Best Robotic Pool Cleaner Reviews 2017

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Let's face it, cleaning the house, the car or the pool is not the most exciting task in the world. Actually, many of use absolutely hate such chores! However, we cannot live in a dirty environment because that is unhealthy and someone has to do the cleaning. Why shouldn’t we let robots do it? For example, if you have a pool and it gets dirty regularly, you can use a robotic pool cleaner to make it look like brand new. We looked on the market and discovered 5 exquisite automated cleaners that are worth every penny. They come in a mixture of price points and are ready for action!
Pool length
Cycle time
Our Top Choice
Hayward TigerShark QC Robotic Pool Cleaner
It’s likely that even your grandparents used the Hayward cleaners back in the days. Over 80 years of experience and now some of the best robotic pool bots, like the Tiger Shark line.
Fast and intensive cleaning. Real vacuum strength. Easy emptying.
Preferable for in-ground pools.
Up to 40 feet
4500 gallons/hour
3 hours
15.5" x 16.5" x 11.5" / 41lbs
3 years warranty
Best Value
Maytronics Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Pool Cleaner with Swivel Cable
Who doesn't want to have his own dolphin right in the pool? With Maytronics, you can have one that cleans your pool and doesn’t ask for food!
Affordable price. Outstanding performance. Very lightweight.
Suction openings can get clogged.
Up to 50 feet
4233 gallons/hour
3 hours
20” x 24” x 20” / 33 lbs
1 year warranty
POLARIS 9550 SPORT 4WD Robotic Cleaner with Remote
Sometimes even pool cleaning robots can be an example of innovative design as is in the case of Polaris Sport Robotic Cleaner, a 4-wheel drive machine that can clean your pool quickly and efficiently.
Customization to your exact needs. High efficiency. Clean all types of surfaces.
Quite heavy.
Up to 60 feet
4500 gallons/hour
3 1/2 hours
22” x 22” x 22” / 45 lbs
7-day programmable timer
Aquabot Junior In-Ground Robotic Pool Cleaner
Since 1982, Aquabot has been producing quality pool cleaners and has gained a flawless reputation among happy clients. The Aquabot Junior can efficiently remove large leaves as well as dirt and debris.
Durable and eco-friendly motor. Convenient cleaning of any pool surface type. Simple to use and setup.
Available only in one color.
Up to 40 feet
4500 gallons/hour
4 hours
17” x 14.5” x 10” / 17 lbs
Comes with ultra fine filter bag
SmartPool SmartKleen® Robotic Pool Cleaner
Intelligent pool robots don’t have to cost a lot and SmartPool proves it with the SmartKleen® NC22 Robotic Cleaner. This little device will exceed your expectations when it comes to pool cleaning!
Very good price. Smart navigation system. Ultra light.
Cords can tangle.
Up to 40 feet
4500 gallons/hour
3 hours
17.5” x 15” x 13.2” / 18 lbs
2 year warranty

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What is the Best Robotic Pool Cleaner?

When it comes to choosing the right pool cleaner, you shouldn’t rush your decision. Find out the exact size of your pool, your cleaning needs and write down your budget. Afterwards, take a look at our 5 contenders and pick one which suits your needs the best. All the products we have selected for this list come from reputable brands and they boast impressive ratings on Amazon already!
Our Top Choice
The Hayward RC9990CUB is a frisky bot featuring the exclusive Quick Clean technology that will get the job done so fast that you just don’t have time to get bored without your lovely pool. If you want life to be even easier when working with your diligent, little R2D2, you can get this model with a remote control.
Hayward Pool Cleaner - Robotic Cleaner with Quick Clean Cycle -- Built-In 24-Volt Motor, No Hoses or Pumps, No Pre-Installation

Hayward Pool Cleaner RC9990CUB

Pools are great but sometimes you just want to relax, sunbathe or swim in the refreshing water without having to go through a lot of trouble keeping it clean. Enter Hayward to the rescue. Hayward is a company founded in 1930 and their products consist of technologically advanced lines of equipment such as pumps, filters, cleaners and basically all kinds of devices that can be helpful to make the "pool-time" as wonderful as possible.

The TigerShark line of pool cleaners are among the most efficient products that Hayward makes and their pool vacuum cleaners are faster than most of the others currently on the market. Here is the list of the key features of the TigerShark QC Robotic Cleaner:
  • Intelligent microprocessor-based technology.
  • Extra quick performance.
  • High quality of vacuum cleaning.
  • easy-to clean cartridge filter system
  • Foam roller
  • Built-in scanner t
  • No extra pumps, hookups or hoses required.
A mix of high quality products and attention to detail makes this brand one of the best in the world, so don't be afraid to shop from them.
Best Value
The Dolphin Nautilus pool cleaner is quick, efficient and it comes with a 60 feet cable, so you can get your pool cleaned in no time. However, if the standard Dolphin Nautilus is not enough for you, you can look at Nautilus Plus.which is even more impressive!
Maytronics Dolphin Automatic Pool Cleaning Bot - 60-Feet Cable, 1 Year Limited Warranty, No Pre-Installation

Dolphin Pool Cleaner 99996323

Maytronics is a company that specializes in robotic pool cleaners as well as equipments suitable for lawn care and gardening. They have a lot of experience in the field and we can easily see this when we take a look at one of their masterpieces – the Dolphin line of automated vacuum cleaners.

Nowadays, ecology and energy saving issues are increasingly alarming and everyone is trying to deal with them in his own way. The Dolphin Nautilus is an energy-efficient, fully-automated pool cleaning device that can save you a lot of time and effort. It is powerful enough to deal with large residential pools up to 50 feet in length and it also looks quite eye-catching and attractive.

Here are some features of this automatic pool cleaning device:
  • Patented swivel cable which prevents tangling
  • Doesn’t need pre-installation
  • no connections to pool system needed
  • Cartridge filter system
  • Spring clean up filter
  • Superb efficiency – 15 cents per 1 pool cleaning
The POLARIS 9550 SPORT is probably one of the most functional and efficient robotic cleaners. You can customize it and program it on a 7-day cycle. Of course, if you don`t need such an advanced product, you can look at the POLARIS 9350 SPORT, a device that is more affordable, but packs many of the same impressive features!
Polaris Sport Robotic In-Ground Pool Cleaner- 7 Day Program, 4-Wheel Drive, ActivMotion Sensor Technology, Remote Control

Polaris Pool Cleaner 9550 - Blue

Polaris is a company with more than 40 years of experience in pool cleaning devices and they have earned a great reputation with the passing of time. They specialize in automated pool cleaners and we simply couldn’t ignore the 9550 Sport model as it already has excellent ratings on Amazon.

If you want to get your pool cleaning process to the next level, you could seriously consider buying one of the Polaris cleaners. These products are highly sophisticated and can do much more in comparison with common pool cleaners. Of course it’s always the question of whether you want to spend this much money on a pool bot -- but if you are looking for a top of the line model, then Polaris is exactly what you need.

Here are some of the features of this amazing pool cleaner:
  • Motion-Sensing Remote
  • Easy Lift System
  • Dirty Canister Indicator
  • Vortex Vacuum Technology
  • Easy Clean Filter Canister 
  • 4-Wheel Drive Technology
  • Waterline Only Cleaning Cycle
  • 7-day programmable timer
The Aquabot Junior is an excellent product that ensures the thorough cleaning of your pool. Your robotic helper will handle all the dirty work while you are chilling with the family in your yard. This cleaner is designed mostly for the in-ground pools, but Aquabot also have some good models for the above-ground pools, such as the Pool Rover Junior.
Aquabot Robotic Pool Vacuum -- 51 Feet Cord, Self Contained Filtration System, Energy Efficient

Aquabot Pool Cleaner NE339

Aquabot produces the high quality robotic pool cleaners since 1982. During this time, the brand has gained a flawless reputation among clients. For over thirty years, they worked to make people’s pool experience more enjoyable, cleaner and healthier. Aquabot is one of the flagship brands which became loved by people for its innovation and affordability.

Everybody loves hanging at the pool parties, but no one actually likes the herculean pool cleaning work afterwards. It is always good to have someone to do it for you. In such situations, you start to appreciate the technologies that increase the comfort of life, taking care of all the annoying things around you.

Here are some of the features provided by the Aquabot Junior pool cleaner:
  • Water mixing capability – 70 gallons per minute
  • Self-contained filtration
  • Compatibility with any pool types
  • Compact dimensions (22"x 20"x 19")
  • One Year Warranty
Moreover, this brand produces an entire line of automated pool cleaners, so if you have a specific need or preference, browse their range of products and pick one that matches your tastes.
The Smartpool NC22 pool cleaner is a mini-tank that can help you win the war against your dirty pool. It comes with a 40-feet power cord and it can easily withstand a lot of wear and tear. If you want extra features, you can also try the Smartpool Direct Command-PLUS Robotic Cleaner which is truly premium-class device.
SmartPool Robotic Pool Vacuuum - All-Surface Cleaning, Compact and Lightweight, 1 Year Warranty

Smartpool Pool Cleaner NC22

As they say:: little pigeons can carry great messages, so your SmartKleen NC22 pool cleaner can handle the dirty work for you, freeing up your schedule and giving you more peace of mind. SmartPool manufactures high quality products for nearly 20 years and this amount of experience is reflected in the robotic pool cleaners they make.

Here you can read list of features of the SmartPool SmartKleen® (NC22) Robotic Cleaner and without doubt, many of them sound truly impressive:
  • Intelligence navigation that doesn’t require walls to change direction
  • Brush-to-Port suction for better vacuuming
  • Direct-Drive Motor
  • Large filter bag
  • Two years limited warranty

Get the Best Robotic Pool Cleaner of 2017!

These diligent, smart mini-tanks can save you time, effort and even lower your energy bills. Pick your favorite robotic pool cleaner and eliminate the "pool cleaning" chore from your list once and forever!

Our Top Choice
Hayward TigerShark QC Robotic Pool Cleaner
Best Value
Maytronics Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Pool Cleaner with Swivel Cable
POLARIS 9550 SPORT 4WD Robotic Cleaner with Remote
Aquabot Junior In-Ground Robotic Pool Cleaner
SmartPool SmartKleen® Robotic Pool Cleaner