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Many things calm the mind: a cup of tea, a relaxing read near a fireplace or a walk in a serene garden. If the garden is adorned by a gallery of climbing plants, then more therapy points to you, mate. However, to have walls decked in such beauty, from climbing hydrangeas to honeysuckle, you may need to up your game - and your plants. You don’t need to start cutting up little twigs hoping the climbers will somehow use them. To that end, we have compiled a list of five of the best garden trellises available on the market today.
Our Top Choice
Gardener’s Supply Cucumber Trellis
Gardener’s Supply lives up to its name by being a reliable source for gardening tools and produce advice. Its products are made to be functional, sturdy and worth every cent you spend.
Easy plant management. Easy folding for safe storage.
Assembly may need extra work.
Best Value
Dura-Trel Cambridge Trellis
Dura-Trel is arguably the world’s largest manufacturer of garden products. They are committed to providing well-designed, maintenance-free lawn and garden equipment.
Long anchor beams for proper support. Pre-done holes and cuts. Strong posts.
Price is a little steep.
H Potter Bell Trellis
H Potter is a family run business that puts service delivery and customer care at its core. Collectively, all members of H Potter pride themselves on their work, and their satisfied clients are a testament to that.
Hand-crafted detail. Nine-inch ice delivery, customer care, and client-centered outdoor décor products at its core. Collectively, all members of H Pottespikes.
The bells might disappoint if you want something similar to wind chimes.
A.M. Leonard Natural Bamboo Trellis
A.M. Leonard specializes in putting ultimate productivity back in the hands of the average gardener. With a reputation that precedes it, it's now the go-to company for all matters gardening.
All-natural. Expandable. Limited lifetime warranty.
There are no notable cons to this product.
Gardman Nature Trellis
Gardman is a mega-brand that stocks thousands of products, covering flora and fauna care. With no fewer than five reputable brands under the Gardman umbrella, it has left a trail of happy clients in its wake.
Top arch. Spiked feet.
Spikes could be a little longer.

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What is the Best Garden Trellis?

There are as many garden trellis options as there are plants that need them. You will need to check off a few boxes to make sure you get the right fit for your plants. Maybe you need a trellis that will offer support for flowers and vegetables, or maybe you have certain needs height-wise. No matter what your expectations are, two things should be at the top of your list: stability and brand. When you're certain both these factors are up to par, you can consider other options, like build, color, and material.
Our Top Choice
The Gardener’s Supply Company Cucumber Trellis is made from exquisite steel and is exactly what you need for disease-free harvest. The additional easy-to-fold feature makes it simple for you to keep it safer for longer. If you don’t have an eye for the diminutive, how about a six-foot trellis that comes with additional vegetable support? The Essex Trellis, Tall Decorative Flower and\/or Vegetable Support is made of the same powder-coated steel and will only cost you a dollop more.
Gardener’s Supply Company Deluxe Cucumber Trellis – Available in 2 Colors

Gardener’s Supply Company Garden Trellis 8587083*GR* - Green

In 1982, Will Raap saw a rift between organic farmers and proper tools. He took it upon himself to grow a company of other farmers and develop tools for the organic farmer who values fruition.

The Gardener’s Supply Company Deluxe Cucumber Trellis is a steel frame trellis that is designed for use with cucumbers, tomatoes or pole beans. What’s more impressive is that you will not miss a beat if you use it on raised beds, as it blends in seamlessly.

Planning on adding a little more cucumber and tomato to your diet? Then have a look at some of the Deluxe’s features:
  • Powder-coated steel frame for long-lasting support
  • Easy folding so you can store it safely until the next time you plant
  • Triangular design for extra stability and maximum space utilization
Best Value
The Dura-Trel Cambridge Trellis installs very easily and is backed by a lifetime maintenance-free guarantee, which saves you the hassle of constant repairs. If you're looking for a different option that serves the same purpose but commands more of a presence, the Dura-Trel 11174M Winchester Trellis should be next on your list.
Dura-Trel, Inc Cambridge Trellis in White

Dura-Trel Garden Trellis 11172

Like many American success stories, Dura-Trel’s tree of great products and satisfied customers has roots in a garage. It aims to manufacture the best vinyl lawn and garden products by hand, and for that extra kick, every product comes with a maintenance-free guarantee and a 20-year warranty.

The Cambridge Trellis complements any surface it rests on, thanks to its impressive design. With 2x2” posts, it is the perfect combination of sturdy and beautiful. To top it off, it comes with 16-inch steel ground anchors for that firm stance that you require for your gardening projects.

Does the Cambridge Trellis look and sound impressive just yet? No? Maybe these features may help you reconsider:
  • 20-year warranty that covers fading, breakage and other inconveniences
  • Saves you time and money with its 100% maintenance-free guarantee
  • Easy installation with strong 16-inch ground anchors
  • Strong 2x2” posts on either side
  • Titanium dioxide in the PVC protects it from the effects of direct sunlight
  • Easy to clean
The H Potter Bell Trellis is a light, easy-on-the-eye trellis that’s coated in pewter powder and can be used with other garden décor accessories. Do you prefer something equally sturdy that can serve as a decoration or a garden aid? The H Potter Lotus Bud Garden Trellis is a perfect choice if you would like more detail.
H Potter Small Metal Bell Trellis

H Potter Garden Trellis GAR128R

It took H Potter 15 years to grow from a small home-based enterprise to a commanding presence in the outdoor décor industry. By carefully handcrafting all its merchandise, H Potter has managed to cultivate productive customer-manufacturer relationships.

The H Potter Small Metal Bell Trellis is a work of art. This trellis is made from powdered steel, and equipped with bells. It provides a satisfying backdrop for all your climbers. It is sturdy enough to provide support for strong vines, and can be used with planting pots as well.

These are some of the features that might make you want to include this masterpiece in your garden:
  • Pewter powder-covered steel for durability against weather conditions
  • Four decorative bells
  • Decorations done by hand for that personal look
  • Nine-inch anchor spikes for stability
The Expandable Foldable Natural Bamboo Trellis works just as well as a similar steel counterpart. It is the perfect centerpiece for your garden wall, and you can get extra bamboo stakes for anchoring. Is the design of this trellis not appealing enough? Then feast your eyes on the more simply designed A.M. Leonard Bamboo Trellis Ladder\/Fan.
A.M. Leonard Expandable Foldable Natural Bamboo Trellis – Accordion Style

A.M. Leonard Garden Trellis BA T4

If you had told Ashbel Merrel Leonard in 1885 that his hobby would still be proudly productive to this day, he might have laughed and told you so. By 1996, the company had diversified to reach the gardener at home with a wide range of home gardening products. Currently, it makes over 7000 products under the A.M. Leonard brand.

If you are in touch with nature and would like an all-natural option for your climbers, this trellis offers the perfect companion for those plants. While it can be used against a wall, you can explore the anchoring option with extra bamboo spikes. Given bamboo’s reputation for being ridiculously strong, this is one trellis that will have people looking to you for recommendations.

Here are a few more features that show why you need to give this treliis more than a once-over:
  • Naturally flexible bamboo that retains its strong nature through all seasons
  • Can be used as a divider while aiding plants to grow
  • Expandable to cover up to 3 x 8 ft
  • Foldable for easy storage
The Gardman Nature Trellis offers a unique look for your garden with its nature-centric approach. It's made from iron and capped off with an exquisite old-world finish. If the Gardman Nature Trellis doesn’t meet your unique needs, the more rugged and supportive Gardman R543 Nature Metal Trellis comes with four 3D birds on its steel rod frame.
Gardman Leaves Stems Branches & Birds Nature Trellis – 5 Feet High

Gardman Garden Trellis 7248

Gardman needs a very brief introduction, especially to U.K. residents. Since its inception, the company has grown to a five-brand-strong powerhouse catering to gardeners, pet owners, and bird enthusiasts. By researching emerging trends and backing its service up with excellent customer care, it has become a trusted source for all matters gardening for adults and kids.

The Gardman Nature Trellis is a beautiful garden accessory that offers great support for all your climbing plants. As one of 10 other beautiful pieces, it is made of iron with a tantalizing rustic finish. Whether you want it for a wedding, a garden centerpiece or for supporting a house plant, this trellis‘s decorative detail will blend in with the surrounding area for a great look.

These are some features that gives this less-than-$30 trellis its five-star billing:
  • Intricate bird and leaf decoration that blends right in with nature
  • Spikes for secure fixing
  • Light, yet stable enough to act as a stand-alone decorative piece or as plant support
  • No assembly - just place it firmly on the ground and let nature do the rest
  • Excellent brown rustic finish

Get the Best Garden Trellis Today!

Tending to plants can be a daunting task. On the other hand, if done properly, the results are just a petal and a stem away from otherworldly. Using trellises correctly is a sure way to help you achieve the look you desire. This review should come in handy in your quest for the garden of the year.

Our Top Choice
Gardener’s Supply Cucumber Trellis
Best Value
Dura-Trel Cambridge Trellis
H Potter Bell Trellis
A.M. Leonard Natural Bamboo Trellis
Gardman Nature Trellis