5 DIY Candy-Free Valentines: Classroom Friendly Valentines for Kids

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Valentine’s Day treats don’t have to be sweet. And with the nationwide implementation of a healthy eating policy in the public school systems, parents can be hard pressed to find Valentines that are treat free. But savvy parents know that there are fun options that are sure to be a hit with little ones without the sugar. Let your child have just as much fun celebrating this February holiday without the candy with these fun and easy classroom Valentines ideas.

DIY Bubble Valentines

Bubbles are a hit with pretty much any age group, and there are tons of ways to get creative with this simple surprise. All you need are mini bottles of bubbles or mini bubble wands, snack size zip baggies, and cardstock to print the Valentine cards.

We found a 36 pack of Wilton mini bubble wands for less than nine bucks. There’s enough for the whole class and with a prime membership you can have this set delivered with one day shipping for free.

Come up with a fun saying for the card that works with the bubble theme. Common ones include the following:

  • You make me feel bubbly, Valentine.
  • Your friendship blows me away.
  • Love Bubbles
  • You blow my mind, Valentine!

Print labels with the saying you chose and either let your child decorate the card/tag or use some free clipart to dress it up. You can put the bubbles in the bag and staple the card to the top or simply tie the card to the bottle with some decorative ribbon.

Bookmark Valentines

What kid doesn’t love a fun bookmark? Not only are bookmarks useful, they are also fun and can be tailored to your child’s personality, favorite character or color. To make an easy DIY bookmark that you and your child can create together, you’ll need:

  • Colored felt (could be just red or pink, or use other colors if your child prefers)
  • Self-stick googly eyes
  • Black sharpie or squeezable fabric paint
  • Large paper clips
  • Hot glue and hot glue gun
  • Cardstock for the card/label
  • Decorative stamps, markers, stickers

To make the bookmark, cut small hearts out of the felt sheets. Affix googly eyes to the top of each heart, and use the sharpie or fabric paint to draw a smile on each heart. Use the hot glue to affix each heart to the top of a paperclip.

Or you can simply cut out small hearts from the colored card stock. Let your child decorate the heart with stickers, stamps or markers. Consider a fun word, phrase or image that can be stamped onto the cardstock. Check out this set of stamps for an easy-peasy Valentine.

Once the glue is set, you can place them in Valentine cards. Print out a cute saying on cardstock in squares, and then cut a small slit in each and slide in the bookmark. Some Valentine’s Day sayings are:

  • You’re tops in my book, Valentine.
  • You’re #1 in my book!
  • Valentine, you’re a star in my book.
  • You’ve booked my heart, Valentine.

Fruity Valentine’s Day Treats

If you want to give a great class treat without the sugar, you can make a fun Valentine featuring fruit. This way your child’s class gets a tasty surprise that’s healthy, too. You can choose to do all the same fruit, or mix it up so there are different ones. All you’ll need are enough pieces of fruit for each child in the class, open top baggies, ribbon, and construction paper or cardstock to make the card.

Some Fun and “Fruity” Valentine’s Day sayings are:

  • Bananas – Use a fun saying like ‘I go bananas over you Valentine!’
  • Oranges – Add a card that says ‘Orange you glad we’re friends, Valentine?’ or ‘Orange you glad it’s Valentine’s Day?’
  • Cuties – Have the card say something like: ‘Happy Valentine’s Day, Cutie!’
  • Grapes – Include phrase such as ‘I think you’re a grape Valentine!’ or Have a grape Valentine’s Day!’

To put it all together, just place the fruit in the bag, tie with the ribbon, and then make a card with the construction paper or cardstock (you can cut into heart shapes for a cute touch). Punch a hole in the card, slide the ribbon through, then knot to attach.

Paper Airplane Valentines

This is perfect for little ones who already love making paper airplanes. Get some Valentine-themed or heart-patterned paper, and add a little card that reads something like:

  • You’re plane awesome, Valentine!
  • Valentine, you are just plain cool.
  • I’m in a tailspin over you.

Running short on time or want to create a paper airplane Valentine that already has the saying incorporated? Get a free printable paper airplane printable with the phrase ‘You make my heart soar, Valentine!’ at the blog No Biggie.

Easy Duck Tape Keychains

Here’s another fun and easy DIY Valentine that the kids can help with. All you’ll need are a couple different colors or patterns of Duck Tape (they make some holiday themed ones that will make this look Valentine extra cute), metal key rings, string, and cardstock or construction paper for the card. Of course young kids won’t actually use these for keys, but they can use them as zipper pulls, add them as decoration to a backpack, etc.

To make the keychain, choose two different tapes. With the first, rip two long pieces lengthwise that are the same length. Rip a shorter two inch piece from this color or pattern as well. Fold the short piece over but leave a small area of sticky tape exposed.

For the second color or pattern of tape, get a piece that is the same length as the first long pieces, but don’t split this one. Instead, fold it over lengthwise, leaving a small portion (about an eighth of an inch of sticky tape exposed. Use the thinner pieces to place on top of your thicker long piece to decorate and add contrast. Then, make a loop with the larger piece through the keyring. Use the short piece from the first type of tape to connect the two loops.

Now, all you need to do is print of write a cute card, use a hole punch on it, and attach it the the keychain with your string or ribbon. Some Valentine phrases you could use include:

  • You hold the key to our friendship, Valentine!
  • You have the key to my heart.
  • You’re the key to fun this Valentine’s Day, friend!

For a visual tutorial and a free printable that includes two different Valentine sayings, check out craft and home blog Honey Bear Lane.