Best Hummingbird Feeder Reviews 2017

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Hummingbirds are one of the most interesting bird species. Don’t be fooled by their small size – their metabolism is about one hundred times that of an elephant! That means they need to feed, and visit your hummingbird feeder, almost constantly. Don’t have one, yet? Read on to discover the best fit for your yard or patio.
Our Top Choice
Perky-Pet Vintage Hummingbird Feeder
Known for its simple yet beautiful bird feeders, Perky-Pet is a well-known brand in the industry.
This stunning 24-ounce, ruby-red hummingbird feeder is easy to clean and features four flower-shaped feeding areas.
The metal base of this model has been known to rust over time.
Glass, copper
24 ounces
Vintage w/ flower-shaped ports
Must be hung
Snap-off base for easy cleaning
Best Value
More Birds 3-in-1 Hummingbird Feeder
More Birds is credited with some of the most cost-effective yet style hummingbird feeders available today.
This versatile 6-ounce hummingbird feeder can be mounted three different ways: on a window, staked in a garden or hung from a hook.
It’s made from plastic, though, so it may be prone to breakage.
6 ounces
Disc w/ flower-shaped food ports
Hung / mounted / suction cupped
Can be hung in 3 ways
Grateful Gnome Pink Flower Bird Feeder
Grateful Gnome is synonymous with top-of-the-line, innovative bird feeders and gardening products.
It holds up to 24 ounces of nectar, is made from the highest quality materials and attracts hummingbirds through four flower-shaped ports with built-in perches.
It’s priced higher than some other models we’ve seen, but we think it’s worth it.
Hand blown glass, metal
24 ounces
Hand blown glass w/ flower ports
Must be hung, S-hook included
Very beautiful, built-in perches
Aspects HummZinger Ultra
Aspects is a highly rated and popular company that specializes in gardening products, such as this hummingbird feeder.
This 12-ounce feeder features a built-in wraparound perfect, ant moat and lifetime guarantee.
Rubber stoppers on the feeding ports make it difficult for some hummingbirds to use.
12 ounces
Disc-shape w/ lid and perch
Can be hung or mounted
Lifetime guarantee
First Nature Bird Flower Feeder
First Nature is a renowned brand in the gardening and bird feeder industry, known for its competitively priced, attractive offerings.
This lovely 16-ounce, polymer hummingbird feeder has a lot of awesome features, including ten feeding ports and a built-in ant moat.
It doesn’t include a bee guard, so some users report problems with bees and wasps.
16 ounces
10 yellow flower-shaped ports
Must be hung
Wraparound perch, ant moat

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What is the Best Hummingbird Feeder?

The best hummingbird feeders are durable enough to withstand years of use, are easy to add nectar to and are easy to clean. Aside from price point, the only other factors to consider are the appearance of the hummingbird feeder – whether you like the look of it and it enhances the appearance of the place you plant to put it – and how you plan to mount it. Do you have a hanger for it or does it need to be mounted on a post? We’ve chosen a variety of high-rated hummingbird feeders at different prices and styles with different mounting options so you can find the perfect one.
Our Top Choice
The Perky-Pet Vintage Hummingbird Feeder has been a favorite among hummingbird enthusiasts for years. If you love Perky-Pet’s products but want something more affordable and smaller, take a peek at the Perky-Pet Green Antique Hummingbird Feeder.
Perky-Pet Daisy Vase Vintage Glass Hummingbird Feeder in Red

Perky-Pet Hummingbird Feeder 8133-2

Perky-Pet has been in business for decades for a reason! It continues to produce high-quality, elegant and unique bird feeders that fit any gardener or bird enthusiast’s budget, such as the Perky-Pet Vintage Hummingbird Feeder.

The Perky-Pet Vintage Hummingbird Feeder retails for $19.99. It includes a 24-ounce glass bottle with a ruby-red finish and a copper lid, hanger and base. It features four flower-shaped feeding zones, which have been proven to attract hummingbirds.

This model will instantly enhance the appearance of your yard. Its vintage-style container comes in a beautiful vintage bottle shape that makes it look like something you picked up at a thrift store and reformed into an enchanting feeder. One of our favorite features is its snap base, which can be removed for easy cleaning. Perky-Pet is an industry leader in terms of bird feeders. They produce products for every type of bird, including top-fill feeders, traditional feeders, specialty feeders, oriole feeders and, of course, hummingbird feeders.
Best Value
The More Birds 3-in-1 Hummingbird Feeder is a small, inexpensive model that is perfect for small spaces or anyone new to the joy of hummingbirds. This is just one of More Birds many great products. If you can afford to spend a bit more, take a look at this More Birds Vintage Antique Bottle Hummingbird Feeder.
More Birds Classic Brands 3-in-1 Humming Bird Feeder - 6 Fluid Ounce - Red

More Birds Hummingbird Feeder 30

With a name like More Birds, you can expect More Birds excels at one thing: attracting a wide range of fascinating bird species to your yard. What you may not expect are the diversity of their product line, their great prices, and aesthetically-pleasing designs.

The More Birds 3-in-1 Hummingbird Feeder retails for about $10.00 (though you may see it for less on Amazon!), making it the most affordable option included in our review. Despite its low price, it has a handful of innovative features that you’d expect to find on top-of-the-line models, including our favorite: it’s 3-in-1 mounting option. It can be attached via suction cup to an exterior window, mounted on a post in your garden or yard or hung on a branch or any kind of hook.

We think its small 6-ounce capacity is perfect for a wide range of uses. It’s light enough to easily suction cup to any window in your home, which makes viewing incredibly easy and fun. Or, you could attach it to a post and stick it into a potted plant on your patio. It’s also easy to clean and easy to fill. Perfect!
The Grateful Gnome Caged Pink Flower Hummingbird Feeder is a top-of-the-line feeder made from spectacular hand-blown glass. If you don’t like the look of this hummingbird feeder or want something larger, try the Grateful Gnome Red Glass Bottle Hummingbird Feeder.
Grateful Gnome Hummingbird Feeder - Hand Blown Glass - Caged Pink Flower

Grateful Gnome Hummingbird Feeder HB508

With a motto like “Grateful as our Gnome,” you can expect nothing but the best from Grateful Gnome. Its founders started their company for their son who has Osteogenesis Imperfecta, a disorder that prevents him from going outside, so they decided to bring the beauty of nature to him through their extensive line of bird feeders, many of which attach to windows and can be viewed from inside the home.

The Grateful Gnome Caged Pink Flower Hummingbird Feeder retails for about $22.50. Its body is made from beautiful hand blown glass and holds up to 24 ounces of fluid. It comes with an S-hook for easy hanging.

One of the best features of this hummingbird feeder – aside from its aesthetic appeal – is the fact that it has built-in perches. Most models in this category feature flower-shaped feeding ports, but few have perches beneath them for hummingbirds to rest on. This may not seem like a necessary component, but many hummingbird enthusiasts say that feeders with built-in perches attract more birds than those without.

As we’ve mentioned, Grateful Gnome is passionate about bird feeders. It should come as no surprise then they offer dozens to choose from, many of which are made from hand blown glass or attach to exterior windows for easy viewing.
The Aspects HummZinger Ultra is a small and attractive reasonably priced hummingbird feeder that can hold four birds simultaneously. Are you looking for a hummingbird feeder that attaches to your window? Check out the Aspects Jewel Box Window Hummingbird Feeder.
Aspects Hummzinger Ultra Hummingbird Feeder – 12 Ounce – Available in 3 Pack Sizes

Aspects Hummingbird Feeder 367 – 4 Feeding Ports

Aspects’ extensive line of bird feeders is built with durability in mind. The company prides itself on manufacturing high-quality, reliable bird feeders that will last for a long time and provide consumers with years of bird-watching fun. Sustainability is another one of the company’s top priorities, and they donate a portion of all their sales to various wildlife conservation programs.

For about $12.70, you’ll receive a 12-ounce Aspects HummZinger Ultra and metal hanging rod, though it can also be mounted. This attractive yet simple hummingbird feeder is shaped like a disc with a red top and clear base. The base can easily be removed for cleaning and filling. The top has four ports with decorative flowers to encourage feeding. Each port comes with Aspects’ Nectar-Guard® tips, which prevents bees and other flying insects from drinking the sweet nectar left for your hummingbirds. In some cases, these rubber guards may make it difficult for hummingbirds to feed, but you can cut them to enlarge them.

Attracting hummingbirds and encouraging them to stay is easy with this model because it features a wraparound perch system. It also has a built-in ant moat and is drip-proof and leak-proof. Don’t forget — it has a lifetime guarantee!
The First Nature Hummingbird Flower Feeder is a great value and features ten yellow flower-shaped feeding ports. If you love the fact that this hummingbird feeder has ten ports, but you’d like a different style, you’ll love the First Nature 32-ounce Hummingbird Feeder.
First Nature 16 Ounce Hummingbird Flower Feeder – with 10 Yellow Flower Feeding Ports

First Nature Hummingbird Feeder 993091-446

First Nature is a reputable brand that manufactures everything you’ll ever need to turn your yard into a safe haven and paradise for birds. Its product line includes hummingbird feeders, nectar for hummingbirds, seed feeders, baths and waterers, oriole feeders and much more.

At $9.99, the First Nature Hummingbird Flower Feeder is the lowest-priced feeder we’ve included in our review. Despite its low cost, it includes a bunch of unique features that really add to its value, such as a built-in ant moat and wraparound perch. It holds 16 ounces of nectar and has a wide-mouth reservoir, making this feeder easy to fill and clean.

Unlike other models we’ve reviewed, the First Nature Hummingbird Flower Feeder has ten yellow flower-shaped feeding ports. Your hummingbirds will love all of these options, plus not having to compete with wasps and other flying insects for food. It comes with an S-hook.

Get the Best Hummingbird Feeder of 2017!

Any of the five hummingbird feeders we’ve reviewed today will help attract these little beauties to your yard. Enjoy!

Our Top Choice
Perky-Pet Vintage Hummingbird Feeder
Best Value
More Birds 3-in-1 Hummingbird Feeder
Grateful Gnome Pink Flower Bird Feeder
Aspects HummZinger Ultra
First Nature Bird Flower Feeder