Best Trivet Reviews 2017

There’s something annoying about wiping a stain on a table or counter top that refuses to go away, especially if it’s a beautifully-finished or expensive table. Unfortunately, these stains are the results of everyday activities we can’t live without such as cooking and drinking fluids. However, with trivets, we can say goodbye to those experiences. Trivets provide an efficient and clever way to protect your tabletops and counters from heat and condensation damage. One can describe them as over-sized, multifunctional coasters. Going out to get one is a good idea until one becomes confronted with the question: which trivet is best? The good news is that we’ve done quite a bit of looking around at different trivets, so you don’t have to. Yes, we did. After hours of in-depth market research, we bring you 5 top brands with great trivets, featuring one of their trivets that we particularly liked. You should bear in mind that these brands have more trivets on offer if you don’t find one you like in this review.
Our Top Choice
Le Creuset Round French Trivet
:: Le Creuset is focused on creating real and satisfying kitchen experiences by producing some of the world’s finest cookware.
This is a beautiful, high quality piece with material that’s thick and slip-resistant. It’s also durable and easy to clean.
Caution is required as it may not withstand really high temperatures.
8 × 0.3 × 8 inches; 0.3lb
Intricate design, 5 colors
Heat resistant
Best Value
ME.FAN Multi-Use Intricately Carved Trivet Mat
ME.FAN provides tip-top practical products that improve the quality of everyday life for its numerous customers.
It’s a multifunctional trivet that’s easy to use and simple to clean. Its many holes allow for convenient hanging storage. At 3 trivets per pack, it’s good value for your money.
However, it may be too small for bigger pots.
7.8 × 7.8 × 0.8 inches; 0.4lbs
100% food grade silicon
Intricately carved, 5 colors
Dishwasher safe
Low energy consumption
Fox Run Expanding Chrome Trivet
Fox Run is a leading distributor of quality kitchen products to thousands of specialty retailers in North America.
Expands to accommodate different size dishes. Durable, ensuring longtime use, and handles don’t get hot. Stable and folds for easy storage.
It may not offer the same versatility as silicone, but this is not a problem if all you want is a standard trivet
9 × 7.5 × 2 inches; 0.7lbs
Stainless steel
Dishwasher info NOT provided
Expandable from 7"-18" long
Cara’s Casa Whimsical Shaped Trivet
Cara’s Casa is in the business of catering to the kitchen needs of the fashionably imaginative foodie.
Durable, sturdy multipurpose trivet and makes for a great gift idea for cat and animal lovers. It can also be used as a decorative item on your wall. Other designs are available.
We did find some reports of an unpleasant smell upon arrival, in which case we recommend airing it out. Watch out that your cat might get jealous, too.
6.1 × 8 × 0.6 inches; 0.831lbs
Cast iron
Black, wall art design
Hand clean with a damp cloth
Removable rubber feet
IKEA Cork Heat Trivet
IKEA consistently seeks to provide a range of affordable, functional and high quality home furnishing products.
It’s a quality, functional trivet and it doesn’t get hot. It’s also slip-resistant, easy to clean and store.
Some might find it too light, but this doesn’t affect what it does.
7 × 7 × 1 inches; 0.0125lbs
Eco-friendly cork
Natural, light brown shades
Wipe clean with a damp cloth
Combines several pot stands

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What is the Best Trivet?

Deciding what trivet will work for you requires your knowing before-hand exactly what you’ll need them for, the size of your kitchen vessels, and what your own sense of decorum calls for. Trivets come in different styles, after all, and an awareness of how they will fit into your kitchen or dining set-up is important. The question of how much each trivet costs is also important if it is to fit into your budget.
Our Top Choice
This round silicone trivet from Le Creuset is elegantly designed, non-abrasive and stain resistant. It’s dishwasher safe and protects surfaces from condensation and heat up to 482 degrees Fahrenheit. The Enameled Cast-Iron deluxe trivet is another round trivet from Le Creuset. It’s elaborately designed and chip and crack resistant. We recommend that you take a look at it if you’re not feeling the silicone.
Le Creuset Silicone 8" Round French Trivet – Heat and Stain Resistant, Available in 5 Colors

Le Creuset Trivet FB500-4P - Palm

Le Creuset was created in 1925 to be the one-stop shop for anyone who’s looking for a rich and rewarding kitchen experience. Whether you’re an experienced chef or a newbie, its collection of functional and attractively designed cookware is big enough for you to find your preferred kitchen utensil. Its expertly-crafted cookware, bakeware and stoneware are produced in France and sold in over sixty countries worldwide as the kitchenware of choice for many food lovers.

The Le Creuset Round French Trivet (Selling for $20.77 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price), with its 8-inch wide silicone body, is thick enough to protect the finish on your tabletops and counters. There are so many ways to employ this trivet as it is strong and sufficiently durable to withstand everyday use. Its intricate design makes it capable of serving as a decorative piece in any kitchen. It can be used for staging and serving food in any dining setting as it comes in a variety of colors including Caribbean (sea blue/green), Cherry red, Marseille (deep blue), Palm (green) and classic white.

Some of its other features include:
  • It’s dishwasher safe for easy cleaning after use
  • It’s oven safe up to 482 degrees Fahrenheit
  • It’s both freezer and microwave safe, giving it versatility
  • It’s non absorbent, which keeps it odorless even after longtime use
Its manufacturer does advise careful use with vulnerable surfaces since it does not provide total insulation against heat.
Best Value
ME.FAN’s trivet mat is a flexible, elaborately carved trivet made from FDA approved silicone. It’s chip, stain and rust resistant, working well with both low and high temperatures. It’s also dishwasher friendly. For a lower-priced trivet, check out the Multi-Use Flower Trivet Mat also by ME.FAN. It’s another pack of 3 intricately designed, equally versatile trivets with bright neon colors.
ME.FAN 3 Piece Set Silicone Multi-Use Intricately Carved Trivet Mat - Insulated Flexible Durable Non Slip Coasters, 4 Color Choices Plus Other Design Options

ME.FAN Trivet 158-159-160-161 - Blue

The ME.FAN is as audacious as its fully capitalised name suggests. With its assorted range of superb products that include kitchenware, pet supplies, backpacks and a lot more, this brand ensures that all areas of your everyday life run as smoothly and pleasant as possible. Its responsive customer service is another means by which it ensures customer satisfaction.

The ME.FAN Multi-Use Trivet Mat (Selling for $14.79 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) is a set of 3 beautifully carved silicone trivets. Each trivet in a pack is uniquely designed and makes a great decorative piece. Its silicone material is 100% food grade and BPA free. It can be used as a table mat, kitchen mat and even pitcher mats. At 12oz, it’s lightweight yet thick enough to protect your table and counter surfaces from heat damage.

Here are a few more features of this trivet:
  • It’s super flexible, allowing for many applications
  • Up to 482 degrees Fahrenheit heat resistant for safe oven-to-table use
  • Dishwasher and hand wash friendly for easy maintenance
  • Withstands low temperatures and can be used in freezers
  • Multiple hanging holes allows for easy storage
This trivet also has a 30-day money back guarantee and lifetime services.
Fox Run’s expandable chrome trivet holds different sizes of cooking vessels. Its stainless steel, rust-resistant material is durable, and its handles make it easy to transport. Fox Run’s set of 3 Square Cork Trivets is another good heat resistant trivet. They’re thick, sturdy and are competitively priced. We recommend this if you want something different.
Fox Run Craftsmen Expanding Chrome Trivet – Versatile Kitchen Tool Expands from 7-inch to 18-inch Long

Fox Run Trivet 6314 - Silver

Established in 1971, Fox Run prides itself as a total resource for the kitchen. This brand began as a cookie cutter manufacturer and grew into a company with a Pennsylvania HQ, two distribution facilities in Toronto and Shanghai, and a product offering of over 3000. This bakeware and BBQ grillware specialist also carries an assorted array of coffee and tea products, food prep, woodenware and much more. Its products are marketed under popular brand names such as Fox Run Kitchens, Kitchen Art, Ironwood Gourmet, Outset, and Nantucket Seafood Tools.

This Expanding Chrome Trivet by Fox Run (Selling for $25.56 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) can expand from 6 1/4 inches to 18 inches long, making it suitable for supporting different sizes of pots, pans and dishes. It folds for easy storage and is quite sturdy under the weight of its contents. Assembly is required as it comes loose, packaged in a plastic bag. This elegant-looking trivet will last for a long time and it makes a great gift idea.
Cara Casa’s cast iron cat trivet has removable rubber feet to protect surfaces from scratches. It provides sturdy, heat-resistant support to a variety of cooking vessels. The Teapot Trivet is another cast iron trivet by Cara’s Casa. It’s a slightly larger one and just as versatile and sturdy. If you’re not into the cat-face, you may want to take a look at this one.
Cara’s Casa Black Cast Iron Trivets for Kitchen & Dining Table – More than One Makes a Set for Counter, Wall Art or Decoration Accessory, Variety of Shapes

Cara’s Casa Trivet TVT-2 – Cat Trivet

At Cara’s Casa, fun, fantasy and functionality find a synergistic blend and expression. Each trivet is carefully carved with astounding precision into a cast-iron replica of everyday creatures and concepts. For the animal-loving and whimsical food enthusiast, Cara’s Casa is the one-stop shop.

This Cara’s Casa Cat Trivet (Selling for $17.41 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) is constructed with durable cast-iron. It’s a multifunctional tool that can find an interesting range of uses in your home. Its feet are of a rubber material that protects the surface of tables and counters while providing a non-slip grip for the trivet. This 6.6 by 6.3-inch trivet is wide enough to hold various sized platters, and is easily cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth and towel-drying.
TheCorcho Trivet from IKEA is made of environment friendly cork material that’s durable. It comes in a pack of 3 light weight, easy to use multipurpose trivets. The IKEA Lamplig Trivet made from stainless steel is an equally good trivet, especially if you are looking for something more durable. Its plastic feet protect surfaces from heat damage. If you want something different, check it out.
IKEA Corcho Trivet – Low Cost Basic Trivets Protect Surfaces from Heat, 3 Piece Set

IKEA Trivet 1419-870-777-00-5

IKEA is motivated by one vision: creating better everyday life for as many people as possible. Its name comes from the combination of its founder’s initials Ingvar Kamprad (IK), and the names of the farm and village he grew up in Elmtaryd and Agunnaryd (EA). IKEA believes that even on a slim budget people should still be able to create beautiful homes with functional, healthy and safe products.

IKEA’s Corcho Trivet (Selling for $3.99 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) is a set of 3 cork trivets. Because they are made from natural cork, each trivet may vary slightly in coloring, but they are all a light shade of brown. These trivets provide a flat, stable surface with even heat protection throughout. At a diameter of 7 inches, it’s wide enough to hold plates and pans. For bigger vessels, several can be used together to provide sufficient heat protection to our tabletops and counters. These trivets from IKEA are a budget-friendly way to protect your tables and counters from heat damage and condensation.

Get the Best Trivet of 2017!

It’s great that you followed this review to the end. We hope you’re better informed as to which trivet is best for you. If you are, feel free to place that order. And remember, if the one we showcased is not the best trivet for you, simply click the link and see what else these trustworthy brands have to offer.

Our Top Choice
Le Creuset Round French Trivet
Best Value
ME.FAN Multi-Use Intricately Carved Trivet Mat
Fox Run Expanding Chrome Trivet
Cara’s Casa Whimsical Shaped Trivet
IKEA Cork Heat Trivet