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No matter how busy you are, nothing is more important than your health. If you are going to give your best at work, you have to feel inspired and invigorated. That’s why manufacturers are pushing the envelope with user-friendly office designs that incorporate more mobility into your workspace. Check out the great variety of standing desks we have from some of the most popular brands out there.
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Our Top Choice
Ergotron WorkFit-D, Sit-Stand Desk
With its products for the high-tech environment we live in, Ergotron stands for ergonomics and electronics. It has been providing solutions since 1982.
Quick adjustment to change height with a range of up to 20 inches. Plenty of workspace. Stand up position helps you to stay alert and focused.
Need to remove two small screws to begin assembly.
Adjustable stand/sit desk
47.6 x 23.5 in, 108 lbs
Neo flex LX LCD
65 lbs
30 day money back
Best Value
ApexDesk Vortex Sit to Stand Desk
ApexDesk makes adjustable desks that suit your busy lifestyle, with highly sought-after options such as this Electric Sit Stand Desk.
Attractive surface in light cherry. Scratch-resistant laminate. Light yet stable. This desk is designed to be sturdy and not wobble with use.
A slight investment, but it's well worth it.
Adjustable stand/sit desk
60 x 30 in, 89 lbs
Brushed aluminum
170 lbs
30 day money back
LifeSpan Treadmill Standing Desk
LifeSpan is breaking the boundaries in your day by combining business and fitness into one activity with its innovative desk designs, including the LifeSpan Treadmill Desk.
This treadmill and desk in one lets you burn calories, keep your body in action, and get the job done, all at once.
Can affect your ability to focus.
Treadmill/desk combo
55 x 29 in, 200 lbs
Durable laminate
350 lbs for treadmill
1 year - lifetime variable
Safco Muv Fixed Stand-Up Desk
With decorative and thoughtful designs, Safco offers functionality and mobility with space-saving desks that are easy on the wallet as well, such as the Muv Stand-Up Desk.
Lots of compact workspace. Narrow yet user-friendly workspace. Room for your printer, files, keyboard and computer in one standing workstation.
Casters may shift upon moving the workstation.
Fixed height stand up desk
45 x 29.5 in, 59 lbs
Melamine laminate & steel
100 lbs
Not specified
Stand Up Desk Store Stand Up Desk
Stand Up Desk Store offers several models of adjustable desks, including this newer model that comes with an electric adjustment option.
Suitable for taller people at a height of 60 inches. Crank adjustment allows you to switch to a sitting position. Two levels for computer and monitor.
Could use an extra protective coating on the surface to avoid marks left by coffee mugs, etc.
Adjustable stand/sit desk
60 x 28.5 in, 90 lbs
Laminate wood & steel
154 lbs
Not specified

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What is the Best Standing Desk?

Sometimes you’re tired and want to sit down for awhile. At other times you’re invigorated and need to be up and moving to fully express yourself. An adjustable desk can accommodate your needs easily. We have some great models to choose from, including desks with wheels that can easily be relocated to another room. Let’s check out your options.
Our Top Choice
Ergotron makes a great height-adjustable work surface. If you would like a desk with a slightly more expansive adjustment in height, consider the Ergotron WorkFit-C Single HD Sit\/Stand Workstation, which offers a height adjustment of 25 inches versus the 20 inches in our featured product.
Ergotron WorkFit-D Sit-Stand Desk — Light Gray — Easily Adjustable

Ergotron Standing Desk 24-271-926

Ergotron was designed by an author in 1982 to serve those who are working for hours on end, and need to move around a bit to stay in the flow. To improve focus and attention, the company designs products that include technological devices with adjustable components to serve your ever-changing needs.

It’s important to get up and moving. You can’t concentrate if your joints are stiff. That’s why Ergotron developed a desk that takes care of all your business needs, whether you are sitting or standing. With its patented technology, you can change your position swiftly with a brake handle that adjusts the table accordingly.

This table has an extended work surface. There are no motors involved in adjusting the height of this desk, which ranges in height up to 20 inches. It can easily accommodate your computer and other files and accoutrements needed for your busy day. The color is light gray, and with the fluid one-touch brake handle, you can adjust the height to suit the task at hand. You will never have to interrupt your workflow to stay in business all day long with comfort and convenience.
Best Value
If this Electric Sit Stand Desk is slightly out of your price range, ApexDesk has other great choices on the market, such as the GX 36" Desk Riser. It has two tiers, a dual gas-spring lift system that easily accommodates two monitors, and a black matte finish.
ApexDesk Vortex Series 60” Wide 2-Button Electric Height Adjustable Sit to Stand Desk — Light Cherry Top

Electric Sit Stand Desk Standing Desk VT60LTC

For busy adults who need to move around a lot, Apex makes a range of desks with adjustable components that are strong and can hold everything you need to get the job done. When you want to change from a sitting to standing position, these desks can move up and down in height to suit any task.

With a dual button controller, you can adjust the Vortex Desk up or down from 27 and 1/2 inches to 45 and 1/2 inches. The laminated surface is designed to be scratch-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about shifting your equipment around and damaging the tabletop.

The light cherry finish on the table top brightens up your workspace. With a table strength that can hold up to 170 pounds and a wide surface of 60 inches, you will have more than enough space to work with. With easy assembly in 30 minutes, you’ll be up and running in no time.
LifeSpan makes innovative desk designs that help keep you healthy while you get work done. If you think you will lack concentration while on the treadmill, consider another innovative design by this company: the LifeSpan C3-DT5 Bike Desk that allows you to sit and pedal while working on your computer.
LifeSpan Treadmill Desk

LifeSpan Standing Desk TR1200-DT5

LifeSpan is the kind of brand that takes ideas like "Why doesn’t someone combine fitness equipment and work equipment into one design?” and makes them come true. No time to get to the gym? No worries. LifeSpan has a range of fitness and work products that combine your workspace and busy day for maximum efficiency. Its products include bicycle/desks, treadmill/desks, and under-desk exercisers.

This incredible design features a compact treadmill that ranges in speed from a relaxed gait of 2 miles per hour to a light jog/run speed of 4 miles per hour. If you need to slow down during moments when you need to concentrate, you can hit the “resume speed” button to get back into action quickly after you take care of business.

The desktop area offers plenty of space at 38 by 29 inches. While you are working, you can track the distance you traveled, the number of calories burned, the time and the total number of steps.

If you would like to track your fitness data, this treadmill/desk duo even has wireless capabilities. You can sync it to your iphone or Android device using LifeSpan’s Active Trac app, which is free.
If you love the cost and features of Safco workstations, but would like a wider surface that offers a lower height while you work, you may want to check out the Muv 30 1\/2 inch high Stand-Up Desk Fixed Height Computer Workstation with Keyboard Shelf that comes in an attractive Medium Oak finish.
Safco Muv 45” High Stand-Up Desk Fixed Height Computer Workstation with Keyboard Shelf — Cherry

SAFCO Standing Desk 1923CY

Safco offers a range of office solutions that include desk designs to accommodate all types of work environments, and displays for your files and literature, as well as trash receptacles and even hand trucks for those hard-to-move objects.

This Safco standing workstation accommodates all your crucial equipment. It has a sturdy steel frame construction. Although it is fixed in height, you can move this workstation to different locations thanks to the caster wheels, two of which are locking.

The melamine laminate finish can take a beating, and with the height of 45 inches you can move swiftly between your computer and other tasks without the bother of getting up out of your chair. There is also a shelf for your keyboard and a space to keep your files, so you can make the most out of this convenient desk that keeps you mobile.
If you are attracted by the option of an electric adjustment for your desk, that feature is now available in a solid black gloss finish that offers a seamless push button adjustment from a sitting to standing position, in the Stand Up Desk Store 60 Inch Electric Stand model.
Stand Up Desk Store 60” Crank Steel Adjustable Sit to Stand Up Desk, Black Shelves / Silver Frame

Stand Up Desk Store Standing Desk SUDC60-BK

To help with the effects of stress on your life, the Stand Up Desk Store has created tools that allow for a more mobile and engaging work life. The company has designed a variety of standing work stations and office accessories that help to keep your blood flowing from the early morning until the evening.

This desk uses a crank that smoothly adjusts the tabletop from a seated position to a standing height of 60 inches. It comes in an attractive black finish with a silver gray powder coating on the frame. It improves your posture and relieves discomfort from sitting for too long. This is a great alternative to a traditional desk.

Using the crank adjustment, you can move the lower surface from 28 and 7/8 inches to 42 and 5/8 inches. The upper surface ranges from 33 and 1/2 inches to 47 and 1/4 inches. To further customize this newer model, the Stand Up Desk Store now makes this adjustable desk available in an electric version.

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Why pick the same old boring desk, when there are some great new designs on the market? Pick one of our highlighted stand up desks to get your day started right and reap the health benefits of better posture, better circulation, and a leaner physique.

Our Top Choice
Ergotron WorkFit-D, Sit-Stand Desk
Best Value
ApexDesk Vortex Sit to Stand Desk
LifeSpan Treadmill Standing Desk
Safco Muv Fixed Stand-Up Desk
Stand Up Desk Store Stand Up Desk