Best French Fry Cutter Reviews 2017

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Are you tired of using french fry cutters that break after a month? Then you need a commercial-grade fry cutter. The only problem here is picking one among the numerous choices available out there. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We have gone through many different brands and have come up with the top five that make durable and efficient french fry cutters. The products featured are just samples from each of these brands, and they have many others, so feel free to check them out. You can’t go wrong with any of them as they’re all great brands.
Mount type
Body Info
Blade Info
Fry Thickness
Our Top Choice
New Star Foodservice Commercial Fry Cutter
New Star Foodservice manufactures premium-quality kitchen tools that provide efficient support, which makes your cooking activities smooth and easy.
. It is strong, sturdy, rustproof, can mount on a counter or on the wall, and comes with several accessories.
It requires a lot of force to cut certain foods.
21 × 10 × 9.5 inches; 15lbs
Table and wall mounted
Cast iron
Best Value
Hamilton Beach Weston French Fry Cutter
For over a century, Hamilton Beach has been making innovative and high-value domestic appliances that make cooking a lot easier.
It’s strong and durable, with sharp stainless steel blades. It has anti-slip stands, is easy to mount and detach, and is also easy to clean.
Requires a little arm strength to cut potatoes.
9.6 × 20.6 × 9.4 inches; 14lbs
Mountable on any flat surface
Heavy-duty cast iron
Stainless steel
Nemco Easy FryKutter
Nemco manufactures well-engineered and good quality fry cutters that do all the hard work for you, saving you time and stress.
Its ergonomic design allows you to easily cut food materials, saving a lot of time. Its blades cut consistent sizes, and it adopts natural body motion for convenient use.
It’s a bit expensive.
17.5 × 10.5 × 14 inches; 12lbs
Wall and countertop mounted
Update International French Fry Cutter
For more than 30 years, Update International has been offering top-quality french fry cutters that make consistently even cuts, giving you that professional touch.
The blades cut consistent sizes, the iron construction makes it very sturdy, it can be wall mounted to save counter space, and it’s easy to use.
It is quite big.
19.2 × 8.5 × 8.5 inches; 10.3lbs
Suction cups, wall mounted
Cast iron
Stainless steel
Thunder Group ½” French Fry Cutter
Thunder Group produces a large selection of top-quality french fry cutters, which are easy to use and cut even-sized fries.
It’s rustproof, doesn’t take up too much space, has a soft handle that provides the needed grip and cushioning, and cuts even sizes.
You have to pre-cut big potatoes.
1 × 1 × 1 inches; 1lbs
Wall and table mounted
Cast iron

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What is the Best French Fry Cutter?

Do you need a french fry cutter for your home, or for commercial purposes? Your requirements determine which cutter is best for you. List out the features you want from a cutter and run it through our review to see which product best meets your needs.
Our Top Choice
The Commercial French Fry Cutter is made of cast iron and stainless steel, which makes it sturdy. It has four powerful suction feet that allow you to mount it easily on your counter or wall. But if you don’t need that many accessories and want something more affordable, then go for the New Star French Fries Cutter Limited Edition.
New Star Foodservice Commercial Grade French Fry Cutter, Complete Combo Set

New Star Foodservice French Fry Cutter 38408

New Star Foodservice produces top-grade, commercial-level kitchen utensils and tools. With its extensive experience, it knows the difficulties associated with large-scale food preparation and it aims to provide valuable solutions through its innovative, high-quality, and heavy-duty products that make you actually look forward to your cooking activities.

The French Fry Cutter (Suggested Retail Price: $115.99) is constructed with cast iron and stainless steel, which makes it easily cut through several batches with ease. It’s also great for cutting vegetables. It has four powerful suction feet that allow you to mount it sturdily on your counter, and detaches easily to be stored away.

The heavy-duty cast iron body is coated with rustproof powder that allows you to wash and clean without fear of corrosion. This product comes with sets of replacement blades and blocks that are also made of cast iron and stainless steel, which ensure durability. It’s designed such that the suction feet can be mounted on a table or on a wall.

This is an awesome cutter for commercial use.
Best Value
The Weston French Fry Cutter with anti-slip stands, is made of cast iron for strength and durability. Its stainless steel blades can cut perfect fries up to 6 inches long. Of course, you didn’t cut the potatoes for the fun of it. Check out the Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer with Cool Touch which has a 2-liter oil capacity for crispy fries.
Hamilton Beach Weston Restaurant Quality French Fry Cutter

Hamilton Beach French Fry Cutter 36-3501-W

Since 1910, Hamilton Beach has been manufacturing motor-driven home appliances. With the passage of time, increase in experience, and the drive to surpass user expectations, it has combined advanced technology with ingenuity to consistently create many top-quality and superior performance home appliances that meet many domestic needs.

The Weston French Fry Cutter (Suggested Retail Price: $79.99) has a cast iron construction, making it strong and durable. It comes with stainless steel blades which can cut up to 6-inch long fries. It has suction stands that can mount on any flat surface and provide a solid grip you can trust won’t slip, but is still easy to detach.

This cutter is easy to use and doesn’t take up much space, making storing it easy. It has a soft grip handle which keeps you safe from injury during use. The blades are sharp, so be sure to use the brush and not your hand to remove debris.
The Easy FryKutter is built with premium-quality aluminum for strength and durability. It works with natural body motion to prevent over-exertion and injuries. If you prefer your potatoes sliced into chips instead of being cut, you should try out the Nemco Ribbon Fry Cutter which has the same great quality as its cutting counterpart.
Nemco Easy FryKutter French Fry Cutter – Available in 6 Sizes

Nemco French Fry Cutter N55450-2 – 3/8” Cut

Nemco puts in a lot of effort to ensure its products are of standard quality that stand the test of time and deliver on performance and value. Its numerous categories of home appliances are characteristically easy to use and are designed for superior performance on a consistent basis.

The Easy FryKutter (Suggested Retail Price: $190.00) uses its exclusive short-throw handle and ergonomic design to improve leverage and allows you to cut in one fell swoop. It eliminates excessive use of strength and awkward movement as it works with natural body motion. It’s built with premium-quality aluminum to withstand the rigors of regular use.

This cutter is very easy to use and saves a lot of time. It comes with different sized cutting blades that give you consistently-cut sizes. The blades are easily removed and inserted and can be operated on the wall or a counter top.
This french fry cutter is made of cast iron and has a stainless steel trough which ensures durability. It also has a soft handle that gives a comfortable grip. But if what you’re looking for is a wide cutter, then you should consider the Update International 7-inch wide Crinkle Cutter which has a stainless steel blade.
Update International French Fry Cutter – Available in 3 Sizes

Update International French Fry Cutter FFC-38 – 3/8” Cut

Update International has been playing in the food service industry for more than 30 years. With that kind of experience, you can understand its dedication to consistently creating high-performance products that continue to surpass its customers’ expectations.

The French Fry Cutter (Suggested Retail Price: $ 80.99) is made of cast iron and has a stainless steel trough. The mechanism cuts even-sized fries, and its soft handle makes it easy to grip while cutting. It can be operated on the wall or a counter top; you can buy the suction base to give it a better grip.

This cutter is easy to use and does not require much force to carry out your cutting activities.
The Half Inch French Fry Cutter is made of cast iron and stainless steel, which make it sturdy and durable. It can withstand heavy use and is coated with rustproof material. If ½-inch fries are too small and you want to make bigger ones, then use the 3\/8-inch Thunder Group French Fry Cutter and experience the same great quality.
Thunder Group French Fry Blade Cutter, 1/2-Inch

Thunder Group French Fry Cutter IRFFC003

Thunder group started in 1956 in Keelung, Taiwan, and over time has grown into arguably one of the largest manufacturers of kitchenware. This brand has a mission to provide its customers with high-quality and large assortments of products at the most competitive prices. It also offers customization services on an OEM and ODM basis.

The ½-Inch Cutter (Suggested Retail Price: $50.99) has a cast iron frame with stainless steel rods and blades. This device is rustproof, so no worries about corrosion. The blades will cut your food into even sizes to give it a professional look without putting too much work into the actual cutting.

It can either be installed on a wall or on a counter. The soft handle provides the grip and cushioning needed during cutting. It’s an easy-to-use cutter that doesn’t take too much space and can withstand heavy use without damage.

Get the Best French Fry Cutter of 2017!

Now that you’ve read our review of french fry cutters from top brands, we hope you now have all the information you need to make a confident and well-informed purchase.

Our Top Choice
New Star Foodservice Commercial Fry Cutter
Best Value
Hamilton Beach Weston French Fry Cutter
Nemco Easy FryKutter
Update International French Fry Cutter
Thunder Group ½” French Fry Cutter