Best Hot Box Reviews 2017

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Food warmers and hot boxes are the perfect choice for keeping hot food hot and cold food cold, whatever the occasion. Whether you are a professional caterer or simply bringing something yummy to a friend’s party, hot boxes are the ideal choice to ensure your food is served at its best!
Our Top Choice
Carlisle Cateraide Food Pan Carrier
Carlisle is THE brand when it comes to creating high-quality catering, cooking and baking products that won’t break the bank, evident in their Cateraide Food Pan Carrier
Available in 5 colors. Insulated. Allows for 2-person carrying. Keeps food hot or cold for up to 12 hours.
Door is prone to warping.
For hot and cold food
30.5 lb. 25.22” x 17.5” x 24.8”
Can hold up to 5 pans
Best Value
Hot Logic Mini Portable Oven
Hot Logic is all about creating practical products that you will LOVE, evident in their Mini Portable Oven.
Available in 4 colors. Can use a wide variety of containers. Low-slow heating system.
Product can be quite slow.
Insulated food carrier
Aluminum lining
1.9 lb. 9” x 7” x 3”
Up to 8.75” x 6.75” x 2.5”
Accepts wide variety of containers
HeatMax Portable Food and Pizza Hot Box
Heatmax knows EXACTLY what you are after when it comes to commercial and professional cookware, evident in their Portable Food Hot Box.
Countertop food warmer. 550 temperature control. Lightweight and portable. Dual heating elements.
Heat element is on the bottom and doesn’t heat up the top two tiers as well.
Commercial Countertop food warmer
20 lb. 19" x 19" x 29"
5 shelves and 15” of clearance
550W heating element
Cambro Camcarriers Food Pan Carrier
Cambro is the obvious choice for anyone looking for high-quality catering and cooking products that won’t break the bank! This is evident in their Camcarriers Food Pan Carrier.
Stores both hot and cold food. Thick foam insulation. Easily transportable.
Hinges are a little flimsy.
Food pan carrier- hot and cold
30.2 lb. 24” x 16.5” x 23.3”
3 x 4” food pans
Transports easily
Rachael Ray Expandable Lasagna Lugger
Rachael Ray really knows what their customers want in terms of cookware and bakeware, evident in their Expandable Lasagna Lugger.
Available in 3 colors. Easy to clean. Carry handles. Two compartments. Exterior zip.
Not dishwasher safe.
Lasagna Lugger for hot food
1 lb. 16” x 11” x 4.8”
9" x 13" Baking Dish
Easy clean lining

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What is the Best Hot Box?

When it comes to choosing the perfect hot box for you, it can often get a little confusing due to the sheer amount of products available on the market today. To make it slightly easier for you we have selected the top 5 brands in this category as well as a product to feature from each to give you a better idea about what the brand has to offer as well as what different types of hot box are available to you! Before you go rushing into making a decision, however, there are a few things you will want to consider beforehand. Firstly, you will need to select a product based on the type of food you will be wanting to store; will it be hot, cold or both? Some food warmers only heat food, so you will want to make sure you select the right product for what you will be cooking. Another thing you will want to consider is the size of the food warmer; the variety of sizes hot boxes are available in is vast, therefore you will want to calculate how much storage space you will need in your new food warmer, too. Lastly, you will want to have a think about what you will be using the food warmer for—is it for personal use like a lunchbox? Or perhaps for a catering event for a variety of different foods? This is perhaps the most important thing to consider as some hot boxes are more portable than others; if you need to transport the food you are cooking, then you may want to select a more lightweight product instead.
Our Top Choice
We are BIG fans of Carlisle’s Food Pan Carrier due to its insulated technology and the fact it comes in 5 different colors too! If you are after an insulated beverage dispenser, however, then take a look at Carlisle’s Insulated Beverage Server Dispenser instead!
Carlisle Cateraide Insulated Front Side Loading Food Pan Carrier 5 Pan Capacity – Available in 5 Colors

Carlisle Hot Box PC300N-08 – Forest Green

Carlisle is dedicated to creating and designing professional-grade products that make the lives of their customers that little bit easier! Carlisle understands how good products can make life run smoother and more efficiently, and this is why they only create products they are certain will achieve this. By making themselves work harder, Carlisle makes the lives of their customers easier.

We wanted to feature Carlisle’s Cateraide Food Pan Carrier due to the brand’s extensive collection of products and the fact this is a fantastic commercial grade carrier hot box too! The Cateraide Food Pan Carrier is insulated and can keep food hot or cold for up to 12 hours with flexible pan sizes and arrangements that allow for up to 5 pans too! The dual ergonomic handles on this product allow for 2-person carrying and its high-strength plastic construction means this product will last a lifetime, even with frequent transport!
Best Value
Hot Logic’s Mini Portable Oven is so cute and useful we HAD to feature it in our top products—who wouldn’t like a lunchbox that cooks your food throughout the day! If, however you are after more of a slow cooker type product, then have a look at Hot Logic’s Ultimate Slow Cooker instead!
Hot Logic Mini-Mac Personal Portable Oven – Available in 5 Colors

Hot Logic Hot Box 16801060001 - Black

Hot Logic is a brand that is sick and tired of cold, boring lunches as well as expensive meals out and the dreaded microwaveable meal…That’s why the brand created the Hot Logic Personal and Portable Oven, which allows you to take hot foods with you wherever you go! If you are after an easy, affordable and (most importantly) yummy way to eat hot meals, then Hot Logic is THE brand for you!

We wanted to feature Hot Logic’s Mini Portable Oven due to it being an insulated food carrier for home use as well as being able to reheat food! The Hot Logic Mini uses a patented low-slow heating system that reheats food perfectly and gently, ideal for leftovers and frozen meals too! The Mini is the ideal heating lunchbox for the office, work site, car or even your hotel room on vacation! The product’s aluminum lining maximizes heat retention while its Smart Shelf technology automatically cooks food to perfection while you get on with your day!
HeatMax’s Portable Food Hot Box is the ideal counter hot box to keep all your favorite foods nice and toasty warm! If, however, you were after a food warmer with display case too, then take a look at HeatMax’s Commercial Food Warmer Countertop Display Case instead!
HeatMax Commercial Food Warmer Aluminum Countertop 19x19x29 Hot Box Cabinet

HeatMax Hot Box HOTBOX-191929

HeatMax provides commercial and professional products for kitchens all around the world, and we can certainly see why! Their high-quality, affordable products are durable and will last you a lifetime. They are of incredible quality too, and you can therefore rest easy knowing that your new product from HeatMax will get the job done every time!

We wanted to feature HeatMax’s Commercial Food Warmer due to it being a countertop commercial-style hot box. Its all-aluminum construction makes it incredibly durable and has a 15” clearance through the front door, which allows for a variety of pan sizes. It also has an up to 550-degree temperature controlled heating element, and only weighs in at 20 lbs.—perfect for maneuvering and portability! This food warmer has dual heating elements too, perfect for hot and cold food. This product is also perfect for foods such as pastries, sandwiches and other foods that require 140-160 degrees.
Cambro’s Camcarriers Food Pan Carrier is ideal for anyone looking for a hot box that can store both hot AND cold food. If, however, you are after a beverage container instead, then check out Cambro’s Camtainer Beverage Carrier!
Cambro Front-Load Food Pan Carrier - Camcarrier®

Cambro Hot Box 300MPC-110

Cambro has been offering their customers a wide range of products from trays, table service and display items, to storage, shelving, insulated transport and many more for over 60 years! Cambro has a tradition of continuously developing their products old and new in order to help food service operators, making their lives easier and simpler! This is why Cambro’s customers keep coming back for more as they increase sales, reduce labor and (most importantly) improve service.

We wanted to feature Cambro’s Camcarriers Hot Box due to the popularity of the brand and the overall quality of the product. This food pan carrier can be used to hold multiple pans of either hot or cold food at their perfect temperatures for hours! The box itself is constructed with a seamless polythene material as well as thick foam insulation to keep your food at its ideal temperature. The product’s plastic latches secure the contents of the box and makes for safer transport and storage.
Rachael Ray’s Lasagna Lugger is the perfect choice for anyone after a hot box for casual, everyday use. If you are looking for the perfect food carrier for a picnic, however, then take a look at Rachael’s Jumbo ChillOut Thermal Tote instead!
Rachael Ray Expandable Lasagna Lugger – Available in 3 Colors

Rachael Ray Hot Box 7-38981-05-99 – Red Stripes

Rachael Ray is a brand renowned for its beautiful assortment of cookware, cookbooks, dinnerware, bakeware and SO much more! The brand sets out to create stylish products that can be used every day to make your life that little bit simpler (at a great price too!). If you are looking for a fashionable and affordable solution to your cookware, baking or catering problem them Rachael Ray is the girl for you!

We wanted to feature Rachael Ray’s Expandable Lasagna Lugger due to the brand’s popularity and the fact the product is perfect for casual, everyday use! This food warmer has two compartments that are insulated with SuperFoam as well as Therma-Flect for a radiant barrier—your food will be toasty and warm in this hot box! The lining is super safe and easy to clean with the box even having an exterior outer pocket for utensils and cutlery. Our favorite part about this product, however, has to be its carry handles, which make the whole thing portable and easy to lug about with you wherever you need to go!

Get the Best Hot Box of 2017!

By now you should have a better understanding about what hot boxes are and what type of product it is you are specifically after. If you aren’t a fan of the particular product we have decided to feature, then don’t worry! All the brands we have chosen are renowned for their extensive product collections—simply browse through their other products to find the ideal food warmer for you! All that’s left to do now is choose your favorite and start cooking!

Our Top Choice
Carlisle Cateraide Food Pan Carrier
Best Value
Hot Logic Mini Portable Oven
HeatMax Portable Food and Pizza Hot Box
Cambro Camcarriers Food Pan Carrier
Rachael Ray Expandable Lasagna Lugger