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Teleprompters are no longer ultra-expensive pieces of equipment – companies have been working hard to create professional-level models that are still affordable on a budget. The best teleprompters use the latest technology for reliable operation and often connect to your tablet or smartphone for easy use. We chose 5 teleprompters with high quality designs so you can choose which one best fits your studio or project.
Our Top Choice
Ikan Elite Universal Tablet Teleprompter Kit
Ikan is a world-renowned brand specializing in film and video production products. This model turns your tablet into a production-ready teleprompter in no time.
Elite remote. Universal Tablet mount. iPad app compatible. High quality glass. Lightweight.
Requires a tablet. Only Apple devices can access the app for remote use with the Elite remote.
Standard Cameras
Universal Large Tablet
Elite Remote, Base Plate, 12" Rod
6 x 15 x 12 inches
8 pounds
Best Value
Glide Gear TMP 100 iPad/Smartphone Video Teleprompter
Glide Gear is looking to revolutionize the industry with professional-level gear at seriously low prices. This model accommodates both smartphone and tablets.
Good quality beam splitter glass. Collapsible for easy transport. Protective carrying bag included. No assembly required.
Tripod not included.
DSLR-style or Video Camera
Phone or Tablet up to 10.5 x 9.5"
Collapsible Frame
14.6 x 14.2 x 4.7 inches
2 pounds
Prompter People Flex-D-17 Teleprompter
Prompter People specialize in affordable and extremely reliable teleprompters. This teleprompter is highly adjustable and easy to set up.
Highly adjustable. Tool-less control of camera and monitor. Self-reversing screen. Included software. Supports any size camera.
New model, so it doesn't have much user testing – but it comes from a proven brand.
Prompting Software for PC & Mac
36 x 12 x 18 inches
29.1 pounds
Telemax PRO-IP-EX iPad Teleprompter
TELEMAX originally began as a budget teleprompter company, but today has upped their quality drastically. This lightweight iPad prompter is highly durable and reliable.
Lightweight and portable. Adjustable mirror height. Anti-reflection coating on mirror. Durable metal construction.
Designed specifically for the iPad and iPad Air, so may not fit other tablets.
DSLR-style or Video Camera
Adjustable Mirror Height
18 x 14 x 9 inches
8 pounds
InteractMedia R810-10 Teleprompter for Tablet and Mobile Device
InteractMedia helps you look and sound professional at the lowest price. This lightweight iPad teleprompter is ideal for personal use, amateurs and anyone on a tight budget.
Inexpensive. Compatible with iPad, iPad2, iPad3, iPad4, iPad Mini. Portable. Includes background cloth.
Your camera may not mount as easily as with higher-end teleprompters, but there are included wing nut and screws to make it easier.
DSLR, Small or Large Video Camera
iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone, Android
Background Cloth, Connectors
13.5 x 11 x 8 inches
4.1 pounds

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What is the Best Teleprompter?

We reviewed specialty film and teleprompter brands to find the very best designs available, and looked at the price of each model and weighed it against reliability, ease of use and quality of materials. We focused on high-end studio teleprompters as well as budget options that are still able to perform well.
Our Top Choice
The Ikan Universal Tablet Teleprompter Kit is easy to set up with your tablet for a quick, production-ready teleprompter you can rely on. If you are in need of a rod-style studio teleprompter, we recommend checking out the Ikan PT3700.
Ikan Elite Universal Tablet Teleprompter Kit with Elite Remote - Available in Different Sizes, Also Sold without Remote

Ikan Teleprompter PT-ELITE-UL-RC – Large Tablet

Ikan International is passionate when it comes to creative endeavors: they strive to make products that creators want to work with at an affordable price. They began operations in 2005 in Houston, Texas with the introduction of their single on-camera LCD video monitor. Since then Ikan has worked hard to stay ahead of the curve, and has continued to succeed.

This teleprompter is easy to set up and highly mobile, making it ideal for anyone who might be on-the-go from set to set or working on multiple projects. The teleprompter is compatible with all tablets, but Apple tablets can be remotely controlled through the convenient Elite Prompter App.

An industry standard 15mm baseplate and 12" rods are included for easy set up. This teleprompter is available with a number of variations; you can even get the second gen version with ultra-durable aluminum construction and a foldable glass design. Either version comes with or without a remote and with an upgrade kit to fit larger tablets.

There's also a version available specifically built for iPads, larger tablets and standard tablets.
Best Value
This Glide Gear Universal iPad/Tablet/Smartphone Teleprompter offers superior value by combining easy setup with durability and a very low price. Looking for a teleprompter that can be used as a shoulder rig or on a tripod? Take a look at the Glide Gear TMP 500 Universal Teleprompter.
Glide Gear Universal Adjustable iPad/ Tablet/ Smartphone Teleprompter with Beam Splitter Glass

Glide Gear Teleprompter TMP100

Glide Gear was founded in 2010 by digital film makers who were looking to perfect digital imagery without paying a fortune for it. They worked hard to develop the know-how and research to create products that could satisfy that need. Today they continue to create professional-level products at a price that amateurs and students can afford.

This highly affordable teleprompter comes pre-assembled, making it easy to get straight to shooting. The high quality beam splitter glass has 70% visible light transmission. This teleprompter fits both tablets and smartphones. The design is collapsible so you can easily transport or store it. It also comes with a convenient protective carry case.
The Prompter People Flex-D Teleprompter is highly adjustable and fits to any camera so you can shoot in any studio or on location with ease. On a tighter budget? Have fewer “prompting” needs? Check out the UL-OFF Over Camera teleprompter that works with iPads and Android tablets.
Prompter People Flex Series Teleprompter – Designed for MiniDV to ENG Size Cameras, Free Prompting Software Included

Prompter People Teleprompter Flex-D-17

Prompter People were some of the original innovators in creating adorable, high quality teleprompters. They've been leading the sales in that category ever since opening their doors in 2003. They use industry-grade glass and their features are designed by and for the people who use the equipment day-in and day-out.

This professional-grade teleprompter is highly versatile, since it can fit on any size camera from a tiny palmcorder to a standard sized ENG. It's made so you can easily set it up in a variety of locations and is easily readable from over 12 feet. The 12" monitor automatically reverses and an adaptor is available for use with an iPad. This teleprompter can display prompting with the included PC or Mac software, or with any other presentation software such as PowerPoint.
The TELEMAX Pro iPad Teleprompter is a professional-quality model that's easy to use and set up. Need a teleprompter that is compatible with your Mac or PC? Take a look at the G2-15 Teleprompter from Telemax Teleprompters Inc.
Telemax Professional Quality iPad Teleprompter with Adjustable Mirror Height – Made in the USA

Telemax Teleprompter PROIP-EX

Before TELEMAX was created, the would-be founder was working on a film project with his daughter. All the teleprompters that were available cost several thousand dollars, so he decided to build his own. With a background in woodworking, he was able to put something together that did a great job. Since he was able to make such a good teleprompter at a fraction of the price of others, he decided to go into business in 2007 after improving his original design.

This teleprompter offers the quality you'd get with a professional model at a far lower price. It's easy to set up with your iPad or iPad Air right out of the box. The body fits most cameras and tripods, and is balanced out with counterweights. You can read the screen from up to 12 feet away and the mirror has an anti-reflection coating. On top of its high quality features, this teleprompter is also fairly lightweight and portable.
The InteractMedia iPad Teleprompter is a good budget choice since it's reliable, portable and very inexpensive. If you need a teleprompter that works with a Microsoft Surface Tablet, as well as other Apple and Android tablets, check out the InteractMedia R812-4 Teleprompter.
InteractMedia Mini Teleprompter with Beam Splitter Glass – Works with iPads, Adroid Tablets and Smartphones

InteractMedia Teleprompter R810-10

The founder of InteractMedia wanted an easy way to produce "talking-head" style videos for her marketing practice. The first attempt included a webcam and some post-it notes, but quickly became a search for a quality teleprompter. The founder spent time researching the various ways people had turned iPads into workable budget teleprompters and decided to take it a step further with her own designs. Now InteractMedia sells a variety of teleprompters for different kinds of tablets as well as Apple.

This teleprompter is a great choice for those on a budget, especially for personal use. If you have an iPad, you're already halfway to producing your own scripted videos. The simple design is built to last long, using beam splitter glass with a standard 70% visible light transmission. When you get this teleprompter you also get a black background cloth and mounting connectors including wing nuts and wing screws. This teleprompter is compatible with iPad, iPad2 iPad3, iPad4 and iPad Mini, iPhone, Android Tablet or smartphone.

Get the Best Teleprompter of 2017!

Consider the type of production or studio you're buying. Look for something that users and reviews call reliable, because you won't want a sudden breakdown to throw a wrench in your production. Whatever kind of teleprompter you're looking for, these brands have something for you.

Our Top Choice
Ikan Elite Universal Tablet Teleprompter Kit
Best Value
Glide Gear TMP 100 iPad/Smartphone Video Teleprompter
Prompter People Flex-D-17 Teleprompter
Telemax PRO-IP-EX iPad Teleprompter
InteractMedia R810-10 Teleprompter for Tablet and Mobile Device