Best Gas Can Reviews 2017

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A reliable gas can is handy for lawn tools, power generators, and even emergency use if you find yourself running low on fuel (don’t worry, it can happen to anyone). Fortunately, we’ve chosen five reputable brands that make the best gas cans for a variety of purposes.
Nozzle Info
Our Top Choice
Surecan Gas Can with Rotating Spout
SureCan is dedicated to creating durable, spill-free, environmentally friendly, and easy-to-use gas cans.
The flexible rotating nozzle and thumb trigger reduce spills and give you total flow control.
While great for storage capacity, this gas can is rather large for portable use.
Type II gas can
2.2 and 5.0 Gallons
Rotating, spill-proof hose
Best Value
No-Spill 5 Gallon Gas Can
No-Spill creates gas, diesel, kerosene, and multi-purpose cans for safely storing volatile liquids.
The thumb button control and precise 7/8-inch funnel spout make pouring spill-free and steady.
While the spout is very useful, the lack of flexibility may make it hard for small spaces.
Type I gas can
1.25, 2.5 and 5.0 Gallons
CARB. EPA. ASTM F-85299.
7/8 inch funnel spout
Justrite 5 Gallon Accuflow Safety Gas Can
Justrite is a safety equipment manufacturer with a variety of environmentally friendly, dependable gas cans.
The easy to squeeze trigger and stainless steel flame arrester make this easy to use, safe and dependable.
The heavy-duty steel construction does make this heavier than plastic models.
Type II gas can
5.0 Gallon
Galvanized Steel
Attached funnel spout
Eagle 5 Gallon Type I Safety Can
Eagle manufactures a variety of solutions for safe storage and distribution of gasoline and volatile liquids.
The attached funnel and galvanized steel make this functional — and formidably strong. Easy to clean and simple to use.
The funnel is perfect for most circumstances, but some may prefer a spout.
Type I gas can
5.0 Gallon
Galvanized Steel
Attached Funnel Spout
Midwest Can Spill Proof Poly Gas Can
Midwest Can is a container specialist with multiple gas cans and liquid storage solutions at an affordable price.
The HDPE Plastic is corrosion-resistant and exceeds CARB and EPA requirements for portable fuel containers.
The simple design has printed safety information, but not on a standout warning sticker.
Type II gas can
1, 2 and 5.0 Gallons
HDPE Plastic
Reversible funnel spout

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What is the Best Gas Can?

Now that you know (almost) everything about gas cans, let’s take a look at the top five brands we’ve found for fuel storage.
Our Top Choice
The 5 Gallon SureCan is a high-capacity container with extra safety and usability features. Need a container for kerosene? Check out the SureCan 5 Gallon Kerosene Gas Can!
Surecan Gasoline Can with Rotating Spout – Available in 3 Size Options, Including One for Diesel

Surecan Gas Can SUR50G1 – 5 Gallon

SureCan was started in 2006 when “an average Joe had an idea for a new gas can”. Since then, they’ve received nationwide accolades and recognition for their designs, and their specialization has given them the singular focus to continually improve and build upon their foundation. This gas can by SureCan is a full-featured container with plenty of safety and usability features. The is a five gallon can is available in two versions – one for regular and one for diesel, or you can opt for the smaller 2.2 gallon for regular gas.

It’s a durable plastic Type II can that meets EPA, CARB, DOT, and Canadian UL certifications. And if safety and environmental protection weren’t enough, the self-venting flashback-preventing design is incorporated into the flexible rotating nozzle and thumb trigger. The childproof cap is easy for adults while protecting children, and the thoughtful design incorporates a tethered cap and handles at the bottom for easier pouring.
Best Value
The No-Spill 5 Gallon Gas Can is CARB-compliant with extra safety features for pouring and storage. Need a smaller container? Take a look at the No-Spill 1.25 Gallon Gas Can!
No-Spill 5-Gallon Poly Gas Can (CARB Compliant) – Also Available in 1.25 and 2.5 Gallon Sizes

No-Spill Gas Can 1450

No-Spill creates color-coded Type I and Type II cans for gasoline, diesel, kerosene, oil, and multipurpose (not fuel-related) use. They’re specialized container manufacturers, and pass on the savings to their customers with pride. They support their wide range of products with spare and replacement parts which are available online. The No-Spill 5 Gallon Gas Can is a great buy at an affordable price.

One of the most impressive features you’ll find is the automatic stop when you’re pouring into a full tank. Simply press the button to control flow, and when the gasoline reaches the level of the 7/8-inch funnel, it will stop pouring. The dust cover and stainless steel mesh screens will prevent fumes, ignition sources, or dirt from mixing, and the can is both CARB and EPA-compliant.
The Justrite 5 Gallon Accuflow Safety Gas Can is a durable, self-sealing steel container with a corrosion-resistant coating. Looking for more convenience? Try the Justrite Type I Gas Can with Attached Funnel!
Justrite 5 Gallon AccuFlow Type II Safety Can with 1" Flexible Spout - Meets OSHA & NFPA Standards For Handling Hazardous Liquids

Justrite Gas Can 7250130

Justrite has a serious dedication to safety equipment. With over a century of expertise, Justrite has been prioritizing workers, increasing fire safety, and improving employee productivity. From storage cabinets and safety lockers to drums and portable gas cans, Justrite has been an industry leader and innovator in material safety. The Justrite 5 Gallon Accuflow Safety Gas Can is a hallmark to their legacy and part of their extensive line of Type I and Type II gas cans.

The Type II design uses a patented AccuFlow manifold and SafeSqueeze trigger to provide smooth, constant flow through the leak-proof flame arrestor and flexible hose. The rigorous testing behind its design meets or exceeds OSHA, NFPA Code 30, UL, ULC, TUV, FM, and CARB specifications for safety and environmental protection. The premium 24-gauge steel body and handle are durable and corrosion-resistant, and they feature double-locking seams, reinforced ribs, and a durable high-gloss powder paint with a highly visible, tri-lingual warning. The grip on the bottom and smooth handle round this off to be one of the safest, most sturdy gas cans on the market.
The Eagle 5 Gallon Type I Safety Can is a simple container at an affordable price. Need something more portable? View the Eagle 2 Gallon Gas Can!
Eagle 5 Gallon Red Galvanized Steel Type I Gasoline Safety Can with Funnel

Eagle Gas Can UI-50-FS

Eagle Manufacturing was founded in 1894 as a family-owned company producing safety equipment for industrial workers. Their products include spill containment products, poly drums, safety cabinets, and safety cans for multiple industries worldwide. Eagle’s commitment to American manufacturing tradition is in its name, and it takes pride in the simplicity and safety of its safety cans.

The Eagle 5 Gallon Type I Safety Can is durable. It’s forged from 24-gauge galvanized steel and has a unique seamless design with double interlocking construction to prevent leaks or exposure. The spring-loaded closing lid vents excess fumes safely, and the flame arrestor prevents ignition sources from traveling back into the can. Add onto that the useful funnel, corrosion-resistant coating, and trilingual warning, and you have a safe, sturdy gas can for years to come.
The Midwest Can Spill Proof Poly Gas Can is a lightweight, durable container for gasoline or other volatile liquids. Need another option for size or other liquids? Check out the Midwest Can 5 Gallon Diesel Container!
Midwest Can Red Spill Proof Poly Gas Can Exceeds CARB and EPA Requirements – Comes in 3 Sizes, Bulk Options Available for Savings

Midwest Can Gas Can 2300 – 2 Gallon (Single Unit)

Midwest Can is a specialized company with a focus on containers and funnels for fuel and oil. Since 1960, Midwest Can has been dedicated to the highest standards of manufacturing quality for affordable, dependable gas cans. They have a variety of options for storage and transport of gasoline, diesel, kerosene, oil, and water. They support their containers with extra accessories such as high-quality funnels and drain pans.

The Midwest Can Spill Proof Poly 2 Gallon gas can is made from HDPE to eliminate hydrocarbon emissions, protect the environment, and prevent fumes from reaching ignition sources. The simple design exceeds CARB and EPA requirements for storage and transport of fuels. The simple top can reverse to have a hidden funnel with a fume cap.

This can is available in your choice of one, two or five gallons and works just as well for gasoline, diesel, or other liquids!

Get the Best Gas Can of 2017!

Hopefully you’ve found the best gas can with the materials, features, capacity, and design you need. If you didn’t find the exact size, shape, or color you expected, each one of these manufacturers has an extensive line of gas cans — and most even have containers for kerosene, diesel, oil, and more!

Our Top Choice
Surecan Gas Can with Rotating Spout
Best Value
No-Spill 5 Gallon Gas Can
Justrite 5 Gallon Accuflow Safety Gas Can
Eagle 5 Gallon Type I Safety Can
Midwest Can Spill Proof Poly Gas Can