Best Kitchen Trash Can Reviews 2017

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Cleaning or organizing can be fun or stressful depending on the tools you have for the job. That’s why having the right trash can is of utmost importance. We have selected 5 top brands when it comes to trash can manufacturing and also reviewed specific items from each brand to showcase their wares. We spent hours researching to ensure that we only included those that offer you good value for money. Bear in mind also that the featured products are just samples of what these brands have to offer. They have a wide selection of products in case you want a feature that’s NOT included in the highlighted products.
Our Top Choice
Nine Stars DZT-80-4 Infrared Touchless Trash Can
Nine Stars builds trash cans with customer’s convenience in mind. Meet the Nine Stars DZT-80-4 Trash Can: with the aid of sensors, it opens and closes conveniently.
The bag-less appearance enhances the neat look of the can. The bag lining is easily replaceable. Large capacity makes for lesser frequency in taking out trash.
The sensor system is too sensitive. It pops open anytime someone walks past it. The required 4 D batteries are not included.
14.8 x 18.3 x 28.7 inches
Stainless steel
Infrared motion sensor
Has lid
Best Value
Rubbermaid Step-On Trash Can with Metal Accent Pedal
Rubbermaid understands how to make high quality products that help simplify life. It gives us this durable, easy-to-use trash can that will stand the test of time.
No assembly required. Just snap the lid on. Clips on the inside hold the bag in place. Keeps smell locked in.
A bit of force on pedal is needed to open it.
14.7 x 24.8 x 17.6 inches
Has lid
Simplehuman Butterfly Step Can for Kitchen, Office and More
Simplehuman gives you tools that make you more efficient in your daily living. Meet a practical trash can without the noise usually made by the closing of the lids.
It is durable. Due to a favorable opening/closing mechanism, the lids close softly and quietly. Lesser trips to dump trash due to large size of garbage bags.
It is expensive but that’s due to quality of material used. Heavy outer container gets stained easily and needs regular washing.
23.3 x 10.4 x 26 inches
Stainless steel
Finger-print proof
Has lid
Rev-A-Shelf Bottom Mount Wire w/ Rear Basket Waste Can
Rev-A-Shelf is a leading manufacturer of quality organizational products. It has brought you this trash can to give your kitchen or work space less clutter.
Easy to move when taking out trash. Easy to install.
Expensive. Drill bit size for assembly not specified.
22 x 10.6 x 10.6 inches
Not provided
No lid
Umbra Swing-Top Trash Can Garbage Can
Umbra, an intelligent designer of everyday items, presents the Swing Top Trash Can with a great design for convenience in hiding away trash bags.
It is not expensive. Easy to use. Does not occupy a large amount of space. Has a large inner capacity to contain trash.
Labels that accompany the cans could ruin the copper coloring when peeled off.
14.5 x 14.5 x 35 inches
Has lid

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What is the Best Kitchen Trash Can?

There is no perfect trash can for every space or person. Work in a kitchen differs from work in office environments. What works just right for one user might be inadequate for another. Therefore, skim through the features described and evaluate, based on your priorities, which product gives you all you need to work without feeling clumsy or like you’re wasting time in dumping waste. That will be what is “best” for you.
Our Top Choice
Nine Stars’ top-of-the-mind goal is to bring you a cleaner and easier way to dispose trash. It has proven this with the Nine Stars DZT Trash Can. Hands full from the kitchen, office, or bathroom? No problem. At 10 inches away from the can, it opens for you. Need a smaller can? The Nine Stars DZT-50-9 is recommended.
Nine Stars Touchless Stainless Steel Garbage Can with Water Resistant Infrared Motion Sensor – Available in Multiple Sizes

Nine Stars Kitchen Trash Can DZT-80-4 – 21.1-Gallon

With a dedication to providing “cleaner, easier ways to dispose your trash and recyclables”, Nine Stars offers much more than the traditional technology of waste disposal. Nine Stars is the first company to manufacture and use the motion sensor on trash cans and it has made life a lot easier for its customers.

The 21.1-Gallon comes with features that reduce stress and make a clean living space easier to achieve. Here’s a sampling of the great features offered by this motion-detecting trash can:
  • Exterior made of 100% stainless steel
  • Oval shape design, making it fit easily into any open space of your choice
  • Technology which runs on 4 D batteries
  • Automatic motion sensor technology for shutting and opening lid
  • Long lasting power which spans up to 6 months with daily usage
  • Bag rings to conceal garbage bags
  • Inner ring liner to conceal and hold trash bag inside the can
Best Value
Rubbermaid is reputed as one of the 100 companies having an impact in the lives of Americans. “Versatile” describes the ease with which the Rubbermaid 13 Gal. trash can works with any style of tall kitchen/office/home trash bag. If you prefer a stress-free, pedal-less version of this trash can, we recommend the Swing ‘N Toss Trash Can.
Rubbermaid Step-On Trash Can – Black Wastebasket with Metal-Accent Foot Pedal, Made in the USA

Rubbermaid Kitchen Trash Can 1843029 – 13-Gallon

Rubbermaid has developed a wide category of items ranging from houseware to garden tools to commercial and seasonal products. With nearly 80 years’ experience in manufacturing simple and durable house ware, this is a brand you can trust to give you simple and efficient products. The Rubbermaid Step-On Trash Can is a good example of its range of products.

The Step-On Wastebasket is a unique product with simple but practical features. The lid stays open without holding the pedal down, which allows a foot-free operation. The novel design fits in narrow spaces and its quality construction ensures longevity of usage and ease in cleaning.
Simplehuman is committed to building simple, functional, and durable tools for effective living. The Simplehuman Butterfly Step Can has a strong steel pedal that is built to last for 20 years! Now that’s durability! If what you need is a cabinet-compatible trash can, then the Simplehuman In-Cabinet Trash Can comes recommended.
Simplehuman Butterfly Step Trash Can - Stainless Steel Garbage Can with Narrow Design for Small Spaces

Simplehuman Kitchen Trash Can CW1897 –11.9 Gallon

Simplehuman’s main goal is to solve simple household or office problems which are often overlooked. By doing so, it helps make people more efficient at home or in the office. Waste disposal is one aspect they have perfected with their different range of trash cans, of which the Butterfly Step Trash Can is a good example.

The Butterfly Step Trash Can is designed with a quiet shutting mechanism and sleek finish that makes it attractive. There’s more to this trash can, though…
  • Its double-leaf lid makes it easy to open for convenience in smaller spaces
  • The split lid comes in handy in low clearance areas
  • The slim shape makes it fit easily in tight spaces
  • Silent shutting achieved by the efficient Lid Shox technology
  • Finger print-proof body finishing
  • Strong steel foot pedal
  • Has a hidden internal hinge
Rev-A-Shelf’s 38 years’ experience in creating functional organizational products is evident in this pull-out trash can. With Rev-A-Shelf, there is no need to worry about where to fit your trash can: this pull-out trash can goes into hiding as soon as you close your cabinet door. Do you want a different color? The Rev-A-Shelf White Waste Container will serve you well!
Rev-A-Shelf Pull-Out Black and Chrome Waste Container with Rear Basket - In-Cabinet Garbage Can

Rev-A-Shelf Kitchen Trash Can RV-12KD-18C S – 35-Quart

Rev-A-Shelf, maker of Lazy Susans for the largest U.S. cabinet manufacturers, has grown from making Lazy Susans to becoming a leading innovator in top quality home and office products.

The Pull-Out Waste Container is made with high standard slides, durable wire construction and is quite easy to install. It serves as a simple solution for your cleaning needs by making it easy to “hide it away” in your kitchen cabinet.

It can be installed with full-extension ball-bearing slides and a rear basket that helps you store your bin liners. A35 Quart capacity allows for more waste. You can get an optional lid and door mount kit if you so desire. The handles are removable.
Umbra leaves no stone unturned in its quest for top notch designs. This is why Umbra Studios takes time to conduct personalized research to give its customers the best, as can be seen in The Swing Base Waste Can. Would you prefer a touch spring-top trash can? Then we recommend the Umbra Touch Waste Can.
Umbra Venti 16-Gallon Swing-Top Trash Can – Available in Two Color Combinations

Umbra Kitchen Trash Can 086758-880 – Black/Copper

Umbra introduces creativity into the design of simple home items. By intelligent design, it turns everyday houseware into exceptional items that improve the lives of customers. Umbra designs are original, modern, casual, functional, and affordable. The Swing-Top Trash Can is an embodiment of this philosophy.

The Swing-Top is sleek and has a sealed liner plus protective body. A clean look is achieved by the neck ring that both holds and conceals liner. Its durable body is made of black polypropylene with brushed metallic accents. It has enough room for your trash, keeping your environment clean.

Get the Best Kitchen Trash Can Today!

Great to see that you have gone through our reviews for individual brands and products. We hope you have sufficient useful information to help you pick the best trash can for your kitchen and other spaces. We hope that you’ve found a brand that offers you the best mixture of excellent value and price.

Our Top Choice
Nine Stars DZT-80-4 Infrared Touchless Trash Can
Best Value
Rubbermaid Step-On Trash Can with Metal Accent Pedal
Simplehuman Butterfly Step Can for Kitchen, Office and More
Rev-A-Shelf Bottom Mount Wire w/ Rear Basket Waste Can
Umbra Swing-Top Trash Can Garbage Can