Best Safety Glasses Reviews 2017

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All kinds of hazardous situations occur in workplaces all over the world, especially from debris and scraps of wood and metal which find their way into workers’ eyes when left unprotected. It can be very difficult finding the right safety eyewear as there are thousands of them available. We have checked out many of the available safety eyewear options and have come up with a top five of safety eyewear brands. Each of these brands we considered have numerous options for safety eyewear, though we have reviewed just one in some detail. So, keep it in mind that you have more safety glasses available to you from these brands than what we have reviewed.
Lens Color
UV Protect?
Our Top Choice
Pyramex Avante Scratchproof Safety Glasses
Eyewear should be comfortable when worn over long periods while meeting the strictest industry standards. Pyramex has achieved this with the Pyramex Avante Safety Eyewear.
Easy to put on and take off. No pain when worn for long periods. Available in 20 lens and frame color combinations.
Not for a wide head. Waves present in the field of vision. Shows a lot of glare from various lights.
Variety of lens color
Anti-scratch polycarbonate
Under 1 ounce (26.9 grams)
UV protection
Best Value
Safety Works Impact-Resistant Goggles
Safety Works, makers of the MSA Safety Works 817697 Economical Goggles, deliver quality, value and safety-standards compliance in their products. These goggles fit over most prescription eye wear.
Easily adjustable. Do not fog up.
Uncomfortable when worn for long periods. Frame is fragile.
Clear lens
Impact resistant
3.2 ounces
No UV protection
DeWalt Concealer Safety Glasses
DeWalt’s ToughCoat™ and DEWALT XtraClear™ technologies are responsible for DeWalt’s world-class safety eyewear like the DPG82 Concealer™, which are ANSI and OSHA Certified.
Good side protection and great frontal protection against flying debris. Easy-to-adjust. Comfortable to wear. Fits with most dust masks. Fits with headphones.
Scratches easily. Not suitable for large head or a wide face. Pick up fingerprints easily.
Clear or smoked lens
Anti-scratch, polycarbonate
16 ounces
99.9% UVA/UVB protection
Safety Girl Navigator Safety Glasses
Safety Girl makes eyewear that offers both beauty and solid protection. Safety Girl Navigator Safety Glasses provide these two qualities, without hurting your purse.
They do not fog. Attractive. Very lightweight. Pre-made holes for a strap band. Comfortable nose guard.
Not for men. Not for wide faces. NOT scratch resistant.  Not comfortable for extended wear. Large gap between the bottom of the glasses and face.
Variety of lens colors
Anti-scratch polycarbonate
0.8 ounces
UV protection
3M Virtua™ Protective Eyewear
3M combines style, fit, comfort, a lightweight design and affordability in its work safety products. The 3M™ Virtua™ keeps you safe at work at a price you can’t quarrel with.
Can be worn by a child. Aesthetic. Light weight. Not many nooks and crannies, so easy to disinfect.
 Not anti-fog after you clean them. Lens is not a true zero-power optic. Lens causes optical distortion.
Clear lens
0.3 ounces
UV/IR coated lens

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What is the Best Safety Glasses?

Many things go into finding the best safety eyewear. What is safe for you may be very unsafe for another just because of differences in physiology, especially head size. Sometimes you would want to find out if the safety glass you want to purchase can be worn over your prescription glasses or not. Not knowing these things can lead to a bad buy. So, take time to read what we think of each brand and the features of the main product reviewed. We have also provided links for you to check out similar products from each brand so you can make an informed choice.
Our Top Choice
Pyramex is focused on giving you the best in personal protective products. If you have a narrow face, then the Pyramex Avante is right for you. It meets the ANSI Z87.1 standard and can be worn for long periods. But if you are looking for an eyewear that has higher standards than the ANSI Z87.1, then you need Pyramex V2G-XP Safety Goggles.
Pyramex Avante Safety Eyewear - Anti-Scratch, 99% Protection Against Harmful UV Rays – 20 Lens and Frame Color Combinations

Pyramex Safety Glasses SB45-Avante -- Silver /Ice Orange

Pyramex Safety Products LLC provides personal protective products to millions of users around the world. With a network of over 2000 distributors and distribution in all 50 of the United States, plus more than 60 countries around the world, Pyramex is no small player in the protective products industry.

The Pyramex Avante Safety Eyewear is made of gray, polycarbonate lens with a double layer of silver and orange mirror coatings, commonly used in outdoor applications. This lens is anti-scratch and offers 99% protection against harmful UV rays. Some of the other features of The Pyramex Avante Safety Eyewear are:
  • Lightweight sports styling contours to the face to provide maximum protection
  • Built-in rubber nose pads provide comfort fit and protect against slipping
  • Straight back flexible temples
  • Vented frame increases air flow to prevent fogging
Best Value
Looking for safety eyewear that really keeps your eyes safe and your view clear while working? Then Safety Works’ MSA Safety Works 817697 Economical Goggles is what you need. If you are interested in eyewear that gives you a close fit with a tint, then check out MSA Safety Works 10006316 Close Fitting Safety Glasses.
Safety Works 817697 Economical Impact-Resistant Goggles With Adjustable Temples For A Secure, Comfortable Fit

Safety Works Safety Glasses 817697

The ability to offer its customers safety products that are priced right, tested to meet industry standards and tastefully packaged has endeared Safety Works to its customers for 15 years and counting.

The MSA Safety Works 817697 Economical Goggles come with adjustable temples for a secure, comfortable fit and can be worn over most prescription eye glasses, proven to reliably protect against airborne particles.
Some other features of this very affordable eye wear:
  • Lenses that are anti-fog for safety
  • Soft frame which improves comfort
  • Ventilated design which aids cooling
The DEWALT DPG82-11 Concealer gives you good side and frontal protection against flying debris when using power tools. It is one of DeWalt’s many performance-driven, innovative products. Looking for a pair of that serves as both safety and reading glasses? Go for DeWalt DPG59-120C Reinforcer Rx-Bifocal 2.0 Clear Lens.  
DEWALT DPG82-11 Concealer Clear Anti-Fog Dual Mold Safety Goggle – Two Color Options

DeWalt Safety Glasses DPG82-11C– Clear Lens

DeWalt is focused on learning what works and what doesn’t so it can make products that work for the professional. For DeWalt, every innovation is driven by a desire for performance, ease of use and productivity.

The DEWALT DPG82-11 Concealer Clear Anti-Fog Dual Mold Safety Goggle is a dual-mold goggle that provides protection from dust and debris. The DEWALT ToughCoat™ hard-coated lens and DEWALT XtraClear™ anti-fog lens coating further provides tough protection against scratches and fogging respectively. Its soft, dual-injected rubber conforms to the face to provide high-level protection from dust and debris.
Other features include:
  • Elastic head strap, providing a comfortable and easily adjustable fit
  • Dual-injected rubber, providing a soft comfortable seal
  • Built-in ventilation channel, providing extra fog control and ventilation
  • Compliance with ANSI Z87.1+ Standards
  • 99.9% UVA/UVB protection
Safety Girl women's safety products are built to be rugged, comfortable, and to fit a woman properly. Safety Girl Navigator Safety Glasses are made with an anti-scratch lens that exceeds ANSI Z87.1+ CE EN166. For safety glasses that do not slide off easily when placed on your head, check out Safety Girl 629209121 Polycarbonate Eva.
Safety Girl Polycarbonate Navigator Safety Glasses – Variety of Frame and Lens Color Combinations

Safety Girl Safety Glasses SC-282-PINK-clear – Pink/Clear

Hard working women need safety options that are not masculine and still of great quality. Safety Girl takes pride in working with top brands like Carhartt, Dickies, DRI DUCK, etc., for affordable and durable work-wear for women who like to maintain their beauty always.

The Safety Girl Navigator Safety Glasses have untinted polycarbonate lenses with UV400 protection and an anti-scratch coating, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. They can be worn over prescription glasses without any problems.
Other features include:
  • Lenses and pink frame made of polycarbonate to resist impact
  • Wraparound frame and wide temples to help increase side protection
  • Compliance with ANSI Z87.1 and EN166 personal eye protection standards for quality assurance
3M makes quality safety products at prices for everyone. The 3M Virtua Anti-Fog Lens has comfortable contoured temples without any looseness that causes shifting. Check out the 3M Virtua CCS Protective Eyewear for a model with a gasket attachment to keep a corded earplug attached, untangled, and ready for use.
3M Virtua Protective Eyewear With Clear Frame And Clear Anti-Fog Lens – Available in Multiple Quantities for Savings

3M Safety Glasses 11329-20 – 1 Count

3M has been around for over a century and has continued to break new grounds in innovation and science. 3M protective eyewear includes a variety of modern and stylish products which can be worn over prescription and non-prescription glasses.

3M™ Virtua™ Protective Eyewear safeguards workers on job sites by offering them safety glasses that combine style, protection and affordability. It provides a wide viewing area while keeping the eyes more fully protected with its wraparound design. This eyewear can be worn if you are in any of these industries: aviation, chemicals, construction, food and beverage, general manufacturing, mining, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, primary metals, and transportation.
Here are some of the other features that make this eyewear a good choice:
  • Lightweight design for comfort (weighs less than an ounce)
  • Unisex styling which fits a variety of facial profiles
  • Polycarbonate lenses which absorb 99.9% UVA and UVB
  • Can be worn both indoors and outdoors
  • Meets the requirements of ANSI Z87.1-2010

Get the Best Safety Glasses Today!

Now that we have taken you through these top five brands of safety eyewear, we believe you are more aware than you were before and can now make a better choice. Your eyes are important, and they deserve to be protected.

Our Top Choice
Pyramex Avante Scratchproof Safety Glasses
Best Value
Safety Works Impact-Resistant Goggles
DeWalt Concealer Safety Glasses
Safety Girl Navigator Safety Glasses
3M Virtua™ Protective Eyewear