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A vertical mouse is useful when you work a lot at your computer and you have palm pain. The vertical mouse can keep your hand and arm in a neutral position, offering you maximum comfort. Check out these 5 vertical mice we have picked from some of the best vertical mouse brands out there. Maybe you don't realize it yet, but a vertical mouse might make your computing job a lot easier.
Our Top Choice
Anker Wireless Vertical Mouse
Founded in 2009 by a group of friends that worked at Google, Anker has grown since then and now it's an industry leader in mobile power, especially chargers.
You can grip this mouse comfortably and it offers a great performance. It has 5 buttons and allows you to have a correct arm position.
This vertical mouse is not compatible with Mac OS X El Captain, but for this price, it is worth it.
1200 /1600
5 buttons
Windows, Linux, Mac
Power saving mode
Best Value
Perixx Perimice Vertical Mouse
Perixx understands how to make affordable, yet great peripheral products. Its image is concentrated on keyboards and mice which have a good design and competitive prices.
This vertical mouse has a comfortable and ergonomic design and 1000/1600 DPI. It is highly responsive and has a rubber-like matte black finish.
Not suitable for left-handed users, but Perixx has other great options for you..
5 buttons
Programmable buttons
Evoluent Small Vertical Mouse
Evoluent was founded in 1994, when it invented the vertical mouse. Its products are known worldwide and come at a reasonable price.
This is a small wired vertical mouse that has an ergonomic and comfortable design. Performs smoothly and has a quality thumb rest.
This mouse is not suitable for left-handed people, but Evoluent has the same design in the left version also.
Not adjustable
6 buttons
Windows, Vista
Small Version
J-Tech Digital Wired Vertical Mouse
J-tech Digital wants its customers to explore the high-definition world. Its products are innovative, sturdy, and come at a competitive price.
If you have wrist problems, this is the mouse for you. It has an ergonomic and comfortable design and it is user-friendly. It has 2 buttons and a scroll wheel.
The scroll wheel doesn’t have the click option.
5 buttons
Windows, Mac
Removable palm rest
Sharkk Wireless Vertical Optical Mouse
Sharkk is specialized in consumer electronics which are made by people for the people. Its products are well-designed, high-performance, and suitable for a modern lifestyle.
In order to use this mouse you will need two AAA batteries. It has an invisible light frequency and the buttons are smooth and easy to press.
This one is suitable only for right-handed people.
5 buttons
Windows, Mac, Linux
Next/Previous buttons

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What is the Best Vertical Mouse?

Before getting a vertical mouse, it is mandatory to check if it's for right or left-handed users. If you prefer a mouse with a scroll wheel that you can click on you have to check that also. Some mice we chose are for smaller hands, others for normal or large ones.
Our Top Choice
The Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse has high-sensitivity and it’s easy to use. This model offers comfort to the touch and has an impressive design, together with a reasonable price. This one is a wireless mouse, if you prefer a wired one then check out the Anker USB Wired Vertical Mouse which has a resolution of 1000 DPI!
Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse - 800 / 1200 /1600DPI Resolution, 5 Buttons

Anker Vertical Mouse AK-98ANWVM-UBA - Black

Anker is a company built by gadget lovers for gadget lovers, a vision which is evident in its products, which have a brilliant set of functions for a good price. This company is popular for its quick-charge collections, which offer a large range of USB chargers that are really useful nowadays, in the mobility century. Anker’s products are impressive, from its headphones, to its mobile armbands that are useful for joggers.

The Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse comes with a great design and multiple features that other vertical mice could only dream about. This mouse is affordable, has an ergonomic design, 5 buttons, and a scroll wheel. It also has a power-saving mode after 8 minutes of idle time. It is both functional and comfortable, and it's suitable for numerous computing needs. This mouse functions with 2 AAA batteries and it also has a warranty period of 18 months.
Best Value
The Perixx Wired Vertical Mouse is programmable and suitable for people who spend a lot of time on the PC. It has 6 buttons, is lightweight, and is easy to use. This model is available as a wireless or wired computer mouse. This one offers a maximum of 1600 DPI, if you prefer a mouse which can go up to 2000 DPI then we suggest the Perixx Ergonomic Vertical Mouse which can also be bought as a wired or wireless model.
Perixx Wired Programmable Vertical Mouse - 1000/1600 DPI Resolution with 5 Programmable Buttons, Availables as Wired or Wireless

Perixx Vertical Mouse 10844 - Wired

Perixx was started in 2006 in Germany and specialized itself in the field of input devices. Soon after, it expanded its business in Japan. Its products have a great quality and come at affordable prices. It is especially popular for the HTPC keyboard market which quickly increased its reputation in Europe. Apart from vertical mice, it also sells wireless and wired keyboards that have great design and multiple functions.

We have chosen to review the Perixx Wired Vertical Mouse because it offers a great performance for its price. The black finish doesn't pick up fingerprints and it is sturdy. It has a sleep-mode function, is reliable, and is fast enough for everyday use. The software comes included in the package. If you like this mouse, you can choose between its wired or wireless versions. This is the wired version and it comes with a 6-foot cable which is more than enough for most users.
The shape of the Evoluent Ergonomic Vertical Mouse is designed to offer full comfort. It is a small version, has programmable buttons, and doesn't require any CD installation. This mouse is more suitable for people who have small hands. On the other hand, if you prefer a mouse of a regular size then we recommend the Evoluent Wired Vertical Mouse which is highly sophisticated and offers multiple features.
Evoluent Ergonomic Vertical Mouse - 6 Programmable Buttons and Top-Mounted LED Light

Evoluent Vertical Mouse VM4S

Evoluent was founded in 1994, when Jack Lo invented the first ergonomic vertical mouse, because he was feeling discomfort when using a standard one. After years of trying to find a factory to manufacture the mouse he invented, in 2002 a company from Asia succeeded in creating the first Vertical Mouse. In order to provide high-quality products, Jack has verified each mouse that was made at the factory.

The Evoluent Ergonomic Vertical Mouse is a high-end one which has a great design and multiple programmable buttons. It uses a USB adapter to connect to your computer and it’s compatible with most operating systems. This mouse keeps your hand and arm in a neutral position. As it is a small version, it is suitable for smaller hands of maximum 7 inches in length. Thanks to its programmable buttons, you can have a much better and accurate user experience each time you work at your computer. Best of all, it also includes an LED light mounted on top which lets you know that the mouse is turned on.
The J-Tech Digital Vertical Mouse has adjustable sensitivity and a removable palm rest. It has a two thumbs button and connects to the PC through a USB adapter. Looking for the wireless version of this mouse? Check out the J-Tech Wireless USB Mouse and see how many useful features it has!
J-Tech Digital Scroll Endurance Wired Vertical Mouse - Ergonomic Design, Adjustable Sensitivity, 5 Buttons

J-Tech Digital Vertical Mouse JTD-Wired-Vertical

J-Tech Digital puts great effort into creating and selling products that satisfy its customers’ needs and that also come at a reasonable price for any budget. Apart from vertical mice it also sells HDMI cables, DVI extenders and amplifiers, Bluetooth speakers, and more. All of its products are made of quality materials and are built to last to offer the best experience to every customer.

If you prefer simple and easy-to-use mice, the J-Tech Digital Vertical Mouse is the one you should go for. It only has 2 buttons and a wheel scroll so you will get used to it very fast. The shape it has offers maximum comfort to your hand and arm and the removable palm rest will allow you to do your job on the computer without any pain. It has a DPI switch, so it’s highly responsive, and has an adjustable sensitivity. Keep in mind that this mouse is also available as a wireless device and the manufacturer even provided some rough data regarding the lifetime of the mouse components. For example, the scroll wheel supports up to 200,000 circles while the button can easily take 3 million clicks. We haven't counted, but it is nice to know!
This Sharkk Wireless Mouse is vertical and ergonomic with adjustable DPI and compatible with most operating systems. It has an auto-sleep function. It works wirelessly with a wireless USB adapter. Looking for the same features in a wired mouse? Check out the Sharkk Optical Vertical Mouse which is very similar to the first one and comes with adjustable DPI settings!
Sharkk Wireless Ergonomic, 2.4G Vertical Mouse - High Precision Optical Sensitivity and 5 Buttons

Sharkk Vertical Mouse SK137G

Sharkk offers its customers a large range of consumer accessories including keyboards, tablets, and phone cases. It wants to bring top-quality products into its customers' lives for competitive prices. Apart from vertical mice, it also sells waterproof speakers, smartphone holders for cars, and other accessories. If you are into gaming you should check out its gaming mice that come with multiple functions and innovative designs.

We have chosen to review the Sharkk Ergonomic Wireless Mouse because it looks like a standard one, but is vertical and incorporates multiple features. It is easy to use and it is compatible with all Windows operating systems. It has added next / previous buttons for quicker navigation and you just have to plug in the USB Adapter in order to use it. It is highly responsive and sensitive and has an adjustable DPI. Additionally, this mouse comes with an auto-sleep function which preserves battery life and it has an incredibly affordable price in our opinion. This device might actually provide the best bang for your buck!

Get the Best Vertical Mouse Today!

As you might know, some mice come with batteries and wireless USB adapters, others are wired, and some have adjustable DPI or adjustable sensitivity. It is important to get the right one in order for you to feel maximum comfort when you use it. Now, take a look at them, choose the one that is suitable for your needs, get it, and start using it with your computer!

Our Top Choice
Anker Wireless Vertical Mouse
Best Value
Perixx Perimice Vertical Mouse
Evoluent Small Vertical Mouse
J-Tech Digital Wired Vertical Mouse
Sharkk Wireless Vertical Optical Mouse