La Vivia Drinking Horn Set
Alehorn Natural Drinking Horn
MyGANN Black Buffalo Drinking Horn