Best Multi Tool Reviews 2017

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Multi Tools are the perfect product for any Do-It-Yourselfer’s or professional contractors on the job due to their versatile and unique design. Originally used by hunters and soldiers, Multi Tools have developed over recent years to accommodate the modern man (and woman!) for a variety of uses!
Our Top Choice
Anker Skeletool Multi Tool
Anker pride themselves on their ability to make products with a versatile range of uses that look great and last a lifetime, evident in their Anker Skeletool Multi Tool.
Contains 7 individual tools. Made from Stainless Steel. Heat Treatment.
Poor blade retention.
Best Value
Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier Multi Tool
Gerber have been creating high-quality multi tools for decades, supplying them to hunters, soldiers and tradesman around the world, this is evident in their Suspension Multi-Plier Multi Tool.
Available in packs of 1 or 2. Comes with 15 individual tools. Comes with storage sheath.
Product is quite heavy.
Victorinox Swisstool Spirit X Multi Tool
Victorinox is renowned for its high quality products that work efficiently and last the test of time, evident in their Swiss Army SwissTool Multi Tool
Lifetime warranty. Over 22 functionality purposes. Durable build. Comes with nylon case.
Product is quite heavy. Some users found it too heavy to wear around their neck.
SOG Specialty Knives & Tools Powerassist Satin S66 Multi Tool
SOG’s US Military roots means they create products that can be used in a wide range of situations with ease and precision, evident in their Powerassist Multi Tool
Limited Lifetime warranty. Comes with nylon sheath. 16 components.
Tools are sometimes tricky to get out of the product.
Stanley 12-In-1 Multi Tool
Stanley are the go to brand for high quality products at affordable prices, evident in their Stanley 12-In-1 Multi Tool
12 features in 1. Comes with Nylon holster. Stainless steel construction.
Not as many features compared to more expensive products.

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What is the Best Multi Tool?

With SO many different multi tools available on the market today it can often get a tad bit confusing when trying to figure out which tool is the best for you and your project. To make this easier we have narrowed down the options to 5 renowned brands as well as a product to feature from each to give you a better idea about what’s available on the market today as well as what each brand has to offer. Before purchasing, however, you may want to have a think about what you will be specifically using the product for as each multi tool contains different tools for different uses. You may also want to think about the weight of the product as many of the heavier multi tools out there aren’t ideal for people that will be using them all-day every day. Different multi tools also come in different sheaths and containers and some come with none at all so you may want to think about what your own personal preference would be in this department.
Our Top Choice
Anker’s Skeletool Multi Tool is the ideal product for anyone looking for a multi-purpose tool that will stand the test of time. If, however, the stainless steel color of this tool isn’t quite your thing then take a look at Anker’s Wave Multi Tool In Black instead!
Anker Leatherman Skeletool Multi Tool-Stainless Steel

Anker Multi Tool- 830846

Anker’s aim as a brand is to improve the lives of their customers by creating products that prepare them for both the expected and the unexpected. Anker are an esteemed and continuously growing brand where excellence, ingenuity and quality manufacturing play a significant role in their success.

We wanted to feature Anker’s Skeletool Multi Tool due to its compact size and great functionality. This multi tool features 7 individual tools; needlenose pliers, regular pliers, hard-wire cutters, wire cutters, 420HC combo knife, carabiner/bottle opener and a large bit driver. Made from 420HC Stainless Steel, this product has high production tooling and optimized strength created through heat treatment.
Best Value
Gerber’s Suspension Multi Tool was an obvious choice for us due to the products incredible selection of tools and the fact it’s such a great price! If you are after a higher-end product, however, then take a look at Gerber’s Diesel Multi-Plier In Black instead,
Gerber Suspension Multi Plier Multi Tool With Butterfly Opening

Gerber Multi Tool- 22-01471

Founded in 1939, Gerber have decades of innovation behind them that makes them one of the most trusted brands in the industry today. The brands problem solving and life-saving products are designed with specific and unique activities in mind, viewing their products as so much more than a blade. Gerber’s products started off being carried by hunters, soldiers and tradesmen with their heritage running deep within the company.

We wanted to feature Gerber’s Suspension Multi Tool due to the products great reviews online and its strong, durable design. These spring-loaded pliers have a unique butterfly design that means they are lightweight and easy to use. This product contains 15 individual tools that include a fine edge knife, serrated knife, rough cut saw, needle-nose pliers, Wire cutter/stripper, straight blade and serrated blade, Phillips screwdriver, Large and medium flathead screwdrivers, scissors, bottle opener, can opener, awl and lanyard ring! This multi tool also has a Saf.T.Plus locking system for safety and security as well as coming with a ballistic nylon sheath for storage.
Victorinox’s SwissTool Multi Tool is the perfect choice for anyone after a versatile multi tool product that’s durable with a variety of functions. If this product is a bit too pricy for you, however, then check out Victorinox’s Swiss Army SwissTool instead!
Victorinox Swiss Army Swisstool Spirit X Steel Multi Tool

Victorinox Multi Tool- 53814


Victorinox is a global company with over six product categories with the Swiss Army Knife being one of their core products. The knife has played a key pioneering role in the company’s development as well as the development of the majority of their product categories. With over 130 years of experience under their belt, this is certainly a brand you can trust.

We wanted to feature Victorinox’s SwissTool Multi Tool due to it being the world’s best known multi tool product. This compact and sturdy product is made in Switzerland and has over 22 functions for around-the-house or job site uses. Its stainless steel construction prevents against rust or decay and ensures your multi tool will last for years to come. This multi tool also comes with a comfortable nylon case or it can be hung from around the neck due to the products lanyard hole! The SwissTool Spirit X includes screwdrivers, wire cutters, bottle openers, saws, pliers, scissors and so much more!
Inspired by the US forces, this durable product is the perfect tool for anyone looking for a long lasting product that provides a variety of uses. If, however, you are after something slightly cheaper then have a look at SOG’s Powerlock EOD Multi Tool instead.
SOG Specialty Knives & Tools Powerassist 16 Tool Satin Polished Multi Tool

SOG Specialty Knives & Tools Multi Tool-S66N-CP

SOG Specialty Knives was created in 1986 by designer Spencer Frazer after his experience of specialty knives in Vietnam. This design became so popular that soon this single knife creation became a full line of innovative tools used by US Special forces all over the world. Today, SOG create knives that are perfect for even the most demanding situations, created from tradition and honed for you.

We wanted to feature SOG’s Powerassist Multi Tool due to its versatility and great build. This 16 component multi tool is made from 420 stainless steel and includes pliers, two blades, sm/ md/ lg screwdriver, v-cutter and much, much more! This product also comes with SOG’s patented compound leverage which DOUBLES gripping and cutting force as well as a nylons sheath for portability and practicality. Its powerassist technology also provides one-hand access to steel blades with tool locks as well to protect you from injury.
Stanley is a brand synonymous with quality, practicality and affordability and this 12-In-1 Multi Tool is no different!!! If you are after a tool with slightly more features, however, then take a look at Stanley’s 14-In-1 Folding Locking Multi Tool
Stanley 12-In-1 Multi tool

Stanley Multi Tool- 84-519K

Stanley has been the go to brand for knives for over 170 years, creating reliable products that are synonymous with quality, innovation and value. Stanley is a brand for everyone too, from the do-it-yourself DIY dad to the professional contractor on the job, Stanley has everything you will ever need to get the job done perfectly. Stanley’s reputation for excellence and dedication means they are trusted by customers the world over with the brand constantly designing and improving products to make your life easier.

We wanted to feature Stanley’s 12-In-1 Multi Tool due to the brands popularity, the products great functionality and price! This product converts into long-nose pliers, a small knife, wire cutters, saw, standard ¼ screwdriver, bottle opener, curve jaw pliers and a standard 5/16 screwdriver too! This multi tools stainless steel construction means it’s durable enough for all your DIY needs and is guaranteed to last you a lifetime. It also includes a high quality nylon holster too for portability and practicality!

Get the Best Multi Tool Today!

By now you should have a better idea about what multi tools are out there and what each brand has to offer you! If you aren’t a fan of the particular product we have chosen then don’t panic! We have selected brands that contain a wide variety of multi tool products so simply browse through their other products to find the ideal multi tool for you. So, all that’s left to do now is select your favorite and get fixing, cutting, sawing, opening whatever you need in ease and style!

Our Top Choice
Anker Skeletool Multi Tool
Best Value
Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier Multi Tool
Victorinox Swisstool Spirit X Multi Tool
SOG Specialty Knives & Tools Powerassist Satin S66 Multi Tool
Stanley 12-In-1 Multi Tool