Best Tape Measure Reviews 2017

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A tape measure is a tool that every worker ought to have. It’s very handy and useful, giving you the measurements you need very fast; all you have to do is take it out of your pocket and start working! We have picked 5 great tape measures from some of the best tape measure brands out there. Take a look at them and choose the one which best fits your needs.
Our Top Choice
DEWALT Expandable Tape Measure
Dewalt was founded in 1922 and has been designing professional tools and accessories ever since. Its products guarantee quality while providing confidence and strength.
It’s 25 feet long, and is promised to last a lifetime because of its Mylar blade coating.
One complaint that the tape is a little bulky.
25 feet
1.1 pounds
Yellow and black
Mylar Blade Coating
Best Value
Stanley PowerLock Tape Measure
Stanley was founded in 1843 which has set the standard for excellence ever since. Its tools are innovative and provide a real benefit to those who need it.
Its secure blade lock prevents it from creeping during measurements, and the chrome ABS case is resistant to impact which makes it a durable tool.
One complaint that it’s a little heavy.
Choice of 12’/16’/25’/30’/35’
0.8 pounds
Yellow and silver
High-impact ABS case
Klein Tools Magnetic Tape Measure
Klein Tools was founded in 1857, and is a family business . The company is now the number one brand in the electrical tool industry and one of the top providers in construction.
It’s easy to see the bolded lines on it when you make measurements. It can also control the retraction speed in order to prevent your fingers from touching it.
One complaint that the blade is stiff.
Choice of 16’/25’/30’
1.8 pounds
Nylon-coated blade
Lufkin Self-Centering Tape Measure
Lufkin is a company founded in 1869 which produces superior-quality rulers. It is now the premiere measuring products brand from the Appex Tool Group.
It has a reinforced blade, meaning it’s sturdy and durable. Moreover, it’s specially designed to fit nicely in your hand.
One complaint that the foot marks are small.
25 feet
0.7 pounds
Reinforced blade
eBoot Soft Tape Measure
eBoot is a producer of a large number of products, from chargers and headphone adapters, to bra hooks, face masks, and even tape measures and other tools.
It has both inches and centimeters marks so you can get appropriate measurements according to your needs. The markings are large and very visible.
One complaint that a greater size would have been useful.
60 inches
0.6 pounds
Metal ends prevent fraying

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What is the Best Tape Measure?

When purchasing a tape measure, you have to think about the job you’ll need it for. It mostly depends on the type of surface you have to measure and the maximum length you need. Let’s start with a tape measure from one of the top brands on the market, and see what features it has.
Our Top Choice
The Dewalt Tape Measure is a tool which provides quality and durability due to its coating and blade lock mechanism. If you need an even longer tape measure, take a look at this Dewalt 30-Foot Tape. It’s manufactured in Thailand as well, having a Mylar blade coating and double durometer with a blade lock for maximum durability and comfort.
DEWALT 1 and 1/8-Inch x 25-Foot Short Tape - Duo-Durometer Blade-Loc, 10-Foot Stand Out, Mylar Blade Coating

DEWALT Tape Measure DWHT33373L

Dewalt, since 1992, has designed and optimized professional tools and accessories which provide confidence and strength when it comes to tough work conditions. They guarantee the quality of their award-winning products and also have a large share on Amazon, such as tapes, safety glasses, driving sets, and more.

The Dewalt Tape Measure is 25 feet long and has 10 feet of blade standout for even more reach. The product is manufactured in Thailand and is ideal to use for tests and measurements. The double durometer with a blade lock offers maximum durability and comfort.

Let’s find out more:
  • Easy to use, easy to carry
  • 10-foot blade for extra reach
  • Double durometer with blade lock for increased durability
  • Mylar blade coating which provides a long life of use
  • Good for tests and measurements
Best Value
The Stanley Tape Measure is a hardworking tool which provides durability, and is available in 5 different sizes. If you have some really hard work to do and need an even tougher tape measure, check out the Stanley FatMax Tape Measure. It’s available in 5 sizes, from 16 to 40 feet, and has 11 feet of standout. The first 6 feet are reinforced with BladeArmor coating for increased durability.
Stanley PowerLock Tape Measure - Tape Rule with Chrome High-Impact ABS Case, Multiple Sizes Available

Stanley Tape Measure 33-425 - 25 Ft

Stanley has set the standard for excellence since 1843. It delivers hardworking, innovative tools which are a real help for professionals worldwide in building, repairing, or protecting their most valuable things. Stanley has tools which make working at home easier and safer than ever. Some of these tools are available on Amazon, such as hammers, nail pullers, compound pliers, and much more.

The Stanley Tape Measure is a great help when you want to build or repair something that requires measurements. It promises durability because of its Mylar polyester film and the blade lock keeps it from creeping during measurements.

Check out its characteristics:
  • Available in 5 sizes: 12, 16, 25, 30, and 35 feet
  • Secure blade lock
  • Chrome ABS case resistant to impact
  • The blade is coated with Mylar polyester film
The Klein Tools Tape Measure makes measurements easy and safe, and it comes in 3 different sizes. If you need a tape which uses the metric unit system, we recommend the Klein Tools Magnetic Tape Measure. It has a nylon coating on the blade which provides a long life of usage. It also has shock absorption which prevents the blade from tipping.
Klein Tools Double Hook Magnetic Tape Measure - Retraction Speed Brake, 3 Sizes Available

Klein Tools Tape Measure 86225 - 25 Ft

Klein Tools is a family business founded in 1857, and is now at the fifth generation of descendants. The company has grown and developed through innovative technology, which provides tools for every worker on the globe. Today, Klein is the number one brand in the electrical tool industry and one of the top preferred brands in the maintenance and construction industry. On Amazon, there are more than 5600 products from Klein Tools (some are even best sellers!), such as precision screwdrivers and voltage testers.

The Klein Tape Measure is an ideal tool because its lines are bolded and easy to read, and the blade has a nylon coating which protects its print. The retraction speed brake property controls the speed of the blade, and prevents fingers at the same time from touching it.

See more of its features:
  • Available in 3 sizes: 16, 25, and 30 feet
  • Bolded lines on the blade are easy to read
  • Magnetic hooks with double angle attached to the conduit
  • Studs made of steel
  • Blade with nylon coating
  • Retraction speed control
The Lufkin Self-Centering Tape makes measurements so easy because it finds the midpoint itself and is also self-centering. If you need a tape measure which comes in a more sophisticated and brightly colored case, take a look at the Lufkin Self Centering Tape which Is available in 4 different sizes, and has some models which measure in feet and meters at the same time.
Lufkin 700 Series Self-Centering Tape Measure - Reinforced Blade, Compact Design

Lufkin Tape Measure L725SCTMP - 25 Ft

Lufkin was founded in 1869 and it produces superior-quality rulers. Over the years, the company has managed to gain loyal customers and catch the attention of some really important investors. Innovation is what characterizes the Lufkin company, and today it is the premiere brand of measuring products from the Appex Tool Group, one of the greatest tool manufacturers worldwide.

The Lufkin Self-Centering Tape is a very helpful tool because it helps you find the center of what you’re measuring without having to count or divide. The blade has bolded black and red numbers on it which are easy to read. The black ones are for the measurement itself and the red ones indicate the center of it.

Here are its main characteristics:
  • It measures the midpoint itself
  • 25 feet long
  • Designed especially to fit in hand
  • Lightweight
The eBoot Soft Tape Measure is a best seller among the eBoot products and is available in 5 colors. If you need a longer tape measure, we recommend the eBoot 120-Inch Soft Tape Measure which is 120 inches/300 centimeters in length and can provide you with the appropriate measurements depending on your requests. It is curved, flexible and good for measuring both curved and flat surfaces.
eBoot Soft Tape Measure for Sewing – 60-Inch Tailor Cloth Ruler, 4 Colors Available

eBoot Tape Measure - White, 60"

eBoot produces a large number of products, such as chargers, adhesive cable clips, tape measures, bra hooks, meshes, headphone adapters, face masks, and much more. It enjoys a large share of products on Amazon, including some best sellers: tape measure, mesh set, angle bracket with screws, and plastic protractor.

The eBoot Tape Measure is a best seller from eBoot on Amazon and is a very practical tool that you can carry in your pocket with no worry. It’s flexible and made from soft plastic, and is great for measuring flat and curved surfaces. It has both inches and centimeters, which means you can get the right measurements according to what you need.

Check out its features:
  • Available in 5 colors: blue, pink, ginger, white, and green
  • 60 inches/150 centimeters long
  • Portable and flexible
  • Printed in inches and centimeters
  • It has large markings which makes it easy to see
  • It has metal ends which prevent it from fraying

Get the Best Tape Measure of 2017!

A tape measure is a necessity around the house and you can use it for many different things, not just work. You might need to measure something in your yard or house, in which case you’ll find a tape measure very useful and handy. Buy one now and make your work easier and faster!

Our Top Choice
DEWALT Expandable Tape Measure
Best Value
Stanley PowerLock Tape Measure
Klein Tools Magnetic Tape Measure
Lufkin Self-Centering Tape Measure
eBoot Soft Tape Measure