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Not all dollies will do the job you really want at a price you’re be happy with. If that was the case, you would have picked the first dolly you saw in the shops. For you to take the time to look for a review on dollies means there are certain features you're looking for. We have done all the hard work for you by researching some of the best dollies and brands and giving you concise information on them. The products reviewed below are a snapshot of the brands they represent and will put you in an informed position to make your choice.
Load Capacity
Our Top Choice
Milwaukee Convertible Hand Truck
Milwaukee is a brand that does not compromise on quality, durability, and performance. Its Hand Truck 49180 is a product industry professionals trust.
Converts from a 2-wheel vertical truck to a 4-wheel platform. 10-inch pneumatic tires cushion the load over rough terrain. Wheel guards protect the load from the tires.
Bad smell from the tires.
800 lbs
20 x 17 x 46 in/34.8 lbs
Converts from 2 to 4 wheels
Best Value
Vergo Industrial Folding Hand Truck
Vergo is a brand committed to quality products at prices for the fiscally challenged. With the S300BT, a low budget is no longer a good reason to operate without a great dolly.
Telescoping handle. No assembly required. Nesting wheels move into place automatically when folding/unfolding nose plate. Solid rubber wheels great for stability.
Small items fall off through the space made for wheels to fold up for storage.
275 lbs
19 x 14 x 43 in/10 lbs
Foldable wheels and nose plate
Magliner Convertible Hand Truck
Magliner is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of route distribution solutions. Its commitment to outstanding product performance is apparent in its GMK16UAB Hand Truck.
Converts to 4-wheel truck in seconds. High load capacity reduces number of trips. Modular design means no welds to break. All parts are replaceable for longer product life.
The bolts are a little tricky to work with.
500 lbs
47.5 x 21 x 51 in/44 lbs
Converts from 2 to 4 wheels
Harper Trucks Nylon Two Wheeled Hand Truck
For over 70 years, Harper has been manufacturing some of the highest quality hand trucks and dollies in the industry. The PGCS86BLK Flat-Free 600 follows in this tradition.
Steel-Tough nylon truss is 30 degrees lighter than steel but designed for maximum strength. Built-in glides for easy movement up or down stairs.
None reported at the time of this review.
600 lbs
19 x 19 x 48 in/23.6 lbs
Built-in stair glides
Welcom Magna Cart Hand Truck
Welcom is a company with years of experience in high performance haulage products. The Magna Cart MCX has a rather simple design, but is a high performer.
Telescoping handle that extends to 39 inches. Folds flat to 2.5" thick for easy storage and transportation. Opens and closes in seconds. No assembly is required.
Struggles at maximum capacity (though it isn’t a great idea to use any equipment at maximum capacity).
150 lbs
25 x 15 x 1.5 in/7 lbs
Collapsible totes

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What is the Best Moving Dolly?

What are the things most important to you in a dolly? The load capacity, flexibility, handle or something else? Comparing the features that are important to you and taking note of the brand or product that best delivers them will make it easy for you to pick the moving dolly that fits your needs.
Our Top Choice
Milwaukee has a track record of outstanding performance and customer satisfaction. This is why it's a leader in the industry. The Hand Truck 49180 Convertible offers great features for a relatively low amount. It's one of the most affordable among its peers. The Hand Truck 40611 Nylon Convertible is another great version of this dolly.
Milwaukee Hand 49180 Convertible Hand Truck With 10-Inch Pneumatic Tires

Milwaukee Moving Dolly 49180 -- Convertible

Milwaukee Hand Trucks is a division of Gleason's manufacturing facilities. By using high-quality raw materials, efficient manufacturing processes and a highly dedicated and skilled workforce, Gleason ensures that the Milwaukee Hand Trucks brand name is synonymous with quality, durability, reliability and fair value.

The Hand Truck 49180 (with a suggested retail price of $140.27) was designed with convenience in mind. It converts easily from a 2-wheel vertical truck to a 4-wheel platform. It also has 10-inch pneumatic tires to help cushion the load over rough terrain. Its load capacity is 800 lbs, and it has wheel guards to protect the load from the tires with large 5-inch casters.
Best Value
Vergo is the best choice when you want a brand that gives its customers good quality and overall value for money. Its S300BT Industrial Folding Hand Truck comes with great features at a low price and has a capacity of 275 lbs. If you want a dolly with a lower capacity (150 lbs) for an even lower price, try the Vergo S300S Folding Hand Truck.
Vergo S300BT Model Industrial Folding Hand Truck Dolly, 275 Lb Capacity With Telescoping Handle

Vergo Moving Dolly S300BT -- Silver

One of Vergo’s products (the Industrial S5500L Pellet Jack) has been among Amazon’s Top 5 bestsellers for over 12 months. This is proof of high quality production and customer satisfaction. Nothing less should be expected of Vergo's folding hand truck.

This folding hand truck (selling for $69.00 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) folds down completely to about 2.5 inches thick and can be put out of the way for easy storage. It has other features such as:
  • Telescoping handle (extends to 42.5" H)
  • Foldable nose plate that opens in seconds
  • Nesting wheels move into place automatically when folding or unfolding nose plate
  • Solid rubber wheels for stability
  • Aluminum frame with black and silver finish
  • No assembly required; ready to use right out the box
  • Load capacity of 275 lbs
  • 1-year limited warranty
Magliner is a company dedicated to giving customers maximum satisfaction. Its dedication to quality and performance is exceptional. The GMK16UAB, with a load capacity of 500 lbs, comes with great features like a U loop handle and cushion wheels. But if you prefer a vertical handle, we recommend Magliner's General Purpose Aluminum Modular Hand Truck.
Magliner 500 Lbs Capacity Aluminum Gemini Jr Convertible Hand Truck With U Loop Handle And Cushion Wheels

Magliner Hand Truck GMK16UAB

Magliner was created in 1947 to make things out of magnesium, since magnesium is known for unrivaled strength and lightness. This helped it make hand trucks that caught on, as customers liked what they got from their products: high performance, durability and enhanced workplace safety. Expect nothing less from the Aluminum Gemini Jr Convertible Hand Truck.

The Magliner Convertible Hand Truck (selling for $363.00) is a 2-in-1 hand truck that converts to a 4-wheel truck in a matter of seconds. It has a high load capacity, which reduces the number of trips per day, thus increasing productivity. There are optional accessories to meet all delivery needs. Its “modular” design means there are no welds to break, and all parts are replaceable for longer product life.
There are companies that pay lots of attention to details, and whose products display commitment to excellence. Harper Trucks falls into that category. The Nylon Two Wheeled Hand Truck handles up to 600 pounds of weight. If your needs are more modest (around 400 pounds), or you have a small budget, try the Nylon Convertible.
Harper Trucks Flat-Free 600-Pound Capacity Heavy-Duty Hand Truck With Nylon Continuous Handle

Harper Trucks Hand Truck PGCS86BLK

Harper Trucks was one of the first companies to make new lightweight frames composed of glass-filled nylon. This material is as strong as steel or aluminum and has high durability. Armed with a reputation for making these highly durable tools, Harper is a brand to trust for quality and innovation.

The Harper Nylon Two Wheeled Hand Truck (selling for $114.99 – Suggested Retail Price) has a frame that snaps together without the use of tools. The exclusive Harper I-Beam Steel-Tough nylon truss is 30 degrees lighter than steel and designed for maximum strength. Its load capacity is 600 lbs, and it has a continuous loop handle and built-in glides for easy movement up or down stairs. It also has heavy-duty flat-free 10" solid rubber wheels. It presents a folding nose extension as an optional accessory. This hand truck is made in the USA.
There's a satisfying feeling that comes with buying products from a brand that has been known for years for its dedication to superior quality and style. Welcom is such a company. Its Magna Cart MCX will make your life easier. If you need to move heavier loads, we recommend the Magna Cart Flatform, with a 300-lb capacity.
Welcom Magna Cart Personal 150 Lb Capacity Aluminum Folding Hand Truck

Welcom Moving Dolly MCX -- Silver

Welcom was one of the very first companies in the industry to make “telescoping” hand trucks, but it didn't stop at just that. Its commitment to continuous improvements made it go back to the drawing board to design lighter trucks for heavier hauls. The Magna Cart MCX is one product of that knack for constant innovation.

It sells at a low price of $27 (suggested retail price) and comes at half the weight of the older versions, without compromising performance. The Magna Cart MCX features a telescoping handle that extends to 39 inches. It also has a large 15" wide aluminum base with 5" rubber wheels. It is compact; it folds flat to only 2.5" thick for easy storage and transportation. It opens and closes in seconds; no assembly is required.

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Our Top Choice
Milwaukee Convertible Hand Truck
Best Value
Vergo Industrial Folding Hand Truck
Magliner Convertible Hand Truck
Harper Trucks Nylon Two Wheeled Hand Truck
Welcom Magna Cart Hand Truck