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Everyone wants to bake a pizza that will be irresistible, tasty and crispy. To bake the perfect pizza without a charred under-carriage, you need to have some means of popping the pizza into the mighty hot oven or putting it on the stone. This is where the pizza peel comes into the picture. There are many different types and qualities of pizza peels. To make your choice easier, we searched extensively and identified find top five brands for pizza peels. Though we have only featured one product from each brand, these brands still have a lot of other top quality pizza peels; you can check them out too.
Our Top Choice
Pizzacraft Folding Pizza Peel
Trusted by many cooks, Pizza Craft has been manufacturing high quality products used in making pizzas. Its pizza peels help to bring out the best in every pizza made.
This pizza peel has a removable, foldable wooden handle. So not only can you remove the handle when you wash it, you also get to fold the handle which makes storing a lot easier.
It can’t be used for really large pizzas as it is a moderately sized peel.
Stainless Steel&Hardwood Handle
2.4 x 9.8 x 27.3 inches
Folding wooden handle
Hand wash; NOT dishwasher safe
Best Value
American Metalcraft Aluminum Pizza Peel
For more than 50 years, American Metalcraft has been producing products that are ranked very highly worldwide.
It is easy to care for and you never have to worry about it warping or cracking. The handle length makes it easy for the pizza to be put in or removed from the oven.
It has sharp corners which could be dangerous for users.
Stainless Steel
39 x 10 x 10 inches
Tapered edges
Info NOT provided
EXO Super Peel Pizza Peel
Exo is a very successful and innovative brand and its creations, like its pizza peels, are always unique and functional.
It is coated with a food-safe polymer seal for better function and care. The sliding cloth is a really good innovation that prevents the pizza from sticking to the peel.
It is too thick, therefore it can make a mess of the pizza when picking it up.
24 x 14 x 0.5 inches
Conveyor belt
Food safe polymer reduces care
New Star Foodservice Wooden Pizza Peel
New Star Foodservice is a brand that ensures class and creativity in all its products.
It has a long handle for easy handling with a tapered edge design which makes it easier for the pizza to slide onto it.
It is NOT suitable for large pizzas.
44 x 24 x 1 inches
Tapered edge
Info NOT provided
Mountain Woods Hardwood Pizza Peel
Mountain woods is known for products which are cost effective and combine beauty and efficiency.
It is easy to use and can also be used for decorating kitchen counter tops when not in use.
Its handle is a bit short.
Acacia hardwood
21.5 x 16 x 1 inches
Beveled leading edge
Wash in soapy water & towel dry

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What is the Best Pizza Peel?

The type of pizza peel you use determines how your pizza will turn out. A lot of factors have to be considered for you to make the right choice. This review highlights these factors and shows you the best path you need to take to choose a pizza peel that suits your preference.
Our Top Choice
Made from stainless steel, the 10" Folding Stainless Steel Pizza Peel is very durable and can easily get under the pizza. Its wooden handle allows you to hold it firmly. If you want a pizza peel that is just as durable but is made of aluminum, you should check out the Pizzacraft Pizza Peel.
Pizzacraft Folding Pizza Peel with Folding Handle for Easy Storage – Available in 3 Styles

Pizzacraft Pizza Peel PC0200 – Stainless Steel

Pizzacraft prides itself as the world standard in the manufacture of pizza-making products. For many years, its products have been made to be highly-efficient, cost-effective and durable. Its goal is to achieve superior customer satisfaction and promote growth for both itself and its customers.

The 10" Folding Stainless Steel Pizza Peel is an affordable peel that easily transfers pizza, bread, and other food in and out of an oven or grill. It is much easier to store than a lot of pizza peels since its locking handle can be turned down to save space. It is highly durable since it is made with stainless steel and quite easy to maintain since its handle can be removed when washing.
Best Value
Designed to be highly durable, the American Metalcraft 3714 Pizza Peel is made of thick aluminum and has a long wooden handle which makes the peel easy to use. If you don’t want an aluminum peel and prefer a wooden peel, you should check out the American Metalcraft Wood Pizza Peel.which is also efficient.
American Metalcraft USA Aluminum Pizza Peel – Available in 2 Sizes or as a Bundle

American Metalcraft Pizza Peel 3714 - 14" W x 37" L

Founded in 1947, American Metalcraft ranks among the topmost tabletop supply manufacturers in the food service industry. In the years since its founding, it has expanded and has added many other premier product lines. It is now a go-to brand for most kitchen supplies. Its products are highly affordable but this does not compromise their pure quality.

The American Metalcraft Aluminum Pizza Peel is a pizza peel that is durable and affordable. Its metal peel is thick enough and the wooden handle is a good length and, being removable, it can be replaced if needed. In most peels that have wooden handles, the point where the metal meets the wood is usually a weak point but this is not a problem with the American Metalcraft Aluminum Pizza Peel which is made with a technique that avoids this problem completely.
The EXO Super Peel Pizza Peel is a peel that is very easy to use. It is finished with high-grade cutting board oil to beautify and protect the wood. Do you want a bigger or an aluminum peel? Then you should check out the EXO BIG Super Peel Pizza Peel with Aluminum Blade and Black Cherry Handle.
EXO Wooden Polymer Sealed Super Peel Pizza Peel

EXO Pizza Peel 2414-AP

Exo is a brand whose main goal has been to provide high quality products to its customers. Exo looks for the best materials for the manufacturing of its products and for new ways to make its products more efficient. Today, Exo is a widely used and celebrated brand in many places all over the world.

The EXO Super Peel Pizza Peel is a unique pizza peel that is made from high quality wood. Sometimes ash, sometimes maple, its handle edges are contoured for a comfortable grip and it has a very low angle tip for easy sliding under thin dough. Its working surface is 14 inches by 14 inches which allows it to be used even for large pizza sizes.
The New Star Foodservice Wooden Pizza Peel is a peel that is slim and made from durable birchwood. Its half inch blade easily slides under the pizza. If you need a peel that is just as durable but of a smaller size, we recommend the New Star Foodservice Wooden Pizza Peeler with 14-Inch by 16-Inch Blade.
New Star Foodservice 42-Inch Wooden Pizza Peeler with 20-Inch by 22-Inch Blade

New Star Foodservice Pizza Peel 50394

New Star Foodservice is an emerging leader in the commercial kitchen supply industry. Its quality products, extensive experience with top manufacturers and professional support team give it the ability to readily meet all its customer’s needs.

The New Star Foodservice Wooden Pizza Peel is an affordable, durable peel that is perfect for lifting pizzas and cake sheets out of the oven. Its half-inch blade easily slides under the pizza. Since it is made very slim, the wood does not mess up thick pizzas. It also has a tapered edge design for ease of use.
The Mountain Woods Hardwood Pizza Peel is made of plantation-grown acacia hardwood, which is one of the best woods that can be used due to its versatility, beauty and sustainability. If this is not what you are looking for, then you should also check out the Mountain Woods 13.5" X 18" Gourmet Hardwood Pizza Peel.which is smaller in size.
Mountain Woods 13.5" X 18" Gourmet Hardwood Pizza Peel / Cutting Board / Serving Tray

Mountain Woods Pizza Peel PPAL

Mountain Woods has a 40-year long history of hand crafting home and kitchen accessories. Its dedication to the highest quality and design (with an eye on affordability) has given it wide acclaim. Mountain Woods works to do its share in keeping the environment beautiful and safe; this is why its raw materials are sourced from environmentally responsible suppliers that adhere to a sustained yield principal. Its commitment to the environment goes hand-in-hand with its commitment to its customers.

The Mountain Woods Hardwood Pizza Peel is an affordable pizza peel that has high aesthetic value. It can be used for almost all sizes of pizzas as it measures 21.25" x 16" x 0.625". It is paddle shaped, which makes it easy for pizza to balance on it. It is also durable since it is made of plantation-grown acacia hardwood.

Get the Best Pizza Peel of 2017!

You have gone through our reviews and now you should be able to pick the best pizza peel for you. Go ahead and place your order so you can start making delicious pizzas.

Our Top Choice
Pizzacraft Folding Pizza Peel
Best Value
American Metalcraft Aluminum Pizza Peel
EXO Super Peel Pizza Peel
New Star Foodservice Wooden Pizza Peel
Mountain Woods Hardwood Pizza Peel