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Some woodworkers think that purchasing a jointer is a luxury, but it’s actually a godsend. You start with a piece of wood with rugged edges, turn it on its side, and run it over the planer’s spinning knives, and the stock that comes out is amazing. You get a smooth, planed edge. You should invest in a good jointer if you want to carry out neat work on your project. Luckily, we have done the research on your behalf, coming up with 5 top jointers by top brands to help you get the right fit.
Our Top Choice
Jet JJ-8HH Wood Jointer
Jet offers customer-specific solutions by producing quality woodworking and metalworking products. The Jet JJ-8HH is an 8-inch beast powerful enough to handle complicated projects.
Powerful. Quiet operation. Easy and accurate corrections.
A bit expensive because of the high-end features.
Best Value
Powermatic 54HH Wood Jointer
Powermatic uses only the best and highest-grade materials to make its power tools. The 54HH jointer is a 6-inch machine with 1HP for smoother and quieter cuts.
Great power. Smooth and quiet. High-performance fence system. Good value for money.
Cannot handle delicate woodwork projects.
General International Wood Jointer
General International is a pioneer in making high-quality metalworking and woodworking tools. The Parallelogram Wood Jointer is compact in size and has a cutting speed of 500 rmp.
Impeccable cutting speed. Large table size. Allows for parallel alignment.
An expensive model because of the compact size and immense power.
Grizzly Wood Jointer
Since its founding over 3 decades ago, Grizzly has grown to become one of the most popular machinery companies in the US. The Grizzly G0675 boasts 6500 rmp and a 2-1/2HP motor.
Incredible cutting speed. More affordable. Good motor power. Planer and jointer combo.
Only 2 cutting knives.
Delta Corporation MIDI Wood Jointer
Delta Power Equipment Corporation boasts 90 years of solid experience in the woodworking industry. The MIDI-Bench Wood Jointer is affordable and made for basic projects.
Compact and lightweight. Cast-iron construction. Affordable. Good depth cut.
Less powerful motor. Low cutting speed.

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What is the Best Jointer?

Most jointers can cost a pretty penny, and it would be wise knowing what you want first before you spend your hard-earned dollars. If you are a professional doing large projects, you will do fine with an 8-inch jointer, but if you only handle simple woodwork projects in your garage, then a 6-inch one will suffice. There are also 12-inch jointers that are meant for industrial applications. We have included a range of sizes, considering factors such as cuts per minute, power of the motor, surface area, total weight of the unit, and, of course, the budget.
Our Top Choice
The Jet JJ-8HH features a powerful 2-horsepower motor that runs smoothly and quietly, allowing it to make easy and precise corrections. Beyond what you can afford? Check out the JJ-6CSDX 6-Inch 1 HP Jointer with Quick-Set Knive System and enjoy great power as well. Although much smaller (6 inches), this machine costs much less.
Jet JJ-8HH Jointer Planer 8-Inch Helical Head

Jet Jointer JJ-8HH

Jet is a leading manufacturer in woodworking and metalworking products. It is committed to live up to its promises as a manufacturer all customers can depend on. We had a good reason to go with Jet as our top brand, because it’s a well-known company, and it looks to the future to produce more innovative products.

Hand tools have been of much help for a long time, but it’s time to upgrade your tools and get the Jet JJ-8HH jointer. The machine boasts a 2HP motor that runs smoothly and quietly, allowing you to make accurate and easy corrections. It also features a two-way tilting fence and two positive stops (45-degree and 90-degree), making the bevel operations even smoother.

Retailing at $1,945.80, the 8-inch Jet JJ-8HH is the ideal tool for both woodwork hobbyists and those who undertake complex woodwork projects. Here are the features it offers:
  • Heavy-duty steel closed stand that comes with mounting bars to enhance stability
  • Helical cutterhead designed with carbide inserts to deliver a quieter cut and superior finish
  • A powerful 2HP motor that easily handles even some of the toughest jointing tasks
  • Center fence controls that are conveniently mounted, allowing for quick adjustments
  • Heavy-duty adjustment hand wheel made with a locking knob and large enough to handle most corrections
  • Built-in dust chute for efficient chip/dust disposal
Best Value
The 54HH Wood Jointer comes with four-sided knife inserts, 1HP and a quick adjustment level for top performance. Power not enough for what you need? Want a bigger jointer with extra-long tables? Get the 60HH 8-Inch 2 HP 1-Phase Jointer with Helical Cutterhead. We know you will love it!
Powermatic 54HH Jointer Planer 6-Inch with Helical Cutterhead

Powermatic Jointer 54HH

Powermatic was founded by Leonard F. Smith in 1921. He was in the business of selling timber at that time, but later made his dream come true by making a planing machine in his workshop. This product turned out to be his foundation, and today his brand has made waves in the jointer market thanks to the quality machines the company manufactures.

The 54HH jointer comes with a helical cutterhead with a total of 40 four-sided indexable knife inserts, providing quieter operation and superior finish compared to the traditional cutterheads. Once they are installed, these inserts do not need any adjustment, since oversized outfeed and infeed tables are perfectly mounted on the dovetailed ways.

Retailing at $1,392.54, this beast delivers a great punch. With its 1HP motor, the 54HH will handle a wide range of woodwork projects. Here’s what’s it has in store for you:
  • 4 in-ports to collect dust
  • Helical cutterhead equipped with four-sided knife inserts, providing a smooth and quiet cut
  • 66-inch adjustable outfeed and infeed tables to allow for more working space
  • A push button switch that can be locked to avoid any accidental starting
  • Extra-long 38-inch 2-way tilting fence to provide quick position for bevel cuts and 90 degrees
  • 1 HP motor for enough power
  • A sturdy base made of an enlarged metal sheet
The Parallelogram Wood Jointer is one of the most powerful jointers on the market, yet it’s lightweight. It has a 3HP motor and a 500 rmp cutting speed, making it great for professional woodworkers. Want an larger model for industrial use? Wait until you see the power of the 16-Inch Planer and Jointer 5HP. Get it today and work through any project!
General International Parallelogram Jointer Planer M1 8-Inch

General International Jointer 80-225HC

General International is a global brand operating from Montreal, Tennessee. It specializes in the design, manufacture and wholesale distribution of machinery, providing its loyal customers with professional industrial solutions. If you're looking to own a good jointer, you will love the durability and quality that comes with General International’s machines.

A jointer doesn’t have to be big and occupy lots of space to deliver. If you have a small workshop where space is at a premium and you need a high-end jointer, then you'll love the Parallelogram Wood Jointer. This machine is compact in size, but comes with a cutter head speed of up to 5000 rpm. Just as the name suggests, this 8-inch beast does what most jointers can’t – it allows for quick and easy parallel alignment of both out-feed and in-feed table to each other and the cutter head.

With a machine of this caliber, you will expect to dig deeper into your pockets to own it. Here are some of the reasons the Parallelogram Wood Jointer has a price tag of $6,424 on Amazon, and here's why every professional woodworker should have it:
  • A large surface and ground tables made of cast iron to offer much-needed stability and support, especially when feeding the longer stocks
  • Helical cutter head
  • 4-point parallelogram table adjustment to allow for easy alignment
  • A convenient front-to-back fence hand wheel for easy adjustment
  • 2 push blocks with a hand-paddle style
  • Larger center-mounted fence made of cast iron with three positive stops – 45 degrees, 90 degrees and 135 degrees
  • A magnetic safety switch that’s strategically mounted for quick and easy access
  • 4-inch dust collection port
The Grizzly G0675 is one of the newest additions to the Grizzly line of jointers. It features a 2-1/2HP motor and a cutting speed of up to 6500 rmp. Need just a planer for about half the price? Check out the Grizzly G0505 12-1\/2-Inch Planer. We have no doubt you will love it!
Grizzly Jointer Planer Combo 10-Inch

Grizzly Jointer G0675

Grizzly opened its doors in 1983, and since then it has enjoyed great reception from customers who need machinery. Today, the company offers a number of products, ranging from table saws and planers to lathes and mills. Whether you are looking for woodworking machines or their metalworking counterparts, there’s no doubt you can trust Grizzly.

If you don’t have lots of money to spend on a jointer, but still cannot sacrifice when it comes to cutting speed, motor power and compact size, then the Grizzly G0675 is the machine to go for. Why do we say that? This jointer packs a 2-1/2HP motor and an incredible 6500 rmp of cutting speed. As if that wasn’t enough, Grizzly has given you a 10-inch capacity, which is more than you might need to handle most woodwork projects.

Here are some of the features that made us love this model and include it in our list:
  • 2 HSS cutterhead knives
  • Head sliding rails with gab plates that are fully adjustable
  • Weighs only 378 lbs, so it won’t be difficult moving it around in your workshop
  • Delivers a maximum cut depth of 3/16-inch for the planer and 1/8-inch for the jointer
  • An incredible cutterhead speed of 6500 rpm
The MIDI-Bench Jointer is made for woodwork hobbyists who don’t specify the motor power and cutting speed. It is much more affordable, yet it does the job as well as other jointers of its caliber. Want a simple thickness planer as well? Get the 22-555 13 In Portable Thickness Planer and get your project going!
Delta Power Equipment Corporation MIDI-Bench Jointer Planer 6-Inch

Delta Power Equipment Corporation Jointer 37-071

This company was known as Delta before it was sold to Chang Type Industrial, LLC, in 2011. The brand name was changed to Delta Power Equipment Corporation. The experienced staff was allowed to stay, and the well-kept secret in manufacturing machinery was retained too. The new company input its skills and knowledge to make its productions ever better and more innovative. Its jointers are proof that the company has not disappointed us.

The MIDI-Bench Wood Jointer is the most affordable model on our list, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t deliver as well as its expensive counterparts. In fact, for just $399.99, this machine comes with a deep enough cut, measuring up to 1/8 inches to give you more precise cuts. Better yet, it features a cast iron construction for durability and stability, and an easy fence system that has two adjustable positive stops (90 degrees and 45 degrees).

If you are on a tight budget, the MIDI-Bench Wood Jointer should be at the top of your list. Here are more features you are likely to enjoy:
  • Comes with 2 push blocks to allow for easy and safe movement of materials
  • Precision cuts and long-term accuracy
  • A built-in dust blower that helps eject chips, eliminating clogged dust
  • 20,000 cuts per minute
  • 12 A motor
  • 6-inch jointer
  • Aluminum cutterhead designed with 2 knives

Get the Best Jointer Today!

As you can see from our reviews, jointers can surely be rewarding, but they can be confusing at the same time. With the information provided, we believe it is now easy to compare and get the right jointer for your project. Take another good look at our selections and pick one that suits you. We are happy to have offered a helping hand to make your purchase a hassle-free one.

Our Top Choice
Jet JJ-8HH Wood Jointer
Best Value
Powermatic 54HH Wood Jointer
General International Wood Jointer
Grizzly Wood Jointer
Delta Corporation MIDI Wood Jointer