Best Electric Carving Knife Reviews 2017

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Carving or filleting can be fun or painful, depending on the tools you have for the job. That’s why having the right carving knife is a necessity. What if you want a thin, smooth slice of bread? Look at our selection of five top brands in electric carving/slicing knives. We didn’t pick any brand/product lightly. We spent hours researching to ensure that we only included those that offer you value for money. Bear in mind that the featured products are just samples of what these brands have to offer. They have a wide selection of products if you want a feature that’s not included in the highlighted products.
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Our Top Choice
American Angler Pro EFK Carving Knife
American Angler makes easy work of the most challenging filleting tasks. Meet a high-performance electric carving knife that can handle even the toughest and biggest catch with ease.
Superior maneuverability and greater precision. Smooth and controlled cuts. Consistent filleting. Proper venting to prevent corrosion build-up and odor. Blades swap out easily.
Made for big hands. People with small hands might find it hard to use.
8-foot polarized power cord
5 highly specialized blades
Hollow-ground blades = precision
Mesh glove for non-filleting hand
Best Value
Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Carving Knife
Cuisinart gives you the tools to make kitchen work fun and easy. Use this feature-rich electric carving knife and you, too, can deliver restaurant-quality cuts.
Safety lock system for easy, attractive storage. Pressure activated trigger control for simple operation. Insert, remove or change blades easily with blade release buttons.
It's rather loud.
4-foot cord with cord storage
Two: carving and bread blades
Pressure-activated on/off trigger
One-touch lock safety button
Waring Cordless Lithium Electric Carving Knife
Waring gives you the tools to work like a professional chef in your own kitchen. Now it's delivered the right knife to carve and slice with consistent professional results.
Cordless, rechargeable and portable. Works really fast. Great for repetitive cuts. Adjustable slicing guide for a consistent cut. Integrated LED light for improved visibility.
It’s quite expensive for a carving knife, but its features and pro-level performance make it worth the cost.
Cordless lithium ion battery
Two: carving and bread blades
Slicing guide for consistent cut
Power switch safety interlock
Rapala Lithium Ion Cordless Carving Knife
Rapala cares for anyone who prepares fish. It has made life easier for such folks with a durable “fatigue-free” electric knife that gets the job done faster without much fuss.
Secure fatigue-free grip. Reciprocating blades for faster work. Low "memory" effect for longer battery life. Quick charge time. 80-minute runtime.
The packaging needs a lot of cutting and peeling to get everything out.
Lithium ion cordless
Consistent speed/torque
Secure grip
Hamilton Beach Electric Carving Knife
Hamilton Beach is a name that is synonymous with top quality kitchen products. Now it's given us an electric knife that helps users slice like pros without any fuss or mess.
Ergonomic handle for comfort and better control. Fork for quick transition from carving to serving. Storage case for keeping knife/blade/fork safe and easily accessible.
Some users will find the handle too large and bulky for their hands.
Polarized plug
One, plus two-pronged fork
Double blade/power = precise cuts
Protective sleeve for blades

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What is the Best Electric Carving Knife?

The right knife for filleting a big tough fish isn’t what you need for cutting delicately thin slices of bread. You need to look at the features in a knife and compare it with what you want to accomplish. Some electric knives come with a single multifunctional blade, while others have several detachable blades that differ in length, width, serration size and style. You may also want to consider safety features and ease of use, among other factors, in order to pick the best knife for your needs.
Our Top Choice
When you want to handle the most challenging filleting tasks with ease, you just have to pick an American Angler carving knife. We have picked one of this company's top knives in the Pro EFK with 5 Blades. If you want something more affordable and don’t need 5 blades, try the Pro EFK with 8" Freshwater Blade (also by American Angler).
American Angler Pro Electric Fillet Knife With Flexible Hollow-Ground Blades For Superior Maneuverability And Precision -- 5 Blades

American Angler Electric Fillet Knife 32352 – Five Blades

As part of a corporation that was founded 110 years ago in Ohio, American Angler has a rich history. Famous since the 70s for its amazing Ginsu knife that could “cut through a nail and still cut a tomato paper thin,” it has continued to lead the field with precision engineering, innovative designs and master craftsmanship (by anglers for anglers) that make life easier for you. If you want to fillet the toughest and biggest species with ease, you need American Angler blades – it's that simple!

The company has compiled and analyzed 10 years worth of data on a wide variety of fish. The result is an electric carving knife that can handle the toughest of them all with ease. That’s what you get with the Pro EFK (selling for $159.99 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price), which comes with other well-thought features like:
  • Flexible hollow-ground blades with a reciprocating 2-blade action for superior maneuverability and greater precision
  • 110 Volt power for easy, smooth and controlled cuts
  • Powerful gear/motor system with 2X the torque for smooth and consistent filleting
  • Venting/cooling fan design that lets it run for much longer
  • Convenient carrying bag with proper venting to prevent corrosion build-up and odor
  • 8-foot polarized power cord for more flexibility
  • Ergonomic handle to reduce strain and fatigue
  • Quick detach system to swap out blades easily
  • 5.5” freshwater blade, 8" freshwater blade, 8" shark blade, 10" shark blade and 10" saltwater blade
  • Mesh glove to protect your non-filleting hand
  • Limited 2-year warranty
Best Value
When you need to get lots done without wearing yourself out, you look for Cuisinart products. This company makes slicing meat, loaves, vegetables and more easy with the Cuisinart Electric Knife CEK-40. If you want to save a few bucks without settling for inferior products, we recommend the Cuisinart Electric Knife CEK-30.
Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Slicing Knife With One Touch Pressure Activated On/Off Trigger Control

Cuisinart Electric Slicing Knife CEK-40

With its commitment to innovation and superior quality, Cuisinart has cemented its place as a top kitchen tools manufacturer in the USA. All you need to do to make short work of the most difficult cooking task is to get the appropriate Cuisinart product.

The CEK-40 Electric Knife is designed to give you restaurant-quality cuts, whether you are slicing meat, vegetables or loaves. Proper design considerations mean that it works equally well for both right and left-handed users. It sells for $49.95 (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) and has a solid wood butcher-block storage tray with a safety lock system for easy, attractive storage on countertop or in drawer. It also comes with:
  • A powerful motor
  • High quality stainless steel blades
  • One touch lock/unlock safety button
  • Elegant ergonomic handle for fatigue-free handling
  • 4-foot electrical cord for maximum flexibility
  • Two full size blades (carving blade and bread blade)
  • Cord storage for eliminating countertop clutter
  • Limited 3-year warranty
  • Built to North American Electrical Standards
When you want professional results in your kitchen, you turn to Waring. Make quick work of your culinary tasks with the NEW Cordless Lithium Electric Knife. If you’d also like to try a food slicer from Waring, we recommend the Food Slicer FS155.
Waring Cordless Lithium Ion Electric Carving Knife

Waring Electric Carving Knife EK120

Waring, known for groundbreaking innovation, introduced the first blender in America. It now makes pro-level kitchen products, so you can approach your kitchen with joy, knowing that you have the right tools to produce professional results.

It is easy to complete culinary tasks like carving roasts or slicing bread with the NEW Cordless Lithium Electric Knife (selling for $249.94 at Amazon). Apart from making carving easy, it is designed to help you achieve professional results and comes with performance-enhancing features, like an ergonomic handle design to minimize fatigue from extended use. Other features include:
  • Heavy-duty brushless DC motor
  • Lithium ion battery
  • Power switch safety interlock
  • Carving and bread blades
  • Limited 5-year motor warranty
  • Limited 1-year product warranty
When you have a haul to fillet and want a fatigue-free tool, Rapala Electric Fillet knives come to mind. They make your filleting chore as easy as possible. The Lithium Ion Cordless Fillet comes highly recommended. However, if you prefer a more affordable “corded” knife, check out the Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife (also by Rapala).
Rapala Lithium Ion Cordless Electric Fillet Knife With Low "Memory" Effect For Longer Battery Life

Rapala Electric Fillet Knife RRFN

Rapala makes some of the world’s favorite fishing lures. Now, following its commitment to make the angler’s life a lot easier, it's made a fillet knife that can match any filleting task you can throw at it.

That’s what you get with the Rapala Lithium Ion Cordless Fillet Knife (selling for $93.49 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price). It comes with features that make your culinary tasks easier, like:
  • Quiet long-lasting motor
  • Advanced air flow design dampens vibration and keeps the motor cool
  • Relaxed-grip body for secure fatigue-free grip and comfort
  • 7" reciprocating blades for faster work
  • 110V AC battery charger
  • 1-year warranty
Hamilton Beach is one name you look for when you want top quality kitchen appliances at prices that leave you smiling. Now it's made slicing like a pro easy with the 74250 Carve 'n Set Electric. For those who might prefer a more affordable option, we recommend the Classic Chrome Electric Knife (also by Hamilton Beach).
Hamilton Beach 74250 Carve 'n Set Electric Slicing Knife with Case, White

Hamilton Beach Electric Slicing Knife 74250 - White

Who doesn’t know Hamilton Beach? It's built a reputation of making very useful kitchen tools and appliances. If you want to simplify carving in your kitchen while achieving professional-looking slices, the Carve-N-Set Electric Knife is made just for you.

Selling for just $29.99 (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price), it lets you get the perfect slice, whether you are working on a homemade loaf, warm crispy baguette, roasts, turkey or ham. There is no compromise to textures, thanks to a great design. More importantly, everything about it is easy, effortless and safe. This slicing knife also features:
  • Two serrated stainless steel blades
  • Powerful 100-watt motor

Get the Best Electric Carving Knife Today!

Now that you have read our reviews for individual brands/products, we hope you have gathered enough useful information to help you pick the best carving knife for your needs. We hope that you’ve found a brand/product that offers you the best combination of value and price.

Our Top Choice
American Angler Pro EFK Carving Knife
Best Value
Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Carving Knife
Waring Cordless Lithium Electric Carving Knife
Rapala Lithium Ion Cordless Carving Knife
Hamilton Beach Electric Carving Knife