Best Outdoor Oven Reviews 2017

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Cook delectable cuisine in the most unusual places with these transportable ovens. Built to provide gastronomical delights in the deep woods or High Sierras, you can now take your favorite recipes on the road. We have stovetop ranges, high temperature ovens, and Dutch Oven cooking surfaces, allowing you to take your next camping trip to another level.
Fuel type
Total Output
Our Top Choice
Camp Chef Deluxe Outdoor Oven
Showcase your skills just about anywhere with a Camp Chef outdoor oven, designed to allow you to take your outdoor menus to another level.
Two 7500 BTU burners. 400 degree oven. Three-sided wind screen to keep food protected from the elements. Matchless ignition. Cook for 7 hours on 1lb of propane.
Does not come with a bulk tank adaptor hose, must purchase separately.
21”w x 12.5”d x 18”h
9”x13” pan + 2 pots on range
1 pound propane can
18,000 BTU’s
32 pounds
Best Value
Coleman Portable Stove Oven Combp
Coleman is a well established brand in the outdoor industry, making everything from stoves & grills to tents, lanterns, water coolers, sleeping bags, and furniture.
Two 6000 BTU burners. Temperature gauge. Wind screen. A great tool for your outdoor repertoire. Bake bread, cookies, or a 12” pizza in the 3000 BTU oven.
Oven flame can go out in the wind.
18.4”w x 16.1”d x 25.4”h
12” pizza + 12” & 10” pots
1 pound propane can
15,000 BTU’s
45 pounds
Pacific Living Outdoor Gas Oven with Cart
With a love of family and a knack for unique designs, Pacific Living brings flair and long-lasting craftsmanship to their outstanding line of outdoor kitchen equipment.
Your fantasy outdoor smoker and pizza oven. Beautifully crafted stainless steel. Fold down side shelves. Canvas cover. Converts into kitchen island. 3 oven racks.
Some consumers say it isn’t reaching 500 degrees, others are reaching high temps, but modulating the vent with an aluminum cover.
54.2”w x 25.5”d x 58.5”h
16” pizza or 20 lb turkey
Propane tank
16,000 BTU’s
148 pounds
Lodge A5-7 Outdoor Cooking Table
The Lodge company specializes in heat resistant equipment such as cast iron skillets, dutch ovens, griddles, and this heat resistant outdoor table.
A cooking table which can hold 2 camp Dutch ovens. Handles charcoal with 1/8 inch thick steel coal deck. Durable steel. Folding legs. Adjustable feet. High wind screen.
Some people have received defective models, but the company seems on-point with their customer service.
26”w x 16”d x 32”h
2 camp dutch ovens
Not applicable
Not applicable
40 pounds
Camplux Portable Outdoor Gas Oven
Camplux brings modern living to the outdoors. They manufacture some great outdoor appliances, like this super lightweight outdoor oven.
Powerful oven at 500+ degrees. Great cost. No gas hose, adaptors, or matches required. Nylon carry bag for transporting and stowing. Compact.
Not a stovetop/oven combo.
15.74”w x 18.5”d x 13.38”h
10” pizza, includes 12” rack
7.7 ounce butane can
3,500 BTU’s
18.74 pounds

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What is the Best Outdoor Oven?

You name it, we’ve got it. Looking for hot temperatures and portable ovens that offer maximum BTU’s? No problem. With combination outdoor stovetop ranges and ovens for baking, several of our top choices from reliable manufacturers can turn up the heat on your next outdoor cooking adventure. While these multi-purpose outdoor stoves and ovens can be used for pizza, you might want to check out our articles on wood burning and electric pizza ovens as well. Let’s see the wide variety of ovens available in our top choices, and help you pick out your favorite.
Our Top Choice
A high-end cooking tool for the great outdoors, the Camp Chef Deluxe Outdoor Oven features everything your home oven has, just in miniature. Want a less “modern” way to cook outdoors? Check out Camp Chef’s Dutch Oven Camp Table.
Camp Chef Propane Outdoor Oven with 2 Burner Camping Stove – Great for Home, Tailgating and Picnics Too.

Camp Chef Outdoor Oven COVEN

Camp Chef is going way beyond your basic BBQ grill, taking outdoor chefs to another level. Allowing you to boil, fry, griddle, and bake your way to fabulous dishes anywhere you travel, their ovens allow you to showcase your skills in the mountains or on the beach.

A great on-the-go oven or terrific to use for a backup if the power goes out, this Camp Chef miniature oven has two 7500 BTU burners, and an oven that accommodates a 9” x 13” pan. It goes up to 400 degrees, so it has plenty of power for proper cooking of your favorite dishes. You just need a one pound propane can, and you can cook just about anything for 7 hours straight. Pretty good, huh?

It has a nice hood to block the wind while outdoors. The fact that you don’t have to use any matches isn’t bad either. A great purchase for all your cooking needs, this stainless steel oven has a see-through window to check on bread, pizza, or casseroles. You will also receive a thermometer and two oven racks with this purchase.

Here are a few more details about this Camp Chef Outdoor Oven:
  • Three heat control dials
  • Nonstick enamel surface that wipes down easily
  • 3000 BTU oven
  • Two 7500 BTU brass range burners
  • Three-sided windscreen
  • Carry handles for easy transportation
  • Adaptable to a bulk fuel tank
  • Item weighs 32 pounds
  • Total dimensions: 21”W x 12.5”L x 18”H
  • Oven dimensions: 16”W x 11”L x 9”H
  • Comes with a one year limited warranty
Best Value
Coleman offers a terrific camp kitchen with this combination stovetop/oven. Already have an outdoor stove? Coleman’s Camp Oven is a great option. It gets it’s heat from sitting atop a camping grill and is available for under $40.
Coleman Outdoor Gear Camping 2-in-1 Stove and Oven Combo with 2 6,000 BTU Burners

Coleman Outdoor Oven 2000009650

Coleman will help you set up an effective camp kitchen to make the perfect mug of coffee, and five star meals. They are a well established brand in the outdoor industry, making everything from stoves & grills to tents, lanterns, sleeping bags, and hiking & navigation equipment.

This convenient outdoor oven makes meals more delicious when traveling, and offers lots of room for flexibility. There are two stovetop burners that can accommodate a 12” pot and a 10” pot, and will operate on high for about 1.5 hours using a one pound propane can.

The stovetop has a windscreen, and the oven is large enough to cook a 12 inch pizza. This oven has external handles and comes with a storage bag for easy portability.

Here are the details of what you get with purchase:
  • 12,000 BTU total heat output
  • Two 6000 BTU burners on stovetop
  • One 3000 BTU oven
  • Removable grates for cleaning
  • Matchless ignition
  • Easy to read external temperature gauge
  • Powered by one 16.4 ounce propane cylinder
Get this portable outdoor kitchen with a cart, foldable side panels, and a fabulous smoker and pizza oven for fine dining outdoors. On a tighter budget? Don’t need the mobile cart? We recommend checking out Pacific Living’s Outdoor Build-in or Counter Top Gas Oven.
Pacific Living Outdoor Large Capacity Gas Oven with Pizza Stone, Smoker Box and Mobile Cart – Available in Two Finishes

Pacific Living Outdoor Oven PL8430SSBG070– Stainless Steel

Masters in truly interesting designs, Pacific Living company has modular equipment made with impeccable quality. Engineered for versatile chefs who have specific tastes in the kind of equipment they are looking for, they offer ranges, dough-makers, refrigeration equipment, and specialize in wood and gas fired ovens.

This outdoor oven is a finely crafted accoutrement to your outdoor kitchen. You will blow them away with this smoker and pizza oven. It has three oven racks and can even accommodate a large 20 pound turkey, so you’ll love it on holidays and for Thanksgiving.

Let’s check out the finer details:
  • 16,000 BTU’s
  • Fits a 16” pizza
  • Good for all kinds of oven cooking and baking
  • Oven is removable to use the cart as a countertop
  • Comes with a heavy duty canvas cover
  • Handle is cool to the touch, even when the oven is blazing
  • Built-in halogen cooking lights
  • Full view front window
  • Heavy duty oven and cart that weighs 148 pounds
  • CSA certified
Cook up some delicious one-pot meals when camping outdoors with this Dutch oven table and whip up some chili, chowder, or peach cobbler. This high quality cooking table is big enough to hold two large size cast iron Dutch ovens. Don’t have your own? Lodge specializes in cast iron and has several Dutch ovens to choose from.
Lodge Camp Dutch Oven Cooking Table

Lodge Outdoor Oven A5-7 – variations

Hailing from Tennessee, the Lodge company offers heat resistant equipment such as cast iron skillets, dutch ovens, griddles, and various kinds of bakeware. Their first rate products are made to help you design a more efficient kitchen and cook superior meals, whether indoors or outside.

With it’s collapsible design, this table that is engineered to handle high temperatures is convenient to set-up and stow away. It accommodates two Dutch Ovens and measures 26 inches wide by 16 inches deep by 32 inches high. The feet are adjustable, so you can level it on unstable ground. Attach the three-sided wind screen for more heat efficiency, and to keep out the elements.

Here are a few more details about this table:
  • Stable and durable table
  • Will not warp from heat
  • Wind resistant with high wind screen
  • Foldable legs for storage
  • Black high temperature finish
  • Weighs 40 pounds
A great purchase if you want to expand your repertoire when cooking outdoors beyond your basic grill. If you need a stove to cook the rest of the meal, we recommend checking out one of Camplux’s camping stoves designed to be portable for camping, picnics or wherever you want to cook outdoors!
Camplux Portable Camping Outdoor Butane Gas Oven with Matchless Ignition - Available in Two Colors

Camplux Outdoor Oven – Butane, Silver

Camplux brings the conveniences of modern living to the outdoors. They manufacture some great outdoor appliances, like a tankless water heater and shower, or this outdoor oven that is super lightweight yet allows you to bake and roast at high temperatures.

If you want to live the good life, you have to have good food. That’s where this lightweight and compact oven for outdoor cooking comes in. A super powerful model for such a little guy, this one packs a punch at maximum temperatures of 536 degrees. It can accommodate a 10” pizza, and operates on butane. What’s even better is you don’t need to mess with any adaptors or hoses, and no matches required.

Easy and effective, whip up all your indoor specialties on your next outdoor excursion with this affordable transportable oven.

Here is what you get with purchase:
  • 3500 BTU Oven
  • Padded nylon carry bag
  • Twelve inch broiling rack
  • One cooling rack
  • One non-stick roasting tray
  • Weighs 18 pounds
  • Operates with 7.7 ounce butane canister
  • ETL Certified for safety

Get the Best Outdoor Oven of 2017!

Make mouthwatering casseroles, bake fresh cinnamon rolls, and turn up the heat in any climate or environment with one of our top choices. These outdoor ovens are offered at a reasonable price, and will give you years of tasty meals on your next adventure. You plan the trip, and these ovens will bake the food to perfection.

Our Top Choice
Camp Chef Deluxe Outdoor Oven
Best Value
Coleman Portable Stove Oven Combp
Pacific Living Outdoor Gas Oven with Cart
Lodge A5-7 Outdoor Cooking Table
Camplux Portable Outdoor Gas Oven