Best Financial Calculator Reviews 2017

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A financial calculator can do those tough and complicated calculations that can sometimes give you headaches. Especially if you work with numbers a lot or you have an upcoming exam, a financial calculator will be a blessing for you! Take a look at our five contenders from some of the best financial calculator brands out there. These little Einsteins will make your life easier, and sometimes they are worth their weight in gold!
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Our Top Choice
Casio Financial Calculator
Casio is an international manufacturer of consumer and commercial electronics. It was established in 1946 and is well known for its high-quality products.
This financial calculator is manufactured in the USA and has a great design. It solves simple and compound calculations and works with solar power.
One customer found it difficult to use. Check out the instructions before using it.
Cost/sell/margin, amortization
4 line monochrome
6.3 x 3.1 x 49 inches
Slide-on hard case included
Batteries or solar-powered
Best Value
Texas Instruments BA II PLUS Calculator
Texas Instruments has made electronics since 1930. It has more than 80,000 high-quality products in its portfolio.
This calculator is suitable for students or financial professionals. It has a slide-case included. Its multiple functions can solve any financial problem, and it is user-friendly.
One customer received the calculator with the screen broken.
Amortization, bond, depreciation
2 line monochrome
6.5 x 0.7 x 3 inches
Slide-on hard case included
Sharp Financial Calculator
Sharp makes electric and electronic equipment and components. Parts of its calculators are made of recycled plastic.
This financial calculator is lightweight, portable and can solve multiple math problems. It has three digit punctuations and works on batteries.
One customer said the calculator doesn’t solve x√y functions.
Financial, engineering and math
2 line LCD
Not specified
Wallet-type case included
HP 10bII+ Financial Calculator
HP designs innovative and durable products. Its specialty is laptops that are preferred by many people.
This calculator can solve financial and statistical functions. It calculates quickly, looks stylish and is easy to use. It has a 400-step memory and solves even complex calculations.
The buttons didn’t work for a customer, so he replaced the calculator.
Loan payments, interest rates
2 line LCD
0.6 x 3.2 x 5.7 inches
Innovera Portable Minidesk Calculator
Innovera manufactures imaging supplies and tech accessories. Its products are made of quality materials and come with the right price.
This financial calculator is wall-mountable and displays eight digits on the screen. It can make basic calculations, and it’s also easy to carry.
One customer said the calculator is hard to use because of the buttons.
Financial and math
1 line monochrome
8.2 x 6 x 0.9 inches
Batteries or solar-powered

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What is the Best Financial Calculator?

Before buying a financial calculator, check to see if it has the functions or features you are looking for, such as cash-flow analysis, statistics and so on. If you have large fingers, you might want to opt for a calculator that has large buttons, otherwise you will have a hard time pressing the right keys.
Our Top Choice
The Casio Financial Calculator has an ergonomic design with four-line display. It is easy to operate, accurate and can solve several iterations. Are you looking for a programmable financial calculator? Check out the CASIO Japanese Program Functional Calculator!
Casio Financial Calculator with 4-Line Display and Slide-On Hard Case

Casio Financial Calculator FC-200V

Casio doesn’t need any introduction. We are sure you have a Casio watch or know someone who has one. It also manufactures calculators, cash registers and projectors. Are you into playing music? You should definitely check out Casio's electronic musical instruments collection!

The Casio Financial Calculator has an affordable price for the math problems it can solve. If you don’t know how to use it, you can refer to the videos you can find online that show how it works and what you can do with it.

Check out its highlights:
  • Four-line display
  • Works with solar power
  • Solves cost, margin, sell, amortization
  • Converts between effective and percentage interest rate
  • Solves simple and compound interest calculations
Best Value
The Texas Instruments BA II Plus Financial Calculator can solve common math problems and functions. It is easy to use, durable and saves the previous worksheets. It is also an Amazon Best Seller! Are you preparing for the Chartered Financial Analyst exam? Check out the Texas Instruments BA II Plus Professional Financial Calculator that is approved for this exam.
Texas Instruments BA II Plus Financial Calculator with Slide-On Cover and Built-In Memory Storage

Texas Instruments Financial Calculator IIBAPL/TBL/1L1

Texas Instruments manufactures multiple products, primarily analog chips and embedded processors. It sells amplifiers, motor divers and data converters. If you are an IT geek, you should check out its portfolio. It currently has a lot of calculators that are Amazon Best Sellers, so generally customers are very pleased with its products.

If you find yourself surrounded by difficult math problems, you should think about getting a financial calculator. The Texas Instruments BA II PLUS Calculator can solve advanced math problems and statistics. It recalls the last answer and has 10 user memories.

Its other features include:
  • Power turns down after idle time
  • Does cash-flow analysis
  • Calculates depreciations, book value
  • Solves trigonometric calculations
  • Calculates logarithms and powers
The Sharp EL-738F Financial Calculator Business Calculator displays 10 digits and can be used in multiple fields of work. It has a large two-line display and comes with a protective case. Check out the Sharp EL-738C 10-Digit Financial Calculator as well. Customers say this product has the best keypad!
Sharp Financial Calculator Business Calculator with 2-Lines Display and Wallet-Type Case

Sharp Financial Calculator EL-738F

Sharp sells a wide range of calculators, from simple desktop calculators to scientific and handheld calculators. If you are in the commercial field or simply want to have all your calculations printed, you should also see its printing calculators. This brand is also known for making high-quality flat-screen TVs and audio devices.

The Sharp EL-738F Financial Calculator Business Calculator can be used by both students and professionals in the business field. It can solve different calculations in finance, economics, banking, sales and more.

Let's discover its benefits:
  • Portable and lightweight
  • 12-digit dot matrix
  • 11 temporary memory entries
  • Solves time value money calculations
  • 2nd key feature for terms
The HP 10bII+ Financial Calculator has a durable battery and a small size, so it’s easy to carry anywhere. It's a high-quality financial calculator that has almost 170 built-in functions. Are you looking for a reverse polish notation calculator? Check out the HP 12CP Financial Calculator!
HP Financial Calculator, Can Be Used on CFP Certification Exam, Large Display

HP Financial Calculator NW239AA +

HP distinguishes itself through reliable and innovative gadgets and electronics. It currently has over 200,000 products on sale on Amazon, most of which are laptops and accessories. Needless to say, HP also has a number of Amazon Best Sellers in its portfolio.

The HP 10bII+ Financial Calculator can solve multiple complex calculations. It solves math, financial and statistical calculations and has over 170 built-in functions.

Want to know more about it? Here are more of its features:
  • Auto power off
  • LCD display
  • Single line display with adjustable contrast
  • Solves trigonometric and hyperbolic functions
  • Calculates TVM and depreciation
Check out the practical and affordable printers HP makes as well! These products are now more advanced than ever.
The Innovera 15925 Financial Calculator has 15mm buttons and a solar-powered battery. It has an adjustable display that is easy to read. Are you looking for a commercial calculator? Check out the Innovera : Commercial Calculator, Large Digit\/Display.
Innovera Financial Calculator, Solar Powered Battery, Large Buttons, Inclined Display

Innovera Financial Calculator 15925

Innovera has accessories that are compatible with most of the brands out there. Its main field is printing supplies, but it also sells tech accessories, such as batteries, calculators and computer cleaning supplies.

The Innovera Portable Minidesk Calculator works in all lighting conditions, and it will fit into your bag perfectly. You can take it to work or school, as it will help you with your calculations.

Check out its characteristics:
  • Display can be read easily
  • Works on batteries and solar power
  • Displays up to eight digits
  • Has switch and percent key
  • Can be mounted on the wall

Get the Best Financial Calculator of 2017!

Some calculators come with batteries, while others are powered by the sun or both. It is important to pick the right one because eventually you will stick with it for years. Choose the right financial calculator, order it, and start preparing for that exam! Time is money.

Our Top Choice
Casio Financial Calculator
Best Value
Texas Instruments BA II PLUS Calculator
Sharp Financial Calculator
HP 10bII+ Financial Calculator
Innovera Portable Minidesk Calculator