5 DIY Halloween Makeup Looks!

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Halloween is around the corner. Those of you who haven’t already planned out every single detail of your look may be struggling to find some inspiration. While sexy teacher and superhero costumes are simple and easy to find, they’re overdone. More importantly, do you really want to look identical to another party goer? Probably not.

What sets a traditional costume apart from the bunch is killer makeup. No, we’re not talking about your everyday concealer, mascara and eyeliner. We’re talking about full-fledged special fx makeup.

If you’ve been browsing Halloween looks online, chances are you’ve seen YouTube beauty gurus or “Insta” influencers post Halloween makeup tutorials. And if you’re like most modest makeup enthusiasts, the thought of event attempting to recreate these looks is intimidating and overwhelming.

Makeup tutorials can be lifesavers for quick fixes, but more advanced techniques often require practice and preparation. Don’t wait until the last minute to practice. We rounded up super sexy, super spooky and super EASY that will set you up for #makeupgoals this Halloween.

This Sexy Stitched Mouth Will do ALL the Talking for You

Make sure you have the right makeup brushes to capture all of the details.

video by Shaaanxo

Stun with this Spooky Stapled Face

You’ll need a face painting kit for this look.

video by Alyshia Jones

Turn Heads with this Scary Melting Skull

This look requires a flawless face. A new foundation is just what you need!

video by Desi Perkins

“Glo” Insane with this Neon Skull

Our top choice eyeshadow palette has all the blues you need for this look!

video by James Charles

Not A Fan of Blood? Skip Out on the Scary with this Fierce Bunny Beat

Maximize the drama with a gel eyeliner.

video by Tina Halada

Now that you found your perfect look, all you need is a costume! Be sure to check out our sexy costumes too!