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Yes, many people tend to blame human error while explaining the roughly 170,000 emergency-room visits every year in the U.S. due to ladder injuries. But as much as human error may be a major cause, we cannot forget about faulty designs and the poor quality that come with some ladders. Whether you are looking to get this handy tool to paint your house or change the bulbs, we suggest that you do your research and only go for the top brands. And since we care about you and your wellbeing, we have made the job easier for you, researching top names in the market and picking 5 great extension ladders that will help you finish the job without tripping and falling.
Our Top Choice
DeWalt Fiberglass Extension Ladder
Dewalt optimizes and designs professional workhouse solutions to guarantee confidence for tough job site conditions. The DeWalt DXL3420-16PG comes with a 375 lb duty rating.
Good weight capacity. Quality fiberglass. Quick latch for ease of use.
A bit pricey because of the quality.
16 feet
42 pounds
Independently riveted rugs
Best Value
Little Giant Ladder Systems Velocity Ladder
Little Giant Ladder Systems makes professional-grade ladders that can be used in any situation. The Velocity Ladder - Type 1A comes with a duty rating of 300 lbs.
Can handle simple and complicated tasks. Good duty rating. Can be used even on places without walls.
A little complicated to use.
Aircraft-grade alloy
22 feet
39 pounds
Patented design to use in 5 ways
Louisville Aluminum Extension Ladder
For seven decades, Louisville has led the ladder industry in creating innovative designs. The Louisville Aluminum Extension Ladder has a duty rating of 300 lbs.
Quality aluminum construction. Good duty rating. Elegant design.
A bit pricey because of the quality finish and construction.
40 feet
81 pounds
Cast aluminum swivel shoes
Werner Type III Extension Ladder
Werner is one of the leading providers of climbing equipment in the U.S. The Type III Aluminum Extension Ladder comes with a duty rating of 200-lbs.
Quality aluminum construction. Great innovative design. Comes with a propylene rope.
Low duty rating compared with many other models.
28 feet
38 pounds
Modified I-beam side rails
Black + Decker Extension Ladder
Black + Decker is certainly one of the undisputed world-leading providers of power and hand tools. The BXL2220-20 extension ladder comes with a duty rating of 250 lbs.
Quality aluminum construction. Affordable. Slip resistant hand grips.
Low duty rating for professional tasks.
20 feet
30.2 pounds
Slip-resistant shoes

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What is the Best Extension Ladder?

So, what do you consider when purchasing an extension ladder? Well, firstly, and very importantly, check the duty rating of the ladder which guides you on how much weight the ladder can accommodate. Just to be on the safe side, consider those with a 200 pound rating and above. Secondly, check the material and the height of the ladder, depending on your needs. We did consider all these factors when making our selections, including a range of duty ratings, materials, and lengths to ensure everyone gets what they want.
Our Top Choice
The DeWalt DXL3420-16PG extension ladder is ideal for both professionals and home improvement enthusiasts thanks to the duty rating of 375 pounds. However, if you want an extension ladder with a lighter duty rating (and a lighter price tag at that), check out the DeWalt Fiberglass Extension ladder Type IA with 300-Pound Duty Rating.
DeWalt Fiberglass Extension Ladder Type IAA with 375-Pound Duty Rating – Available in 5 Sizes

DeWalt Extension Ladder DXL3420-16PG – 16-Feet

DeWalt is a global brand of hand tools and power tools for woodworking, manufacturing and the construction industry. It was started by Raymond E. DeWalt in 1924, a man who is credited for inventing the first radial arm saw. Over the years, the company has grown in leaps and bounds, and today is recognized as a leader in the industry.

The DeWalt DXL3420-16PG extension ladder is one of the many examples that prove that DeWalt does not compromise on the quality of its products. This is a two-piece ladder made from quality fiberglass with a duty rating of 375 pounds, meaning that it’s a serious tool for both professional workers and the do-it-yourself handyman.

This particular option, which is 16-feet long, retails at around $547, which is a good bargain for a ladder of this caliber. The features it packs include;
  • Quality fiberglass material with non-marring hand grips made of aluminum
  • Independent riveted rungs to guarantee durability and strength
  • Quick latch that makes the ladder easy to use, especially when locking the rungs in place
  • Wraps around steel shoes
We featured the 16 foot option since its Ideal for most users, but if you are a contractor and want the longer versions, you can choose between 20-feet, 24-feet, 28-feet and 32-feet.
Best Value
The Velocity Ladder - Type 1A is ideal for homeowners who handle a variety of tasks, from simple to complicated. It has a duty rating of 300-lbs and can be adjusted to a 90-degree angle. If you would an option that’s a little easier on your purse strings with a work platform, check out the Little Giant Alta One Ladder with 250-lb. Weight Rating.
Little Giant Ladder Systems Velocity Multi-Use Ladder with 300-Pound Duty Rating – Available in 3 Sizes

Little Giant Ladder Systems Extension Ladder 15422-001 – 22 Feet with Wheels

The Little Giant Ladder System was founded by Harold Wing, a man who had an interesting idea to introduce a new design of ladder which could handle anything, from simple household tasks to complicated ones. He came up with a number of ladders that are known today to be among the safest, strongest and most versatile ladders in the market.

The Velocity Ladder - Type 1A is made with a special alloy, making it about 20% lighter compared to most industrial-rated ladders. Along with a unique design, it introduces a number of innovative features, including Rock locks for easy and quick adjustment and dual-pin hinge.

Here are the features of the Velocity Ladder - Type 1A:
  • Exceeds all ANSI and OSHA standards, with a duty rating of 300 pounds
  • Converts to a 19-ft extension ladder
  • Dual-pin hinge, high quality construction and wide-flared legs for increased stability
  • Fast set up as well as takedown
  • Light weight design to allow you to transport it easily from one job to the next
  • Can be adjusted to a 90-degree position if working close to walls proves impossible
For this option, we decided to go with the 22-foot ladder with wheels, which is the longest and retails at around $253. However, you can get the same ladder at a cheaper rate if you select the 13-foot or 18-foot ladders, both of which come with wheels as well.
The Louisville Aluminum Extension Ladder is made with quality aluminum and comes with a duty rating of 300 lbs. If you want the same high-quality extension ladder, but would prefer a different material, try the Louisville Fiberglass Extension Ladder with 300-Pound Capacity.
Louisville Aluminum Extension Ladder 300-Pound Capacity – Available in 7 Sizes

Louisville Extension Ladder AE2240 – 40 Feet

Louisville has been active in the ladder space since 1946. It has contributed to advances in wood, fiberglass and aluminum ladders, building much-needed loyalty and trust among professionals and consumers alike.

The Louisville Aluminum Extension Ladder comes with a duty rating of 300 lbs, but unlike our two previous picks, this one comes with an aluminum construction instead of fiberglass. And do you know what that means? Quality construction with a lightweight design! The ladder also comes with D-shaped rungs that are fully serrated to provide a slip-resistance surface.

Retailing at $585, this ladder is 40-feet in size. The features that make it a sweet deal include:
  • A smooth finish with an elegant design
  • Mar-resistant end caps to provide rail protection, not to mention longevity and durability
  • QUICKLatch rung-lock to allow you to secure the base and the fly sections easily when extending
  • Extra-heavy swivel safety shoes made of cast aluminum and a thick rubber tread
  • Meets all the safety standards set by ANSI and OSHA
Just like most models in our top picks, this ladder is available in a range of sizes, ranging from 16 feet to 40 feet. Depending on what you want and your budget, you can get the perfect size for your needs.
The Type III Aluminum Extension Ladder is made with quality aluminium material and has a duty rating of 200 lbs. If an aluminum ladder won’t work for your needs, try having a look at their Fiberglass Flat D-Rung Extension Ladder which has a larger duty rating of 300 pounds!
Werner 200-Pound Duty Rating Aluminum Flat D-Rung Extension Ladder – Available in 3 Sizes

Werner Extension Ladder D1128-2 – 28-Foot

Werner boasts of state-of-the-art design with all its climbing equipment. The brand has a complete line of quality, professional-grade ladders that are suitable to be used in both home and on-site settings. Werner has demonstrated its commitment to making quality ladders over the years to build our trust.

The Type III Aluminum Extension Ladder is extremely lightweight. It has a 200-pound duty rating, which is sufficient for many do-it-yourself enthusiasts. It features spring-loaded locks to allow for smooth and easy operation, as well as pivoting shoes made with slip-resistant pads.

The 28-foot version retails at around $369. It features:
  • Modified I-beam rails
  • Exclusive Aflo joints to guarantee twist-proof performance
  • Spring-loaded locks for smooth operation
If the 28-foot version is too long for you or you want a more affordable version, you can check out the 16-foot or 20-foot options.
The BXL2220-20 extension ladder has a 225 pound duty rating and is a lengthy 20 feet. If you want the same quality, but don’t need a ladder quite as long go for the Black and Decker Aluminum Extension Ladder Type III 16-Foot with a 200 Pound Duty Rating.
Black + Decker 20-Foot 225 Pound Duty Rating Aluminum Extension Ladder Type II

Black + Decker Extension Ladder BXL2220-20

When it comes to Black + Decker, we all know that they deliver great power and hand tools. It is trusted by homeowners and professional alike, and does not have to try hard to explain how innovative and durable its products are, because the results are obvious.

The BXL2220-20 is a 20-foot extension ladder designed to exceed all the application standards set by various institutions in the U.S. This model comes with a duty rating of 225 pounds, yet is quite affordable. Retailing at around $243, this ladder will serve you for ages thanks to the quality aluminum construction.

Let’s take a look at some of the features that make this ladder hard to beat:
  • Swivel shoes made to be slip resistant
  • Aluminum rung locks that come with a latch
  • Slip resistant and non-marring integrated hand grips

Get the Best Extension Ladder Today!

We told you we will make the job easier for you to get the right extension ladder, and we did just that! As you can see, we have provided ample information regarding various ladders by top brands, giving you five options with different budgets to ensure you don’t leave empty handed. We are happy that you are going to do your tasks without the worry of spending the next few nights in the hospital due to injuries that could have been avoided if you were provided with the finer details of your purchase.

Our Top Choice
DeWalt Fiberglass Extension Ladder
Best Value
Little Giant Ladder Systems Velocity Ladder
Louisville Aluminum Extension Ladder
Werner Type III Extension Ladder
Black + Decker Extension Ladder