Best Impact Reducing Glove Reviews 2017

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Impact reducing gloves don’t only provide protection. They also offer comfort and dexterity, which makes work easier. They come in different colors and have many features that contribute to creating the ideal working environment. We have reviewed five gloves from some of the best impact reducing glove brands out there. Take a look and decide which one best fits your needs.
Our Top Choice
Mechanix Wear CG Impact Pro Gloves
Mechanix Wear provides its millions of hardworking customers with high-performance protection so they can do their work comfortably and safely.
These gloves are secure, and you can work without fearing they will slip. They have leather fingertips, which increase durability.
One complaint that the top cuff isn’t cut straight across the wrist.
Beige with black accent
Not waterproof
Synthetic leather
Machine washable
Best Value
Ergodyne ProFlex Impact-Reducing Gloves
Ergodyne started producing high-quality gear in 1983. It's now the top choice of people who search for performance and durability in the products they invest in.
These gloves won’t steal your dexterity, because they are made to protect those flexible areas. They offer high protection against cuts, puncture or deflection.
One complaint that you can’t write while wearing the gloves.
Green, orange and black
Armortex with EVA padding
EVA dorsal pad protection
Ironclad Wrenchworx Impact Gloves
Ironclad was born when its founder, Ed Jaeger, saw all the workers at a construction site not wearing gloves. He created ones that offered protection and performance.
The patented gel padding reduces vibrations to the maximum and promises lifetime durability. The gloves maintain dexterity and provide comfort.
One complaint that there is no padding on the fingers.
Black/black and gray
Teflon coating, gel pads
TPR cuff puller
Mad Grip F50 Thunderdome Impact Gloves
Mad Grip created the grip injection technology. Its products offer the maximum protection, durability and comfort needed for hard work.
The gloves provide firm holding due to the dry grip technology. They reduce vibration and offer optimum dexterity.
One complaint that they are not very good with water and oil.
5 color/design options
Not waterproof
Cotton, nylon and spandex
Grip injection technology
Portwest Impact Protection Grip Glove
Portwest has provided workwear, safety footwear, gloves and a full range of PPE for over 100 years. It produces 20 million products each year, and is the top manufacturer in this area.
The gloves provide a safe and secure fit and increased dexterity. They are also great to use when working in water or oil.
One complaint that colors won’t be the same after a few washes.
Orange with yellow & black accent
Hook and loop strap

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What is the Best Impact Reducing Glove?

When deciding to buy impact reducing gloves, you have to consider several things. The best glove depends on the job you have to do. For example, some of the gloves can be used in the water or oil, some permit air circulation, and some have a better grip. Material is also different in different gloves.
Our Top Choice
The Mechanix Wear CG Impact Pro Gloves offer excellent protection when working. They also reduce vibrations. If your budget is a bit smaller, but you still want a good pair of work gloves, check out the Mechanix Wear Material4X Original Gloves. They are available in multiple sizes, and they are machine washable.
Mechanix Wear CG Leather Impact Pro Gloves - Made from Thermal Plastic Rubber, Multiple Sizes Available

Mechanix Wear Impact Reducing Glove CG30-75-010 - Large

Mechanix Wear has a commitment to protecting the millions of hardworking hands in the world. By taking a look beyond classical ideas to innovation, Mechanix Wear became the leader in high performance and workforce protection. Hard workers all around the world who have used Mechanix Wear agree that “it is the tool that fits like a glove.” There are more than 2000 Mechanix Wear products on Amazon, including a pair of tactical gloves that's a Best Seller.

The Mechanix Wear CG Impact Pro Gloves are exactly what you need to keep you safe and comfortable at work. They are made of leather and can be machine washed with no problem. There are reinforcement panels on the palms and padding to relieve the effort felt after using hand tools for a long time. These gloves are also available in five sizes, from small to XXL.

Check out more about this product:
  • TPR impact protection
  • Non-slip
  • Leather fingertips for increased durability
  • XRD palm padding that amortizes vibrations
Best Value
The Ergodyne ProFlex Impact-Reducing Gloves offer maximum protection and you can also use them in bad weather conditions without fearing they will be damaged. They are available in four sizes as well. For lighter protection on the back of the hand, check out the Ergodyne ProFlex Light Dorsal Impact-Reducing Gloves. They have more breathable construction with air mesh to prevent your hands from sweating.
Ergodyne Thermal Waterproof Cut, Puncture & Dorsal Impact-Reducing Gloves - Multiple Sizes Available

Ergodyne Impact Reducing Glove 925CPWP - Large

Ergodyne opened in 1983 and has been creating high-quality, innovative gear ever since. Today, it is the top choice for people who want performance, productivity and durability. It has been awarded 124 global patents and 104 trademarks, and many other innovation and design honors. The employees are dedicated to what they do and work with pleasure. Almost 2400 Ergodyne products are available on Amazon, and all of them have at least three-star ratings; most of them have four or five. There are many Ergodyne best sellers as well, including wind-resistant masks and glove grabbers.

The Ergodyne ProFlex Impact-Reducing Gloves provide improved protection against cutting or puncturing while maintaining optimum dexterity and comfort. They are a real help in bad weather conditions because of their thermal and waterproof properties. Best of all, these gloves are also available in four sizes, from small to XXL.

Their features include:
  • Increased cut and puncture protection
  • EVA padding
  • TPR impact protection around wrist, fingers and carpal bone
  • Protection against pinch and deflection
  • Offers high dexterity by protecting the flexible areas
The Ironclad Wrenchworx Impact Gloves have patented gel palm padding for reducing fatigue and vibrations, and come in two different styles. If you want gloves made mostly from leather, check out the Ironclad Heavy Utility Gloves, which have synthetic leather palms and finger sidewalls. These gloves also have rubberized knuckles for increased impact protection.
Ironclad Wrenchworx Impact Gloves with Gel Palm Pads - Multiple Sizes Available

Ironclad Impact Reducing Gloves WWI2-04-L - Large

Ironclad was founded in 1997 when Ed Jaeger was asked to help on a construction site and saw the workers without any gloves, despite the fact that they had to use dangerous tools. When he asked them why they weren’t wearing any gloves, they said that the existing gloves on the market were all very bulky and hot, and they couldn’t get the job done with them. Ed Jaeger decided to produce a glove that offered protection and performance. He now owns 74 patents and trademarks worldwide and has invented new technologies that exist in every Ironclad glove. Many Ironclad gloves are available on Amazon.

The Ironclad Wrenchworx Impact Gloves have gel padding in the most functional palm areas to reduce fatigue and any other risks of damage. This patented gel padding is made to reduce vibrations and promises lifetime durability. These gloves are also available in six sizes, from X-small to XX-large.

Check out their other characteristics:
  • Available in two styles: only black, and black and gray
  • Ergonomic gel padding
  • Maximum dexterity and comfort
  • Oil- and water-resistant
  • Secure fit with TPR cuff puller
The Mad Grip F50 Thunderdome Impact Gloves are constructed with patented grip injection technology, which provides firm holding, dexterity and comfort. They also come in five different colors. If you want even stronger gloves, try the Mad Grip F100 Thunderdome Impact Gloves, which are also available in numerous sizes and colors.
Mad Grip F50 Thunderdome Impact Gloves - Available in Multiple Colors and Sizes

Mad Grip Impact Reducing Glove OMG10F5 – Red/Black, Large

Mad Grip has brought innovation and performance to the market with its patented grip injection technology. The Mad Grip gloves promise protection, durability and comfort, all at an affordable price. They’ve got you covered even if you need it for hard work, fixing your car or for protection at the oil rig. There are some Mad Grip gloves available on Amazon as well, and most of them are high-rated and have good reviews.

The Mad Grip F50 Thunderdome Impact Gloves offer comfort and dexterity for the entire day at work, due to the grip injection technology and seamless design. Blisters and fatigue won’t be a problem anymore because of the grip and cushioning on the palms, which confer maximum control without any risks.

Other features of these gloves include:
  • Available in five colors: red/black, black, gray/black, high vis orange, high vis yellow
  • Grip for firm holding of tools
  • Reduces vibrations
  • Dry grip technology
The Portwest Impact Protection Grip Gloves provide maximum protection against injuries, and also have a seamless construction. The palms of these gloves are also dipped to enhance dexterity. If you are not a fan of vivid colors, take a look at the black and gray Portwest A722 Anti Impact Cut Resistant Glove. These gloves have a hook and loop strap for increased safety and secure fit, and a layer that offers maximum protection in water or oil contact.
Portwest Impact Protection Grip Glove with Hook and Loop Strap - Made from Breathable Material

Portwest Impact Reducing Glove A721 - Large

Portwest was founded more than 100 years ago. It is now a top workwear, safety footwear, gloves and full range of PPE manufacturer that produces more than 20 million products per year. While offering competitive prices, Portwest provides quality, safety and comfort at the same time. Portwest has almost 4000 products on Amazon, such as rain jackets, rain trousers, hard hats, gloves, and vests. One of its rain trousers is actually a best seller on Amazon.

The Portwest Impact Protection Grip Gloves provide vital protection against injuries when working. These gloves use the TPR POD technology in order to provide maximum protection. They also have a seamless construction and are 100% breathable.

Check out their other features:
  • Palm padding
  • Safe and secure fit
  • Optimum grip in water or oil
  • Increased dexterity

Get the Best Impact Reducing Glove of 2017!

These impact reducing gloves have been specially designed for people who have a lot of hard work to do and who need to stay protected. Stop using gloves that have other purposes, and make your job easier and more enjoyable with these impact reducing gloves!

Our Top Choice
Mechanix Wear CG Impact Pro Gloves
Best Value
Ergodyne ProFlex Impact-Reducing Gloves
Ironclad Wrenchworx Impact Gloves
Mad Grip F50 Thunderdome Impact Gloves
Portwest Impact Protection Grip Glove