Best Food Steamer Reviews 2017

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Food steamers are great little kitchen appliances due to their ability to cook food healthily, quickly and with minimal effort! With people caring more these days about what they put in their bodies, food steamers are a great way to help with this as they cook with steam rather than oils or fats. When cooking meat and fish, they produce succulent and juicy portions that you just wouldn’t be able to achieve with an oven or grill. They are also incredibly easy to use and have many features that allow you cook all day without even being in the house! You can come home from work to a hot, home cooked meal that was prepared in the morning with a flick of a switch, what’s not to love about that!
Our Top Choice
Hamilton Beach Digital Steamer
Hamilton Beach create products that are simple and easy to use and make your whole cooking experience happier and healthier, evident in their Digital 5.5 Quart Food Steamer.
2 tier. Automatic warm setting. Easy to store. Modern design. Stackable.
Difficult to clean.
Best Value
Bella Food Steamer
Bella are all about passion for food, life and, most importantly, their products. This is evident in their 7.4 Quart Food Steamer.
Easy to clean. 2 basket design. Quick start heating system.
Although this product states that it is dishwasher safe, many customers have found this damages the product.
Black & Decker Handy Food Steamer
Black & Decker have been around for over a century and certainly know what they are doing when it comes to homeware and DIY, evident in their Handy Food Steamer With Flavor Scenter.
Includes Flavor Scenter for herbs and spices. Cooks food quickly. Auto-shutoff technology.
Not overly durable.
Aroma Housewares Digital Cool-Touch Food Steamer
Aroma Houseware are a brand that specialize in creating products that make you enjoy cooking and able to create dishes that taste great, evident in their 8-Cup Cool Touch Digital Food Steamer.
Available in silver and white. Dishwasher safe. Non-stick. Delay timer.
Rice cooker setting isn’t very powerful.
Oster Double Tiered Food Steamer
Oster are THE name in affordable kitchenware that looks great and gets the job done, evident in their Double Tiered Food Steamer.
Tiered in order to cook several meals at one time. Dishwasher safe. Auto Shut-off technology.
Occasionally leaks water.

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What is the Best Food Steamer?

When it comes to choosing what food steamer is the perfect product for you it can get a bit confusing due to the vast amount of styles and products that are available to you. In order to help you out a bit with this we have selected 5 of the best brands on the market today for food steamers as well as a product to feature from each to give you a better idea of what the brand has to offer. One thing you may want to consider before purchase, however, is how large you will need the product to be. Many steamers come in a variety of sizes and tiers depending on how much and what you want to cook so this is something you may want to have a think about beforehand. As well as this, storage is very important in a kitchen so if you have a smaller living space to work with you may want to consider buying a food steamer that can be easily stored away too.
Our Top Choice
Hamilton Beach’s Digital Food Steamer is the perfect choice for anyone looking to create healthy meals that are bursting with flavor. If you are after a slightly more high-end product, however, then take a look at their 5.5 Quart 2-Tier Digital Steamer instead.
Hamilton Beach Digital Steamer-5.5 Quart

Hamilton Beach Food Steamer-37530A

Hamilton Beach are one of the leading distributors of small household and professional style kitchen appliances in the country and distribute and sell over 35 million appliances every single year! Hamilton Beach products can be found in most households across America and are now expanding into new areas too! Their superior product quality is what sets them apart from the rest with a wide variety of collections that make home cooking and life in general that little bit easier.

We wanted to feature Hamilton Beach’s 5.5 Quart Digital Steamer due to it being able to cook a wide variety of flavorful dishes as well as being a number one seller on Amazon! This versatile product is stackable and allows for 2 tier steaming which means you can cook a variety of foods at the same time. The first tier is ideal for smaller quantities whilst the center divider is perfect for larger foods such as chicken or fish. This steamer has an automatic warm setting which stops cooking when the food is ready but continues to keep it heated so it’s ready when you are! The digital touchpad feature in this product allows for easy use and has a countdown timer to make sure your food is cooked for the perfect amount of time too! Although large in size, this steamer has nested storage which means it can easily be stored in cupboards without taking up too much space. Its modern black and silver design, however, means that if you wanted to leave it on your kitchen worktop for all to see, we wouldn’t blame you!
Best Value
Bella’s Dual Basket Food Steamer is a winner in our eyes due to its easy to clean design and the fact it has 2 baskets that allow for multiple dishes. If, however, you are after more of a slow cooker type product then have a nose at Bella’s 5-Quart Programmable Slow Cooker instead!
Bella 7.4 Quart Healthy Food Steamer With Dual Basket

Bella Food Steamer-BLA13872

Bella sell products that they feel are not simply pieces of utility but rather accessories and tools for a healthy lifestyle. They create products that are fast, work well and are affordable too in order to make everyone’s cooking experiences more enjoyable!

We wanted to feature Bella’s 7.4 Quart Dual Basket Food Steamer due to its easy to use technology and the brands popularity as a whole. This steamers quick start heating system allows you to start steaming your favorite fish, veggies and even dumplings in just over 30 seconds! Its 2 basket cooking system also means you can cook different foods simultaneously, perfect for larger meals or guests with different dietary requirements. This product also features an auto-shutoff setting with boil dry protection which ensures that all your food is cooked safely and efficiently. There is no need for oil or smoke with this steamer, this makes it easier to clean and it is even BPA free too!
Black & Decker’s Handy Food Steamer certainly has all the bells and whistles you need to create healthy, yummy dishes in the blink of an eye! If you are after a slightly cheaper product, however, then have a look at their 7 Quart Dial Control Slow Cooker instead!
Black & Decker Handy Food Steamer With Flavor Scenter Screen

Black & Decker Food Steamer- HS1000

Founded in 1910, Black & Decker have been at the forefront of DIY products and innovation for over 100 years. From creating the world’s first cordless drill to now being one of the largest DIY and homeware brand in the world, Black & Decker have certainly come a long way! Their aim as a brand is to help their customers add a personal touch to their homes by creating easy to use, hard wearing products that don’t cost the earth. With such a HUGE variety of products to choose from, you really will be spilt for choice with Black & Decker products!

We wanted to feature Black & Decker’s Handy Food Steamer due to it being such a critically acclaimed brand as well as the fact this product has great functionality. This food steamer can cook healthy meals and rice in a matter of minutes with its 4-quart steam basket which includes a 5-cup rice bowl and built in egg holder and drip tray. It also includes a 75-minute timer with auto shut off technology and an external water-fill inlet too! Our favorite part of this product has to be the built-in flavor-scenter, however, that has a screen specifically for adding herbs and spices to your tasty dishes!
Aroma Houseware’s Digital-Cool Touch Food Steamer is the perfect product for anyone looking to create healthy, tasty food in a product that looks pretty good too! If you are after a slightly cheaper model, however, than have a look at their 6-Cup Rice Cooker and Food Steamer instead!
Aroma Housewares 8-Cup Digital Cool-Touch Rice Cooker and Food Steamer-Silver

Aroma Housewares Food Steamer- ARC-914SBD-Silver

Aroma Houseware design and create products that enrich life and make your whole cooking and living experience easier and more fun! By listening to their customers Aroma have been able to provide products that are convenient, unique and innovative and make their lives just a little bit easier!

We wanted to feature Aroma Houseware’s Digital Cool-Touch Food Steamer due to it being a best seller across Amazon and the fact the brand is so renowned and trusted! This cooker can yield up to 8-cups of cooked rice with its non-stick inner cooking pot that’s easy to remove and is dishwasher safe. Its easy-to-use functions include its programmable digital system that controls with steam, ideal for fish, veggies and rice. This product also has a delay timer of up to 15 hours and an automatic keep-warm setting too! Accessories included with this steamer include steam tray, rice measuring cup, serving spatula as well as exclusive Aroma recipes!
Oster’s Tiered Food Steamer is one of our personal favorites due to its modern design and even better price! If, however, you are after a more high end steamer then take a look at Oster’s Mechanical Food Steamer In White.
Oster 5-Quart Double Tiered Food Steamer

Oster Food Steamer-CKSTSTMD5-W

Oster have been creating kitchen appliances for over 70 years and are one of the largest household names in America. Although they are most commonly associated with blending products, Oster now create a wide range of kitchen products created from the highest-quality, durable materials. Oster are the leaders in innovation today and house over 120 different iconic brands within the Oster company.

We wanted to feature Oster’s Double Tired Food Steamer due to its great reviews online and its 5 quart capacity. This steamer comes with 2 dishwasher safe steaming bowls as well as an automatic, built in 60-minute timer to ensure all your meals are cooked to perfection. Its auto shut-off technology will turn off the product when it has finished cooking or when the water in the product has run out, allowing you to get on with other, more important things! It also includes a power indicator light too so you know when the product is busy cooking away your favorite meals!

Get the Best Food Steamer Today!

By now you should have a better idea about what types of food steamer products are on the market and what it is you exactly want from your new steamer. If you aren’t a fan of the particular product we have decided to feature then don’t worry! All the brands we have chosen have a large variety of products to choose from so simply browse through their other collections to find a food steamer that’s just right for you! All that’s left to do now is choose your favorite and start planning your next dinner party!

Our Top Choice
Hamilton Beach Digital Steamer
Best Value
Bella Food Steamer
Black & Decker Handy Food Steamer
Aroma Housewares Digital Cool-Touch Food Steamer
Oster Double Tiered Food Steamer