5 Ways to Be Successful on Instagram – Tips for Building Trust and Growing Your Audience

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Instagram has grown to a staggering 1 billion users as of July 2020.

From an indie photo-sharing app to a social media giant in just a couple of years, Instagram has become the number one promotion platform for all types of businesses.

By continually adding new and improved features, the platform allows businesses to use it as a one-stop-shop for all things marketing and sales. 

However, with such fast growth come certain challenges as well. Influencers, businesses, and regular folks are finding it hard to stay competitive in such a cutthroat environment.

If you’re among these trying to succeed on Instagram, look no more. We’ve curated the ultimate list of 5 proven ways to be successful on Instagram against all odds.

Instagram Success Tip 1 – Grow Like A Pro

Probably one of the greatest hardships most business profiles are facing on Instagram is organic growth. How to capture the audience and make them stay? Of course, without relying on sketchy schemes involving fake followers. 

The long answer – create a clear and realistic strategy. More on that later. 

The short answer – try out one of the reliable Instagram growth services. Solutions like Flock Social are designed for businesses wanting to speed up acquiring new followers, entirely safe. Flock can help you get real Instagram followers fast. Basing their approach entirely on genuine profiles and engaging real people, they make a serious name for themselves in the IG growth world. 

Instagram Success Tip 2 – Revisit Your Bio

One of the most critical success factors on Instagram is your bio. Consider it your IG business card.And, as such, it should include a whole lot of details packed in a small space. 

The anatomy of the perfect Instagram bio looks something like this: 

  • It’s catchy – Be sure to insert a fun or popular phrase when summing up what you do.
  • It’s informative – Enough so that everyone landing on your account knows precisely what you do and how to buy from you, contact you, and engage with your brand.
  • It inspires action – Does your bio entice people to share UGC with your hashtag, click the link, or follow you for giveaways and promotions? 

Instagram Success Tip 3 – The Content Challenge

Everywhere you look, Instagram experts scream at you to post interesting, engaging, and quality content. And rarely anyone explains how exactly one does go about it. 

First things first, the term interesting is quite problematic here. Essentially, this is where most businesses on Instagram make the mistake of trying to be interesting to the broadest audience. So often, they miss the mark, that is, their target audience.

To create good content with a purpose, do a thorough analysis of your ideal audience or customers — that’s who you should always cater your content to. 

Find what inspires them and entices their engagement that is not necessarily about your brand. Post about that, instead of pushing the 10th post about your products. Or, look for inspiring causes that relate to your ideal customers’ values, and use this as the common ground you can connect through. 

Spice things up with different content formats. Go Live to show authenticity and relatability. Do a bunch of IG Stories with cool bits and pieces of behind the scenes and utilize the Swipe up and Highlights features. Use IGTV for longer videos and get a chance to grab your audience’s attention for longer. 

When it comes to content quality, there’s no room for compromise here. No matter what type of resources it takes, your content must speak top-notch quality if you plan on capturing the hearts of the Instagram audiences.

Instagram Success Tip 4 – Utilize the Power of Words

Yes, the picture is worth a thousand words. However, even on a visual platform like Instagram, you need a little convincing to turn your followers into actual leads. 

To achieve this, be strategic about your caption and hashtag game. Don’t make the mistake of leaving your posts “captionless” or putting in too many irrelevant hashtags. A caption with just one emoji may look cool when Beyoncé does it, but for a business trying to survive in the crazy Instagram environment, it sure isn’t a great look. 

Instead, use the space to tell a captivating story. The microblogging trend is super popular these days. And incredibly useful as well. We’re seeing many brands and influencers captivating their audiences with relatable 300 to 400 word stories in the captions. 

Paired with a strategic set of hashtags and a strong call-to-action, these short blogs are genuine story-telling magnets. 

As for hashtags you can use to turn each Instagram effort into a complete success, you also need to be strategic. We often see even the big brands sinking their opportunities by using too many flashy hashtags that are entirely unrelated to their brand and message. 

The right way to go about this is to restrict your posts to about 10 to 15 hashtags, 10% of which should be popular ones, while the rest should serve as the discoverability agents for your ideal customers. For example, if you’re a veggie restaurant in Brooklyn, your perfect audience is looking for a specific type of food – vegan, within a particular area – Brooklyn. So, make sure to prioritize these specific hashtags to get discovered by your ideal customers. Additionally, you’re competing with fewer posts and increasing chances of showing up in the explore section.

Instagram Success Tip 5 – Partner Up with Other Influencers and Businesses

Finally, no matter how competent you are, you can only do so much yourself. Sometimes, all it takes is a little push from the right people to take your Instagram game to the next level. 

No, we’re not talking leeching onto famous influencers or business experts to get some vanity metrics. Quite the opposite. Form partnerships and build relationships with relevant businesses and influencers in your niche.

Work together on posts that build both of your businesses up and ask them to share it with their followers — and vice versa. 

Let’s say you’re an architect company, and you’ve been working with a fantastic furniture business on your last project. Do a series of posts about the project and mention the partner business highlighting their unique strengths. They will be delighted to do the same for you, and voila, you’ve got a surge of new, super-relevant followers. 

Similarly, you can explore the relevant influencers in your niche. Look for high engagement rates and niche relevancy rather than their follower count. Ask them to promote your work with their audience, or do a review of your product, and watch the numbers go up.

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