5 Winter Sports to Keep the Cold Away (Other than Skiing)

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You see, when the cold season kicks in, most people decide to hibernate waiting for the spring season. But this comes at a cost – some gain the holiday weight, while others get bored watching movies and doing nothing much indoors. But that’s one group. The other one resists the temptations and kicks into high gear, participating in exhilarating winter sports.

Winter comes once a year, so don’t waste it hibernating indoors. Challenge yourself by engaging in the following sports. And yes, most of them work fabulously as workout options, so you can be sure to keep that holiday weight at bay.

There are quite a number of winter sports out there that you can try today. Yes, you can grab your skis and have some fun or try snowboarding, but I wanted to cover some of those options that are not very common, though promise an awesome experience.


Have you ever tried walking outside following a winter blizzard to a point where you are practically buried in the snow waist deep? Well, I am exaggerating a little bit, but at least your feet get buried in the snow, right? It can be a great aerobic exercise and, of course, a fun sport participating in snowshoeing, which involves tying a giant tennis racket on your foot, spreading them evenly across the snow. The idea is to move through a treacherous terrain without falling.


Boogie boarding is not that difficult…well, until you try the sport in the snow. Introduced by a Swiss snowboarder, airboarding involves riding a 48-inch long inflatable headfast down a mounting, controlling your speeds with grooves on the bottom and turns with easy-to-grip handles. You can find this sport in a number of ski resorts across the US.

Ice Fishing

Fishing is a common activity during summer, where you relax with a cold beer and a fishing rod, ready to get a big catch. However, there’s something equally fun and relaxing to be said about fishing in this cold season. Ice fishing is a thrilling spin, especially during winter as it keeps your engaged. Just grab your snow boots or some ice traction cleats and set on a journey to your favorite spot. Just don’t expect to nab anything above 10 pounds, unless it’s your lucky day!

Snow Scooting

If a snowboard and a scooter had a baby, it’d be the snow scoot! The base of this snow bike is more of split snowboards, but instead or riding while standing sideways (like one does on a typical snowboard), you do it facing forward. The snow scoot also comes with handlebars that are meant to help guide you down the mountain. Again, lots of resorts allow you to get a snow scoot into their park and enjoy the sport.

Snow Tubing

Not to be confused with airboarding, snow tubing is different in that you can go down while spinning in circles and…well; you can also enjoy it after midnight (thanks to Midnight Madness). Riding down the slopes is exhilarating, but the experience of doing it in the middle of the night it’s totally worth it. If you are not the fain-hearted, try it this season and you will agree with me!

Go ahead and try those sports this winter instead of locking yourself indoors. You will love every moment of it (and if you don’t there is always hot cocoa by the fire at the lodge)!

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James N Wambui, TopProducts Staff Writer