Best Rivet Gun Reviews 2017

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You are here because you need a good rivet gun that will serve you well. We have done the hard work for you and bring you detailed research on some of the best rivet guns from five top brands. The rivet guns you will find in this review are samples of all the products offered by these brands. Check the companies' other products if the ones presented here do not cover your needs.
Nose Pieces
Our Top Choice
Astro Pneumatic Air Riveter
Astro Pneumatic is renowned for automative equipment and innovative tools. It provides quality pieces for heavy-duty and industrial professionals.
It is durable, with a quick-returning cylinder that ensures speedy operations. It is comfortable to use, with a wide reach providing high performance at all angles.
The three nosepieces affixed to its base may prove a bit tedious to unscrew.
Pneumatic air riveter
11.3 × 6.8 × 3.9 inches; 1 lb
Heavy-duty steel
1-year warranty
Best Value
Arrow Fastener Swivel Head Rivet Gun
Arrow Fastener is known for its precision in the making of a variety of durable and dependable tools. It produces manual, cordless and electric tools for professionals and DIYers.
It is easy to load because of its spring-infused handle. It has a wide reach and can get into tight places, and its vinyl grip makes it comfortable to use.
It may take a longer time and some effort to tackle tough rivets.
Manual rivet gun
1 × 6 × 15 inches; 1.5 lbs
90-day warranty
ARKSEN Air Rivet Gun
ARKSEN provides its clients with a variety of quality products, including power, air, hand and automotive tools, for customer satisfaction from year to year.
The gun is fast and easy to work with. It rivets at all angles and can reach even the most difficult surfaces.
It is somewhat heavy, but its high output speed and ergonomic designed handle make up for this.
Pneumatic air riveter
12 × 8 × 4 inches; 6.2 lbs
Available on request
Marson Hand Riveter
Marson offers a full line of rivets, rivet nuts and other materials. It is known for an array of manual, electrical, hand and pneumatic tools.
It is durable and of high quality. The vinyl-padded handle gives it a comfortable grip.
Some parts like the jaws may wear out, but they are replaceable.
Manual rivet gun
10.2 × 3 × 1.2 inches; 2 lbs
High-strength aluminum alloy body
Warranty on parts
Stanley Contractor Grade Riveter
Stanley has been in operation for over a century as a pioneer manufacturer of trusted tools for professionals and everyday users.
It is a very light tool. The long grip handle makes it easy to squeeze the riveter.
The presence of the spring causes rivets to jam inside the gun. This is taken care of by the detachable ejector.
Manual rivet gun
1.5 × 5.6 × 13 inches; 1.3 lbs
Die-cast metal construction
Info not provided
Limited lifetime warranty

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How Do I Choose the Best Rivet Gun?

Most people think that rivet guns are only needed in fabrication workshops or for big metal jobs. Let’s picture this. Have you ever had the handle of your fryer at home broken, or your children’s toys or your briefcase handle? If yes, how frustrating was it? Did you go looking for someone to fix it for you? If you'd had a rivet gun at home, you could have picked it up and done the job yourself. There are a lot of jobs that a rivet gun can help you do, both at home and in the workshop. Whether as a garden tool or a workshop tool, a rivet gun is a vital tool that you need to have. Jobs that an electric screwdriver would do may be similar to jobs done by a rivet gun. When you need to join thin pieces of metals, leather, or canvas where the other side of the material is not easily reachable, a rivet gun is your best option.

There are different types of rivet guns. There is the manual (hand-operated) rivet gun, and the pneumatic (air-powered) rivet gun. We will be classifying these rivet guns based on the speed of blows they deliver:

Slow Hitting Guns:
    These are appropriate to be used on hard rivets because they deliver continuous blows to the rivet, provided the trigger is held down. They deliver an average of approximately 2,500 blows per minute. For inexperienced users, these are a better option, since they offer greater accuracy and better control than guns that deliver a single blow.

Fast Hitting Guns:
    These guns strike multiple lightweight blows at a high rate ranging between 2,500 to 5,000 blows per minute. They're also known as vibrators, and are mostly used with softer rivets. They are more convenient for materials that require softer riveting, since the light blows do not cause a dent on the material.

Squeeze Rivet Guns:
    These guns are used when working on edges, where you can access both sides of the item you are working on. They operate by using air pressure to provide a squeezing action, which compresses the rivet from both sides.

Pop Rivet Guns:
    These operate on the same principle as the squeeze guns, except that they only compress the rivet from one side.

Now that you know the types of rivet guns and how they operate, you should have an idea of the type you want, bearing in mind the type of job(s) you need to do. Not getting the picture yet? Don’t worry, you will by the time we are done with this review.

If you are planning to set up a work station at home where you can work with your rivet gun, it is advisable to pick a bench vise that will help you keep your work item in place while you use your rivet on it.
Different factors affect the price of any rivet gun, including material, production cost, and brand name. A pneumatic rivet gun needs more accessories than a manual rivet gun, so it is expected that the price of a pneumatic rivet gun will be higher than a manual one. This does not make the manual rivet gun inferior to the pneumatic one; it is only less expensive because of its mode of operation and required accessories.

Prices for rivet guns range from $4 for the low-end ones to $240 for the high-end ones. While researching for this review, we came across some cheap rivet guns that may not serve you for a long time. We ignored them and only included some inexpensive ones that are durable and offer excellent value for money.
Whether you need your rivet gun for yard work or a workshop, whether you are a hobbyist or a professional, there are features that any riveting job requires from a rivet gun. The rivet gun for repairs of auto body parts may not be the same with that which will work on a frying pan. We have picked some important features that should be considered when choosing the right rivet gun for your job. They include:
  • Rivet Size: Look for rivet guns compatible with the rivet pins required for the job
  • Material: The material of the nozzle and body of your rivet gun should be put into consideration
  • Nose Pieces: Know the number of nose pieces your rivet gun has
  • Rotating Head: Is your rivet gun head rotatory or stationary?
  • Operational Pressure: You need to know the pressure your pneumatic rivet gun works with
  • Portability and Mobility: You need to know if your job needs a mobile rivet gun
  • Accessories: What other accessories come with your rivet gun?
  • Warranty: Find rivet guns with warranties and know what the warranties cover
Construction and Design
The material your rivet gun is made of gives you information on its durability and quality. For instance, rivet guns that are made of steel have a high probability of lasting very long and withstanding high work pressure.

Unless you are working on a ship or aircraft, you need to ensure your rivet gun is portable and mobile, because you'll lift it and move it around when working with it.

Some rivet guns come with extra accessories such as wrenches, extra noses, or nail cups. Look for these accessories when buying your rivet gun, because they can come in handy. The nail cup, for instance, collects all your nails from the rivet so you can dispose of them afterwards, and this helps to keep your work space tidy.

You may be wondering why warranty should be given close attention, but it helps you see how much confidence the manufacturer has in its product. Your warranty may cover the whole gun, or just a part like the nozzle. Be sure to take note of this, so that if any of the parts or the whole rivet gun goes bad, you know how to ask for a replacement.
Performance and Ease of Use
Ever heard of “a square peg in a round hole”? That is exactly what happens when you purchase a rivet gun with pin size that is bigger or smaller than the pin needed for your job. Always ensure that you have details regarding your pin size; that's how you find a gun with a nose size that fits the pin size.

Sometimes, you have to do some rivet jobs at angles that are hardly reachable. In such situations, you need to use a rivet gun with a long and rotating head. These types of nozzles easily access these unreachable areas and will do the job with ease.

Pneumatic rivet guns work with air being pumped into the rivet pin. This is what “deforms” the pin head and becomes the rivet holding your job together. Know at what air pressure your pin can be deformed, and ensure that the rivet gun you are buying can operate at that air pressure. More pressure is needed for harder pins, like steel, than for aluminum pins. Take note of this before making your purchase.

What is the Best Rivet Gun?

You have gotten some vital information, and you now know what to look for in your rivet gun. Make a mental note of all the features that your job requires in a rivet gun, and then read this review. We believe that you will find a rivet gun, or maybe two, that will meet your requirements.
Our Top Choice
The Astro Pneumatic Air Riveter contains five nosepieces, three of which are located at its base. It is powerful, works at high speed, and its quick-returning cylinder ensures efficient operations. If you are looking for a hand or manual tool, check out the Astro Pneumatic Hand Riveter Kit with spring and shorter handle. It maximizes leverage with its shorter handle and double compound hinges.
Astro Pneumatic Air Rivet Gun with a Selection of Nose Pieces

Astro Pneumatic Rivet Gun PR14

Astro Pneumatic is an importer of efficient power tools. It is dedicated to its customers and ensures that competent persons are always available to meet their repair needs, warranty complaints and troubleshooting issues. Astro Pneumatic is owned by the Fisher family and has been in operation for over forty years. It has fast become a market leader in the sourcing, importation and distribution of innovative tools.

The Astro Pneumatic Air Riveter ($87.12 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) is a five-pound gun with five nosepieces with dual calibration - in millimeters and inches. These nosepieces are 6.4 mm (1/4 inch), 4.8 mm (3/16 inch), 4 mm (5/32 inch), 3.2 mm (1/8 inch) and 2.4 mm (3/32 inch). The gun is durable and performs optimally at any angle. This rivet gun is fitted with an overturn mechanism for accessing the three nosepieces at the base, and quick-release valves for fast return of the cylinder and speedy operations. This noiseless, solidly built and easy-to-handle rivet gun can get into small, difficult-to-reach areas and is backed by a one-year warranty.

Astro Pneumatic has other rivet guns you may want to check out:
  • Astro Pneumatic Tool PRN516 ONYX Pneumatic Rivet Nut Setting Gun with Quick-Change 1/4" & 5/16" Mandrels: Has forward and reverse actions for quick operation
  • Astro Pneumatic 1426 1/4-Inch Heavy Duty Hand Riveter: Comes with extra-long handles that provide excellent leverage
  • Astro Pneumatic 1423 13-Inch Heavy Duty Hand Riveter: The patented structure of this rivet gun increases power and reduces shock
Best Value
The Arrow Fastener Swivel Head Rivet Gun is a 1.5-pound rivet gun with four nosepieces and a 360-degree rotating head. It is completely made of steel, with a comfortable vinyl grip, and possesses a clip which is lockable when the tool is not in use. For a riveter toolkit that comes with up to 50 rivets, try the Arrow Fastener Rivet Tool Kit.
Arrow Fastener Professional Swivel Head Rivet Tool with 4 Nose Pieces & Wrench

Arrow Fastener Rivet Gun RHT300

Arrow Fastener was founded in 1929. It is a well-known manufacturer of accessories and equipment parts for household projects, general construction, furniture, wiring and cable works. The company also produces handy tools, glue guns, rivet tools, and electrical and manual nail guns.

The Arrow Fastener Swivel Head Rivet Gun ($21.98 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) consists of four nosepieces (3/32-inch, 1/8-inch, 5/32-inch, and 3/16-inch). It has a spring-loaded handle with a comfortable vinyl hand grip. This lightweight rivet gun is made of steel, is comfortable to use and comes with a wrench for changing the nosepieces. Its extended nose reaches far into tight spaces, while its 360-degree rotating head helps for easy riveting in corners. This rivet gun comes in a distinct red color, has a lockable clip for convenient storage and is covered by a 90-day warranty.

Arrow Fastener has other rivet guns you may want to see, including:
  • Arrow Fastener RHT300 Pro Swivel Head Rivet Tool RHT300: Has a unique twistable head that turns 360 degrees
  • Arrow Fastener RH200 Professional Rivet Tool, Black: Has an extended nose that can get to hard-to-reach places
  • Arrow Fastener RH200S Professional Rivet Tool RH200S: Features a spring-loaded handle that makes rivet loading and ejection easy
The ARKSEN Air Rivet Gun is made up of four nosepieces found in its base, and has an ergonomically designed handle for easy grip. If you need a rivet tool to fit into hollow links, look up the ARSKEN Chain Breaker. It is a multipurpose tool that features three different pin sizes to fit various chains.
ARKSEN Air Hydraulic Pop Rivet Gun with Riveting Case

ARKSEN Rivet Gun 001-AT-10016

ARKSEN prides itself on the delivery of quality tools and excellent service to its customers. It makes a variety of products for both home and outdoor use. The company’s customer service team ensures that all enquiries are treated promptly and efficiently.

The ARKSEN Air Rivet Gun ($147.70 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) comes with four nosepieces with dimensions of 3/16, 5/32, 1/8, and 3/32 inches. They are housed at the base of the gun. Its ergonomically built handle makes for easy grip and maximum control. This tool is solid and versatile and quite suitable for a wide variety of applications. It saves one the stress of using a manual gun. Its other features include:
  • Fast and easy to work with
  • Rivets at all angles and reaches difficult places
  • Has a nail cup located at the back of the gun
  • Has a blow molded case for easy storage
  • Contains other accessories like wenches
  • A standard air inlet of 1/4
  • Operational pressure is 90-120 psi
ARKSEN has to be contacted directly for warranty information.
The Marson Hand Riveter is an easy-to-use, high power aluminum-bodied gun. It has a fulcrum that curbs pin rotation and hole-elongation, and prevents tool failure. If you are in search of an air or hydraulic riveter, the Marson 1\/4" Heavy Duty Air\/Hydraulic Riveter with a recommended air pressure of 70-95 PSI would do just fine.
Marson HP-2 Professional Hand Riveter with Cushion-Molded Vinyl Grips

Marson Rivet Gun 39000

Marson offers a complete line of rivets and rivet nuts, and a variety of materials, manual and pneumatic installation tools for all kinds of jobs. The company offers an assortment of electric, hand, plastic and pneumatic tooling. Its products provide efficient and cost-effective methods for replacing threads permanently in thin materials.

The Marson Hand Riveter Gun ($27.38 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price), is the number one selling hand riveter. It is made of cold coated steel, and has a fulcrum that prevents rotation of the pin and subsequent tool failure. It contains four nosepieces: 3/32, 1/18, 5/32 and 3/16 inches. Here are some other features of this rivet gun:
  • Durable, high power and high quality
  • Sturdy and well-built
  • Carbon steel upper handles
  • Vinyl-padded lower handles for comfort and grip
  • Has a high power aluminum body
  • Comes with a wrench
This two-pound gun is light and very handy to use.
The Stanley Contractor Grade Riveter is sturdy and rugged. It makes use of diameter steel and aluminum rivets, and also has a spring ejector. If you are searching for a swivel gun, get the Stanley Swivel Head Riveter. It has a long handle that makes straight and right-angle riveting easy.
Stanley Contractor Grade Riveter with Long Handle – Available in 2 Pack Sizes

Stanley Rivet Gun MR100CG - 1

For over 170 years, Stanley Tools has developed and delivered quality tools for professionals and local users alike. This company, which has an American heritage, is committed to creating new generation tools of the highest standards that would uphold the legacy it has so far built.

The Stanley Contractor Grade Riveter ($20.84 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) is a long-lasting die-cast metal gun. It has a detachable ejector spring and a long handle for easy squeezing, and it weighs 1.3 pounds. It makes use of diameter steel and aluminum rivets of 1/8, 3/32, 5/32, 3/16 inches, and stainless rivets of 1/8 and 5/32 inches. This riveter is rugged and built for marine applications involving stainless steel. It has a limited lifetime warranty.

Stanley has other riveters you may want to check out, such as:
  • Stanley MR33C Medium Duty Riveter: Has a characteristic slim nose design that makes it possible to get into difficult-to-reach places
  • Stanley Consumer Tools MR55C Heavy-Duty Right-Angle Riveter: Has a spring-loaded long handle that automatically ejects the rivet stem
  • Stanley 6 All Steel Riveter: Its all-steel body makes for long-lasting durability

Get the Best Rivet Gun of 2017!

Now that you have made it through our guide and review, we hope you now have sufficient information to move you closer to making a purchase. Go ahead and do just that. If you are still in need of a little extra that you could not find here, check out the other options from the brands listed above.

Our Top Choice
Astro Pneumatic Air Riveter
Best Value
Arrow Fastener Swivel Head Rivet Gun
ARKSEN Air Rivet Gun
Marson Hand Riveter
Stanley Contractor Grade Riveter