Best Kitchen Cutting Board Reviews 2017

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Believe it or not, but even things as innocuous as shopping for a kitchen cutting keyboard can turn into a nightmare, mostly due to the vast choice of boards. Of course, the problem is made worse if you don’t know which brands to trust, but fear not! We did the research for you, and will now present the results for you to read at leisure.
Size (inches)
Board Care
Our Top Choice
John Boos 1.5-inch Maple R-Board – Reversible
You’ve probably never taken notice of the name on your kitchen cutting board, but chances are that you’ve owned a John Boos cutting board at some point in time, especially if it’s a wooden one.
Solid wood, stable, ideal for cutting and chopping. Beeswax finish makes cleaning easier, and wood helps knives keep their edge. Reversible. Comes in three sizes.
Requires regular oiling, making the maintenance somewhat of a drag. No juice groove on either side.
Maple Wood
18x12x1.5, 20x15x1.5, 24x18x1.5
Hand wash and oil
Best Value
Seville Classics Bamboo Cutting Board
With over three and a half decades of experience under their collective belt, Seville Classics have a thing or two to say about innovation in home organization.
Solid bamboo board itself requires no cleaning. The cutting mats are dishwasher safe and color-coded for various foods. Pretty lightweight and stable. Pretty sanitary.
The mats are aesthetically pleasing, but also pretty thin. The concept is great, but the execution could’ve been better.
Dishwasher safe cutting mats
Natural/Color-coded mats
Catskill Craftsmen Pro Series Reversible
Wizards in working wood, the Catskill Craftsmen Company can make anything from cabinets to tables, and their kitchen cutting boards are nothing short of eye-catching.
Solid slab, ideal for cutting and chopping. The wood helps knives keep the edge. Reversible, plain on one side, juice groove on the other. Made in the USA.
Requires lots of maintenance, regular oiling and cleaning. The finish could also be finer.
20x16x1.5, 24x18x1.5, 30x20x1.5
Hand wash
Sunlife Brands Enviroboard
Sunlife Brands advertise themselves as quality products for quality living and we tend to agree wholeheartedly. Another apt description would be clean products for clean living.
Germ free. Microwave friendly for 100% sanitization. FDA and BPA approved. Elastic, prevents scratches and gouges. Backed by a 30-day Money Back Guarantee.
Tends to not sit flat on the countertop due to folding. Could be bigger. Shallow groove.
Dishwasher safe; Microwave safe
OXO Utility Cutting Board
OXO currently sells over a thousand products, each of which is an exercise in utility and universality. Their designs are simple, yet innovative, and will make your life easier.
Just the right size. Easy cleaning, no maintenance. Smooth. Good value.
Four pegs that prevent it from sliding and raise the board off the countertop.
Dishwasher safe
White and black/White and red

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What is the Best Kitchen Cutting Board?

If you’ve ever used a cutting board, then you know how useful it is, and if you haven’t – get one! The best cutting board is the one you feel most comfortable with. It will be of decent size, it will not cost more than a kitchen knife, and it will be easy to clean. Additionally, some materials will even help your knife keep its edge - preferably, these are the ones you’d want.
Our Top Choice
Not only is the R01 a professional-grade cutting board, it’s also FDA-approved, so you can enjoy peace of mind in that respect. The solid maple wood makes for a great combination of stability and portability. If, however, you’d like another, brighter color, you could try the CHY-R01 Cherry Wood Cutting Board.
John Boos R01 Maple Wood Edge Grain Reversible Cutting Board, 18 Inches x 12 Inches x 1.5 Inches

John Boos Kitchen Cutting Board - Wooden

From the woods to your kitchen countertop, the John Boos brand keeps it green. It’s interesting to note that their first product was a stool for an anvil, a solid slab of sycamore on three legs. The local butcher saw the item and liked it, and the rest is, as they say, is history. From those founding days right up to the present, the John Boos brand has excelled in making wooden kitchen cutting boards.

One of the most successful products in company’s repertoire is certainly the inch-and-a-half thick R01 Maple wood cutting board. The board has edge grain maple construction with a cream finish, which makes it very easy on your knives, but also all that much more difficult to maintain. Unlike plastic boards, the R01’s wooden construction helps your knives keep their edge, but you have to oil it regularly to keep it in working condition. The manufacturer sells a selection of board cream and board oil. Although you could use something else, the manufacturer’s proprietary creams and oils are best suited to the job. Just apply them evenly, wait until the board’s absorbed enough, and then wipe off the excess.

Down below you’ll see a list of the R01’s main features.
  • Solid Maple wood board, ideal for heavy duty cutting
  • Wooden material helps knives keep the edge
  • Features handgrips on the sides for ease of transport
  • Reversible, but without juice groove
  • Requires regular maintenance, hand wash and oiling
This is not a standalone product, as there’s a whole line of maple kitchen cutting boards of varying sizes. All of these, however, have the same thickness of 1.5 inches, differing only in their length and width. This board is the smallest of the three sizes, so if you feel its dimensions are inadequate you can always go up.
If you’re on the hunt for a versatile butcher’s block, the Catskill Craftsmen Pro Series Cutting Board is what you need, though the price lives up to its label – Pro. For those of you who make fine distinctions and like to have special boards for different tasks, there’s the equally great flat grain 6-part Ultimate Chef’s Set.
Catskill Craftsmen 30-Inch Pro Series Reversible Cutting Board with Groove (1.5-inch thick, edge grained with oil finish, reversible with juice groove)

Catskill Craftsmen Kitchen Cutting Board ## Wooden

Catskill Craftsmen are you’re go-to company for all your wood furniture and wood accessory needs. Whatever you need cabinets, tables, cutting boards or complete work centers, Catskill Craftsmen will be able to provide a finely crafted specimen. As noted earlier, they are real wizards when it comes to working with wood, so the prices correspond, but rest assured you’ll feel where every penny went.

The Pro Series Cutting Board from Catskill Craftsmen is as versatile as cutting boards get. On one side, you have a plain chopping block for all your frozen meats and whatnots, and on the other there’s a juice groove for if you’re cutting something succulent. The board is made of solid American hardwood, one-and-a-half-inch thick, and able to withstand some beating (within reason, of course). It’s got edge grain with oiled finish, which is helpful because it helps your knives keep the edge. On the flip side, it’s a bit coarse and requires regular oiling and lots of maintenance.

These are some of the main features of the Catskill Craftsmen Pro Cutting Board
  • Solid American hardwood, durable
  • Edge grain with oiled finish, easy on your knives
  • Reversible design, plain on one side, juice groove on the other
If you need a reliable cutting board and are ready to shell out some extra cash, Catskill Craftsmen Pro Series is the thing for you. It may cost a wee bit more than the majority of its competition, but it’s a worthwhile investment. Measuring 20 x 30 inches and being 1.5-inch thick, this board is able to withstand lots of punishment, but it’s quite hefty. If you feel you might need something smaller, you should know then that it’s a part of a line of products and that there are two smaller variants. They’re even easier on the budget.
If you really need to have your food germ free and prevent microbes or odors from spreading around your kitchen, then the Enviroboard is your friend. But, if you happen to have a problem with its shape (it’s a bit curvy), you could try Sunlife’s Non-Slip Flexible Plastic Cutting Boards. It’s basically the same product, but in a different shape.
Sunlife Enviroboard - Antimicrobial Cutting Board 3 Set - 100% Microwave Sterilization & Bonus Microwave Lid Cover

Sunlife Brands Kitchen Cutting Board ## Plastic

If you’re a health enthusiast, then Sunlife Brands’ products might sit well with you. As the company advertises, these are quality products for quality life, and they range from cutting boards to shakers and other various kitchen utensils. No kitchen can call itself germ-free until there’s a Sunlife in there.

The Enviroboard is the perfect embodiment of the company’s goals – a quality product for germ-free life. To be clear, the Enviroboard is advertised as completely microbe-free and it’s one of those rare cases where there’s no need for small print disclaimers. Every time you plan to use your Enviroboard, simply put it into your microwave and wait until it’s sanitized. Moreover, the compound the board is made of prevents bacteria growth as an added measure of keeping it sanitary.

Here are the main features of the Enviroboard.
  • Microwavable sterilization and anti-bacterial cutting surface
  • Odor-resistant
  • 100% recyclable
  • Features embedded holes for holding
  • Elastic and slightly curved in shape
The Enviroboard is a completely new take on kitchen cutting boards. Not only is the board made from natural compounds that discourage bacterial growth, but it’s also made to be put inside a microwave oven and sterilized as if it were a medical implement.
If you prefer plastic cutting boards to wooden ones and you want to get your money’s worth, then the OXO Utility Board is just the thing for you. Alternatively, if you think you could do with a smaller-sized board, try their Prep Cutting Board.
OXO Good Grips Utility Cutting Board (polypropylene, 10.5 x 14.5)

OXO Kitchen Cutting Board ## Plastic

OXO doesn’t exactly do anything groundbreaking. Their products are simply the result of careful observation of everyday things, and small ways to improve them. Sometimes they prove to be large leaps, sometimes small steps, but in the end, what you get is a product that makes your life that much easier, whether it was a measuring cup or a cutting board.

The Utility Cutting Board does exactly what it says on the tin – provides you with a decent-sized flat surface on which to cut whatever needs be cut. Being plastic, it will blunt your knives a bit faster than its wooden counterparts would, but on the flip side, its surface is not susceptible to mold, it’s anti-bacterial, and, most importantly, it’s completely dishwasher safe. It will collect some stains and scratches, as it’s only normal, but not before a good long while of thorough use. It’s not overwhelmingly large, but it’s fairly big, with enough room for a whole chicken, probably even a medium-sized turkey.

Down here you can see a list of some of the main features of the OXO Utility Board.
  • Made from nonporous and odor-resistant thermoplastic polymer
  • Reversible design, plain on one side, with juice groove on the other
  • Soft and tapered handles, for comfortable and secure handling and carrying
  • Non-slip edges for secure positioning
If you don’t want to suffer all through hand-washing your cutting board and want to get by cheap, then get a plastic OXO. Specifically, choose the OXO Utility Cutting Board, as it is the largest in its line. There are two other variants, the Prep Board and the Carving Board, both progressively smaller. Whichever you choose, you should get a few years of faithful service before needing to replace them and not a day will you have to worry about being forced to clean them by hand.

Get the Best Kitchen Cutting Board of 2017!

There you have it – the recipe for a perfect kitchen cutting board. Remember, whether you go for a wooden, plastic, tempered glass or some other type of cutting board, always play it safe. More importantly, don’t take maintenance too lightly and clean it as soon as you’re done with it, it’ll keep the board hygienic for long term use.

Our Top Choice
John Boos 1.5-inch Maple R-Board – Reversible
Best Value
Seville Classics Bamboo Cutting Board
Catskill Craftsmen Pro Series Reversible
Sunlife Brands Enviroboard
OXO Utility Cutting Board