Best Laser Hair Removal System Reviews 2017

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If you’re tired of unwanted body hair and are sick of shaving, trimming and plucking, you might be considering laser hair removal. Professional laser hair removal can cost 1,000s of dollars, but there are many devices which can deliver comparable results in the privacy and comfort of your own house (plus having a home laser removal system will quickly pay for itself). To achieve smooth skin and prevent regrowth, you will need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and do multiple treatments. However, your effort will be well rewarded. If you’re confused about which laser hair removal device to buy, we can help. We’ve looked high and low for the best brands of home hair removal systems, and we’ve narrowed down our list to 5 of the very best.
Laser Info
Good For
Our Top Choice
Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser System - 4x Technology
Tria is serious about delivering professional-quality skincare and anti-aging products. Their 4x hair removal device delivers higher energy density than other hair removal systems.
High-energy density for quick and effective hair removal. FDA approved. Comfortable to hold. Comes in several different colors.
Treatments can be a little painful. Battery life not the best.
Face and Body
20 J/cm^2 Diode Laser
Light to Medium Skin
4.1 Pounds
Digital Display. Pulse Counter
Best Value
Philips Lumea Comfort IPL Hair Removal System
Philips, the maker of a wide range of personal electronics, brings you the Lumea Comfort IPL hair removal system - a compact and affordable laser for removing unwanted body hair.
Slide and Flash mode facilitates easy, continuous treatment. Relatively inexpensive. High-performance lamp delivers over 100,000 flashes for long-term use.
Not intended to remove facial hair.
IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)
Light to Medium Skin
1.4 Pounds
Slide and Flash Mode
elōsmē mē my elōs Touch Pro Ultra – Infrared Laser Hair Removal
The mē my elōs Touch Pro Ultra is in the mid-range of the hair removal devices offered by elōsmē. This device stands out from the crowd because it works for all skin types.
Suitable for all skin types. Includes 120,000-pulse replacement bulb. Permanent Infra-red Light [IPL] Laser Radio Frequency [Rf] Hair Removal System
A few customers have reported the device shorting out (but this is rare, and the company has a good warranty and a 60-day guarantee).
Face and Body
All Skin Tones
4.1 Pounds
Works for Most Skin Types
Remington iLight® Ultra Face & Body Hair Removal System
Remington offers a wide range of health, beauty and personal care products. The iLight® Ultra is an IPL device designed to deliver lasting hair removal results.
Uses light energy to disable hair at the follicle level. Large window for fast treatments. Gentle and fairly painless.
Can’t be used on darker skin (but this is typical of laser hair removal systems)
Face and Body
IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)
Light to Medium Skin
4.1 Pounds
Skin Contact Sensor
Silk’N Flash&Go Compact Hair Removal Device
Silk’N hair removal systems offer simple, effective and reasonably priced removal of unwanted facial and body hair. The Flash&Go is a compact device utilizing HPL™ technology.
Inexpensive. Relatively Painless. FDA approved.
Upper lip may be a tricky area to treat.
Face and Body
Home Pulsed Light (HPL™)
Light to Medium Skin
2 Pounds
Gliding Function

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What is the Best Laser Hair Removal System?

It might seem like all of the available laser hair removal systems are the same, but there are some big differences you should be aware of. Different devices employ different laser and pulsed light technologies, and they offer different features and treatment methods. You’ll also want to make sure that you choose a device that will work for your skin and hair type. To learn more, read on and see our top picks. We’ve selected 5 trusted brands and chosen a great product from each.
Our Top Choice
The Tria Hair Removal Laser 4x delivers high-energy laser pulses to quickly and thoroughly eliminate unwanted hair and slow the growth of new hair. For specialized treatment for sensitive areas, we recommend Tria’s Laser Precision hair removal device.
Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4x – FDA Cleared High-Density Laser Technology

Tria Hair Laser 3178A - Turquoise

Tria Beauty makes high-tech, professional-quality skincare and anti-aging products, including laser hair removal devices. While most laser hair removal products actually utilize Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology rather than actual lasers, Tria’s hair removal systems feature the only FDA-cleared laser hair removal technology for home use. The diode lasers of the Tria Hair Removal Laser 4x deliver the highest energy density treatment available in a home device.

When you purchase the Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4x, you get a device with:
  • LED display
  • 30-minute battery life - long enough for most treatments
  • Comfortable grip
  • Skin sensor
  • 20 J/cm^2 hair-eliminating density
  • Same technology used by dermatologists
Some users report that the treatments can be a little uncomfortable, so that may be a consideration if you have low pain tolerance. However, the majority of users report excellent results with very little pain. In terms of removing hair and preventing regrowth, the Tria laser hair removal system is one of the best home systems available.
Best Value
The Lumea Comfort hair removal system is a good choice for those who want a simple, easy-to-use, compact and relatively inexpensive home hair removal device. For an alternative to laser hair removal treatments, try the Satinelle Advanced Wet and Dry Epilator.
Philips Lumea Comfort IPL Laser Hair Removal System – With Slide and Flash Mode

Philips Hair Laser SC1981/50

Philips produces and sells a wide range of electronics, including many well-designed health and personal care products. The Lumea Comfort hair removal system delivers results similar to many of the hair removal systems that cost twice as much.

Important features of the Lumea Comfort hair removal system include:
  • Skin tone sensor
  • Slide and flash mode for continuous application
  • Step and flash mode for treating curvy areas
  • 100,000+ flash bulb
  • Integrated UV filter and safety system
  • 5 light energy settings
  • Compact design
Additionally, the Lumea Comfort system comes with a 2-year global warranty, so no need to worry about product failure.
The mē my elōs Touch Pro Ultra is an excellent hair removal device that works for most users. Unlike comparable devices, it works for all skin types. For a higher-end hair removal system, you may want to consider the Touch Advance 500K.
elōsmē mē my elōs Touch 120,000 Pulses IPL Hair Removal System – Works for All Skin Types

elōsmē Hair Laser - 3rd Generation Pro Ultra

Elōsmē offers a wide range of hair removal devices to suit all skin types and all budgets. The Touch Pro Ultra is a mid-range device that delivers powerful results.

When you purchase the Touch Pro Ultra, you get:
  • 6,000-pulse built-in quartz lamp
  • Additional 120,000-pulse lamp
  • Gentle hair removal for all skin types
  • 60-day money-back guarantee and 2-year warranty
  • Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Radio Frequency (RF) hair removal
The Touch Pro Ultra can be used to remove unwanted hair on both the face and body.
The iLight® Ultra by Remington uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) to gently remove up to 94% of unwanted body and facial hair. For a more affordable - but still effective – option, check out the iLight® Pro.
Remington iLight® Ultra Face & Body Laser Hair Removal System – 65,000 Pulses + Replacement Bulb

Remington Hair Laser IPL6500QFB

Remington is a trusted and well-known name in personal care. The iLight® Ultra delivers the quality and reliability that customers expect from this brand. This hair removal system works with quick, easy treatments.

Features of the iLight® Ultra include:
  • Large window to quickly treat large areas
  • Facial cap for treatments on the face
  • Gentle and fairly painless treatments
  • Includes 65,000 flash replacement bulb
  • 5 intensity levels
  • Skin tone sensor
  • Skin contact sensor
Users with light-to-medium skin and brown-to-black hair experience exceptional results when using the iLight® Ultra. With its large window, this device treats large areas quickly, such as the legs, chest and stomach.
The Flash&Go Compact by Silk’N is a lightweight, compact and cost-effective way to remove unwanted hair on the face and body. For a more advanced hair removal option, choose the Flash and Go Express, which makes treatment up to two times faster.
Silk’N Flash&Go Compact Laser Hair Removal System – 150,000 Pulses, FDA-Approved Technology

Silk’N Hair Laser – Hot Pink and White

Silk’N hair removal devices are manufactured by Home Skinovations Ltd., a company dedicated to providing customers with professional-quality medical aesthetic devices for home use. The Flash&Go Compact is an adjustable speed device that utilizes Home Pulse Light (HPL™) technology to gently and effectively remove hair from the face and body.

The Flash&Go Compact gives you:
  • 5 different energy levels
  • Glide function
  • 150,000 pulses
  • Built-in safety sensor
  • Relatively painless treatments
The adjustable energy levels allow you to choose the settings appropriate to your skin tone and hair color. Like most laser hair removal devices, the Flash&Go is not for use on very dark skin or very light hair.

Get the Best Laser Hair Removal System Today!

Now that you’ve read about the best laser hair removal systems available for home use, you should be ready to choose. We did the hard work for you ─ by researching all the available products and selecting 5 of the very best! All you have to do is order the device that works for you, enjoy your smooth skin and forget about shaving.

Our Top Choice
Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser System - 4x Technology
Best Value
Philips Lumea Comfort IPL Hair Removal System
elōsmē mē my elōs Touch Pro Ultra – Infrared Laser Hair Removal
Remington iLight® Ultra Face & Body Hair Removal System
Silk’N Flash&Go Compact Hair Removal Device