Best Punch Bowl Reviews 2017

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Choosing a punch bowl can be hard. There’s a lot to consider, a LOT of brands to choose from, and even more products to pick from after that! To help you on your way, we’ve done some of the leg work and come up with five of the best brands for punch bowls. We hope we’ve got what you’re looking for!
Good For
Our Top Choice
CreativeWare Punch/Salad Bowl Combo
CreativeWare produces quality kitchen products, and it has a fantastic line of partyware products to ensure any party goes off without a hitch. This includes its Punch/Salad Bowl Combo.
Highly durable plastic. Large bowl. Versatile uses. Comes with punch cups and ladle. Total of 16 pieces.
Not as sophisticated as a glass punch bowl (but a lot safer if it’s likely to be dropped on the floor!)
Highly durable plastic
1.5 gallons
14 inches in diameter
Punch, cocktails, salad
16 pieces
Best Value
Update International Stainless Steel Punch Bowl
Update International is in the business of creating stylish and durable products for the home and for commercial use. Its kitchenware really takes the biscuit, especially its Stainless Steel Punch Bowl.
Stainless Steel 201. Mirror-polished for an elegant finish. Large 3-gallon capacity. Durable. Easy to clean.
Doesn’t come with punch glasses.
Stainless Steel 201
3 gallons
15” diameter / 9.5” high
Punch, cocktails
Can buy alone or as set of 4
Christmas Vacation Collectibles Moose Punch Bowl
Christmas Vacation Collectibles makes tons of products that make the festive season even more joyful and have even more laughter. Its Moose Punch Bowl is just one example.
Unique moose design. Hand-molded glass. Detachable antlers. Easy to clean.
Quite a small capacity.
Hand-molded glass
0.45 gallons
20 x 10.5 x 8.5 inches
Punch - festive parties
1pc / moose mugs sold separately
Party Essentials Embossed Punch Bowl
Party Essentials is renowned for its range of hard plastic kitchenware that’s just perfect for parties. It has everything from cups and plates to punch bowls!
Hard plastic. Easy to clean. Not likely to break. Large capacity. Choice of 2 sizes. Versatile uses.
Not as elegant as a glass punch bowl.
Embossed hard plastic
3 gallons
14.25 inches in diameter
Punch. Wedding/buffet
1 piece – ladle sold separately
Fun Express Sea Shell Punch Bowl
Fun Express is a huge retailer that supplies party and novelty products to thousands from its 1.5 million sq. ft. of warehouses. One such party product is its clear Seashell Punch Bowl.
Cool design. Perfect for a sea-themed party. Versatile uses – chips, fruit, punch etc. Large size. Plastic material – easy to clean.
Not sure of the actual capacity.
Clear/iridescent plastic
Not specified
18.5 x 11.5 x 8 inches
Punch – seaside themed party
1 piece – bowl only

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What is the Best Punch Bowl?

Choosing the “best” punch bowl is a subjective matter. You need to consider what is right for you, and that will determine the way you shop. While looking through this list, consider these things: what size/capacity punch bowl do you need? What design would you like? Would you like a themed one or a neutral style? What material would you like it to be made of? How important is it that it’s easy to clean? All these things need to be considered before you can say you’ve made the right choice. One thing’s for sure: all these brands are respected and will offer you some quality products.
Our Top Choice
CreativeWare’s Punch/Salad Bowl Combo will be a great addition to the party. With 16 pieces, it’s perfect for a small gathering or for use during the holidays. If you want more partyware, you could check out CreativeWare's 2.5-Gallon Bark Beverage Dispenser too!
CreativeWare Punch/Salad Bowl 16-Piece Set

CreativeWare Punch Bowl PUN-16CLR

CreativeWare is a product line run by the brand Creative Bath Products. It has been a leading US manufacturer of household products for about 40 years. It's maintained that position due to its commitment to making high-quality, useful products for the everyday home. It's built strong relationships with retailers due to its focus on design and constant striving to keep up with changing trends, making classic products that can stand the test of time.

One such product is its Punch/Salad Bowl Combo. This bowl is versatile and can be used in a range of settings. Get it filled up with your favorite punch for parties, get creative and fill it with your very own cocktail concoction, or use it as a salad bowl or for chips! Who can say no to chips and dip? Its durable, plastic material will ensure that even if the party gets a bit out of hand, your punch bowl will always survive!

CreativeWare produces other party products too, such as cake towers, ice buckets, huge tubs for drinks and ice and dip stations. If you’re looking to get hold of some partyware you can rely on, check out what it has to offer.
Best Value
The Update International 3 Gallon Punch Bowl is a great, large capacity punch bowl that can be used for any occasion. If you’re also in the market for other partyware, check out the Update International 1 Quart Shell Salad Bowl.
Update International Stainless Steel Punch Bowl - 3 Gallons

Update International Punch Bowl PB-3G - 1

Update International provides equipment and supplies to the food service industry. It has tons of products available, including baking utensils, kitchen scales, cookware, kitchen utensils and more. They're all made with the same quality in mind and can be used at home, in school or for commercial use.

This company's 3 Gallon Punch Bowl is appreciated by many. With a mirror-polished stainless steel finish, it feels elegant and sophisticated and will match almost all home decors. Update International wants you to have a product that has true benefit, and with the generous 3-gallon capacity, this punch bowl does. You won’t need to worry about refilling this bowl every 30 minutes with a capacity like that, so sit back and enjoy the party!
The Glass Moose Punch Bowl from Christmas Vacation Collectibles is a unique centerpiece for any festive party this holiday season. If you fancy purchasing the whole collection, try the Moose Mug Punch Bowl Set w\/ Set of 4 Moose Mugs.
Christmas Vacation Collectibles Glass Moose Mug Punch Bowl

Christmas Vacation Collectibles Punch Bowl CVPB

Christmas Vacation Collectibles is a brand that wants to make Christmas as fun and joyful as possible. Forget the classic, predictable gifts these holidays and get a quality, unique product from Christmas Vacation Collectibles. It has everything from hoodies to kitchenware and all thematically themed collectibles in between.

We have decided to feature the super-quirky Moose Punch Bowl. It caught our eye immediately due to its unique design. The bowl itself is shaped like the moose’s face, and the large antlers are removable for easy storage! This decorative punch bowl will be the centerpiece at any party.

The bowl is made from hand-molded glass, and the antlers have metal clips that make them detachable. With a 72-ounce or 0.45 gallon capacity, this punch bowl is big enough for intimate gatherings or dinner parties, but perhaps not large enough for big parties. This punch bowl is no ordinary punch bowl; it’s licensed by Warner Bros. Studios because it’s modeled on Marty Moose, the Wally World mascot.
The Party Essentials Hard Plastic Punch Bowl is a great versatile punch bowl for all occasions, including birthdays, Christmas, Halloween and baby showers. If you’re loving the look of this punch bowl but want the full set, get the Party Essentials Hard Plastic 5-Ounce Punch Bowl\/Serving Ladle too!
Party Essentials Hard Plastic Clear Embossed Punch Bowl – Available in 2 Sizes

Party Essentials Punch Bowl N124563 – 12 Quart

The diverse Party Essentials line is sold and distributed by NorthWest Enterprises, which has been in the business for over 25 years. It's a family business that's focused on customer satisfaction by earning the trust of its customers through high-quality products and great customer service. Today, it continues to move forward through innovation and even better prices.

We’re looking at its Embossed Punch Bowl, which has a generous 12-quart capacity. If this is a bit large for your needs, you could go for the 8-quart capacity option, which would suit a more intimate party. If you’re not one for having your very best china out at the average party, this bowl could be perfect. It’s made from a durable, hard plastic, so you don’t need to worry about breakages and it’s easy to clean. It also doesn’t look like plastic. The embossed design gives it an elegant flair, so no one will know it’s not a high-end glass punch bowl.
The Fun Express Seashell Punch Bowl is an excellent choice for anyone looking for the right punch bowl for a sea-themed party. If you like things spicy, why not check out the Fun Express Fiesta Chili Pepper Serving Dishes too?
Fun Express Large Plastic Seashell Punch Bowl

Fun Express Punch Bowl FNEIN-26/1827

Fun Express is one of the leading suppliers of giftware, premiums, novelties and toys, with an impressive 10,000 items in its line. It's maintained customer satisfaction all this time due to its 95% order fill rate; this is thanks to the 1.5 million square foot of warehouse space it utilizes!
With such a vast range of products on offer, you might think this company compromises on quality, but you would be wrong. All its products are made with quality and value in mind, which is particularly evident in the Seashell Punch Bowl. This large, plastic punch bowl has an interesting design that would fit into any party, and fit particularly well into a seaside themed gathering!
The clear, durable plastic punch bowl is not only a breeze to clean, but it is not likely to break, unlike its glass counterparts. The versatility of the bowl just adds to its value. Use it for punch, juice, tropical fruit or chips, whatever takes your fancy!

Get the Best Punch Bowl of 2017!

Now that you’ve seen what’s out there, you should feel confident enough to pick whichever bowl suits you, get your other party gear in, and, most importantly, perfect that punch!

Our Top Choice
CreativeWare Punch/Salad Bowl Combo
Best Value
Update International Stainless Steel Punch Bowl
Christmas Vacation Collectibles Moose Punch Bowl
Party Essentials Embossed Punch Bowl
Fun Express Sea Shell Punch Bowl