5 Unique Kitchen Gadgets You Didn’t Realize You Needed!

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Is your kitchen in need of a serious de-clutter session? Are you thinking that all those soon-to-be-emptied spaces will need something to go in them, but with so many kitchen gadgets on the market, you have no idea which ones might actually be worthwhile to purchase?

Now, we know what you’re thinking… Wow, those folks at TopProducts really know how to zero in on my ultra-specific thoughts.

But we aren’t mind readers! We just really know kitchen products, which is what makes us the perfect choice for telling you about the 5 most unique kitchen gadgets that you didn’t even realize you needed.

Cake Pop Maker

We all love cake pops, but not all of us love the mashed-cake-and-frosting combo that most commercial pops are made from. The best part about this handy little machine is that every cake ball is just that—100% cake! You can still add your preferred filling to each ball with a pastry bag, and then you can dip each one in chocolate or cover them in a thick frosting. How about lemon cake pops filled with creamy blueberry vanilla frosting and dipped in white fudge?

You can also make savory cake pops, which we think are great for quick-and-easy-and-probably-on-the-go meals! Your favorite pancake recipe plus crumbled bacon or sausage? Delicious pancake donut holes! Mozzarella and pepperoni mixed with your best dough recipe and served with a side of pizza sauce? We think pizza poppers are the perfect after school snack! Don’t even get us started on hot ham and cheese pops…

With this compact machine, you can make all sorts of delicious recipes, most of which are also kid-friendly. By the way, a little birdie told us that they are also great when you’re on a diet because instead of making an entire cake, you can make a small batch of pops!

Bag Re-Sealer

Everyone has that one person in their home who doesn’t clip the cereal bag or who forgets to put the cookies in a storage container. Nothing is worse than going into your pantry for some much-needed marshmallow cereal only to find that the marshmallows are all chewy and stale! But we have a way to fix that problem—bag re-sealers!

You can find ones that are rechargeable, take batteries, or require no source of power. For ones that seal with heat, you just place your bag in the opening and pull it through. No more stale snacks and no more unplanned, late night trips to the store.

If you’re thinking, “I don’t eat chips,” that’s okay! You can use a bag re-sealer for produce, too. We especially like it for storing pre-portioned salads for grab-and-go lunches!

Egg Cooker

You might be wondering why an egg cooker made our list. Isn’t it easy to boil eggs? Of course! But we decided to include egg cookers because they do a whole lot more than just boil eggs, and the world needs to know! Scramble your eggs, poach them, or even cook an omelet. Yep! Just walk away while your machine whips up a tasty omelet.

Let’s go back to boiling for a second. Soft-, medium-, and hard-boiled eggs are all delicious, but how many of us can confidently say we can easily make soft- or medium-boiled eggs? We all know what happens… You start the water, walk away without setting a timer, you forget about the eggs… The end result? Hard-boiled.

With an egg cooker, forget about eating only hard-boiled! Just load up your eggs, set the timer, and viola—deliciously soft-boiled eggs to crack over toast, or medium-boiled eggs to complement that pre-portioned, home-sealed afternoon salad. Sounds tasty, right?

Olive/Cherry Pitter

Whenever summer comes, you can bet you’ll see red, juicy cherries at the grocery store. We suggest making cherry pie with homemade vanilla bean ice cream (and maybe sending some of it to us for taste testing), but we recommend first getting a cherry pitter to remove all those potentially tooth-chipping pits.

Sure, you can use the straw method to remove your pits. We’ve used this method ourselves, and while it does work, it actually adds a significant amount of time to the pitting process. A hard-plastic straw isn’t as strong as a pitter. There’s also no way to brace the fruit, so when you push the straw against the pit, the straw might slip and cut your hand (this particular writer can relate to some painful, straw-related pitting accidents).

With a dedicated pitter, you can remove your pits in a lot less time and in a hassle-free way. Because of the design, they work for both cherries and olives. This item is one of those products that you don’t think about until you have a need for it, so we suggest finding an inexpensive pitter next time you’re shopping – or get one now, while it’s on your mind. That way, when you need to pit, you’re ready to go!

Garlic Roaster

A garlic roaster might seem like a luxury item, but we like to think that bringing your meals up to restaurant quality helps you save money. If your kids think your homecooked food tastes better than anything they can get at a restaurant that means more meals at home, happier children, and more cash in your pocket.

But why roast garlic? Because roasting brings out its natural sweetness and adds a nutty creaminess that’ll take your spaghetti or pizza sauce from “wow, yummy” to “holy cannoli, let’s enter this in an Italian county fair!” Yes, you can roast garlic in the oven without a special dish, but the roaster is more convenient because it goes right on your stovetop (or in the oven, depending upon the kind you get), it takes less time to roast, and it ensures you get that deep caramel color that can be hard to achieve without it

Your garlic roaster can also go on your grill or in your pizza oven. The garlic is totally encased in cast iron, so it’s protected from direct flames. We think roasted garlic makes an amazingly tasty salsa and hummus, and we strongly recommend steeping it in olive oil for a special, one-of-a-kind seasoning oil (or bottle it up and give it to your favorite cook as a gift!). It’s also great spread on toasted bread – much tastier and less calories than butter (plus you will keep the vampires away).

Have you been inspired to get cooking with all these shiny new gadgets? Time is money, and we can help you save on both! Just check out TopProducts.com for super comprehensive reviews for even more of our favorite kitchen and cooking products.

August Wright, TopProducts Staff Writer