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There is always a lot of work here and there around the house, and some of it is quite difficult to do without a ladder, and then there’s some tasks that are just plain unsafe while balanced on a wobbly chair or table. So why not to get a good ladder, which is equally suitable for the home fixer-uppers and skilled DIYers? We researched the market and found 5 excellent ladders of the most reputable brands. They already have great feedback from the happy Amazon buyers and are waiting for you to become the next one.
Duty Rating
Our Top Choice
Little Giant Ladder Systems Flip-N-Lite Ladder
Little Giant Ladder Systems specializes in ladders alone, making them experts in the field. Their Flip-N-Lite ladder is equally light-weight, durable and stable, a clear winner.
Affordable Price. Full Foot Support. Very Heavy Duty Rating. Comes with platform.
Not very wide 3 lower steps.
Front Step
6 foot/74.8 x 21.2 x 5.2”/14.3lbs
Best Value
Louisville Ladder 6 ft Fiberglass Standard Step Ladder
Louisville Ladder is a global-leading manufacturer of ladders. Their reputation is founded on producing high quality ladders with innovative, functional designs, such as the FS1506 step ladder.
Ultra-stable. Handy tool holder. Non-conductive.
No pail shelf in standard pack.
Twin Step
6 foot/72 x 40.92 x 22.56”/20lbs
Magnetic ProTop tool holder
Best Choice Products Multi-Purpose Aluminum Ladder
Best Choice Products produces a wide variety of quality products including pet products, outdoor furniture and household items. Their multi-purpose ladder is durable, sturdy and versatile.
Multitasking. Smart design. Built with strong aluminum. Heavy duty rating of 330lbs.
Hard to learn how to use without the manual.
6 foot/40.8 x 10.8 x 14.8”/29lbs
Can use in 7 different ways
Werner Fiberglass Platform Ladder
Werner is a leading manufacturer of climbing equipment, trusted by thousands. Their P6208 Step Ladder is designed for industrial use so you can bet it’s strong and super durable.
Big and comfy platform. Non-conductive fiberglass. Slip-resistant.
Top shelf is relatively narrow.
Twin Step
8 foot/98 x 6.6 x 27.3”/30lbs
Industrial strength
Cosco Three Step 5' Lite Solutions Folding Step Ladder
Cosco has led the industry in folding furniture for decades. Their 3 step ladder is a compact, lightweight ladder perfect for use around the home for small jobs.
Light. Convenient. Has a big platform.
Relatively short - 5ft.
Front Step
5 foot/51 x 32.38 x 20.13”/6.2lbs

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What is the Best Step Ladder?

While they may not be one “perfect” ladder for everyone, there most certainly is the best for YOU. Think about your budget, how you’ll be using the ladder, how often and what specific features or extras you want it to have. Then choose whichever suits your criteria best. Although all the ladders we’ve chosen may not suit your needs exactly, they are all from reputable brands that produce a whole range of ladders with different specifics. Without further ado, here are five great step ladders that should get you one step closer to your decision.
Our Top Choice
Slim and durable, with a large platform and 300-lb duty rating, FLIP-AND-LITE is the perfect example of the Little Giant Ladders innovative and multifunctional products. Need something that packs a bigger punch? Their ultra-functional Alta-One Ladder System combines 24 ladders in 1!
Little Giant Ladder Systems Flip-N-Lite 300-Pound Duty Rating 6-foot Stepladder with Platform

Little Giant Ladder Systems Step Ladder 15270-001 – 6 foot

Step Ladders are created to make tough jobs simpler and that’s exactly what Little Giant Ladder Systems aims to do. With 40 years’ experience in creating a multitude of ladder systems, you can feel in safe hands with them, and their ladders! They do not limit themselves to creating step ladders. Their products range from small, lightweight ladders for the average home-user to large industrial strength 26ft models for professionals!

Their Flip-N-Lite step ladder is a great choice for those needing a small (ish) ladder to do general jobs around the house and in the yard. Although it is compact and lightweight, do not be fooled into thinking this ladder is flimsy. It has an extremely strong build that’s able to hold up to 300lbs!

Let’s see the other main features of the Flip-N-Lite:
  • Slim profile
  • Ease of using and transportation
  • Big and spacious platform – a perfect place to leave tools
  • 1-year warranty
  • 300lb duty-rating
  • Compliant with OSHA and ANSI standards
  • 6 foot tall so able to reach most places during home use
Although we’re featuring the 6ft model, this strong, light-weight ladder is also available in 4 foot and 5 foot heights.
Best Value
The FS1506 Step Ladder from Louisville Ladder is sturdy, durable and lightweight; a perfect combination in the ladder world. If you’re looking for something equally reliable but perhaps on a smaller budget with less “bells and whistles”, then check out the L-3016-06 ladder.
Louisville Ladder 300-Pound Duty Rating Fiberglass Ladder

Louisville Ladder Step Ladder FS1506 – 6 foot

The first thing you want from your stepladder is obviously stability and convenience. There’s nothing worse than doing the “shaky dance” trying to stay balanced while also trying to complete the task it is you’re supposed to be doing! With Louisville Ladder you most certainly get stability so you can focus on the task at hand. They have decades of experience and it is clearly evident in their wide range of quality ladders.

For example, in their 6-foot fiberglass ladder, they have foreseen all the necessary details, such as non-conductive material, durability of a design and very useful build-in tool slots and that’s not even a half of the FS1506’s features.

Here are some other important features of the Louisville FS1506 Step Ladder:
  • SHOX with Superior Impact Absorption
  • Da Boot Slip Resistant Boot
  • Inside Spreader Braces
  • Wide Back Braces
  • Double-Rivet Step Construction
  • Durable fiberglass material
  • 300 pound duty-rating
  • 6 foot tall
If you need this strong, durable ladder but in a different height, you are in luck. Louisville Ladder offers this same ladder in heights ranging from 2 feet to 12 feet.
The Best Choice Products Multi-purpose Step Ladder is a fantastic product for anyone needing a heavy-duty ladder to complete a variety of tasks. If you don’t need a ladder as robust as this, but still want the same great quality, check out their Foldable 5 Step Non-slip Ladder.
Best Choice Products Scaffold Extendable Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose Folding Step Ladder

Best Choice Products Ladder SKY528

Time is precious and hard to come by. No-one wants to spend their precious free time on exhausting DIY tasks and especially if it puts you in danger of injury. This is why choosing a strong, secure ladder is so important. Best Choice Products are a leading company in producing a range of household items.

The Multi-Purpose Aluminum Ladder is a fantastic choice for either home-users or professionals. Its versatile design means you can use it for a huge range of tasks without needing separate ladders for each.

Check out some of its other great features:
  • 11 foot – tall enough for most jobs
  • Anti-corrosion with anodized aluminum
  • 7 different ways to use it
  • Hinges in multiple positions
  • Safety locks
  • Rubber protective pads on the bottom
  • Light-weight and easy to store
Werner is a top choice amongst professionals and it’s easy to see why with the whole 6200 line. This 8 foot model is as durable as they come, with a whole host of innovative features. If you don’t need a ladder quite so robust, then check out the 6000 line, which features a light-weight 8 foot ladder with 250lb duty rating.
Werner 6208 300-Pound Duty Rating Type IA Fiberglass Stepladder

Werner Step Ladder P6208

Werner is a brand that, if you’re looking for a ladder (which we know you are!), you would have heard of. They produce ladders in all shapes and sizes and for all uses. If you still have doubts about Werner as a brand then consider this: there are more ladders from Werner on job sites and in trucks than any other brand combined! That’s a whole lot of proof that this is brand people have tried, tested and trust.

Some awesome features of the P6208 ladder are:
  • Safety guard rail
  • Back-up plates reinforce all top connectors
  • Large platform for comfortable and secure work area
  • TRACTION-TRED® steps provide a slip-resistant tread and are double riveted
  • Rear horizontals, one foot apart
  • Brace and foot pads are EDGE® molded
  • Slip-resistant foot pads attached to the EDGE® structure
  • Metal, metal plates or washers back up every rivet
  • Internal aluminum spreaders
It’s true what they say, size isn’t everything! And this is clearly apparent with Cosco’s three-step ladder. It may be little but it gets the job done. If you are looking for a more professional model, for more difficult jobs, check out the Cosco 6 foot Signature Series Step Ladder.
Cosco Lite Solution Aluminum Step Ladder with 3 Steps

Cosco Folding Ladder 20552ABL

Cosco is a brand with decades of experience in creating folding furniture, ladders and step stools. They are dedicated to creating innovative products that are great value. Their 3 step ladder is compact and lightweight so you can easily carry it around to different parts of the house and snugly store it away when you’re done.

Here’s some other attractive features:
  • Aircraft grade aluminum frames
  • Leg tips keep floors clean
  • Extra-large, slip resistant platform step
  • Easier storage and less bulk
  • Meets ANSI standards for Type II Medium Household Work Load Duty Rating 225 lbs.
The Cosco Lite line of ladders offers this same great quality in different heights, if the 5 foot version isn’t for you.

Get the Best Step Ladder Today!

Forget about futile attempts to reach something, or makeshift stools and ladders, and pick yourself one of these trusted step ladders and may nothing ever be out of your reach again!

Our Top Choice
Little Giant Ladder Systems Flip-N-Lite Ladder
Best Value
Louisville Ladder 6 ft Fiberglass Standard Step Ladder
Best Choice Products Multi-Purpose Aluminum Ladder
Werner Fiberglass Platform Ladder
Cosco Three Step 5' Lite Solutions Folding Step Ladder