Best Tiller Reviews 2017

A tiller is a must when it comes to garden care. If you are sick of doing all the digging yourself, getting dirty and spending too many hours in the garden, spare yourself of all these frustrations. The tillers we have prepared bring innovation and performance in your own yard. We have picked 5 great ones from some of the best tiller brands out there for you to see!
Tiling Width
Tiling Depth
Our Top Choice
Mantis 2-Cycle Ultra-Lightweight Tiller/Cultivator
Mantis is the first choice for more than 2 million people in the world when it comes to buying a high-performance tiller.
It provides a safe grip with the palm control safety and it folds for easy storage.
It doesn’t come with a stand.
Gas/Oil mix
Best Value
Sun Joe Electric Tiller/Cultivator
Whether it’s snowy or sunny, Snow Joe and Sun Joe will keep your garden in perfect condition the entire year. The two brands specialize in producing garden equipment.
The tiller’s handle can be easily folded for convenient storage and has 6 steel tines which provide maximum durability and performance.
One complaint is that it doesn’t have speed control.
Electric - corded
Husqvarna Adjustable Width Front Tine Tiller
Husqwarna, the leader of the outdoor tools market, is present in more than 100 countries on the globe with its garden equipment.
It has large removable wheels for easy transportation and features adjustable digging depth and width.
The instructions don’t exactly match the motor.
Adjustable to 12", 24" or 26"
Greenworks GMAX Cordless Tiller/Cultivator
Greenworks wants to make its customers forget about the annoying traditional gardening tools by providing them innovative and high performing new ones.
It’s lightweight, easy to handle and it produces very little noise.
One complaint is that the handle angle is not adjustable.
Adjustable from 8.25" to 10”
Earthwise Lightweight Tiller/Cultivator
Earthwise is a revolutionary company with more than 120 years of history behind it. This leading brand aspires to provide the best tools for the maintenance of America’s lawns.
It has wheels that can be flipped up and down and 4 steel tines with 4 blades each for increased performance.
One complaint is that it gets difficult to handle on hard soils.
Electric - corded
4 sizes available

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What is the Best Tiller?

When buying a tiller, you have to make sure that it fits your gardening requests. It depends what kind of jobs you have to do, such as planting, plowing, aerating etc. The engine and the type of power supply they feature are also different from a tiller to another so you have to know your needs for sure.
Our Top Choice
The Mantis 2-Cycle Tiller/Cultivator is the lightest tiller on the market and is available in 2 styles. It also comes with a clever design which makes it foldable for easy storage. If you have many tight spaces in your garden, the Mantis Speed Electric Tiller & Cultivator has a compact design that can get into those narrow spots. It’s also incredibly lightweight which makes it easy to carry and maneuver.
Mantis 2-Cycle Ultra-Lightweight and Compact Tiller and Cultivator - 2 Styles Available

Mantis Tiller 7920 - Sure-Grip Handles

For almost 40 years, Mantis tillers have become the first choice for more than 2 million gardens worldwide. Tillers manufactured by Mantis are durable, have lightweight and compact designs, and come with a generous 5 year warranty. The Mantis tillers are multifunctional and with some optional attachments you’ll be able to plant, plow, edge, aerate and dethatch your garden.

With the Mantis 2-Cycle Tiller/Cultivator you can now get the garden you have always dreamed of. You can dig, till, power-weed or cultivate. It generates a lot of power with less weight and turns all clumps of dirt into ideal planting soil.

Check out its features:
  • Available in 2 styles: Regular Handles and Sure-grip handles
  • 10” digging depth
  • 9” tilling width
  • Palm control safety
  • Folds so you can store it easily
  • Uses gas/oil mix
Best Value
The Sun Joe Electric Tiller/Cultivator makes dirty work easier and has a full 2-year warranty. This tool has steel blades which will make cultivating a piece of cake. If your wife loves flowers then the Sun Joe Garden Tiller & Cultivator will be a great gift for her. It’s ideal for flower beds, it’s easy to maintain, and doesn’t need any gas or oil.
Sun Joe 16-Inch 12-Amp Electric Tiller and Cultivator - 2 Year Warranty and 3 Position Wheel Adjustment

Sun Joe Tiller TJ603E - Green

Snow Joe and Sun Joe are two brands of the same company specializing in producing outdoor tools meant to keep your garden good looking throughout the year, regardless of snow or sun. They produce lawn mowers, trimmers, tillers, snow blowers to help simplify your outdoor work.

The Sun Joe Electric Tiller/Cultivator is called “The dirty little secret of great gardens”. It gets the job done with a lot more comfort and a lot less strain. Moreover, it comes with a full 2 year warranty.

See its other features:
  • 16” digging width
  • 8” tilling depth
  • 6 tines made of steel
  • The handle can be folded
The Husqvarna Adjustable Tiller is a very powerful gardening tool that gets the job done fast. This is thanks to its 208cc Briggs & Stratton motor which is renowned for its durability and efficiency. Looking for a rear tine tiller? Here’s the Husqvarna Rear Tine Tiller, whose counter rotating tines transform the toughest jobs into light work. It’s also equipped with a reliable and easy to start engine.
Husqvarna Adjustable Width Front Tine Tiller – CARB Compliant, 208cc Briggs & Stratton Engine

Husqvarna Tiller 960830009

Husqwarna is a global leader in producing outdoor tools and bringing innovative solutions for forests, parks and garden care. Some of these products are trimmers, chainsaws, lawn mowers, tools that Husqwarna sell in more than 100 countries around the globe.

The Husqvarna Adjustable Tiller becomes a real friend after you start using it. It has front tines which confer superior performance and get the job done fast thanks to its 208cc Briggs & Stratton motor which is renowned for its durability and efficiency.

See more of its features:
  • Adjustable tilling width (12, 24, 26”) depth bar and drag bar
  • Recoil start
  • Front tines
  • Drag bar and counterweight included
  • Large, removable wheels
The Greenworks GMAX Cordless Tiller/Cultivator is an innovative and high-performance gardening tool which exceeds customers’ expectations. For a tiller with a more compact design, take a look at the Greenworks Corded Tiller. It has an easy electric started with no need of gas or oil. The tilling depth and width are adjustable and the handle can be folded down for easy storage.
Greenworks GMAX 40V 10-Inch Cordless Cultivator - 2 Styles Available

Greenworks Tiller 27062 - 40V 4Ah Battery & Charger

Greenworks is a leader in innovation and changing the way people take care of their lawns. The company wants to provide them with tools that eliminate the frustration that comes with the traditional equipment. It designs and manufactures its own original products which are improved by cutting-edge technology.

The Greenworks Cordless Tiller/Cultivator is the alternative to gas powered tillers. With it, you won’t have to worry about spilling gas on the ground or about the extension cords anymore. It’s a powerful and reliable cultivator which provides maximum performance.

Check out its other features:
  • Available in 2 different versions: 40V 4Ah Battery and Charger or Battery and Charger not Included
  • Features 4 adjustable tines for high digging performance
  • Adjustable tilling width from 8.25 inches to 10 inches
  • Starts instantly
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Provides very less noise
The Earthwise Corded Tiller/ Cultivator has a sleek design and it is currently a bestseller and available in 4 sizes. If you have a lot of work to do in the garden, a great solution for you will be the Earthwise Electric Tiller & Cultivator. It has a powerful engine, comes with 6 adjustable tines and the tilling width and depth are also adjustable.
Earthwise Lightweight and Easy to Maneuver Electric Tiller and Cultivator – Available in 4 Sizes

Earthwise Tiller TC70001 - 11-Inch, 8.5-Amp Corded

Earthwise has more than 120 years of history and has participated in the past century’s industrial revolution in America. It was founded in 1895 and since day one it’s tried to provide Americans a cleaner, greener and more efficient solution for maintaining their lawns. The products don’t do any damage to the environment and provide the quality that you need at an affordable price.

This Earthwise Tiller/Cultivator has a sleek design and is the right choice for tilling your garden. It brings performance along with a touch of style and promises to last a lifetime. The gardening experience will now become enjoyable because the cultivator will do your job for you!

Check out its features:
  • Available in 4 sizes
  • 8” tilling depth
  • Features 4 steel tines with 4 blades each
  • Wheels can be flipped up and down
  • Easy transportation
  • Lightweight and easy to handle

Get the Best Tiller of 2017!

Give yourself a break from all the hard work and transform gardening into an enjoyable activity by purchasing the tiller that fits your needs best! You don’t have to decide right now. First, let’s take a look at one from a great brand on the market.

Our Top Choice
Mantis 2-Cycle Ultra-Lightweight Tiller/Cultivator
Best Value
Sun Joe Electric Tiller/Cultivator
Husqvarna Adjustable Width Front Tine Tiller
Greenworks GMAX Cordless Tiller/Cultivator
Earthwise Lightweight Tiller/Cultivator