Best Kitchen Scale Reviews 2017

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A trusty food scale can make it easy to perfect your favorite recipes, track your diet or weigh packages. The best kitchen scales are highly accurate, easy to operate and may include advanced features such as unit conversions and the ability to weigh objects while subtracting the weight of the container they're in. We chose 5 reliable scale options to choose from so you can find one that fits your needs and your budget.
Our Top Choice
Ozeri Pronto Digital Kitchen Scale
Ozeri specializes in advanced digital products for the home. This scale is advanced and easy to use, making it ideal for any kitchen.
Accurate. Weights up to 11 pounds. 2-button operation. Tare button to calculate net weight (without container). Instant unit conversion.
A small number of users were shipped a defective unit, but quickly got a working one.
Up to 11 pounds
8 Colors Available
2 AAA Batteries
Batteries Included
Best Value
1byone Digital Display Kitchen Scale
1byone is a forward-thinking tech company looking to make people's lives smarter and easier. This low-consumption scale offers a variety of advanced functions.
Quick conversion. Fast calibration. Auto-zero. Tare function. Low power consumption.
Some users say their unit is accurate to about .03 oz. instead of .01 oz.
Up to 11 pounds
Metal and Plastic
2 AAA Batteries
Batteries Included
OXO Digital Pull-Out Food Scale
OXO is committed to advanced, universal products to fit every user. This high-end kitchen scale is ideal for seasoned chefs and tasks that demand precision.
Highly accurate. Pull-out display so you can see under large plates. Zero function. Backlight. Large display. 11 lb. capacity.
On the expensive side, but the accuracy makes up for it.
Up to 11 pounds
Stainless Steel
Silver and Black
4 AAA Batteries
Pull-Out Display, Batteries
Smart Weigh Digital Kitchen Scale
Smart Weigh specializes in high-precision scales for homes and businesses. This digital scale is simple and highly accurate, making it ideal for a variety of uses.
Highly precise. Lightweight. Blue backlit LCD display. Large platform and removable bowl.
You'll need to calibrate this scale with a weight of 3 kilograms.
Up to 11 pounds
2 AAA Batteries
Removable Bowl, Batteries
Bengoo Stainless Steel Digital Food Scale
Bengoo is a new consumer-electronics online superstore with strict quality standards. This best-selling scale is ultra-simple and sleek.
Sleek patterned design. Unit conversions. 4 precision sensors. LCD display. 70 second shut-off. Stainless steel. Tare function.
Batteries not included.
Up to 11 pounds
Stainless Steel
Brushed Chrome
2 AAA Batteries
Just Scale

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What is the Best Kitchen Scale?

We looked at specialty home tech and kitchen brands to find the experts in kitchen scales, and compared the price of each scale against accuracy, durability and ease of use to make sure that all our options are well worth a spot in your kitchen. We focused on high and medium-end scales so you can control how much you spend on an accurate, reliable scale.
Our Top Choice
The Ozeri Pronto Kitchen Scale offers quick, accurate readings with useful features for advanced weighing in containers and in different units. For a sleeker version with more weighing capacity, check out the Ozeri Touch Professional Kitchen Scale with Tempered Glass Design.
Ozeri Pronto Digital Multifunction Kitchen & Food Scale with Automatic Conversion & Chrome Platform – Available in 7 Colors

Ozeri Kitchen Scale ZK14-S - Black

Ozeri is a specialty brand offering high-tech products for the home. They began business in the destination club market, where their products were used in high-end clubs, resorts, timeshares and hotels. More recently, they've been expanding into powerful consumer products for the home.

This scale is both accurate and easy to use, weighing foods and other materials of up to 11 pounds or 5050 grams in gradual increments of 0.05 ounces. Let's take a look at the features you get with this kitchen scale:
  • The design uses an enlarged chrome platform and 2 audibly clicking buttons for simple, responsive use.
  • The precision tare button lets you calculate the weight of objects while subtracting the container they're in so you get an accurate measurement.
  • The automatic unit conversion button makes it easy to convert from ounces to grams or pounds to kilograms.
  • This unit runs on included AAA batteries.
This kitchen scale is available in black, lime green, red, silver, silver on black, teal-blue and white.
Best Value
The 1byone Digital Kitchen Scale is a great choice for casual bakers and regular kitchens, featuring easy unit conversion, tare functionality and fast calibration. If you're looking for a higher accuracy model, check out the 1byone Professional Touch Kitchen Scale.
1byone Digital Kitchen Scale with 0.04 oz.-11 lb. Range, Ultra-low Power Consumption, Unit Conversion & Fast Calibration

1byone Kitchen Scale 700US-0001

1byone wants people to see the easy lifestyle that can come with the use of superior technology. They're consistently listening to their customers to raise the bar and make life activities like cooking and baking easier with advanced digital products. Taking risks in design as always been a part of what makes 1byone great, so they're not afraid of some wild innovation.

The 1byone Digital Scale is simple, easy to use and full of useful features. Let's take a closer look:
  • The high-quality stain gauge measures from 0.04 ounces to 11 pounds.
  • Easily convert pounds, ounces, grams and milliliters.
  • Convenient functions let you reset to zero, tare (subtract the container) and quickly calibrate the weighing platform.
  • This unit uses very little power so you can make use of the included batteries.
The OXO Good Grips Kitchen Scale is extremely accurate and packed with useful features, making it ideal for professionals and precise tasks. For a sleek glass version with even more accuracy, check out the OXO Good Grips Digital Glass Food Scale.
OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Food Scale with Pull-out Display and Easy-Read Display

OXO Kitchen Scale 1130800

OXO doesn't just want to innovate to make people's lives better. They're committed to creating solutions that work for everybody – or as many people as possible. They've been recognized globally for their unique, universal designs. At their office in New York, OXO collects lost gloves and hangs them on the wall to remind them that their products are made to comfortably fit such different people.

This high-end scale offers serious precision and useful features that make it far easier to measure ingredients and objects. Let's take a closer look:
  • This scale measures up to 11 pounds.
  • Use the zero function to reset the number to zero so you know how much weight you’re adding.
  • The large, easy to read display pulls out from the base so you can see it even when you have a large plate on the scale.
  • The platform can be removed on its own and washed by hand or stored.
  • 4 AAA batteries are included so you can get started as soon as you get this scale.
The Smart Weigh Digital Kitchen Scale is simple and highly accurate, making it an ideal choice for serious cooks and businesses. For a larger model with a more classic look, check out the Smart Weigh Stainless Steel Multifunction Kitchen Scale.
Smart Weigh Digital Multifunction Kitchen Scale with Pouring & Weight Bowl, 60-Second Shut-Off and High Precision Measurements

Smart Weigh Kitchen Scale CSB5KG

Smart Weigh is a specialty manufacturer making digital scales for homes and businesses. They are committed to providing the best value with high quality components like precision sensors, lithium batteries and premium aesthetic designs.

This compact scale is highly accurate and easy to read. Let's dig into the features and find out what makes it ideal for homes and businesses.
  • The sleek design fits well on any kitchen counter or desk.
  • The high-contrast blue LCD display is easy to read no matter how much light you have.
  • 60-second auto shut-off features helps you save battery.
  • The included bowl helps you weigh liquids and easily pour them out with a convenient spout.
The Bengoo Slim Digital Food Scale is made with high quality stainless steel and 4 high-precision sensors for long-lasting, accurate measurements. For a similar model in a wider shape, check out the Bengoo Digital Multifunction Food Scale.
Bengoo Digital Food Scale with Slim Stainless Steel Design, LCD Display and Tare Function

Bengoo Kitchen Scales ZK15-S

Bengoo was founded in 2013 as an online electronics distributer. They work hard to offer the lowest prices while offering high-end digital products that enhance users' lives. They use strict quality testing to make sure their products are ready for use.

This sleek, stainless steel scale looks and performs well in a variety of weighing tasks – even when total precision is necessary. Let's take a closer look:
  • Easily switch units from grams to pounds or ounces to milliliters.
  • Auto zero function lets you reset the measurement.
  • Auto-off function lets you save battery over time.
  • The tare function lets you measure objects while subtracting the weight of the container.
  • 4 high-precision sensors provide accurate weights.
  • The brushed chrome finish fits well in any kitchen or office.

Get the Best Kitchen Scale Today!

Consider how often you might use a scale before purchasing. For seasoned cooks and those dependent on accuracy, it's typically worth the extra money to get a high-end scale. Whatever your weighing needs might be, these expert tech and kitchen brands have an option for you.

Our Top Choice
Ozeri Pronto Digital Kitchen Scale
Best Value
1byone Digital Display Kitchen Scale
OXO Digital Pull-Out Food Scale
Smart Weigh Digital Kitchen Scale
Bengoo Stainless Steel Digital Food Scale