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The perfectly poached egg is hard to come by. No wonder home chefs are looking for the ideal appliance to help them cook these delicate egg creations to their high standards. After having tried to poach eggs properly many times without success, we can all use a little help to cook the perfectly poached egg. Enter these fabulous egg poachers from manufacturers with expertise in this arena, and a desire to simplify our lives. In taking the guess-work (and prayer) out of poaching eggs properly, these handy devices are a welcome addition to any egg lover's kitchen. By the way, there were so many great products, you may also want to check out our other review on egg cookers, as some of those options may also suit your tastes.
Good For
Our Top Choice
VonShef 7 Egg Boiler, Poacher and Steamer
Designer Habitat is the parent company of VonShef, a maker of unique kitchen appliances that suit the tastes of home chefs who want to make healthy and tasty creations.
Won’t over-heat your eggs thanks to a temperature protection gauge. Indicator light to show it is operating properly. Easy to wash. Energy saver.
A well-received product, but not a lot of feedback on the poaching method; most users preferred the hard-boiled egg option.
Electric egg cooker
Soft, medium, hard, poached
7 eggs
Stainless steel
Automatic shut-off
Best Value
Excelsteel 18/10 Stainless 4 Non Stick Egg Poacher
Excelsteel uses its expertise in stainless steel and metal work to offer a fine line of kitchenware, including a wide variety of pots and pans.
This nonstick egg poacher handles eggs like a pro. 7.5” frypan with a vented glass lid for monitoring. Four separate egg cups for perfectly poached eggs.
Instruction booklet is vague.
Stovetop poacher fry pan
Poached eggs plus versatile pan
4 eggs
Stainless steel
Stay-cool handle
Demeyere Resto 6 Cup Egg Poacher Set
Demeyere delivers very high-quality products, including beautifully executed stainless steel cooking tools such as frying pans, egg poachers, and stock pots.
Six individual cups with handles offer small chambers for preparing poached eggs or unique appetizers. Dishwasher safe. Nonstick surface.
Steam holes in the tray can be tricky to navigate while removing the poached eggs.
Stovetop poacher/sauce pan
Eggs, appetizers, versatile pan
6 eggs
Stainless steel
2-year warranty
RSVP Endurance Stovetop 1-Egg Poacher Set
The products R.S.V.P. Endurance makes are truly beautiful works of art. The stainless steel is of excellent quality, and the designs are creative and attractive.
Great for single adults or that one person in the house who loves poached eggs. Sturdy stainless steel. Cooking well is also great for small portions of delicate sauces.
Made for single egg poaching.
Stovetop poacher/sauce pan
Eggs, small sauce servings
1 egg
Stainless steel
Compact design
Nordic Ware Microwave 2 Cavity Egg Poacher
Dave and Dotty founded Nordic Ware in 1946 after returning from the second World War, with their roots in Scandinavian specialty cooking items.
If you are looking for a microwave-friendly option, this one’s a keeper. Two compartments with lids snap shut for neat and simple poached eggs in 1-2 minutes.
Not for stovetops.
Microwave egg cooker
Poached eggs
2 eggs
Hard plastic
Microwave cooking

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What is the Best Egg Poacher?

When you want a poached egg, you want it done properly. Having separate small chambers for each poached egg makes the cooking process much easier. From single-serve options to ones that make enough eggs for the whole family, we have hand-selected great choices from trusted manufacturers to serve your discerning tastes. We even have options that can do double-duty for other food creations, such as hard-boiled eggs, or creative appetizers and sauces.
Our Top Choice
Four different egg styles are offered in this egg cooker. The VonShef 7 Egg Boiler makes soft, medium, and hard-boiled eggs, as well as poached. Need to whip up your eggs for a nice meringue? Need to whip up your eggs for a nice meringue? Check out VonShef’s hand mixer that comes with whisk and dough hook attachments, plus a free hand whisk which is great for making scrambled eggs!
VonShef 7 Stainless Steel Electric Egg Cooker with Poacher and Steamer Attachment

VonShef Egg Poacher 07/034US

The drive for cleaner, healthier eating is bringing more chefs to their own kitchens to produce recipes with preferred ingredients from trusted sources. Cooking at home allows people more control over the quality and taste of their food.

Designer Habitat, the parent company of VonShef, is enjoying significant sales growth from its home base in Manchester. VonShef makes kitchen appliances such as juicers, pressers, blenders, whisks, and smoothie-makers. Its products are soaring in popularity, as more people are buying kitchen gadgets they can use at home to make their favorite dishes.

Enjoy eggs that meet the whole family’s preference with this egg boiler that cooks seven eggs at one time. Just measure the water with the included water measure, select the proper setting for the type of eggs you would like to cook, and in a few minutes they will be perfectly done.

The preference options for boiled eggs include soft, medium, or hard-boiled. For poached eggs, just use the egg poaching bowl that is included with purchase, crack your eggs into the bowl, and add water to the base. The internal temperature gauge of this egg poacher/boiler will not overcook your eggs or crack the shell for boiled eggs. There is even an egg pin to safely pierce the shell when your eggs are done.
Best Value
The Excelsteel Egg Poacher is the answer to your poached-egg problems. It has four separate compartments for perfectly poached eggs. Have a bigger family? Need to poach more eggs in a hurry? Check out the Excelsteel 18/10 Stainless 6 Non Stick Egg Poacher and make half a dozen at once.
Excelsteel 18/10 Stainless Steel Non Stick Egg Poacher – Makes 4 Eggs at a Time, Choice of Stainless or Silicone Grip

Excelsteel Egg Poacher 521 – Stainless Handle

Excelsteel has a nice range of kitchen equipment to choose from. With quality stainless steel products that range from egg poachers to kitchen fryers, woks, colanders, and oven roasting pans, it has a full repertoire of equipment to help you craft a delicious meal.

Everyone who has tried to poach an egg knows it can be tricky. However, the temptation of that perfectly runny yolk that is just slightly set makes it well worth the effort for a delicious breakfast.

This stainless steel egg poacher frying pan is designed especially for poached eggs, with four separate cup trays to keep each egg contained in gently simmering water. Just fill the pan close to the top with water, bring to a boil, then turn down the heat. The cups should be sprayed lightly with cooking spray. Then crack an egg in each one and cook for 4-6 minutes. Presto! A perfectly poached egg for you, plus enough to share with those you love.

The Excelsteel Egg Poacher takes the guesswork out of how to keep each egg separate and perfectly cooked.
The Demeyere Resto 6 Cup Egg Poacher Set is a lovely specialty poaching pan with six separate chambers for finely crafted poached eggs or other delicate appetizers. Only need to make four eggs at a time? On a tighter budget? Demeyere’s 4-Cup Egg Cooker features the same high quality construction, but with a lower price tag because of the smaller size.
Demeyere Resto Gourmet Egg Cooker and Poacher Pan – Poaches 6 Eggs at a Time, Stainless Steel, Silvinox Surface Treatment

Demeyere Egg Poacher 86623 - 6 Cup

Demeyere boasts an excellent line of stainless steel cookware. From specialty pans like this egg poacher to complete sets including sauce pots and stock pots, it offers durable and long-lasting merchandise.

The high-quality stainless steel construction with six nonstick cups makes the Resto 6 Cup Egg Poacher Set a winner. Each separate chamber has a handle and can accommodate an egg for poaching or any unique appetizer that requires gentle execution.

The surface is designed so it won’t tarnish with use. The glass lid also makes it easy to observe the cooking process and ensure the eggs are exactly the way you like them. Perfecto!

The two-year manufacturer’s warranty reflects Demeyere's dedication to excellent customer satisfaction.
No more problems with the pan being too big for the task. The RSVP Endurance Stovetop 1-Egg Poacher Set is just right for poaching a single egg. Cooking for more than just one? Take a look at RSVP International’s larger 6 Cup Endurance Egg Poacher that lets you cook half a dozen at once – enough to feed the whole family.
RSVP International Endurance Nonstick Stainless Steel Egg Poacher Set – Cooks Single Egg

RSVP Egg Poacher POACH-1 – 1 Egg

R.S.V.P. International Endurance makes stainless steel cookware that is truly a piece of art. Its beautiful pieces run the gamut from high-quality colanders to scissors for food preparation, great biscuit cutters, and one-of-a-kind stainless steel wine glasses.

The Endurance Stovetop 1-Egg Poacher Set is a great specialty item for someone who enjoys a daily poached egg. It contains the egg in a non-stick well that sits on top of gently boiling water for an egg that is done just right.

This egg poacher is compact and easy to store. It's made of durable stainless steel for years of reliable use. It also comes with a lid and is dishwasher safe. Use the included recipe book for creative concoctions like eggs benedict.
The Nordic Ware Microwave 2 Cavity Egg Poacher is a simple solution for those who prefer microwave cooking. It's specifically designed to cook two eggs at a time in the microwave. Prefer to poach your eggs on the stove? Take a look at the Nordic Ware Egg Poacher & Omelet Pan.
Nordic Ware 2 Cavity Egg Poacher for Microwaves – Other Microwave Egg Cooking Products Available

Nordic Ware Egg Poacher 64702 – 2 Egg Microwave

After returning from WWII in 1946, Dave and Dotty became an American success story with the birth of their company, Nordic Ware. Starting with Scandinavian specialty cooking items such as the Krumkake and Rosette iron, and the Ebelskilver pan, they expanded out to the hugely popular Bundt pan. Now Nordic Ware employs over 350 people from its home base in Minneapolis, and offers an endless array of kitchenware to choose from.

With two 3” cups to cook two poached eggs at a time, the Microwave 2 Cavity Egg Poacher is specifically designed for microwave cooking. Just fill the vessels with half a teaspoon of water each, crack an egg into each cup, and pierce the yolks slightly. Once you snap the lid closed, you are just a minute or two away from your finished poached eggs.

This inexpensive microwave egg poacher is made with BPA-free and melanine-free plastic, and comes with a five-year warranty. Exact cooking times will vary depending on the power of your microwave.

Get the Best Egg Poacher of 2017!

Hungry yet? Whet your appetite with poached eggs done to perfection every time. Take the mess, worry, and hassle out of poaching eggs with one of these egg poachers that we’ve selected just for you!

Our Top Choice
VonShef 7 Egg Boiler, Poacher and Steamer
Best Value
Excelsteel 18/10 Stainless 4 Non Stick Egg Poacher
Demeyere Resto 6 Cup Egg Poacher Set
RSVP Endurance Stovetop 1-Egg Poacher Set
Nordic Ware Microwave 2 Cavity Egg Poacher