Best Snow Shovel Reviews 2017

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While snow around your home creates beautiful scenery, it is also a source of trouble when driveways and other areas around your house are covered by snow. Luckily, with a snow shovel, you can easily remove any accumulated snow in any of these vital areas. However, a great snow shovel doesn't come easily. Many snow shovels look the same, but differ sharply in performance. To help with this search, we've researched and identified some of the leading snow shovel makers. Here, we feature one snow shovel from each of these brands. Read through and pick your favorite.
Our Top Choice
Snow Joe Electric Snow Shovel
Snow Joe and Sun Joe specialize in making the outdoor tools that you need to keep your home beautiful all year round. The 13” Electric Snow Shovel is powerful and efficient.
Powerful. Easy to use, thanks to the back-saving curve. It can withstand the snow conditions. Lightweight. Ergonomic design.
Power cord limitation.
Electric Snow Shovel
Ergonomic Adjustable Handle
2-Blade Paddle Auger
13-Inch Blade, 14.6 Inches High
2 Year Warranty
Best Value
Suncast 18-Inch Snow Shovel
Suncast specializes in products and accessories that are essential for organizing back yards and gardens. The 18-Inch Snow Shovel is durable and easy to handle.
Sturdy and lightweight. The coating adds to its durability. Impressive color. Easy to handle. Can also be used to collect fallen leaves.
Some users say that the handle is not replaceable if it breaks.
Snow Pusher/Shovel
Ergonomic Steel Handle
Angled Rib Pattern
48” Handle; 20" x 13" Blade
3 Year Limited Warranty
The Snowcaster Wheeled Snow Pusher
The Snowcaster manufactures innovative snow shovels to make snow removal easy. The 36-Inch Wheeled Snow Pusher is very efficient, reducing user fatigue and straining.
Very efficient in snow removal. No straining when using it. Ergonomic handles. Very mobile thanks to the wheels. Easy to operate.
Not the best for rugged terrain.
Wheeled Snow Pusher
Galvanized Steel Tube Handle
Bi-directional Blade
48” High; 36” Blade
1 Year
True Temper Snoboss® Combo Snow Shovel
How many companies do you know that have been around for over 200 years? True Temper is one. Its Snoboss® Pusher and Shovel Combo is made of high-quality resins.
Reputable brand. A combination of a shovel and pusher. Impressive handle design. Snow doesn't stick to the blade.
Can’t be used by a pregnant or elderly person because of the weight.
Ergonomic Snow Shovel
Ergonomic Aluminum Handle
SnoBoss Poly Combo
26-Inch Blade, 57” High
AAA Aluminum Sport Utility Shovel
AAA and Lifeline are leading manufacturers of road and outdoor safety products. The AAA Sports Utility Shovel is lightweight, sturdy and travel-friendly.
Very conspicuous, so you won't lose it easily. Lightweight and sturdy. Impressive design. Travel-friendly, so you can always carry it along in your car.
Not the best for heavy snow or other tough jobs.
Portable Snow Shovel
Aluminum Disassembling Handle
Aluminum Spade Shape
25-32” Handle, 20” Blade
1 Year

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What is the Best Snow Shovel?

The best snow shovel should get the work done easily and efficiently. That means it should be comfortable and easy to use. The shovel’s construction should also be strong, reliable and durable. This is the only way that the shovel can withstand the snowy conditions and last long enough to deliver value for your money. Since it's not simple to balance all these factors when shopping, we've scoured the market for you. These are brands you can trust! Read through the reviews to find one that will get the job done and be within your budget.
Our Top Choice
Clear snow from walkways, steps, and decks around your home, using the Snow Joe Electric Snow Shovel. It has a 10-Amp motor, providing enough power to toss snow a distance of up to 20 feet. If you’re looking for an easy-to-handle snow broom, we recommend you check out the Snow Joe Telescoping Snow Broom, which tackles both ice and snow.
Snow Joe Electric Snow Shovel, 10-Amps Motor, CSA Approved

Snow Joe Snow Shovel 323E

For the last decade, Snow Joe’s mission has been to help homeowners like you keep their properties smart, whether it’s sunny or snowy. The brand has different product lines geared towards making your yard routine simple, quick and efficient. Along with snow shovels, Snow Joe and Sun Joe make snow blowers, tillers, trimmers and lawn mowers.

Among Snow Joe and Sun Joe’s snow shovels, the 13-Inch Electric Snow Shovel is a clear winner. Thanks to its powerful motor, this shovel can move up to 400 lbs. of snow in just one minute. Since it weighs 13.8 lbs. you’ll be able to move it around your property easily. The manufacturer's suggested retail price is $99, but if you decide to buy it from Amazon, you can own it for less than $80.

If you’re eager to know more about this electric snow shovel, here are its other features:
  • The shovel clears a 13-inch-wide path and a depth of up to 6 inches
  • To reduce fatigue and strain, it is made with a back-saving curve
  • The handles are adjustable, minimizing strain when shoveling
  • An auger-assisted drive system, and a voltage rating of 121V~60 Hz
  • Ideal for fluffy and light snow
  • Rust-resistant body and a safety switch to prevent accidental starting
Best Value
The Suncast 18-Inch Snow Shovel makes snow removal easy, without causing any strain to the user. The shovel comes in an angled rib pattern and has a wide blade. If you’re looking for a combination of a snow pusher and shovel, try the Suncast 18-Inch Snow Pusher and Shovel Combo, which has an ergonomic bent handle and 18 x 12-inch blade.
Suncast 18 Inch Lightweight Snow Shovel with Steel Core Handle

Suncast Snow Shovels SN1000

Suncast knows that you love making a beautiful environment around your home. For Suncast, its pride is in helping you make that environment and keep it neat. Suncast makes patio and yard products, home and garden products, sheds and storage products, and snow tools. Its products complement your home décor, and are easy to use and durable.

To show you one of the snow shovels from this brand, we selected the affordable 18-Inch Snow Shovel, which has a blue handle and an impressive navy blue color. This snow shovel is a bestseller on Amazon, which is an indication of consumer feelings about its quality.

This snow shovel stands out for its poly coating, which not only looks great, but also adds to its durability. The 48-inch length means it is easy to handle, without the user straining. On top of that, the length makes it usable by both tall and shorter persons, and this can include older children. If you want a snow shovel that will make snow removal an easy experience, this is a great deal, thanks to the 18 x 13-inch blade. The plastic is strong, which is an advantage, since snow won't stick to the blade.
The 36-Inch Snow Pusher offers you more than what you get when using a traditional snow shovel. It is very efficient, thanks to the wheels, which makes it easy to operate it. Looking for a snow pusher shovel? See the Snowcaster Snow Pusher Shovel, with an impact-resistant, 48-inch plastic blade, ideal for home and commercial application.
The Snowcaster 36-Inch Bi-Directional Wheeled Snow Pusher

The Snowcaster Snow Shovel 30SNC

The Snowcaster believes that you shouldn't have to break your back when removing snow from around your home or business. That’s why the company has spent the last 2 decades making wheeled snow shovels, which have helped cities, companies, and individuals manage ice and snow. This company believes traditional snow shovels can be made better through innovation and research. That’s why all its snow removal tools are eco-friendly, and offer superior performance and value.

The Snowcaster's 36-Inch Wheeled Snow Pusher impressed us. This snow pusher reduces fatigue when shoveling snow, as there is no straining from lifting. It also gets the job done efficiently. The manufacturer's price is $95, but if you buy it from Amazon, you will enjoy a sizable discount.

Here are other features you can expect from this wheeled snow pusher:
  • It has a bi-directional blade, which is ideal for wind-rowing snow
  • Its efficiency makes it usable in commercial applications
  • Assembles in 10 minutes
  • An impressive blue color
  • The blade gets to the ground removing even the pressed down snow
  • Great for use in snow up to 3 inches deep
The True Temper Snoboss Combo Snow Shovel is a 3-in-1 tool, making snow-shoveling easier and more thorough. With this tool, you’ll lift, push and throw snow from your most comfortable position. Looking for an emergency snow shovel that you can carry along during trips? Check out the foldable True Temper Emergency Car Shovel, with multiple grips.
True Temper Snoboss® Pusher and Shovel Combo with 26-Inch Blade

True Temper Snow Shovel 1625300

Since 1808, True Temper has been making tools for farming, gardening and landscaping enthusiasts. True Temper endeavors to deliver strength, power, durability and quality in all its products. That is the main reason this brand has stood the test of time.

From True Temper’s snow removal tools, we picked the 26-Inch Combo Snow Shovel. It has an ergonomic aluminum handle, with enough space to use both hands. This way, you gain better control and increase its leverage.

If you’re looking for a snow shovel and pusher combination that will last, even through extreme conditions, this unit fits the bill. The 26-inch blade has a steel wear strip, allowing you to easily remove more snow. You’ll also love the reversible nature of this combined snow shovel and pusher. When you want to remove ice in tight places, such as porches and steps, just turn it over.

We featured the 26-inch blade shovel, but you can also get one with an 18-inch blade and an ergonomic handle, one with an 18-inch blade and steel handle, or one with a 20-inch blade.
Be ready for any occurrence that requires a shovel with the AAA Aluminum Sport Utility Shovel. This shovel is travel-friendly, as you can dismantle it into 3 smaller pieces. Looking for a full kit? Try the AAA Severe Weather Road Kit, with a folding shovel, aluminum flashlight and first aid kit.
AAA Aluminum Sport Utility Shovel - Available in 3 Colors

AAA Snow Shovel 4005 - Blue

Lifeline and AAA were brought together by their love for open highway and outdoor safety. These companies know that adventures will sometimes turn to the unexpected, and that's why in the case of an emergency, you need reliable and efficient tools. AAA provides the first aid kits, roadside emergency kits, and outdoor survival kits that you require when on the go.

The Aluminum Sport Utility Shovel is an ideal tool to always have in your vehicle. It has an impressive design and is made of lightweight and durable aluminum. With this shovel, you'll always be ready for any inclement weather. Its sturdiness makes it ideal for snow removal.

This shovel is available in three bright colors, so you won’t ever forget it in the wild or leave it at home. For easy storage and portability, this shovel disassembles easily. You can carry it in your backpack, or put it in your car, recreational activity vehicle or SUV. If you a want snow shovel for home use, it will most likely meet your expectations.

When assembled, this shovel adjusts to between 25 and 32 inches, making it usable by both tall and short persons. This adjustment allows the user to customize the height to their preferred point.

The shovel we’ve featured here is the blue version, but if blue isn’t among your favorite colors, there are red and gold colors to choose from.

Get the Best Snow Shovel of 2017!

We trust that you’re now more informed about snow shovels, the leading brands and what to look out for when shopping for one. The snow shovels we’ve featured here are from some of the leading brands. Choose one and never struggle with snow shoveling tasks again.

Our Top Choice
Snow Joe Electric Snow Shovel
Best Value
Suncast 18-Inch Snow Shovel
The Snowcaster Wheeled Snow Pusher
True Temper Snoboss® Combo Snow Shovel
AAA Aluminum Sport Utility Shovel