Best Tool Box Reviews 2017

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Tool boxes are storage solutions designed to help professionals organize and safely store their tools for future use and on-the-go ease of access for the items they need. They come with different storage options, ranging from trays to compartments of various sizes. Whereas some tool boxes come with wheels and handles for easy mobility and handling, others only feature handles for carriage of the boxes from one place to another. Tool boxes can also be multi- or general- purposed. Available in different brands, storage capacity, designs, color finishes and types, tool boxes can be used by professionals such as plumbers and electricians and hobbyists alike. We have researched five of the best tool box brands in the market, showcasing a box from each, to help you find one that best meets your storage needs.
Ease of Use
Our Top Choice
Keter Master Pro Tool Chest
Keter is a leading brand dedicated to innovation. It manufactures resin-based consumer garden and household products, such as organization/storage solutions and furniture.
Mobile and compact. High quality and spacious enough to store both small and large hand tools. Affordable and lightweight. High performance and attractive design.
The plastic components can easily break if dropped.
14.88 x 24.25 x 16.34inches/15lbs
Rubber, plastic
Compartment, 6 bins, 2 organizers
Rubber wheels & Soft-grip handle
Black and red
Best Value
Plano Molding Stow N Go Pro Rack
Plano Molding is a brand committed to ensuring that outdoorsmen experience their passion beyond limits by providing storage and equipment protection solutions for their tools.
High quality, portable and durable. Highly affordable. Lightweight and compact design for storage of the tool box. Popular brand. Great reviews on Amazon.
Not ideal for heavy duty tasks and tools. Some users reported that the tool box doesn’t come with enough dividers, hence not ideal for storing small tools and components.
13.4 x 10 x 14 inches/6.5 lbs
3 box trays, bulk top storage
Molded plastic handle
Graphite gray, sandstone
Stanley FATMAX Mobile Work Station
Stanley is a brand founded in 1843 and has worked tirelessly to set the excellence standard in the industry in whatever they do.
Sturdy and durable construction. Convenient storage solution. Highly organized, affordable and safe. Portable, innovative and high quality. Can accommodate many tools.
Very large and heavy.
21.6 x 16.2 x24.8 inches/23.63lbs
Rubber, foam
Toolbox, tray, part & lower bins
Rubber wheels & handle
Excel Cantilever Metal Toolbox
Excel is a one-stop shop for high quality hardware and tool storage systems. Founded in 2003, the firm manufactures tool chests, portable tool boxes & carts, workstations, etc.
High quality, lightweight and portable. Strong and durable. Highly affordable. Perfect for low-end jobs. Easy to carry.
Some users reported it’s not good for use on the go because of its metal design.
19.5 x 7.9 x 11.4 inches/12.1 lbs
Cold rolled steel
5 trays
Full length steel handle
Stack-On Multi-Purpose Tool Box
Stack-On is a leading American brand that manufactures high-quality storage solutions for use in different settings ranging from homes and offices to industries.
Affordable and high quality. Lightweight and portable. Good reviews and rating on Amazon. A popular brand.
Moving the tool box around might not be easy when it’s loaded with heavy-duty tools because it has no wheels.
8.4 x 16 x 8 inches/ 12.5 lbs
Deluxe lift-out tray
Steel riveted handle
Black/gray, black/red

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What is the Best Tool Box?

Choose a tool box that has the right size to accommodate all your tools, correct material for durability, space for storing different types of tools and parts, ease of use in terms of wheels or handles, color finish to suit your tastes, and also consider carefully any extra features they come with such as warranty. The best tool boxes have a capacity that accommodates varying storage needs, are made of strong materials, and can be easily moved around from work station to work station. Find out if one of our recommended tool boxes is what you need.
Our Top Choice
Keter Master Pro Tool Chest is a practical sliding tool chest with the mobility and compact design suitable for professionals with the need to organize and store all kinds of small and large tools for later use. Opt for the Keter 16’’ Pro Toolbox Organizer with good Amazon ratings and great features at almost half the price of our featured product.
Keter New Masterloader Plastic Organizer Tool Box – Rubber Wheels, 2 Compartments, 6 Removable Bins, Locking System, Available in 2 Colors

Keter Tool Box 197481

Whether you’re working on a home improvement project, fixing a sewer line, working in your home garage or wiring a newly built apartment, this tool box will come in handy. It’s portable, and can be easily moved about your work environment; use the handle to lift the tool box or pull it on its wheel wherever you go. You get to store your tools easily and efficiently, whether they are small or large. Moreover, you can organize your tools in the removable bins and chest compartments for easy access to specific tools you need at any given time.

With a highly resistant exterior surface, the Keter Master Pro Tool Chest is a portable storage cart that features a central locking system to safeguard your tools and provide the stability you need when traveling. Use the divider to create compartments in the chest for easy tool sorting. Heavy or rarely-used tools can be kept underneath the chest, whereas your useful tools can go in the removable bins for ease of access.

Here are the features of this tool box to consider:
  • 6 removable bins in two distinct sizes
  • A central auto locking system to safeguard your tools
  • Ball bearing slides for horizontally sliding the chest open
  • Handle with soft grip for easy handling and comfort while transporting the tool box
  • Hand tool compartment with divider for sorting your small hand tools in storage
  • A tool chest that can accommodate both small and large tools
  • Two integrated organizations (one has a clear polycarbonate lid) for keeping small parts and the tool box clutter-free
  • Rubber wheels to facilitate easy tool box transportation from one place to another
Your one-stop solution for your tool storage needs is available in red and black color finishes.
Best Value
Plano Molding Stow N Go Pro Rack is a portable pro-rack organizer for storing tools both for future use and in transit. Opt for the Plano Contractor Grade Pro Tool Box for a high-end product with better features at a slightly higher price.
Plano Molding Stow N Go Toolbox – Transparent Organizers, Available in 2 Colors, 3 PROLATCHTM Organizers

Plano Molding Tool Box 1363

The Plano Molding Stow N Go Pro Rack is designed to help you keep your tools safely, whether you’re on your way to work or want to store them after the day is done. It comes with a tension lock latch system to secure the contents of the toolbox from theft. With the three trays and bulk top storage, you have enough space to organize and keep your tools away. The latter storage is perfect for storing the tools you need fast access to on a regularly basis, whereas those you don’t intend to use for awhile can be kept in the trays.

Here are the features of this tool box to look out for:
  • Transparent organizers for easy identification of items under storage
  • Clear organizers for fast and easy access to accessories and tools under storage
  • Bulk top storage for items and tools you need fast and easy access to
  • Convenient size and quality craftsmanship
  • Utility StowAway trays with partitions for organized storage
  • Storage and transportation of tool and craft items
  • Two deep PROLATCHTM organizers for keeping tools
  • One standard medium-sized PROLATCHTM organizer
  • Impact-resistant build and construction
  • Tension lock latch for improved security of your tools, parts and accessories
You have two color finishes to choose from: graphite gray and sandstone.
Multi-tiered, rugged and bundled with a myriad of features, the Stanley FATMAX Mobile Work Station is a 4-in-1 storage solution designed to hold different types of tools and parts. Opt for the Stanley SortMaster Tool Organizer for a highly affordable toolbox with good Amazon ratings in addition to its Amazon best-seller status.
Stanley FatMax 4-in-1 Mobile Work Station – 4-in-1, Mobile, V-Groove Track, Heavy-Duty Metal Latches

Stanley Tool Box 020800R

Stanley delivers innovative, hardworking and powerful tools for use by professionals globally to repair, build and protect various valuable objects. As a professional, you can bring this tool box along with you wherever you go for errands. It does not just hold your tools and parts, but also offers them protection and ease of access. What’s more, the toolbox comes with 5 storage solutions to enable you to keep your tools in an organized way.

The Stanley FATMAX Mobile Work Station is a high-end product with great features to support storage of your tools and parts. You can use this tool box as a storage solution in your home or workplace, or use it on the go as you carry out your professional duties. It has heavy duty wheels coated with 7-inch rubber for stability as you use your toolbox as an on-the-go portable work station.

Here are the features of this tool box to consider:
  • Telescopic handle for easy handling and maneuvering of the tool box
  • Durable structural foam body build
  • V-groove on the lid to hold pipes and lumbar materials in cutting places
  • A lock latch system with a push button for closing the tool box to safeguard the tools in storage
  • A large latch at the front of the tool box to secure the whole unit
  • 4 storage solutions: part bins, the tool box, a large lower bin for keeping large tools and a portable tray
  • Heavy duty wheels coated with 7-inch rubber for optimal stability
  • Weight of 23.63 lbs. for portability of the tool box
  • Limited lifetime warranty to cover manufacturing defects and faults
  • Ball bearing slides to facilitate smooth operation despite the load being carried
  • Patented multi-level tiered cantilever rolling system for easy simultaneous access to the 4 storage components in the unit
The Stanley FATMAX Mobile Work Station comes in a black color finish to blend into different working environments.
The Excel Tool Box is designed for light storage of tools and parts. Opt for the Excel Steel Top Chest for heavy-duty tools and parts storage in a high-end product at a higher cost.
Excel Cantilever Metal Tool Box – 5-Tray, Cold Rolled Steel, Paint Powder Coat

Excel Tool Box TB122B-Red

Whether you’re a professional plumber, electrician, designer, a casual worker, or just have some special tools you want to store safely for future use and ease of access, this tool box is a perfect choice. It’s durable, lightweight and easy to carry, so you can take your tools with you wherever you go.

The Excel Cantilever Metal Toolbox comes with 5 trays for storage to help sort and organize your tools and parts before putting the box away. It’s given a red powder coat of paint that’s highly resistant to chemicals and scratches, so you don’t have to worry about your tool box getting damaged on the outside.

Here are the features of this tool box to consider:
  • Red industrial paint powder coat finish
  • 5 trays for storing tools and parts
  • Made of cold rolled steel for durability
  • Weight of 12.1 lbs. for portability
  • Powder coat paint is resistant to chemicals and scratches
  • Full length steel handle
The Stack-On Multi-Purpose Tool Box is a strong storage solution built for strength, sturdiness and durability to support the storage of heavy-duty tools and parts (including large loads). Opt for the Stack-On General Purpose Steel Tool Box for a high-end product with different features and storage capacity at a slightly higher price.
Stack-On Professional Multi-Purpose Tool Box – Available in 2 Colors, 16-Inch, Deluxe Tray, %-Year Limited Warranty

Stack-On Tool Box PB-16 –Black/Gray

Whatever your need for a tool box, the Stack-On General Purpose Steel Tool Box is an ideal choice for a storage solution. You don’t just have to keep your tools and parts in this tool box, but any item you need to store. The tool box is very affordable and durable, made to last you years of storage.

The Stack-On Multi-Purpose Tool Box comes with a 5-year warranty to protect you from manufacturing defects. The lockable padlock eye helps secure the items put in storage, and with the steel-riveted handle, you’re good to carry your toolbox with you as go about your professional duties.

Here are the features of this tool box to consider:
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • Steel riveted handle tie-downs for easy handling and carriage of the tool box
  • Large nickel-plated, riveted-on steel draw bolts for securing the lid in place
  • Deluxe lift-out tray for storing small tools and parts
  • Fully lockable padlock eye for security of items stored in the tool box
  • Galvanized steel hinge pins
You have two color variations to choose from: black/gray and black/red.

Get the Best Tool Box Today!

Whether you’re a carpenter, plumber, electrician or designer in need of a storage solution for your tools and parts for access in the future, or want a mobile tool box to use on the go as a work station, there’s a box out there to meet your specific needs. We hope that with our review of five of the top tool boxes, you’ll be in a position to pick the right tool box to meet your needs. In case you need something different, check out our other storage solution reviews.

Our Top Choice
Keter Master Pro Tool Chest
Best Value
Plano Molding Stow N Go Pro Rack
Stanley FATMAX Mobile Work Station
Excel Cantilever Metal Toolbox
Stack-On Multi-Purpose Tool Box