Best Keg Tap Reviews 2017

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A keg tap is a great acquisition for a party because it makes filling glasses easier and also adds a touch of style to the party. It can be used in other situations as well, so you can use it outside the party; the pump is pretty useful around the house too. We picked 5 great ones from some of the best keg tap brands out there. Take a look at them and decide which one best fits your needs.
Good for
Our Top Choice
Taprite Bronco Compact Keg Pump
Taprite has been preferred by many of the soft drink and beer brand leaders out there for 75 years.
It is portable and compactly sized which makes it easy to transport. It has a pressure release vent in order to prevent foaming caused by over pumping.
One complaint that the spring comes out sometimes.
Portable party pump
2 pounds
Sturdy metal
Most American/Canadian beers
Best Value
Krome Dispense D-System Keg Tap
Krome Dispense is a brand owned by Pacific Merchants, a family business started in 1998, which by then specialized in plumbing, pipe fitting, and more.
It has a durable stainless steel construction. It comes with a pressure release valve which eliminates foaming.
One complaint that it is a little heavy.
Keg tap coupler
1.4 pounds
Stainless steel
Most domestic beers
Chill Passion Ubertap Keg Tap
Chill Passion manufactures beverage-dispensing items. They developed the Ubertap from the need to create a product which passes the boundaries in performance.
It has 3 faucets which can be used at the same time. It works 5 times faster than a traditional pump and can be used easily due to the foot pump.
One complaint that the foot pump can get a little squeaky.
Foot pump
5.9 pounds
Stainless steel and tin-nickel
Most North American beers
Draft Warehouse Keg Tap
Draft Warehouse is glad to say that it’s committed to providing qualitative draft beer supplies suitable for commercial and personal use.
It is a good investment because it has a durable construction and is easy to assemble.
One complaint that the seals are not so great.
Party pump
3 pounds
Most domestic beers
Kegco Ergonomic Keg Tap
Kegco manufactures beer-dispensing and preservation products which are quality-tested and built to last. Kegco’s goal is to produce practical and functional items.
It has a click lever handle which makes it more practical than others. It is made of stainless steel which makes it durable and more hygienic at the same time.
One complaint that it was hard to install.
Keg tap coupler
1.3 pounds
Stainless steel
Most domestic beers

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What is the Best Keg Tap?

When thinking about buying a keg tap for your party, it may seem pretty simple, but there are actually many factors to take into consideration. Every pump is different; some have more faucets which make them more efficient, some are more durable considering the material they are made of, some are easy transport, and so on. Let’s begin with a great model from a renowned brand and see what benefits it has!
Our Top Choice
The Taprite Bronco Keg Pump is great for taking with you to a party and comes in a compact size and a pleasant, innovative design. If you want to throw a big party, we recommend you try the Taprite Bronco Multi-Tap Keg Pump which has 4 faucets and can supply 4 beers at a time. It comes already assembled, is compactly sized, and reduces the lines for beer, so your guests won’t have to wait long for their drink anymore.
Taprite Bronco Keg Pump - Prevents Overpumping, Easy to Clean, Made in USA

Taprite Keg Tap PP601

Taprite was founded 75 years ago and has been known as the most preferred supplier for the top soft drink and beer brands in the world ever since. Taprite is owned by Aalberts Industries, the greatest producer of CO2 regulators for the beverage industry around the world. Taprite is committed to bring quality, innovative technology, and design to its customers. Its commitment made it the number one choice when it comes to professionalism. Taprite has almost 100 high-rated products on Amazon, including pressure regulators, keg pumps, cleaning kits, and many others.

The Taprite Bronco Keg Pump is a portable pump, which makes it great for a party. Considering its compact size you can easily take it with you without feeling weighed down. It comes with a pressure release vent which prevents foaming that can appear when over-pumping.

Check out its other characteristics:
  • Base made of sturdy metal.
  • High air volume.
  • Lever handle.
  • Easy cleaning using water.
Best Value
The Beer Keg Tap from Krome Dispense is a really handy item at home for beer-dispensing and is a lifetime investment considering its durable construction. If you are looking for something even more suitable tap for heavy-duty usage, take a look at the Krome Dispense Keg Tap It comes with a pressure release valve, has a stainless steel body and probe, and has a pull handle so it’s easier to use.
Krome Dispense Beer Keg Tap - Incorporates Coupler, Stainless Steel Body and Stainless Steel Probe

Krome Dispense Keg Tap – Stainless Steel

Pacific Merchants is a family-owned business which was founded in 1998 and it specializes in trading, plumbing, pipe fitting, and others on the international market. At this moment, the company has a “Krome Dispense” brand which is renowned for its high reputation in producing beer-dispensing and home brewing equipment. There are more than 450 products from Krome Dispense available on Amazon at its clients'’ disposal.

The Beer Keg Tap Coupler is really handy when it comes to beer-dispensing. Its construction is made of stainless steel and it has a heavy, durable body. The pressure release valve eliminates the foaming caused by over-pumping.

Let’s find out more:
  • Sleek handle
  • Pressure release valve
  • D System
  • Body and probe made of stainless steel
  • Heavy-duty usage
The Ubertap Multi Faucet Keg Tap from Chill Passion makes parties great again! It works fast and permits dispensing from 3 faucets at a time. If your budget is less flexible, check out the Heavy Duty Draft Beer Keg Tap. It is great for parties and other events, and is made to last. It has a stainless steel body, a nickel plated base, and it comes with a tube and a plastic faucet.
Chill Passion Multi Faucet Keg Tap - Incorporates Foot Pump and Chrome D-System, Made in USA

Chill Passion Keg Tap 3FKT

Chill Passion is a company from Schaumburg, Illinois which manufactures beverage-dispensing products. The Ubertap concept was developed in order to create a product to exceed the boundaries of performance and user experience. Some of the Chill Passion products are available for sale on Amazon, such as fillers, keg taps, beer towers, foot pumps, and more.

The Ubertap Multi Faucet Keg Tap is the most efficient pump on the current market. If you want to throw a party, this is exactly what you need! It comes with a foot pump and has more faucets which will make the annoying lines disappear and provide a better flow of beer. Its design is smart and has a solid construction which makes it durable and ideal for a gift or use at home.

Let’s see more of its features:
  • Dispenses beer much faster than traditional pumps which results in less waiting time for clients
  • Pump beer by foot, leaving your hands free for other activities
  • D System
  • Lever handle and probe plated with tin-nickel
The Draft Warehouse Beer Party Pump is ideal for parties or other events. It has a durable construction which makes it a great investment, and it is really easy to get up-and-running. If you need more pumps for your party, check out the Draft Warehouse Beer Faucet. It has a package option of 1 or 2 products and it’s more profitable if you buy it this way. Its high-quality components are made of chrome-plated brass and it comes with a faucet knob.
Draft Warehouse D-System Beer Party Pump - American Sankey, High Quality Construction

Draft Warehouse Keg Tap DW5386

Draft Warehouse is eager to provide quality through its draft beer supplies dedicated to commercial and personal use. Their products have reasonable prices, so everybody can afford them. They are renowned for their quality and performance, and are used in bars, stadiums, breweries, and many other industries. Draft Warehouse has a guarantee for every product and will repair or replace any defective part to offer the best customer service. Draft Warehouse gladly enjoys a share of 150 products on Amazon.

The Draft Warehouse D-System Beer Party Pump is used to tap most US or Canadian beer kegs. It is ideal for parties or other events where the lines for beer become endless. Its pump and coupler are made of metal, which makes it a product built to last. Additionally, this product is suitable for most domestic beers and it can be set up very quickly.

Let’s see more of its features:
  • Durable construction
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • D system
  • Made of metal, so it will last for years
The Kegco Keg Tap is D System-compatible and more practical than others because of its innovative click lever handle. If you need a narrower and longer probe, the Kegco European Beer Keg Tap might be what you are looking for. This S System keg tap was built with stainless steel for maximum durability and hygiene. It has a lever handle and a stainless steel handle fork which makes it more durable than most other keg taps.
Kegco D System Keg Coupler - Black Lever Click Handle and Stainless Steel Probe

Kegco Keg Tap KC KTS97D-W

Kegco is the flagship brand of Cydea, Inc., the top innovator in the beer-dispensing and preservation industry. Kegco products are quality- tested and made to last for many years. Their purpose is to create products which are practical, functional, and beautifully designed. Kegco is also focused on providing great customer service and is available for customers before, during, and even after they make their purchase. Out of more than 300 products Kegco has available on Amazon, there are some bestsellers such as a beer keg tap and 6-gallon glass.

The Kegco KC D-System Keg Tap is an ideal choice for beer-dispensing. It has a stainless steel construction which provides maximum durability and makes it very easy to clean. It has a lever handle which is clicked up and down in order to stimulate the keg, which makes it more practical than most lever handles.

Check out its other features:
  • D System compatible
  • Click lever handle
  • Made of stainless steel, and resistant to chemicals which makes more hygienic
  • Pressure Release Valve incorporated

Get the Best Keg Tap of 2017!

These keg taps are designed to make beer dispensing easier and more enjoyable. Forget about the lines at the party or the annoying times when you were struggling to take the beer out of the barrel, with one of the keg taps we have prepared for you in this review!

Our Top Choice
Taprite Bronco Compact Keg Pump
Best Value
Krome Dispense D-System Keg Tap
Chill Passion Ubertap Keg Tap
Draft Warehouse Keg Tap
Kegco Ergonomic Keg Tap