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If you love music and movies, then sound—great sound—is very important to you. You want to enjoy that bass sound that only a great subwoofer can deliver. The challenge is that there are many subwoofers manufactured yearly and released into the market. How do you determine which one to buy? We understand that this can be very stressful and so we have taken great care to go through many brands and products in the market and have come up with top five brands. Each of these brands has several subwoofers, but we have focused on just one out of the many. We hope that these reviews help you buy the right subwoofer.
Max Volume
Our Top Choice
Polk Audio PSW10 Subwoofer
Polk Audio delivers through its speakers, sounds made to elevate the senses while lasting a lifetime. The Polk Audio PSW10 Subwoofer is a classic instance of this reputation.
Highly efficient 10" driver. Very little distortion at high volumes above 50 hz. Reaches full excursion easily. Perfect bass for every genre of music.
Sound becomes slightly muddied in the 40hz - 50hz range. Almost non-functional as a subwoofer below 40hz. Not ideal for watching movies. Sound gets lost and strained in larger rooms.
Floor coupled downward firing
Continuous/dynamic: 50/100W
Exceeds 85 decibels
35Hz - 200Hz
14 x 14.38 x 16.12 inches; 26lbs
Best Value
BIC America Formula F-12 Subwoofer
For many years, BIC America has been praised by famous industry publications. This subwoofer has further entrenched its leadership in the consumer electronics industry.
Not boomy. Can go low effectively. Easy connectivity with LFE. Good with music. Strong grill that can withstand a lot of pressure.
Heavy and hard to move.
Front firing powered subwoofer
Continuous/dynamic: 475/150W
90 decibels
25Hz - 200Hz
21 x 19 x 22 inches; 42.7lbs
Sonos SUB Wireless Subwoofer
Sonos, by its new products, software, and commitment to deliver great sound to its customers, has introduced the Sub Wireless Subwoofer with zero cabinet buzz or rattle.
Easy to set up. Easy to mount. Good power output. Does not shake, rattle, or roll. Looks beautiful.
Has problems working with Samsung Smart TV (sound drops randomly). Heavy/bulky. Pricey. Weak bass.
Force-canceling woofers
Info NOT provided
Info NOT provided
Plays down to 25 Hz
20.1 x 10.6 x 20.1 inches;36.3lbs
Bazooka BTA8250D-DE Double-Ended Class D Amplified Tube
Bazooka Bass Tubes’ enclosure design delivers precise bass response without the loss of valuable space, and the Bazooka Double-Ended Amplified Tube is no exception.
Portable. Space efficient. Does not rattle. Easy to install.
Maxes out pretty fast. Bass tube made of seemingly low-quality plastic. Sounds buzzy at higher volumes.
Class D double ended bass tube
Max Power Output: 300 watts
102 decibels
36 x 8.5 x 10 inches; 30lbs
Yamaha YST-SW012 Front-Firing Subwoofer
Yamaha subwoofers deliver deep bass sounds sufficient to saturate entire theater rooms. With the Yamaha Front-Firing Active subwoofer, bass just got deeper and louder.
Easy to set up. Great sound quality. Good power output. Attractive. Easy to mount.
Does not have a crossover frequency adjustment. Does not have a phase adjustment. Does not take high level (speaker level) inputs.
Front-firing active Subwoofer
100 watts dynamic power
Info not provided
12.2 x 11.4 x14.2 inches; 18.7lbs

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What is the Best Subwoofer?

How exactly do you know which subwoofer is best for you? If you are a sound engineer looking for the right subwoofer for a church or a movie theater, your needs will definitely be different from someone who just wants a theater effect in his room or car. So, as you go through these reviews, pay particular attention to the features. Is the subwoofer portable and easily mountable? What’s the frequency range of the subwoofer. Does it rattle? These and many more will guide you into making a great choice.
Our Top Choice
Polk Audio’s reputation of real American hi-fi and affordability has been delivered in the Polk Audio PSW10 Subwoofer, with great sounds especially in smaller rooms. Alternatively, if you prefer the classic wood-finish, try the Polk Audio PSW505 Powered Subwoofer with Belkin 25 foot PureAv Subwoofer Audio Cable.
Polk Audio PSW10 10-Inch Powered Subwoofer in Black

Polk Audio Subwoofer AM1055-C

With Polk Audio you can now enjoy rich, detailed audio for your home theatre, especially if it’s music you play often. For over the 40 years since Polk Audio introduced the Monitor Series, it has continued to create great sounds for all.

The Polk Audio 10-Inch Powered Subwoofer, built around high quality, medium density fiberboard, uses a highly efficient 10" driver, and yet bangs as well, if not louder, than other subwoofers in this category, even at 50 watts RMS. Here are some of the great features of this subwoofer:
  • Enclosures are designed and engineered for perfect volume
  • Thoroughly tuned for distortion-free low frequencies
  • Internally braced and damped to eliminate internal standing waves and other performance-robbing resonances
  • Uses a specially tuned and directed port to more efficiently produce maximum bass impact
  • Easily accessible, professional-grade line- and speaker-level inputs, and speaker-level outputs, allow easy connection to any system
  • Smart sensing circuitry knows when to turn itself on and off
  • Superior compression circuitry limits distortion at extreme volume levels
  • PSW Series subwoofers blend perfectly with systems composed of other Polk loudspeakers, especially TSi, RM and R/T/M Series speakers
For more efficient use of power, the Polk Audio 10-Inch Powered Subwoofer in Black has been designed to stay stable and steady even at radical volume levels.
Best Value
A movie theater sound-engineer or just a lover of great sound? BIC America is your brand. The BIC America Formula F-12 Subwoofer carries on the legacy of the first Formula Series introduced in 1973. If you prefer a more classic look, try the BIC America Eviction Series 12-Inch 475-Watt Subwoofer, which is also front-firing for that great sound.
BIC America 12-Inch 475-Watt Front Firing Powered Subwoofer

BIC America Subwoofer - Formula F12

Since 1973, BIC America, famed for patenting "Venturi Port" (a device that regulates the flow of fluids by opening, closing, or partially obstructing various passage ways), has continued to offer an eclectic range of superior quality components and speaker systems for lovers of great sounds all over the world.

The BIC America12-Inch 475-Watt Front Firing Powered Subwoofer delivers an output of up to 116dB with enhancements that beat all of its predecessors. This 12-inch, front-firing F12 powered subwoofer from BIC America integrates a high-current 475-watt peak amplifier in combination with a 12-inch, injection-molded long-throw woofer.

Still looking for more reasons to get it? Check out its other features:
  • Comes with a BASH designed amp
  • Has an adjustable crossover, volume and auto on/off
  • Its frequency response ranges from 25Hz-200Hz. 15" W x 17" H x 18 1/4" D
  • Integrated with a patented BIC "Venturi" vent, which eliminates port noise often heard when playing demanding music and videos
  • Has automatic signal sensing
This Subwoofer comes with a warranty of 5 years’ parts and labor
Sonos’ signature subwoofer, the SUB Wireless Subwoofer in Black/Silver, adds a clearly deeper bass sound to any Sonos speaker (or amplified component). If you’re looking to deck out your entire home with great sound, you need the Sonos Home Theater Multi-Room Digital Music System Bundle instead.
SONOS SUB Wireless Subwoofer in Black/Silver

Sonos Subwoofer SUBGBUS1

Since 2002, Sonos has been pursuing its goal to reinvent home audio for the digital age, with a compelling vision of filling every home with music and making listening a valued experience again. In more than 60 countries with seven languages and through thousands of retailers, Sonos is committed to providing the best experience to its customers.

The SONOS SUB Wireless Subwoofer is multipurpose and can be placed anywhere - standing up or lying flat, with no distortion of sound. The SUB handles everything required to deliver very low frequencies, thus allowing your other speakers concentrate on perfecting the mid and high-range frequencies.

Here are some of the SUB’s other features:
  • Designed with an opening in the middle to move even more air out of the enclosure
  • Delivers amazing amounts of highly-detailed, dynamic bass by using a surprisingly strong pair of woofers to move air
  • Works with any amplified Sonos speaker or component
  • Adds bigger boom to your home theater by pairing with PLAYBAR
  • Brings out the bass in your favorite tunes streaming on your PLAY:1, PLAY:3, PLAY:5, or the speakers you’ve connected to your CONNECT: AMP
  • Equipped with rubber feet to prevent scratches
The SONOS SUB Wireless Subwoofer also comes with additional felt feet if you want to lay it flat.
Bazooka’s portability is manifest in the Bazooka Double-Ended Amplified Tube which comes with straps for easy mounting and removal. If you’re not looking to loosen those purse strings quite so much, take a look at the BT Series 6-Inch 4 Ohm 100-Watt Passive Tube Subwoofer instead. It has the same great tube design and multiple wattage options too!
Bazooka BT Series 8-Inch Class D Double Ended Bass Tube Subwoofer – Available with Different Wattages

Bazooka Subwoofer BTA8250D-DE – 250 Watts

For six consecutive years, Bazooka was lauded as the Audio-Video International "Product of the Year." The patented Bazooka is known for portability and space efficiency and has become widely adopted by drivers of every vehicle type on the market, including campers and boats.

The Bazooka Double-Ended Amplified Tube features a new 250W Class D integrated amplifier. It doesn’t matter if you push them up against your rear seat, or put them in your trunk; you’ll get twice the performance without double the cost or space in ONE install. The Bass Tubes enclosure fits any vehicle.

The following features contribute to why the Bazooka Double-Ended Amplified Tube is such in high demand:
  • Comes with straps to keep the sub securely mounted and makes removal quick and easy if you need even more cargo room
  • Comes with optional Chrome-Plated UMS Brackets, giving it a flashier look, as well as a more secure, permanent mounting when removal isn't a problem
  • Has a frequency response of between 35Hz - 250Hz frequency
  • Its acoustic damping material helps lower the resonance of the enclosure and simulates an increased air space
  • The grill serves for both aesthetics and protection from accidental damage of the subwoofer from items, such as footballs, golf clubs, heavy books, etc., that might be tossed into the cargo area where the Bazooka Woofers are usually mounted
If you are looking for a subwoofer that can really deliver loud and deep bass, then go for Yamaha’s Front-Firing Active Subwoofer. It can literally shake an entire theatre room and fill it with bass. If you like the quality you get with Yamaha, but want a down firing and rack-mountable subwoofer, you need the Yamaha YST-FSW050BL2 Subwoofer.
Yamaha 8-Inch Front-Firing Active Subwoofer

Yamaha Subwoofer YST-SW012BL

Yamaha has over the years gained unique expertise and sensibilities from its devotion to sound and music, and is committed to creating excitement and cultural inspiration together with people all over the world. This Yamaha philosophy has been deployed in the creation of world class sound systems like the Yamaha Front-Firing Active Subwoofer.

The Yamaha Front-Firing Active Subwoofer has Yamaha's Advanced Active Servo technology, which is a complementary amplifier/speaker system utilizing negative impedance feedback in the amp and a Helmholtz resonator in the speaker to provide strong and accurate bass.

Other features include:
  • Linear Port for minimizing extraneous noise
  • High amplifier power which assures enough power to deliver movie theater-like bass effects
  • 8-inch cone driver which translates power into clear bass sound
  • Frequency range of 28 to 200 Hz
  • Magnetically shielded subwoofer which can be placed near a TV monitor or receiver without degrading the picture
  • Volume control which permits the perfect matching of the sub's output to the overall volume of the system

Get the Best Subwoofer Today!

Now that you’ve taken time to go through these reviews, you now need to take the next step to make the purchase. But remember that each brand has numerous subwoofers beyond the ones reviewed, so feel free check some of them out before buying if none of the featured ones is exactly what you want.

Our Top Choice
Polk Audio PSW10 Subwoofer
Best Value
BIC America Formula F-12 Subwoofer
Sonos SUB Wireless Subwoofer
Bazooka BTA8250D-DE Double-Ended Class D Amplified Tube
Yamaha YST-SW012 Front-Firing Subwoofer