Best Cooling Towels — How to Stay Cool in Summer

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It’s said that if you sweat during a workout, then you are doing it right. But what happens when temperatures soar, especially during summer, and the heat is starting to get the best of you?

You could grab a regular towel, dip it in cold water — but there are a few problems with this method. First, wet towels, no matter how hard you try to wring them out, tend to still drip and get your clothes wet.

But that’s not the real issue.

Regular towels are not designed to stay wet. And as they dry, they will actually absorb your body heat, making the towel warm instead of cool. So, back you go to wet it again. Rinse, and repeat (pardon the pun).

Well, that’s where a cooling towel comes in.

You may have noticed professional athletes, runners, golfers or tennis players often have a towel around their neck or a bandanna on their head. In most cases, if you look closer, it may not be a regular towel or head scarf, but rather a sports towel designed for heat relief.

Such cooling towels protect you from the heat that comes from a workout or an intense run during summer. The popularity of cooling towels has risen as more people opt for a healthy lifestyle. Most of the sports towels are water-activated, where you need to soak them in water, wring them and cool yourself instantly.

These specially designed towels are also more effective for reducing fevers and headaches than a regular wash cloth because they stay cooler longer. This is yet another reason to have them around so you can use them for cold compresses.

To get that fantastic cooling effect from such towels, you need to consider several factors. In this review, we have selected the best cooling towels from top brands that will leave you refreshed and recharged for a workout. If you need more information to help you decide which is best for you, we also have a quick buying guide which covers how cooling towels work, what to look for, as well as a few tips for taking care of your new cooling relief towel.

Do you also have a dog or any other pet and wondering how to keep them cool this summer? Well, some of the featured top brands have cooling towels for pets that will keep them safe from heat strokes when temperatures soar. While you can use any cooling relief towels for dogs, as long as they are the right size, ones for pets are made with their specific needs in mind. Cooling mats for pets are also a good idea to help keep them cool inside or outdoors.

Let’s get started!

10 Best Cooling Relief Towels to Help You Beat the Heat

Before we get to our reviews, let’s take a quick peek at how they stack up price-wise on Amazon. In order to provide variety, we chose a mixture of sports towels, mesh cooling towels, microfiber cooling towels, as well as a few cooling neck gaiters!

Cooling Towels Amazon Price Comparisons

Cooling Towel Reviews – Our Top Picks

Okay, now let’s look at why these towels made our top 10 list.

Mission Original Cooling Towel

Mission is one brand dedicated to helping fitness enthusiasts and outdoor lovers enjoy their activities regardless of the heat. Through the use of modern technology, Mission has developed dependable cooling gear such as neck gaiters and hats that are used by athletes across the board. The company has heavily invested in a heat lab that is focused on increasing human performance and safety in hot conditions.

Of the brand’s high-quality products is the Mission Original Cooling Towel with Evaporative Technology. It’s designed to cool instantly and remain so for up to two hours. Its water activation formula is simple – wet it, wring it, and snap it. Within 30 seconds, the towel cools to less than 30 degrees your body temperature.

This sports towel is made of brushed microfiber that feels smooth and soft on your skin. Its edges have no seams for ultimate comfort. Better yet, the towel is made of skin-friendly, chemical-free technology. Its 90% Polyester and 10% nylon construction makes it a significant part of your workout or outdoor routine. When outside, the sports towel provides UPF 50 protection from harmful UV rays.

You can choose from 4 colors; black, green, blue and pink. There’s also the option of picking a design that features the colors of the US flag.

Highlights: What We Like

  • Made of chemical-free fiber technology
  • Highly absorbent, smooth, and soft
  • Easy water activation design
  • Remains cool for up to 2 hours
  • Provides UPF 50 protection

Highlights: What Could Be Better

  • May smell if used for too long
  • Threading on the edges could be better

Chill Pal PVA Cooling Towel

Another awesome cooling relief towel that you can opt for is the Chill Pal PVA Cooling Towel. Owned by the remarkable Go Active brand, Chill Pal is dedicated to helping healthy lifestyle enthusiasts stay comfortable despite the heat. Of their collection of cooling gear, let’s look at their PVA cooling towel that’s a favorite among its users.

Not only is the chilly towel thicker and cooler than its counterparts in the market, but its also built with high-quality materials that will provide you with a lengthy service. The cooling towel uses workable science of evaporative technology that leaves your skin refreshed. To activate its fantastic technology, dip it in water, wring it and wrap it around your neck for that cooling effect. The towel measures 12 by 32 inches, which is an ideal size for your us.

A different version of this product but equally good is the Chill Pal Mesh Cooling Towel. It’s not only thinner than the PVA cooling towel but also features a great breathable design.

Highlights: What We Like

  • Made of thick material
  • Quick water activation
  • Great evaporative technology
  • Provides long-lasting relief

Highlights: What Could Be Better

  • Lots of imitations in the market
  • Can get stiff when dry

Alfamo Cooling Towel

Alfamo is a family-owned business that, for the last four years, has helped people stay comfortable during fitness routines. The Alfamo Cooling Towel for Gym and Yoga is a multipurpose sports towel that can be used across the board. Whether it’s a gym enthusiast during a workout or a patient looking for cold therapy, this cooling towel will keep away the heat.

The 33″ by 11″ cooling sports towel is made of a silky soft fabric that folds easily and ties well around your neck or mouth. You can choose from the four available sizes and a wide array of fun colors. The colorful stitching on the edges adds pomp to your sports gear and makes you look stylish. The towel provides a cooling effect for up to 3 hours and offers UPF 50 protection.

For convenience, the towel comes with a carrying pouch with a carabiner clip. The waterproof case comes in handy when out on hikes, mountain climbing, and other outdoor activities. The carabiner clips have vibrant colors that match the towels and quickly attach to your sports bag or gym bag. Alfamo provides a lifetime money-back guarantee on all their towels.

Highlights: What We Like

  • Made of silky soft material
  • Colorful and stylish designs
  • Comes with a waterproof case
  • Provides UPF 50 protection

Highlights: What Could Be Better

  • Only chills for up to 3 hours, which may be enough depending upon your needs
  • The small size offers minimal coverage, but again, this may be just right for you
  • Upper side is too silky for some people

Frogg Toggs Chilly Pad Cooling Towel

Next on our list is this Frogg Toggs Chilly Pad Cooling Towel that’s a must-have when out in the sun. It’s made of a high-grade material designed to keep fresh longer than the usual microfiber towels. To activate the Frogg Toggs Chilly Pad, you can dip in hot or cold water, which makes it drop by 30 degrees below the current air temperature.

Made using a hyper-evaporative technology, this cooling towel feels wet on your skin but is dry to touch. The biodegradable chilly pad comes packed in a plastic bag for easy portability and storage. Measuring 35 by 13 inches, the stay-cool towel provides adequate coverage and relief from the heat. The towel is machine washable and can be reused for a long time.

Highlights: What We Like

  • Superior evaporative technology
  • Biodegradable
  • Adequate coverage
  • Instant relief from the heat

Highlights: What Could Be Better

  • Can get stiff when dry
  • Limited sizes available

Way 2 Cool Mesh Cooling Towel

Looking for a stylish yet effective way to remain cool on a hot day? Then it’s time you got yourself the Cages Way 2 Cool Mesh Cooling Towel. It’s specially designed with UPF 50 protection that keeps you safe from sun damage. The fast-drying towel is easy to use – dip in water to activate it, wring out all the water and wrap it around your neck.

It’s mesh design makes it highly breathable. With a dimension of 12’’ by 38’, the versatile cooling towel is light in weight and a must have if you are out in the heat. It’s available in over 13 exquisite colors including neon green, black and silver, black and pink, teal and aqua.

Do you have a dog and want your furry friend protected from the summer heat? The Cages Way 2 Cool Pet Microfiber Cooling Towel will instantly cool your favorite pet. Try it today!

Highlights: What We Like

  • Available in an exquisite designs
  • Made of high-grade microfiber
  • Fast drying sports towel
  • Also available for pets

Highlights: What Could Be Better

  • Logo at the edge is a bit too large
  • Requires constant re-soaking

SYourself Microfiber Travel and Sports Towel

Are you a sports junkie or always traveling to hot areas? Then, you have to invest in the SYourself Microfiber Cooling Towel. It’s made of 100% microfiber giving it a smooth and compact texture which is luxurious on your skin. It’s four times lighter than a standard towel and soaks up to ten times the water without getting wet.

The machine-washable towel is easy to clean and quick drying. Better yet, it comes with a free, breathable mesh bag with a hanging loop for secure attachment and portability. You are spoilt for choice in terms of color and come in the following vibrant shades; blue, green, grey, navy blue, orange, purple, and a beautiful pop of pink. Not digging the solid color design? The Syourself Galaxy Cooling Towel is also a highly recommended choice.

Available in an extra-large size of 72″ by 32″; it can be used as a regular whole-body towel. It’s medium-sized towel measures 40″ by 20″ making it ideal for hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities.

Need more than one? On a budget? Syourself also offers extremely affordable, large mesh style cooling towels, available in your choice of 4 or 6 packs as well as singles.

Highlights: What We Like

  • Multi-purpose
  • Comes with a breathable mesh bag
  • Made of high-grade microfiber
  • Machine washable
  • Available in 7 vibrant colors

Highlights: What Could Be Better

  • Some of the colors may fade after multiple washings
  • Takes time to dry when wet

Balhvit Instant Relief Cooling Towel

Optimize your endurance levels when working out by using the Balhvit Highly Evaporative Cooling Towel. This gym towel is made of good quality microfiber that makes it breathable and absorbent. The sports towel provides instant and long-lasting relief from the heat.

You can get these in a convenient two-pack of fast-wicking cooling towels. Available in a small or medium size, the sports towel has adequate coverage for your neck or around your head.

You are spoilt for choice in terms of color, ranging from dark colors such as blue, dark blue, and grey to bright colors such as orange, pink, and purple. You will receive a waterproof carrying bag with a carabiner clip for effortless portability.

Is this cooling towel not doing the trick for you? Balhvit also has a sturdily built portable clip on cooling fan for those hot days.

Highlights: What We Like

  • Comes in an economical two-pack
  • Made of high-grade microfiber
  • Luxuriously soft touch
  • Comes with a waterproof bag

Highlights: What Could Be Better

  • A bit small thus less coverage
  • May get a stuffy smell after some time

Your Choice Good Life Cooling Towel

For instant relief from the heat during a workout or when out enjoying the outdoors, invest in Your Choice Mesh Cooling Towel. It’s made of a 100% polyester with mesh construction, giving it fantastic breathability and absorption.

The ice-cool towel is easy to activate – dip it in water, wring, and it chills for a few hours. The towel is multipurpose and can be used for sports, hiking, gardening, or any other activity.

The towels are available as a single piece, two-pack or the 4-piece value pack are are a great addition when out in the summer heat. You can choose from 4 attractive colors: purple, grey, blue and black.

You may also like their quick-drying beach towel made of quality microfiber and boasts of retro striped design.

Highlights: What We Like

  • Multi-purpose
  • High breathability and absorption
  • Quick water activation

Highlights: What Could Be Better

  • Too slim and narrow
  • May dry out quickly

Sukeen Cooling Towel

Sukeen brings you this Hyper Evaporative Cooling Towel that uses a unique moisture-wicking technique to draw sweat away from your body. The multipurpose sports towel measures 40″ by 12,” providing adequate coverage. It can be used as a neck gaiter or a bandana. It can be used on your pets as well.

Its waterproof plastic carrying case has a hanging loop for secure attachment on your gym bag. Available in a budget-friendly 4-pack, these cooling towels are a favorite among fitness enthusiasts, travelers, and outdoor lovers.

Highlights: What We Like

  • Comes with a waterproof travel pouch
  • Multi-purpose cooling towel
  • Can convert to neck gaiter or bandana

Highlights: What Could Be Better

  • The mesh may get holes easily
  • Some users report too light, but this may be a matter of personal preference

Tough Outdoors Cooling Towel

Last but not least is this Tough Outdoors Neck Cooling Wrap. To activate it, you need to run it under water for 60 seconds, squeeze out the excess water and wrap around your neck for instant heat relief. Once it stops cooling, you can reactivate it repeating the process of dipping it in water.

The cooling towel is made of lightweight material that’s highly evaporative and absorbent. The best thing about this cold wrap is that it offers UPF 50 protection from harmful UV rays. You can use the towel when jogging, yoga, gardening, or any other outdoor chores. The towel comes with a small mesh pouch for easy portability.

Tough Outfitters also have 12-in-1 cooling headwear that can be used as a cooling towel, bandanna, neck gaiter, or even as a hat. How cool is that?

Highlights: What We Like

  • Quick activation
  • Includes mesh pouch for easy portability
  • Provides UPF 50 protection

Highlights: What Could Be Better

  • Requires constant repositioning
  • Mesh pouch isn’t durable

Best Cooling Towels – Ultimate Cooling Towels Buying Guide

Ever wondered why you couldn’t seem to finish a 30-minute workout when the sun was blazing outside? Well, it’s because of a simple reason – heat drastically reduces your endurance levels. Whether you are out hiking, gardening or enjoying a jog, staying cool is critical to achieving your desired results.

Splashing water on your face to cool down is not only outdated but cumbersome to do. That’s where a cooling towel comes in.

How Do Cooling Towels Work?

While most people assume that a cooling towel is a wet cloth that one wraps around the neck, there’s a technology behind their operation. The technique behind cooling towels is evaporation. Most of these towels are water activated.

They require you to run the towel in water, squeeze the water out, making it cool to below room temperature. The hyper evaporative nature of these sports towels leaves your skin cool, which is a relief on a hot day. They also are good for fevers or to help with headaches.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Cooling Towel

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you shop for the ideal cooling towel:


When it comes to towels, the material used to make it is essential. Cooling towels are no exception. The two main types of materials that you will come across are PVA and polyester. The great thing about a PVA sports towel is that it remains cold for longer but may get stiff once it dries up. Polyester has more excellent breathability and absorption ability. While cotton is an excellent fabric for towels, it might not be the best for a cooling towel since it may retain water and feel wet on your skin.

UPF 50 Protection

The risk of skin damage from the sun is on the rise. Therefore, it’s highly advised to protect your skin when outside. Most cooling towel brands incorporate UPF protection into their products, which is a big plus for the user. You may have to pay more for such a towel, but the protection from sun damage is worth every penny.

Length and Weight

Most cooling towels are worn around the neck for ease of use. The towel needs to be light in weight so that it doesn’t weigh you down as you work out. There needs to be a right balance of the weight and density of the cooling towel. The coverage of the towel needs to be adequate so that you don’t leave any part of the skin exposed.

Cooling Time

Gym cooling towels are designed to provide you with an extended period of coolness. You will come across towels that provide cooling for a few minutes and lose their ability. Such is a waste of your money. An excellent cooling towel should remain cool for about two hours before the need for activation.


There are various designs for cooling towels. Some come with a plain surface on the top with a mesh lining in the inside. You may also find towels that are smooth on both sides or one that’s all mesh. A hanging loop is an excellent addition to the product for easy portability. You will realize that style has become a significant factor in the design of sports accessories. Consider the color variations and how well the towel compliments your outfit.

Caring for your Cooling Towel

Most of the cooling towels are machine washable, but you can hand wash as well. When the towel gets dry, you can dip it in water to reactivate its evaporative nature.

Some of the chilling towels can be put in the refrigerator overnight for extra cooling. However, avoid putting a cooling towel in the freezer. Always wash and completly dry your cooling towel before storing it.

All said and down, a cooling towel is one of the most valuable things you will need when working out or when out in the sun. Hopefully, our review of the best cooling towels has shed some light on this accessory.

Whether you opt for a cooling towel, neck gaiter, or bandanna, your endurance level will increase dramatically, and you will love the results.