Best Kitchen Towel Reviews 2017

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Kitchen towels are an underappreciated household item, used for drying dishes, wiping up spills, and more. They are absolutely essential to have around. You could pick up cheap ones at any neighborhood store, but there’s a good chance you’d be disappointed with the quality. To stop you from wasting your money on inferior items, we researched the best kitchen towels, and picked 5 top brands, along with one set of kitchen towels to feature from each.
Our Top Choice
Utopia Kitchen 12-Pack Flour Sack Towels
These white flour sack towels from Utopia Kitchen are a versatile and economical option for kitchen and general household use.
Processed to minimize lint and shrinking. Made of soft, durable, and absorbent cotton. Fully machine washable and dryable – can be bleached.
Thin compared to some other kitchen towel options (but still absorbent, especially after washing and drying).
100% Ring-Spun Cotton
28” x 28”
Best Value
Liliane Collection Quality Commercial Towels
These Liliane Collection tea towels are soft, strong, and absorbent. They’re commercial-grade towels made for home use, and offer excellent quality for the price.
2-ply cotton offers delightful softness with a nice herringbone texture. Size is not too big or too small – just right for general kitchen use.
Some shrinking, wrinkling, and edge curling may occur with normal use, washing, and drying.
100% Cotton Herringbone Weave
27” x 14”
White with blue stripe
Fecido Classic Collection Kitchen Dish Towels
These colorful cotton terry kitchen towels from Fecido are thick and absorbent, making them ideal for many different household tasks. They even make great placemats and napkins.
Fun colors – you get 10 different colors in a single pack (single-color 2-packs also available). Terry loop fabric for those who don’t prefer woven.
On the pricey side compared to some other options.
100% Cotton Terry
19” x 27”
12 colors or multi-color pack
Cotton Craft Oversized Kitchen Towels
These extra-large basket weave kitchen towels from Cotton Craft come with a striped pattern in your choice of colors. They’re made from 100% cotton, and are strong and durable yet soft.
Attractive striped pattern in your choice of 6 colors. Large size makes them useful for a range of kitchen and household jobs. Thick, woven cotton is soft and durable.
May not be fully absorbent out of the package (but get more absorbent with washing and drying).
100% Cotton Basket Weave
20” x 30”
Stripes – 6 Color Options
Saybrook Classic Kitchen Linen Gift Set
Whether you’re giving it away or keeping it for yourself, this all-cotton 5-piece gift set by Saybrook has all your essential kitchen linens.
Kitchen towels are extra-large – 20” x 30”. An affordable way to stock your kitchen with essentials. Flexible, comfortable oven mitt has a soft terry lining.
Potholders are fairly basic and somewhat thin. Only available in black and white.
100% Cotton Basket Weave
Towels – 20” x 30”
5 (Towels, Potholders, Oven Mitt)

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What is the Best Kitchen Towel?

A good kitchen towel is absorbent, attractive, and big enough to meet your needs. Some people prefer looped terry, while others prefer a herringbone or basket weave. Without question, 100% cotton is the way to go. To help you choose the right set of kitchen towels to meet your needs, we’ve selected 5 top brands and have chosen one set to feature from each. If our featured picks don’t work for you, each of these brands has other offerings in different styles, sizes, and designs.
Our Top Choice
For nice kitchen products with attractive price tags, Utopia Kitchen is a good brand to check out. We like its white flour sack towels because they are so simple and functional. If you prefer white towels with a terry loop cotton blend fabric, its Kitchen Bar Mop Cleaning Towels are another inexpensive but practical option.
Utopia Kitchen Flour Sack Towels – 28 by 28-Inch Pure Cotton High Absorbency Dish Cloths, 12-Pack

Utopia Kitchen Dish Towels 3898091

Utopia Kitchen makes an array of kitchen products, including knives, compost bins, skillets, and table linens. Its products are available in-store and online from many popular retailers.

When it comes to kitchen towels, you can’t get much more affordable or versatile than plain white flour sack towels. That’s why we chose Utopia Kitchen’s 12-pack of flour sack towels to feature in our top 5. The design may seem unexciting, but these will truly last for years and are useful for cleaning up all kinds of messes. They are much more absorbent than they seem, and their absorbency increases with time. That’s why many people even use them as a cloth diapering option. They can also be dyed or used for embroidery.

Other popular and functional options from Utopia Kitchen include:
  • Utopia 12-Pack 15 x 25-inch Pure Cotton Dish Cloth: black and white
  • Utopia Dish Cloth Tea Towels: 12-pack 100% cotton towels with herringbone weave and blue stripe
  • Utopia Kitchen 60 x 126-Inch Black Tablecloth: tightly woven polyester table covering
  • Utopia Kitchen 90 x 132-Inch White Tablecloth: stain and wrinkle-resistant polyester table covering
If you are looking for utilitarian kitchen towels or table linens, you’ll likely find an affordable option from Utopia Kitchen.
Best Value
For commercial-grade kitchen towels, have a look at Liliane Collection. We’re featuring the Tea Towels, which are clean white with a single blue stripe. If you’re searching for kitchen towels to dry glassware without leaving streaks or lint, try the Liliane Collection 16 x 27-Inch Glass Towels, available in a set of 6 or 13.
Liliane Collection Classic White Tea Towels with Center Stripe – Includes 13 Commercial Grade 100% Cotton Towels

Liliane Collection Kitchen Tea Towels 760921793206

Liliane Collection dish towels, tea towels, flour sack towels, and glass towels are simple, classic-looking, and effective. They’re great for drying dishes and for general kitchen cleanup. The commercial-grade towels are ideal for home use because they wash up well and can take plenty of use and abuse.

A 13-piece set of 100% cotton dish towels are a good size for dish drying – 27 by 14 inches. They might be a bit small for other household uses, such as cleaning up spills, but for their intended purpose they work very well. They’re fully machine washable and dryable, and they’re bleach safe too.

If you’d like a different type, size, or design, you can choose one of these other towel sets:
  • Liliane Collection Kitchen Dish Towels: 13 25” x 14” cotton towels, white with green stripes
  • Liliane Collection Large Flour Sack Towels: 12 28” x 29” 100% cotton white cotton towels
  • Liliane Collection 18” x 28” Kitchen Dish Towels: 6 100% cotton vintage towels with green, blue, or red stripe
Any of these would be great for home use. We especially like the flour sack towels as an all-purpose cleaning option.
A bright checkered pattern adorns these ultra-thick towels from the Fecido Kitchen Collection. If you love the thickness and absorbency of these towels but want some that are even more decorative, you might try Fecido's Fruity Kitchen Collection Dish Towels. They come in bright colors with a charming fruit pattern.
Fecido Classic Kitchen Heavy Duty Kitchen Dish Towels 100% Cotton Towels - Available in 12 Colors or a 10Pc Multicolor Pack

Fecido Classic Kitchen Towels 10 Pack - Multicolor

Fecido makes plush kitchen and bathroom towels for home use. Its 100% cotton towels are imported from Europe and feature thick, dense looped terry cotton. While the product line is fairly small, the offerings are high quality, and users are almost universally impressed. These are definitely worth the price!

We’ve chosen to feature these heavy-duty, super absorbent kitchen towels, available in a pack of 10. That’s 10 different colors, each in a checkered pattern against a white background. There’s red, yellow, blue, light green, dark green, black, brown, beige, peach, and white. If 10 is too many, or you don’t want different colors, they’re also available in 2-packs, with a single color per pack.

If you want bath towels as well, have a look at these offerings from Fecido:
  • Fecido Deluxe Hotel & Spa Hand Towels: set of 2 100% cotton towels, 7 color options
  • Fecido Extremely Absorbent 4-Piece Towel Set: includes luxury bath towel, hand towel, fingertip towel, washcloth, 6 color options
These are top quality towels. You definitely get what you pay for, and more.
Cotton Craft makes textiles that combine great quality, style, and value. Our featured oversized kitchen towels have a lovely basket weave texture and sharp-looking stripes. If you would like smaller kitchen towels with a bright multicolored pattern, you might prefer Cotton Craft’s Salsa Stripe Multicolor Kitchen Towels.
Cotton Craft 4-Pack Oversized Kitchen Towels – 100% Cotton 20 x 30-inch Professional-Grade Basket Weave Striped Towels

Cotton Craft Kitchen Towels MODB0083VS2A8 - Periwinkle

Headquartered in Georgia, Cotton Craft makes quality textiles for use in homes, hotels, restaurants, and businesses. Its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities integrate all steps of the process for the best possible oversight and highest level of quality control.

We chose the Cotton Craft Oversized Kitchen Towels because their extra-large surface area gives you plenty of room to work with. Whether you’re drying dishes, wiping up spills, or holding warm cookware, these should serve most kitchen needs admirably. The stripes come in great color combinations too. While they aren’t super absorbent when they come out of the package, a few washes make them quite soft and absorbent.

In addition to kitchen towels, Cotton Craft also makes some very nice table linens, including:
  • Cotton Craft Soft Premium Cotton Napkins: 20” x 20”, Moroccan tile
  • Cotton Craft 2-Pack Jute Burlap Table Runner: 12” x 108”, natural
  • Cotton Craft Organza Ruffle Dinner Napkins: 20” x 20”, 12-pack multicolor
Any of these would be great for bringing a bit of extra color and style to your dining table. Why not choose some dinner napkins and a set of kitchen towels?
Saybrook makes this great little gift set, which comes with oversized kitchen towels, simple potholders, and one premium oven mitt. If you’re looking for an extra pair of thick and flexible oven mitts, go for Saybrook’s Premium Kitchen Oven Mitts, which feature 100% quilted cotton.
Saybrook Premium Kitchen Linen Gift Set – 100% Cotton 5-Piece Set Includes Dish Towels, Pot Holders, and Oven Mitt

Saybrook Kitchen Linen Gift Set – Black/White

Saybrook Products is a small company devoted to producing high-quality kitchen basics at a decent price. The oven mitts are incredible, and the pot-holders and towels offer few frills but plenty of durability.

This 5-piece gift set would be perfect for a housewarming or wedding gift. Or you could give it to yourself. Who doesn’t need quality kitchen linens? These are bound to be in your kitchen for years to come. The only real downside is that the set only comes in the black/white color combination. But it’s a pretty universally appealing combo, so these should look good in just about any kitchen. All the pieces are made from 100% cotton, and the oversized towels feature a basket weave that gets softer with time.

If you aren’t in need of pot holders or an oven mitt, but do want the kitchen towels, Saybrook offers them in a set of 3. They’re reasonably priced and should last you a good long while. Plus, they get more and more absorbent with each wash (machine drying is recommended).

Get the Best Kitchen Towel of 2017!

Now that you’ve seen the best kitchen towels around, all that’s left to do is choose a nice set that meets your needs and fits your budget. From economical to extra-plush, you should be able to find the right towels among our top 5 brands.

Our Top Choice
Utopia Kitchen 12-Pack Flour Sack Towels
Best Value
Liliane Collection Quality Commercial Towels
Fecido Classic Collection Kitchen Dish Towels
Cotton Craft Oversized Kitchen Towels
Saybrook Classic Kitchen Linen Gift Set